All You Need To Know About The 10th Month Of Pregnancy

10th month

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Pregnancy is one of the beautiful phases in a woman’s life.

It is generally calculated as 9 months.The gestational period of pregnancy is 38 to 40 weeks. As we know each month has 4 weeks, thus it stands as ten months of pregnancy. If your pregnancy period progresses to 40 weeks, then it should be calculated as 10 months and not 9 months.

If you are expecting and reached the 10th month milestone, then you are in your end of the third trimester. You need to know it in more details as tenth month of pregnancy is the most crucial stage before you bring a new life into this wonderful world.

The Incredible 10th Month of Pregnancy:

The curtain raiser event is very close! Since this month is at the threshold of childbirth, here are a few details about each week in the 10th month of pregnancy.

Week 37:

You may put on a little more weight than what you have increased in the past few weeks in your pregnancy. Your feet, hands and ankles start looking swollen and this due to lot water getting accumulated in those areas

  • Small amount of fat starts accumulating under the skin. The hair that is covering your baby’s skin starts disappearing at this stage.
  • There is a rapid development of your baby’s brain in the 37th week of pregnancy, which is around 300 grams in weight.
  • You will experience headache and stomach ache. To overcome these problems, try a few yoga positions and start practicing them and concentrate on your breath.

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Week 38:

Your baby has by now occupied your complete space inside and has got very less space to move around.

  • The weight of your baby is around 3 kg. As there is very less space for it to grow now, he or she will not grow much but will put on some weight.
  • You may be approaching their due dates and they start feeling the contradictions.
  • If a contradiction is lasting for one minute and occurs every 10 minutes or less than you are all set for the special journey of your life.

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Week 39:

During this week you may experience a lot of increase in your weight. Also lot of water retention due to which you will feel the feet to look too much swollen.

  • You can also feel the weight of your baby. You may need a lot of rest at this time, simply because it is too exhausting to balance your baby.
  • The growth of your baby is now complete and it will try to come out as early as possible as there is no space for it to move or grow.
  • The weight of your baby is now 3 kgs and the height is 48cms long. Both height and weight may differ from baby to baby.

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Week 40 And 41:

If you are due till the end, don’t worry momma! The big day for your baby and you isn’t too far. Moms generally starts feeling a burning sensation while urinating and slight fever sometimes.

  • Your baby is now 3 kgs to 3.5 kgs in weight and 50cms in length.
  • Your baby will somehow try to come. Your naughty little baby will start moving and making way out through the pelvis.
  • If you get a urinary infection at this stage or if there is a heavy discharge then contact your doctor immediately.

This time in your life is going to be incredible filled up with ups and downs. You should now get ready to give birth to new life and enjoy motherhood.

Have you got more information about 10th month pregnancy or do you have your personal experience to share? Please do share them with us.

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