11 Best PS4 Cooling Fans To Buy In 2022


Most video games available in the market need powerful graphics processing units to function optimally, and poor ventilation can make the hardware heat up quickly and make the machine more prone to damage. Well, fret not, as we bring you a list of the best PS4 cooling fans that can help cool your PS4 and make it run smoothly.

If you’re a PlayStation fan, you probably know about all the essential parts required. Check out this list to pick the right PS4 cooling fan that meets all your gaming needs.

11 Best PS4 Cooling Fans

1. Best Dual Charging Stations:Oivo PS4 Stand Cooling Fan

Oivo PS4

With a multifunctional design, this product can support different PS4s – regular, slim, or pro console. Its LED indicators let you know the status of charging. This product requires up to two hours to get fully charged. To power up this PS4 fan, you can use a wall adapter, USB hub, USB adapter, and PS4 console. Before buying, have a look at this video for more details.


  • Fast dual charging stations
  • 12 game slots
  • Powered by different devices


  • Slots might not be spacious
  • Complimentary USB power cord might be short
  • Might be noisy

2. Best Compact Design:Ortz PS4 Stand Cooling Fan Station

Ortz PS4

The multipurpose cooling fan acts as a vertical cooling stand and dual controller charger. With LED indicators, you can always stay updated with the status. Its two high-speed fans are adept at maintaining the console’s right temperature and saving it from overheating.


  • Fast charging
  • Extensive USB hubs
  • Compact design saves space
  • Compatible with PS4 pro, slim, and regular version


  • Might not fit into every TV stand
  • Could be difficult to use

3. Best Easy To Install:WF USB RGB LED Cooler Cooling Fan Stand


With a unique, attractive design, this cooling fan makes your console an eye-catcher. You can also use it to back up your laptop, be it Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Dell, HP, MacBook, or more. It supports different screen sizes and is powered by a USB port. You can also use this cooling fan on other equipment, such as a notebook, XBOX, and game consoles.


  • Four pads to hold almost anything
  • Includes a USB for power support
  • LED light strip makes the console setup look attractive
  • Easy to install


  • May not be durable
  • Quality might not be up-to-the-mark

4. Best Detachable Headset Holder:Linkstyle Store PS4 Cooling Fan

PS4 Cooling Fan

Perfect for various uses, this cooling fan supports a six-in-one design. You can seamlessly use this product as a vertical stand with a USB cable, a cooling fan, a dual controller charging station, a fan switch, game storage, or a headset storage holder. It is integrated with a dual-controller charging dock that enables you to charge both the controllers simultaneously. Its dual cooling fans provide efficient heat dissipation while accelerating the air circulation to prevent overheating.


  • Four anti-slide footpads
  • Detachable headset holder
  • Multifunctional vertical stand that fulfills varying purposes
  • Compatible with different PlayStations


  • Headset holder might not be perfect
  • May face issues while charging the controller
  • Customer support might not be quick

5. Best Easy To Set Up:Pecham Vertical Stand

Pecham Vertical

Manufactured to support all-in-one functionality, this Pecham cooling fan offers three additional hub ports, controller charging docks, two cooling fans, and a vertical console stand. The stand has two slots to hold the controller. It can be connected to any device, including cameras, phones, and tablets. Watch this video to know more about the product.


  • Compact and small design
  • Non-slip covers
  • Two built-in charging stations
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Fans might not be strong
  • USB connections may not be significant

6. Best With Intelligent Touch Switch:Xahpower Store Cooling Fan


The multifunctional stand is compatible with PS4, slim, pro, and original. It has got three built-in high-speed mute cooling fans. They offer higher efficiency as they work in low noise. By cooling the console, these fans effectively manage to prevent the box from overheating. Its LED indicators and inductive switch keep you updated always.


  • Fans don’t make a loud noise
  • Intelligent touch switch
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Compact vertical stand


  • Charging points could be an issue

7. Best Easy To Use:ADZ Store PS4 Cooling Fan

ADZ Store

ADZ cooling fan system is compatible with the original console of PlayStation 4 along with their slim and pro versions. It is easy to power the fan by USB. It has two different options – automatic mode and manual mode. Either you can turn on the fan, or it turns automatically once the temperature reaches 40°.


  • Compatible with different PS4 versions
  • Easy to install and use
  • Manual and auto modes
  • Includes 12-month warranty


  • May run at a slow speed
  • Fans might make a loud sound

8. Best Compatible:Beboncool Store PS4 Stand Cooling Fan


With a lifetime of guaranteed technical support, this specific cooling fan has a space-saving design. It features a 16 pcs game storage that fits the newer and older games. The dual-controller charger with an LED indicator takes only 2.5 to 4 hours to charge both the controllers simultaneously. This cooling fan is integrated with a security chip that prevents overcharging, overcurrent, overheating, and short-circuit.


  • Four-in-one multifunctional stand
  • Efficient cooling mute device
  • Dual fast charging
  • Compatible with all PlayStations


  • Fans might not be strong

9. Best With High-Speed Fan:Linkstyle Store Cooling Fan Stand


To use it easily and conveniently, you can directly connect the cooling fan to the USB 2.0. Its high-speed fan can cool various game consoles, including variants of PlayStation, laptop, and notebook. To keep your gaming experience exciting, this device ensures that the fan operates at a noiseless speed.


  • Extensive compatibility
  • Qualitative one-year guarantee
  • LED lights indicate the status


  • Fan may make some noise

10. Best Performance:Arceli PS4 Pro Cooler


Specifically designed for PS4 pro, this cooler is extremely easy to install and seamless to operate. Its 20-inch long cable can connect the cooler to your console. It takes a USB port to charge up. This one comes with two built-in big and three small fans, further enhancing the cooler’s lifetime. Its intelligent cooling system prevents overheating and overvoltage.


  • Easy to install
  • Adequate functioning and performance
  • Not too loud
  • Auto mode feature


  • May not be durable

11. Best Universal Compatibility:Oivo Cooling Fan


The Oivo cooling fan is manufactured with all-in-one functionality. It features ten games storage and has a charging station for dual controllers. To charge the controllers simultaneously, this cooling fan takes almost 2.5 – 4 hours. It has three built-in fans to create a cooling air circulation system.


  • Lower noise and faster cooling
  • Vertical stand
  • Universal compatibility


  • Instructions might not be clear
  • LEDs may not work properly

How To Choose The Right PS4 Cooling Fan?

Here are some features to keep in mind while buying a PS4 cooling fan.

1. Number of fans: If you wish to maximize the cooling effect, it is essential to consider the number of available fans. Most PS4 cooling systems have two to five fans and run in multiple modes. If you are a hardcore gamer, consider buying something with four to five fans, and for casual gamers, two to three is ideal.
2. Light or heavyweight: If you have a PS4 slim, a lightweight cooling fan would be perfect as it will support the PlayStation from accidental falling or slipping. For a hardcore gamer, consider buying a heavy fan.
3. Speed of charging: To ensure interrupted gaming experiences, choose a fan with a fast-charging speed and one that efficiently charges the controllers within two hours.
4. Noise level: The noise level of a fan varies according to the number of fans, fan type, pressure, efficiency, and flow rate. If the noise level is below 25dB, it is better than any other decibels.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Playstation cooling fans are useful additions for the proper maintenance of the gadget. Our team of specialized writers and editors has put together a list of the best PS4 cooling fans to help save your prized possession from damage due to overheating. We have added product descriptions and mentioned the pros and cons of each product to help you procure the most suitable product. Also included is a buying guide for more information.

Like your laptop, your PlayStation needs continuous ventilation to keep functioning optimally; else the hardware would heat up and get damaged. Cooling fans can assist you in satisfying all your gaming needs. They come with multiple game slots, extensive USB hubs, and a compact design for your convenience. Before buying, consider the number of fans available, the charging speed, and the noise levels of the fan to make the right choice. We hope our list of the best PS4 cooling fans can help you understand the available options.

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