30 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas For 12-Year-Olds

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Children get all excited about their birthday as they look forward to having a gala time with their friends and family. But, planning your child’s birthday party can be a herculean task. To help you with that, we have come up with some amazing 12-year-old birthday party ideas.

Considering your child’s personality and the types of friends they have, you need to find a cool and exceptionally innovative idea. Before you start planning for an epic celebration, check out these amazing 12th birthday party ideas for them to have the time of their lives.

12-Year-Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas

1. Sweet dreams sleepover party

Plan a sleepover party for your girls with a customized tepee and some midnight snacks and eye masks. Include some ghost stories, board games, and movies in your plan.

2. Pamper pals

Who doesn’t like to get pampered? Have a relaxing spa party for the gorgeous girls where you can include lots of supplies like face masks, foot spas, nail polish, hair spa, fluffy robes, and many more. Also, arrange easy-to-eat food for the guests.

3. Boot camp birthday party

Surprise your little guests with a boot camp party. Hire a trainer to guide the children to cross the obstacles while running, crawling, and climbing. You can arrange personalized t-shirts for everyone with water bottles and towels. Include some salads, cakes, and snacks.

4. Water balloon party

This is a superb idea for having great fun with the tweens. It is cheap and easy and guarantees to bring enormous laughter. All you need is an extra-large garden and plenty of water-filled balloons and towels. Serve easy-to-eat foods and desserts.

5. Picnic party

Plan an outside picnic, maybe in the park, and invite all the guests to decide the menu and prepare it. Include some interesting games for the children, like a scavenger hunt, dodge ball, or hide and seek. Don’t forget to serve delicious snacks and desserts.

6. Have-a-12 party

Try this amazing idea to celebrate your princess’ birthday where every item, including decorations, food, games, and flowers come in dozens.

12-Year-Old Boy Birthday Party Ideas

7. City scavenger hunt party

This is going to be a fascinating party idea for the boys. List down 20 items that can be found within the city, such as signboards, pets, trees, or flowers.  Divide the guests into teams and send them for the scavenger hunt with a time limit.  Also, give them enough money to buy food.

8. Top volume karaoke party

The cool and loud karaoke party idea is ideal for the boys to challenge their vocal cords. Prepare a playlist in advance by asking your guests. Arrange a microphone, elevated platform, dim lights, and some seats. Serve easy-to-grab food and keep the refreshing drinks coming.

9. Out and about party

Having a birthday party outside is a fantastic idea, and so is the Out and About party. Get some tickets to the movie or stadium, and keep the tweens out of the house. But, you need to have adults supervise them and take them to the venue. They can enjoy their food outside.

10. Wear-them-out party

This is one of the most energetic 12-year-old boy birthday party ideas. Pack up an outdoor birthday party for the boys along with terrific games and activities like climbing a wall, horse riding, water rafting, and many more. This will keep them happy and entertained all through the day. Pack some food and refreshing drinks for them.

11. Star wars birthday party

Is your tween a Sci-Fi fan? If yes, then grab this birthday party idea and make his day. Add decorations and treats with the printables of Star Wars characters. Include Star Wars-inspired games and ask your guests to come in their favorite character costumes.

12. Video game party

Pre-teens love video games, and this is the right time to incorporate this idea into your child’s special day. Organize an outdoor video game tournament by setting up a screen with the trending game. Keep the snacks, pizzas, and juices ready. And arrange a trophy for the winner.

Also, note that these party ideas can be used by girls too.

Themes For 12-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas

13. The night light theme

This is an exciting birthday party theme where you can decorate the party hall with night lights. Add some glow-in-the-dark wall stickers to shine at night. Let the tweens enjoy the music under the dimmed light.

14. The forest theme

For nature lovers, the forest has always been a source of fascination. Keep the forest theme if your child loves the forest and make them thrilled by adding many forest elements, including trees, animals, and birds, in the entire hall. Keep some leaves fallen on the floor.

15. Auction party theme

The auction party theme is perfect for 12-year-old boys and girls. Collect and gather all the wrapped gifts and give some money to the children for auctioning. The highest bidder will take the gift, and the child with the remaining amount will have the largest piece of cake.

16. Spa party theme

For organizing this glamorous theme, set up various stations for facials, manicures, pedicures, and hairstyling. Arrange face masks, peel masks, and cucumber slices for everyone. Let the teens and guests spend quality time there.

17. Fashion show theme

A fashion show can turn out to be one of the best birthday themes for the 12-year-olds where they can participate and rock the stage. It’s the best way for them to flaunt their style by wearing hats, bows, necklaces, sunglasses, etc.

18. Makeup extravaganza theme

Girls love to do makeup, and so this theme is the perfect idea to get introduced. Set up a green room for the girls, arrange makeup kits for all of them, and let them enjoy some gorgeous moments.

12-Year-Old Birthday Party Games

19. The wardrobe competition

Conduct a wardrobe competition for the children where they can come up with their best clothes. Also, have some prizes for the models of the party.

 20. Candy game

Impress the young souls by having a candy blast. Hang the candies from the ceiling and fix a chit onto it, having the name of the songs. Every child has to fetch the candy and sing the song written on its chit.

 21. Chocolate hunt

Just like the treasure hunt, this game will take you to the chocolates. The road map will give you clues to reach the hidden chocolates from the starting point to the final destination.

 22. Egg and spoon

This is a simple and funny game that needs some eggs and spoons. Carry the spoon on the mouth, put the egg on the open end of the spoon, balance it and run towards the winning line.

 23.  Catch the murderer

This suspense thriller game starts when a murderer shows the tongue to one of the players, and that player is killed. Other players have to notice who the murderer is. If any player predicts the murderer, they wink an eye to the murderer, and the murderer is killed. The person to wink is the new murderer then.

24. The musical chair

The musical chair game is one of the favorites for all ages. Have some chairs less than the number of children, play the music, and let the tweens walk around the chairs. As the music stops, they have to run to occupy the chairs. The left out children are out of the game, and it continues till the final winner.

Things To Do For 12th Birthday

25. Laser tag

Laser tag is a great activity for burning off the energy of children. They can go running, shooting, and screaming in a dark room with a controlled environment.

26. Party in the park

Having a party in the park is always enjoyable for all ages. Rent a shelter for your event, cook delicious food, have juices and cakes, and plan some outdoor activities for the children.

27.  Arcade

Bring some excitement to the children by planning your tween’s birthday party at an arcade. The engaging games and sound will keep everyone thrilled and entertained.

28. Movie party

Let your child celebrate their 12th birthday with hot popcorn, cold drinks, and a good movie. Go to the theatre that offers birthday packages. Plan a post-movie cake with some ice creams.

29. Roller skating

Roller skating is yet another popular activity that gives your child the freedom to travel around the rink with their friends. The cool atmosphere keeps them occupied and allows them to exhaust their energy while partying.

30. Mystery dinner

This crazy idea will leave the tweens in awe. The food items will be served by their mystery name, and the guests have to identify them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I do instead of having a birthday party for my kid?

If birthday parties sound cliche, take a break to celebrate your kid’s big day by indulging in small joyful things. Take them to an amusement park, a cartoon movie, go on a family picnic or let them spend the day at the beach with their friends just to escape the monotony.

2. What should I do for my kid’s birthday at the last minute?

Life got super busy, and planning your loving child’s birthday slipped out of your mind. Try these last-minute ideas to have a gala time on your birthday. Invite their friends for a sleepover party, go park-hopping, throw a pizza party, bake a cake for your kid, or maybe some cupcakes. Regardless, ensure your child has oodles of fun with their close ones.

At 12 years old, children are pretty adventurous and have specific preferences. Therefore their birthday celebrations should also be one of a kind. With this collection of 12-year-old birthday party ideas, you now have everything in handy to throw the most memorable party for your little one. So go ahead and plan your child’s birthday party with the above ideas and pick a suitable one that fits their personality. You may surprise them or involve them in the planning and preparation to make it a fun family time.

Key Pointers

  • Plan a 12-year-old’s birthday party by paying attention to their personality and type of friends.
  • For girls, you may plan picnic parties, whereas, for boys, you may plan city scavenger hunts.
  • Experiment with themes, such as auction party themes, to add color to the celebrations.
  • Include interesting games like egg and spoon and increase the fun quotient at the birthday party.

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