45 Unique And Fun Birthday Party Ideas For 13-Year-Olds

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The 13th birthday of your child is a special event. As your child enters adolescence, make them feel special by trying some fun 13th birthday ideas listed in this post.

Planning a party for tweens or teens comes with its challenges. So, plan this birthday party by talking to your child and combining their ideas with the 13th birthday party ideas given here. Your child deserves only the best; thus, make this the best birthday bash of their life—one they would remember for years.

45 Unique 13th Birthday Ideas

Celebrate your tween’s entry into teenagehood with these unique 13th birthday ideas. There are a variety of ideas you can use according to your teen’s interests.

Fun 13th Birthday Party Themes

Are you confused about the party theme for your 13-year-old’s birthday? Be it indoors or outdoors, once you get the theme right, everything else will fall in place.

1. Musical

Many leading apps that allow your children to record songs and post them online. Your child’s 13th birthday party can be based upon their favorite musical app. Design the cake and the invitation in the colors of the app’s logo. You can also hold a singing competition or karaoke at the party.

2. Cooking

By the time a child turns 13, they may develop strong culinary likes and dislikes. They might not even like the foods you have planned for the party. To avoid such inconveniences, you can arrange a cooking-themed party. Just give various ingredients to the guests to prepare a simple meal for themselves or others too.

3. Color

This is a theme that never gets old. Whether you have a son or a daughter, they will enjoy this theme. Decide on a color code and ask the guests to get dressed in those colors. You can use decorations that complement this color code, and the cake can be made in those shades too.

4. Lucky 13

Whether or not you are superstitious, you can arrange a Lucky 13 birthday party for your 13-year-old. Ask the guests to bring in items they consider lucky – a horseshoe, a four-leaf clover, and so on. Then, print out some images of these items and decorate the room with them.

5. Glow-in-the-dark

If your child is fun-loving and mischievous, they will love this theme. You can even make the invitations using invisible UV ink markers. Then, decorate the room using glow sticks and include games the children can play in the dark.

6. DIY pizza

This is similar to the cooking theme and might get all pizza lovers excited. Give the guests a variety of pizza toppings (yes, including pineapple), keep the dough ready, and let everyone make their crazy toppings.

7. Backyard camping

For children who love camping trips, this will be a great 13th birthday idea. Put up some tents in your backyard, and you are set. If you plan to participate in the party, you can light a bonfire to toast marshmallows and have a storytelling session.

8. Winter hiking

Let your child and their friends go on a little hiking trip. If your child enjoys hiking, they are bound to like this as well. Make sure you provide them with all the necessities.

9. Silent disco

If your teen is talkative, consider this theme and let them experience some calm moments (and you get a bit of peace too). You could hire a silent disco DJ for the occasion. If you are looking for an inexpensive option, give each child a pair of headphones they can use with their phones and dance to songs of their choice.

13th Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

Here are some fun birthday party ideas for boys that may be ideal for your daughters too.

10. Drive-by parade

If your child cannot step out for their birthday or their friends cannot come over, you can arrange a drive-by birthday parade for them. Decorate the cars with streamers and balloons, put up silly banners, and announce your child’s birthday to the world.

11. Sports

Sports-themed birthday party idea

Image: Shutterstock

If your son is into sports, you have to look no further for a theme. Give your son and his friends some tickets to a live match, or switch on the TV for them to watch a live game over popcorn and soda. You can even plan the cake around the sport and, if possible, get an autographed cap or sports equipment from the player he worships.

12. Video games

Invite your son’s friends over, order some pizza, and let them play video games to their heart’s content. They could spend hours playing, so you may plana sleepover as well.

13. Red rover

Make the children stand in two lines facing each other. The first team names a player of the opposite team. This player then leaves their teammates and rushes headlong into the first team to try and escape. If they succeed, they can rejoin their team. If they are caught, they become a part of the first team. The team that turns all the players into theirs is the winner

Quick tip
A 13-year-old will get excited to celebrate their big day with their friends, and the party may last several hours. Don’t exert too much control over them, though you must keep a tab on them.

14. Laser tag

There are dedicated laser tag arenas that you can rent out for your son’s birthday. He and his friends can spend a happy time there, playing laser tag. You can keep the party private or public according to your preference and budget.

15. Bowling

Whether or not your boy is the most coordinated of people, he can still enjoy a bowling game with his friends on his 13th birthday. Bowling is quite straightforward and extremely entertaining. Your son and his friends will enjoy every moment.

13th Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Is your daughter over the moon about her 13th birthday bash? Here are some exciting party ideas for 13-year-old girls to give them an impression of being grown up. You may use these ideas for your son’s party too.

16. Hotel night

If your daughter is planning to have a sleepover for her birthday, you might as well book a hotel and make it a lot more memorable. Your daughter and her friends can spend a night at a lovely hotel, preferably with a pool.

17. Spa

Spa-themed birthday party idea

Image: iStock

A 13-year-old will be pleased with a spa-themed birthday party. Make some homemade scrubs and masks for the face, hair, and body and allow them to let loose.

18. High tea

While some teens like to have a blast, some might want to host a more elegant party. For example, a high tea party will allow them to celebrate their birthday in a simple and subtle manner. You may include dressing up and invitations, of course, but the celebrations can be muted.

19. Karaoke

Set up a karaoke bar for your daughter and her friends at your home. You could even hire a DJ for the birthday party. Add some dancing lights, a screen to display lyrics, and let everyone start grooving.

20. Unicorn

Even though your daughter has grown up now, she might secretly love unicorns. Appreciate her love for this mythical character and turn it into a real birthday party theme for her. Colorful streamers and balloons, a unicorn cake, and dresses may jazz up the event.

21. Rainbow

Rainbows signify true happiness. They are colorful and bring joy to whoever sees them. Bring these rainbows into your homes for your fairy girl. Make rainbow garlands and sun cutouts, and streamers are a must for this theme. You can also use hair extensions to style your daughter’s hair in rainbow hues.

13th Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

You need the decorations to match your theme. Here are some ideas that you can use to decorate the space.

22. Balloons

Balloons need no introduction. They are a necessary part of every celebration, and your child’s 13th birthday is no exception. The best part of using balloons is that they come in many colors, shapes, and sizes.

23. Streamers

As with balloons, a birthday party is unimaginable without streamers. They come in all colors of the rainbow and beyond, so you always have various options, regardless of the birthday party theme.

24. Blacklights

These are a hit if you are planning to hold a glow-in-the-dark party. Black lights instantly bring a mysterious aura to the celebrations. You could also use black lights during scavenger hunts by sneaking in some invisible writing on a few surfaces.

25. Glow sticks

Although glow sticks are mostly used for glow-in-the-dark themes, you can also use them to decorate a regular birthday party venue too. When you put glow sticks inside the balloons, you give the room a muted, colorful glow. You can also use them for lighting during backyard camping.

26. Number balloons

If you are hosting a Lucky 13 party, it will be the best opportunity for you to display the number 13 on the walls using number balloons. You may use these balloons for other themes as well.


Birthday party decoration idea

Image: iStock

A party for teenagers is incomplete without a photo booth. Set up a makeshift stall in the corner of your living room. Come up with exciting backdrops and props for the photos. You can hire a photographer for some good-quality pictures.

28. Selfie station

If your child and her guests have smartphones, you can set up a selfie station at the party. Use creative backdrops for this station, including patterned tablecloths, sequined dresses, and feather boas. You can also add fairy lights for an ethereal effect.

29. Pinata

People of all ages love pinatas. Your 13-year-old teen and their friends may enjoy hitting the pinata blindfolded. You can fill the pinata with your child’s favorite candies, toys, make-up, or play items. You could go for a pinata cake as well.

30. Donut bar

Tweens and teens are notorious for their eating habits and are usually perpetually hungry. So, a donut bar cannot go wrong at a 13th birthday party. Give the guests a few topping choices and let them get creative with their donuts.

31. Mocktail bar

Create your very own signature mocktail with your child a few days before their birthday and set up a mocktail bar for the guests on the big day. Your child can hand out their signature mocktail to everyone present, and then a friend can take over to make custom mocktails for the guests.

32. Glitter balloons

Glitter balloons are even better than regular balloons. Your child can customize them as well. Put some glitter inside a balloon before inflating it. Once it is inflated, spread some glue on the balloon and roll it in a plate of glitter. The birthday night would look all starry and lit.

Quick tip
When inviting your teen’s classmates to the party, 49% can be the magic number. If you invite the majority of the class, the people who were left out might feel bad. You may check with your child before sending out invitation cards.

33. Red carpet

If you are low on resources for the birthday party, this is an idea you can execute instantly. Put up a banner announcing your child’s birthday and roll out a red carpet. Click pictures of the ‘celebrities’ as they walk in. You can also set a formal dress code for the occasion.

13th Birthday Party Games

A birthday party will get more entertaining if you include some games in it. These teen games are fun and ensure no one gets bored during the party.

34. Scavenger hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt and allow the guests to decipher each code and hunt for the items themselves. You can divide them into teams to make the game exciting. You can ask them to either fetch particular items or do tasks and record them on their phones.

35. Foam twister

If you do not mind getting the guests and your house messy, you can arrange this game for your child and their guests. This is played the way regular Twister is played, but you add colored shaving cream to each circle. The result is a lot of laughs.

36. What’s on your phone?

This game is the teenage version of ‘What’s in your purse?’ It gives the other teenagers an idea about some useful or fun apps on everyone’s phones. Assign points for each app and award the teens with the highest points.

37. Pin the face on the emoji

Pin the tail on the donkey has been replaced by this game. Sounds fun? Children have to pin the eyes, nose, and mouth on an emoji face while blindfolded. This is a simple but fun game that everyone will enjoy.

38. Selfie hot potato

This game is played exactly like the hot potato game you played in your childhood, except that a smartphone is passed around the circle of players. Each player must take a selfie before tossing the phone to the next player. When the music stops, the player with the phone must post their selfie to the common group.

39. Donut on a string

Donut game idea

Image: iStock

If you want some hilarious activity on your child’s 13th birthday, this is the game you must include in the party. Tie donuts to strings and suspend them from a rod, a branch, or a clothesline at mouth level. The children have to try to eat the donuts with their hands tied behind their backs. Exciting, right?

40. Obstacle race

Adolescence brings a growth spurt and lots of energy to a child’s body. Help them siphon off the extra energy by participating in an obstacle race. The best part of obstacle raceis that it can be customized according to your budget, space, and resource availability.

13th Birthday Party Food Ideas

Tweens and teens have fixed ideas about what to eat and what not to eat. Here are some fail-safe ideas you can use while planning the menu.

41. Pizza

Most children, even the fussiest of eaters, like to eat pizza. Including pizza slices or letting children make their own pizzas is one of the safest ways to ensure that the children eat amidst the birthday excitement.

42. Mini sandwiches

If you plan to host a high tea party, you can serve mini sandwiches to the guests. Mini sandwiches also make a great food choice for children because they tend to relish cutesy stuff.

43. Cupcakes

Cupcakes are usually a hit at any birthday party. They are easy to eat, and you can decorate them in any way you want. You could also set up a decorating station for the children to apply their choice of toppings and sprinkles to their cupcakes.

44. Protein bars

If you have planned a few energetic games for the party, you can include protein bars on your menu. They are easily available in stores, or you can make them yourself too. They serve as the perfect energy boosters for an evening of fun.

45. Chocolate coins

Chocolate is an eternal favorite among teens. You can include chocolate coins for different themes, including the Lucky 13 and unicorn ones. Children can gorge on the chocolates and then burn out the sugar rush with some games.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to do on your 13-year-old’s birthday?

Take them out for a picnic or a short road trip. Watch a movie together, followed by a sumptuous dinner at their favorite restaurant. If your 13-year-old likes to have a video game or a board game, gift it so they are all smiles and it becomes their special day.

2. How to celebrate your 13-year-old’s birthday?

You may throw a theme party and invite their friends over. Organize games and activities for the teens to have fun. If your 13-year-old is a Marvel or sports fan, you could get a customized theme cake. Try to think out-of-the-box and be creative while planning the birthday bash.

3. Is 13 a milestone birthday?

Yes. 13 is a milestone birthday. It marks the beginning of the teen years and all the beautiful things that come with it, including change in physical appearance, growth patterns, becoming self-conscious, being considerate, and striving for independence.

Make your child’s special day memorable with these 13th birthday ideas. Select a theme and plan with your soon-to-be-teenager to help them have a blast at the party. Make arrangements for decorations and music to liven up the atmosphere. Also, games are a must, and fantastic party food never fails to impress. Take lots of photos and videos of the event to preserve the treasured moments.

Infographic: How To Plan Your 13-year-old’s Birthday?

Your little boy or girl is a teenager now! It’s a big day for them for which they must have been planning for days ahead. So if you want to make this day memorable for them, here is a complete guide to help you through the planning and make it a grand success. Save it as a checklist and get started.

13th year old birthday party [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • The 13th birthday is special as it marks the beginning of the teenage years.
  • You can pick themes such as backyard camping, rainbow, or karaoke for the party.
  • Decorate the venue as per the themes, and include various interesting and fun games to help your kids have a gala time.

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