22 Best First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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365 days of togetherness and 365 reasons to love your partner more. The first wedding anniversary is the time to reminiscence the good times you’ve had in the past year: from the day you said ‘I do’ to just yesterday when you have laughed hard or quarreled over a petty issue. This is the day to raise a toast for completing a year filled with lots of love and happiness, a few fights, and a pinch of humor.

What better way to make this day memorable than to spend the day together, basking in each other’s love? And of course, can you forget giving one another a memorable first wedding anniversary gift?

Did you know that ‘paper’ is the traditional first-anniversary gift, while a ‘clock’ is its modern equivalent? In this MomJunction post, we list 22 first anniversary gift ideas you can consider for your partner.

Symbolism Of Paper As The Traditional First Anniversary Gift

You have just completed a year as a couple, but there are still many more years to go. A clean sheet of paper is a reminder of all the stories you have to write. Also, your marriage at one year is as delicate as a paper and must be carefully preserved if you want it to last forever. Paper is also a classic mode of communication, indicating that a successful marriage depends on healthy communication and the bond that you and your partner develop.

Some examples of paper as a gift on your first anniversary include a gift card for spa services, handmade greeting card, origami gifts, and even trip tickets.

First Wedding Anniversary

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Symbolism Of Clock As The Modern First Wedding Anniversary Gift

The clock signifies that time passes quickly once you are married. You experience a lot of changes in your life, as a couple and as an individual too. The clock is to look back in time, the challenges you have faced together, and the memories you made. It is also a cue that you should give time to each other as long as you are together.

If you want to go for the modern gifting option to celebrate the one-year milestone, you may consider getting a traditional watch or a smartwatch, a classic clock, or just an alarm clock for your partner.

alarm clock

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Next, we list a few first-anniversary gift options for the husband and wife. Pick any gift you think your partner will like from either of the lists.

First Anniversary Gifts For Him

A practical gift that they can use often can be an excellent gift idea for men. Here, we give you a list of gift options that can make your first anniversary special and memorable.

1. A pair of cuff links

A pair of cuff links

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Some may think cuff links are old-fashioned, but if you know your husband will like them, get them! Look for stylish or customized cuff links that go with the suits he wears. For all you know, the perfect pair of cuff links could end up as his most prized possession.

2. Smartwatch


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If your husband is a fitness enthusiast, then what could be better than giving him a smartwatch as the first anniversary gift. The best part is that this gift of yours will always be with him. Pick up a watch that does more than keeping track his steps, his sleep, and overall health.

This can be a great gift for her too.

3. Duffle bag

Duffle bag

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Does your partner travel a lot? If yes, then a solid duffle bag can be a great idea. A good, waterproof bag with compartments for shoes, clothes, and other stuff will surely impress him. This gift would also give him a hint that you need to plan a trip soon.

4. Charcoal grill

Charcoal grill

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This is another utility gift for someone who loves the summer evening barbecues. A portable grill that can be carried anywhere, to camping, picnics, or even games is a gift that he will love.

5. Wooden beer carrier

Wooden beer carrier

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If your man loves beer, a beer carrier is one of the best first-anniversary gifts. A wooden beer carrier, customized if possible, with a bottle opener would be a great gift for your husband. To make it a little more special, maybe put in his favorite beer bottles when you give it to him!

6. Tool kit

Tool kit2

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Whether it is a home appliance or an automobile, your husband likes to fix things. And one thing he needs for that is a tool kit that lets him experiment. Look for a multi-functional kit with all the necessary tools and watch them grin ear to ear.

7. Laptop case

Laptop case

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A laptop case is a useful tool to protect your husband’s expensive laptop and all the valuable information inside it. So look for a stylish and sleek case would be the best fit his laptop. Make the case a little special by customizing it with his initials or your wedding anniversary date printed on it.

8. Spa gift card

Spa gift card

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Men could use some skincare and pampering too. A spa service gift card would help him get a break from his exhausting schedules. Get a weekend package with a full-body Swedish or Ayurvedic massage that will make him feel refreshed. If you want to make things a little exciting, book a couple’s package.

9. Set of dumbbells

Set of dumbbells

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Does your man work out? If yes, a set of dumbbells of different weights would possibly become his favorite gift. Shop for the best set of dumbbells by comparing different brands.

10. Headphones or headset


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If your beloved is always on call or likes listening to music while on the move, then a wireless headset would be a worthy anniversary gift for him.

11. Campfire portable

Campfire portable

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When you both are interested in camping or plan to spend a night in the woods to explore nature, a portable campfire is an excellent choice of gift. It is a multi-utility item that can be easily carried anywhere you want.

First Anniversary Gifts For Her

There are plenty of gifting options for women, but not all women like the same things. Think about what your lady likes and get her something she would want, not something you think she should have. Here, we list a few gifts you can consider gifting your wife on your first anniversary.

1. Jewelry box

Jewelry box

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If your wife loves jewelry, give her something that can help her organize the precious jewels. Look for something pretty as well as sturdy enough to keep her valuables safe. A vintage-looking jewelry box can be elegant and also safeguard her favorite jewelry the old-fashioned way.

2. Cookware


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If your wife loves to cook, why not give her a special set of customized cookware that she can use. Look for something beautiful yet strong; something that she can use every day and be reminded of your first wedding anniversary whenever she uses it.

3. Wine set

Wine set

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A personalized gift set with three to four bottles of wine that she likes can impress her. The wine may disappear in a few days, but the bottles would always remind her of the love and effort that you put in to make her happy. Throw in a pair of wine glasses to make it a bit more useful.

4. Diamond necklace

Diamond necklace

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Ever heard the phrase ‘diamonds are a woman’s best friend?’ Well, it is true for most of them. You may gift her a diamond pendant or a diamond necklace and make her eyes twinkle in happiness.

5. Watch


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Do you want her to think of you more often during the day? Well, then a simple yet beautiful watch can be an excellent gift option for her. She will never fail to look at her watch on a busy day. And when she does, she will think of you and smile.

6. Salon gift cards

Salon gift cards

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A first wedding anniversary is a special day to pamper your lovely wife. And what could be better than giving her a gift card for beauty services? She can get her facial, manicure, pedicure, and whatever she wants. And finally, she will be dressed as beautiful as a rose.

7. Mr. and Mrs. champagne glasses

Mr. and Mrs. champagne glasses

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One of the loveliest ways to raise a toast to the celebration of the first wedding anniversary is by raising champagne glasses that have Mr. and Mrs. printed on them. You can further customize these glasses with your names to make them the perfect first-anniversary gift for her.

8. Beauty box

Beauty box

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A gift hamper filled with cosmetics! Most women would love this gift, be it their first anniversary or another. If she is not into makeup, give her a bunch of skincare products to keep her skin healthy and happy.

9. Truffle box

Truffle box

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If your beloved wife is a chocoholic, a truffle box will make her happy. Make it extra special by getting her a customized box by including all her favorite flavors – salted caramel or hazelnut crunch or strawberry tart! You would know it better, right?

10. Fitbit


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While doing so many things for you, your wife might overlook taking care of herself. One of the things you can do is gift her a Fitbit tracker that helps her stay fit. The fitness band can monitor her heart rate, track sleep patterns, and more.

11. Kindle e-reader

Kindle e-reader

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If your wife’s idea of relaxation is to hit the couch and enjoy her book, then a Kindle e-reader is one of the best things to gift her. Get her the latest model of Kindle with good storage and battery life.

A gift can bring joy to the person when you put some thought to it and think about what they may want and not what you think they should or might like. The perfect gift can reflect your feelings, no matter how expensive or affordable it is. So pick a traditional gift or a modern one, but one that you think would pleasantly surprise your husband or wife. Your effort is what matters the most. Enjoy your special day!

What did you give your partner on your first anniversary? Do share your experiences in the comments section below.