24 Best 1st Birthday Invitation Wordings

24 Best 1st Birthday Invitation Wordings


First Birthday Invitations

The first year of your baby is a major milestone. It completes one year of learning for you and reflects your success as a parent. Naturally, you want to celebrate your success with your family and friends.

And topping the to-do list of party-planning is the invitations. You need to make them look and read unique, right?

Hence, MomJunction has compiled a list of first birthday invitation wordings for you. Feel free to use them as they are or personalize them.

First Birthday Invitation Wordings

Choose the invitation wordings in such a way that they hold the interest of your guests. Here are some samples for you:

Sample wording 1:

First bunny teeth, first baby steps, he’s already walking,

Our little prince is growing by leaps and bounds.

There is one more first to celebrate,


Our little <Baby’s name> turns one <date>

Come join us for our baby’s first birthday celebration and have some fun!

Sample wording 2:

The first one year flew in a jiffy,

The baby grew up to be more pretty,

The year was exciting loaded with joy, love, and fun

And our little baby turns one!

Come and be a part of our celebrations.

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Sample wording 3:

Cute, naughty, and sweet

Here’s our little prince who is turning one

And we would like you to be there for his/ her birthday and have fun.

Sample wording 4:

He smiled, he rolled, he crawled, and he walked.

It was an amazing year witnessing our baby grow.

<Baby’s name> is already one!

Come and join the fun, because it’s his first birthday.

Sample wording 5:

Some cake, loads of fun, and a tiny tot who’s turning one!

Join us for <baby’s name> first birthday.

We are sure you will have lots of fun.

Sample wording 6:

Cake, food, games, and fun.

Join us for our <baby’s name> first birthday and bless him.

There’s sure to be loads of laughter!

Sample wording 7:

A year ago, we were blessed with a precious gift,

We have held her close like the most valuable treasure.

<Baby’s name> turns one,

Please join us for the celebrations.

Sample wording 8:

We are raising a toast for surviving our baby’s first year.

Join us as we celebrate <baby’s name> first birthday,

And have fun.

Sample wording 9:

Our baby is hitting the big ONE

How can you miss it?

Come on and be part of this fabulous fun.

Sample wording 10:

Tons of diapers

And sleepless nights

But nothing can beat being <baby’s name> parents.

Join us for <baby’s name> first birthday celebration.

Sample wording 11:

Our little baby is hitting the big one,

And we are having a party to celebrate the occasion.

There are drinks, snacks, games, and of course the cake.

Come and celebrate our girl’s birthday with us.

Sample wording 12:

It was a task raising a brat, but he never fails to cheer us up with his antics.

And, now it’s time to celebrate his first birthday with a fabulous party.

Please be there when he cuts the cake.

Sample wording 13:

The year passed by in a jiffy.

Growing up was fun.

Our little one turned one,

And we are rocking it with a party.

Be there!

Sample wording 14:

The greatest blessing of our life is our little one.

He has crossed one year.

Join us as we celebrate the little one’s first birthday.

Sample wording 15:

The host and cake are small,

But the fun is going to be big.

Come on, join us in celebrating our baby’s first birthday!

A birthday invitation card adds a personal touch to the whole birthday celebration. It’s up to you to make it a tad more creative, fun, and interesting. The choices are endless.

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First Birthday Invitation For Boys

First Birthday Invitation For Boys


A simple way to decide on a birthday invite for boys would be to base it on your birthday theme if you have one. Else, you can choose a design based on your boy’s interests. Here are some birthday invites for boys:

16. Big ONE invite:

16. Big ONE invite


You can have the ‘Big one’ as the background design for the invite.


Come have a ball our little man is hitting the big ONE

Come celebrate, <Baby’s name> first birthday

<Time & date>


<RSVP contact number/email>

17. Superhero invite:

You can have little superheroes as your watermarks and have the wordings on top of it.

17. Superhero invite


Our little superhero is turning ONE,

Please do come and be part of the <Baby’s name> birthday celebrations.

<Time & date>


<RSVP contact number/email>

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18. ‘Who turned one’ invite:

18. ‘Who turned one’ invite


Customize the invite with your baby’s picture in the background and the following wordings embossed on it.

Look who’s turning one?

It’s <Baby’s name>

Join us to celebrate on <Date and time>


<RSVP contact number/email>

19. Wild invite:

19. Wild invite


You can have some wild animals to show your excitement.

We are going WILD with excitement!

<Baby’s name> is turning one!

Please join us to celebrate!

<Date and time>

20. Cake invite:

20. Cake invite


The best thing about a birthday is the cake. Make a mention of that in your invite.

A little cake, a lot of fun, our sweet

<Baby’s name> is turning ONE

<Date & time>


<RSVP contact number/email>

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First Birthday Invitation For Girls

Girls have plenty of options, whether it is apparels, accessories, or just birthday invites. Here are some birthday invites for girls:

21. Short and sweet invite:

21. Short and sweet invite


You can have little girls’ pictures in pink, purple, violet and blue on the four sides, with the following wordings in the center.

She’s cute, sweet and lots of fun and she is turning one!

Join us to celebrate <Baby’s name> first birthday

<Date & Time>


<RSVP contact number/email>

22. Princess invite:

22. Princess invite


A pretty princess as the background makes a perfect birthday invite for girls.

Our little princess is turning ONE

Please join us in the celebrations of <Baby’s name> first birthday

<Date & Time>


<RSVP contact number/email>

23. Fairy invite:

23. Fairy invite


A little fairy with a magic wand and a picture of your little girl will make this invite perfect!

One fine day, a fairy blessed us with a little ‘fairy’.

The little fairy is turning one on <Date and time>

Come join us for celebrating the fairy’s first birthday.


<RSVP date/email>

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24. Sweet and cute invite:

24. Sweet and cute invite:


Sometimes all you need is a sweet and cute invite and make it simple. Here’s how:

She’s cute, sweet, and lots of fun

Our little miss is turning one!

Join us to celebrate

<Baby’s name>

<Date & Time>


<RSVP contact number/email>

 Hope you’ve got plenty of ideas for designing your own baby’s first birthday invite.

There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing your baby grow happily and healthily and celebrate many more birthdays.

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If you have any more ideas to share, let us know about them in the comment section below.

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