70+ Special 25th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Couples

Twenty-five years of togetherness is a huge milestone for a couple, and it truly deserves a celebration. So, if you are looking for some lovely 25th wedding anniversary ideas for yourself or your family members, you are doing the right thing. Wedding anniversaries are special, but 25th anniversaries are even more special and need good planning.

You can celebrate the day by going on a vacation together, throwing a party for your children, family members, and friends, or giving surprise gifts. You can also plan a renewal of your wedding vows and commitment to each other. The point is to have a good time and create special memories.

This post has a list of unique 25th wedding anniversary ideas that will help you plan everything from venue and themes to decorations and food. Read on.

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What Is The 25th Wedding Anniversary Called?

Traditionally, the 25th wedding anniversary is known by the name Silver wedding anniversary. As per history, husbands will give a gift to their wives a silver wreath on their 25th marriage anniversary. Silver metal is known for its strength and durability, symbolizing 25 years of togetherness. Again, the long-lasting nature of silver is parallel to the nature of the couple.

Silver can be the perfect color for a 25th wedding anniversary celebration. Incorporate the color silver throughout the party, including cakes, decorations, a couple’s wardrobe, and food items.

70+ Unique 25th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Here are some unique ideas for the 25th-anniversary celebrations. Pick the best one that goes well with your interests and make it a special day.

25th Anniversary Themes

Picking a theme for the silver wedding anniversary can make a big difference. This is when you need to use your talent, passion, and innovation to bring out the best party theme. For inspiration, we have combined some themes below. Read on.

1. Silver anniversary theme

Image: Shutterstock

This is the best theme for 25th-anniversary celebrations. There is nothing better than silver and sparklers for your silver anniversary. Decorate the entire venue with silver and white colors to give a classy and elegant vibe. Silver balloons, silver curtains, white flowers, and glittered tables will add a wow factor to your party.

protip_icon Quick tip
Put photos of important milestones, such as when you purchased your house or had your child, on silver photo stands and let them be the centerpieces.

2. A Greek feast

The 25th celebration calls for a feast, and what’s better than a Greek feast! Bring Greece to your venue by taking a cue from white buildings and blue seas. Blue and white make a perfect combo with silver. Add platters of Greek food, including olives, hummus dip, eggplant dip, pita bread, Greek wines, and beer.

3. 25th-anniversary Luau

Perfect for beach lovers, Luaus are celebrated with bright tropical flowers with pineapples and coconuts. Give a Hawaiian touch to your celebration by placing edible centerpieces with pineapples and other tropical fruits on a wooden dinner platter, coconut juices, and seashells all around. Get Hawaiian shirts and floral dresses to rock the party. AD

4. Black and white cocktail party

Celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary with elegance by wearing fine black and white outfits. Make the party glamorous by adding balloon garlands of black, white, and silver hues. Deck up the tables with black runners and have a white cake with beautiful ribbons design on it. Place some cupcakes with black and white cream.

protip_icon Point to consider
A great idea for a black and white party theme is to keep small, square black boxes and place white chocolates inside them.

5. 80s style party

If you want to get nostalgic, then this theme can be a great idea. Relive the days when you fell in love with your partner. Execute this theme by placing black and white checkered boxes, bomber jackets, and skinny jeans. Decorate the venue with neon lights, streamers, and neon balloons.

protip_icon Point to consider
Print a few important newspaper reports from the 80s era and
stick them in special spaces. It will transport the guests decades back in time.

6. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Host a classic brunch party with Tiffany’s theme. Decorate the venue with blue and silver and include decors from the iconic movie like the jewelry box, blue curtains, and robin eggs. Have silver candelabras to add antiqueness to the party. For exchanging gifts, fill the blue boxes with Hershey’s kisses and tie them with white ribbons.

7. Summer BBQ

This party theme is perfect if the anniversary falls in summer. Throw a summer BBQ party for your family and friends in your backyard. This is a casual party theme that requires minimal effort and is kid-friendly. Heat the party by setting grills and barbecues and some summer cocktails and appetizers.

8. Renewing vows

Being together for 25 years is a great achievement. You can revisit your old memories of one of the biggest days in your lives by renewing your wedding vows once again. Whether you have done them before in your journey or this is the first time you are doing it, it is sure to be a great way to relive memories. Go to the church where you got married with your close family and friends and renew your vows.

9. Masquerade

If you want to add an element of mystery and intrigue to your party, a masquerade party theme is perfect for you. You can ask all the guests to come in with masks or hand out the masks yourself as they walk in. Select a theme for the masks to make it more mysterious. After the celebrations, dim the lights and invite everyone to the dance floor for masquerade ball fun.

10. Photo decor

25 years of life together means many memories captured in photographs. What better way to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary than arranging a photo theme? You can pick the best pictures from your life together and get them framed beautifully. Arrange them along with flowers and balloons all over the venue.

11. Iris flowers

The iris is considered the traditional flower representing a 25th wedding anniversary. Hence, decorating your celebration with these beautiful blue flowers makes sense. Iris flowers will lend a dash of color to the festivities and symbolize a long life together ahead. You can use the same-colored balloons and ribbons to decorate the rest of the space.

12. Landmarks

In your long marriage, you must have accumulated several items and memories. These items and memories are the landmarks of your marriage. Whether it was the first keychain you got on your honeymoon or the first car you bought together, they are all part of your life. You can arrange these items or their pictures as centerpieces for your party. You can add a line or two beside each item or photo describing where you got it.

13. Hobby

If the celebratory couple shares a hobby, it can become a theme for their 25th wedding anniversary party. For instance, if they are book lovers, you can arrange books around the venue and allot some time for reading. The party venue could be on a hiking trail if they are avid hikers.

14. Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But you can bring Vegas to your party! Play some casino games and use fake money to hand around. Try your luck with poker and Russian roulette with Elan.

Location Ideas

Choose the best location for your 25th anniversary, depending on the number of guests and your budget. The location ideas include:

15. Local hall

Book a local or community hall if your guests come from the nearby areas. It is budget-friendly and easily accessible.

16. Restaurant

Image: IStock

Explore the best restaurant for your guests and invite them for a delicious treat. This idea is best when your guests are great foodies.

17. Function room

Book a function room that offers catering and decorations services to make your silver wedding anniversary a special one.

18. Residence

If you have enough space at your home to accommodate your guests, then go for it. Include themes and decorations as per your interest.

19. Backyard

This outdoor idea is ideal when you have a large space in your backyard. This is a peaceful and budget-friendly option for you.

20. Church hall

Celebrations at a church hall can add a touch of gaiety and religious fervor to the party. Begin your day with a beautiful prayer along with all your invitees. You can visit the church you got married in and have a reenactment of your wedding day by renewing your wedding vows before the party starts.

21. Relative or friend’s home

Opt for this idea if your friend’s or relative’s home is more spacious than yours. Get your guests invited there and enjoy the celebration.

22. Honeymoon spot

If you went on a honeymoon after your wedding, it could be one of the best locations to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary. Book a hotel to check in before you leave. You can have a small celebration in the hotel hall or in your room. Make sure you take lots of pictures to show how much the place has changed since you last went there.

23. Beach

If your wedding anniversary falls in the summer months, the beach could be a great party location. It will allow your guests to enjoy and cool down in the ocean after a hot day. Moreover, you will not have any space restrictions.

24. Nearby park

You can plan a simple picnic with your near and dear ones at a nearby park that is relatively quiet and less crowded. Spend quality time with your family and friends as you reminisce about the last 25 years. A picnic is one of the simplest and easiest ways to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary.

25. An orphanage

You can celebrate your special day by brightening the day of the little ones at an orphanage. The smiles on their faces will make your day. Ask the orphanage management beforehand if they can accommodate your party on your anniversary. Make sure you have gifts and cakes for everyone.

26. Cruise

A cruise on your anniversary is one of the most dreamy locations you can get. Plan a long cruise with each other. Ensure you inform the crew about your celebrations in advance so there are no hitches. Dance with the waves and gaze at the horizon together.

27. Destination

Did you think that only destination weddings were a thing? No, you can celebrate your anniversary at an exotic destination, too. Several locations, such as Greece, Spain, and France, are known for their luxurious and photogenic locales.

28. Disneyland

Disneyland may seem odd when celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary. However, it is one of the best places to visit with family and friends. You can go on loads of rides, click amazing pictures with iconic Disney characters, and play around to your heart’s content to reminisce about your youth.

Decoration Ideas

Take into account the season and theme of the party for 25th-anniversary decoration. From balloons to floral, add a silver touch to all of them.

29. Balloons and streamers

Balloons and streamers are inevitable decors for your anniversary. Choose the color of these décor items as per the theme. You can include colors such as blue, white, black, and silver.

30. Lightings

Image: Shutterstock

Lightings help you get the right atmosphere for your anniversary celebration. They form an integral part of the party decorations. Use hanging lanterns, LED candles, string lights, or tea lights.

protip_icon Point to consider
Layer twinkle lights under white tablecloths indoors for a dreamy effect. Wrap LED lights around trees if you are hosting the party outdoors.

31. Wall décor and cut-outs

Don’t leave any white space on the wall. Decorate them with cool cut-outs and classy wall décor to match the theme of the party.

32. Banner or garland

Banner and garland are the perfect decoration ideas that will catch the attention of the guests. Place them over the main area where the couple will be sitting.

33. Signage

Indoor and outdoor signage is a great idea for any party decorations. Outdoor signage helps the guests find out the venue, while indoor signage indicates specific areas such as gift tables, food stations, photo booths, etc.

34. Centerpieces

Choose centerpieces that match your party theme. You can select many flowers in a sleek vase, colorful tapers, wooden lanterns, and topiaries, among others.

35. Flowers

For the 25th celebration, decorate your venue with Iris, which symbolizes royalty. It also signifies faith and hope. This flower will add color and vibrancy to your party.

36. Curtains

Lush curtains can lend a rich ambiance to the proceedings, while sheer curtains can add an ethereal touch to the party. You can also use curtains to decorate huge, empty spaces. It is not necessary to add curtains only to doorways and windows. You can use them to cover up a wall, too. Intertwine some lights and flowers with the curtains for a more ethereal feel.

37. Movie posters

Every generation has its favorite set of movies. Pick some landmark movies from your time and get their posters. You can choose the movies you both love best, too. The posters can range from postcard-sized to huge ones covering a whole wall. Display these posters all around the venue. Not only do these posters make incredible decorations, but they also double up as great conversation starters.

38. Origami

This decor idea can work out amazingly if you have a knack for the craft. Origami made from silver paper can be hung using clear strings for a delightful ambiance. It is not just a wonderful way to reminisce childhood memories; it has rich symbolism too. Origami cranes, for instance, symbolize longevity and fortune, and origami flowers symbolize an everlasting friendship and relationship, a perfect way to commemorate your 25 years of togetherness.

39. Red carpet

A red carpet can amp up any celebration by adding a dash of panache. A red carpet will make your guests feel special even if you do not add anything else. If you wish, you can add some bright lights and pictures of celebrities along a wall. It will be so much fun to get pictures clicked with your favorite celebrities on the red carpet during your party!

40. Candles

Candles can add elegance to your party instantly. Pick several scented candles in various shapes, sizes, and colors for the occasion. Place them in strategic places and light them. Even if you plan to dim the lights during your party, the candles will lend an ethereal aura to the celebration. You can place them on decorated candle stands or even inside painted mason jars or bottles.

41. Confetti

A party seems incomplete without confetti. Use plenty of confetti in balloons to usher the guests and the hosts. If you are an eco-friendly couple, you can opt for natural confetti made of paper or dried leaves.

42. Ribbons

Ribbons can make any surface look elegant almost instantly. Wrap them around the center table, put them up on the walls, hang them from ceiling fans — there are endless possibilities. These colorful decorations are reusable as well.

Food And Drink Ideas

No party could be complete without food and refreshing drinks that tickle your taste buds. Have a look at these delicious options.

43. Salad bar

Try out this salad bar idea while throwing your anniversary party in summer. Include as much green veggies, fruits, cheese, and toppings as you can to kick off the heat of the summer.

44. Casual food

Host a pot-luck meal for a casual wedding anniversary party where every guest can bring their favorite dishes. You can include chips and dips, pasta salads, fruit platter, nachos, and salsa, etc.

45. Breakfast or brunch

When your party starts early, offer your guests a combination of breakfast and lunch. Brunch includes both cold and hot food items. You may include biscuits, crepes, pancakes, omelets, smoothies, cinnamon rolls, coffee, and teas.

46. Appetizers

Image: Shutterstock

Appetizers are a must when you are hosting a party. These snacks can be enjoyed while having fun. For appetizers, you may consider jalapeno poppers, spring rolls, bruschetta, roasted meats, deviled eggs, tortilla chips, etc.

47. Lunch

When it comes to lunchtime, offer the guests a lighter menu that will not only fill them up but will keep them fresh and healthy. Include fruit kabobs, finger sandwiches, fresh salads, cheese crackers, mini chicken pot pies, etc.

48. BBQ

Another hard-to-resist food idea is BBQ. A BBQ party will not let any of your guests go hungry. Make sure you have lots of smoky and grilled items such as pigs in a blanket, mini sliders, hot dogs, baked Mac n cheese, fresh salads, cold drinks, etc.

49. Taco bar

A taco bar offers the guests a variety of their favorite toppings. It is a crowd-pleasing and satisfying dish consisting of taco meat, tortillas, rice, and a broad range of toppings such as sour cream, tomato, hot sauce, sweet corn, etc.

50. Party drinks

Party drinks keep the guests refreshed throughout the celebration. From water to cocktails and juices, there are various hydrating options such as assorted sodas, tea, coffee, champagne punch, wine, beer, sangria, mojitos, and others.

51. Desserts

What is a party without irresistible desserts? It is an absolute must-to-have for those who have a sweet tooth. Include desserts such as cakes, brownies, donuts, scones, cheesecake, tiramisu, chocolate fondue, jelly beans, candies, etc., on the menu.

52. Cakes

Every celebration is incomplete without cakes. Whether you opt for a huge wedding cake or bake personalized cupcakes, cakes should be a part of your menu. Red velvet cakes and lemon tarts are great options for light yet lovely cakes for your anniversary.

53. Cold cuts

Cold cuts may be considered unconventional for an anniversary party. However, cold cuts are the perfect choice if you are just inviting your intimate family. They are the easiest to assemble and serve, thus freeing your time to catch up with them.

54. High tea

This depends on the party’s timing, but if you plan to throw a party in the afternoon or early evening, you can arrange a high tea menu. Buns, croissants, cookies, and cakes are all included in high tea, along with tea/coffee. This option is also good for teetotalers.

55. Fast food

Everyone likes a bit of fast food from time to time. Even the most health-conscious person can indulge in some fries and burgers. You can make these fast food items yourself or get them from your favorite fast food joint. Indulge in the sinful delights on this special day.

56. Pizza

Pizza is common in every household. If you have pizzas on your menu, you can rest assured that your guests will feel completely at home. Apart from being filling, pizza is a comfort food that is also easy to eat.

25th Anniversary Entertainment Ideas

This is one of the fun components to add to your celebration checklist. You can consider some of these entertainment ideas to keep everyone entertained.

57. Photo Booth

Capture the special moments of your 25th anniversary by setting up an interactive photo booth. Add a variety of props to make it more interesting and humorous.

58.  Live bands

Image: IStock

Hire a live band to play some of your favorite classics and give your party a musical vibe. It will surely make a good impression on everyone.

59. DJ

Book a DJ for your celebration to spin all types of oldies and the latest tracks. This will be a fantastic idea and may even bring the guests to the dance floor.

60. Slideshow

Put up a screen and play a slideshow highlighting the love journey of the couple. You can include the memories of past anniversaries to make it more entertaining.

61. Inspiration jar

Inspiration jar is another great idea to entertain your guests. Arrange a jar and ask the guests to note down some words of inspiration for you. You can cherish those wishes and kind words for the rest of your life.

62. Karaoke

Karaoke is an event that will draw in people of all ages. Make sure you include songs from several decades in the playlist. Set up a formal karaoke kiosk or simply decorate a corner for people to stand and sing. Sit back and enjoy as everyone sings their favorite numbers. You could also declare “the best singer” and “the best duo.”

63. Musical chairs

If you are up to some energetic activity, you can arrange a game of musical chairs. It will get your guests moving and laughing in no time. Play some peppy song numbers, and make sure everyone participates in the game!

64. Pass the parcel

Pass the parcel could be considered a calmer version of musical chairs. In this game, you sit in a circle and pass a pillow or cushion around while the music plays. When the music stops, the person holding the pillow must do something the others ask them to.

65. Ask the guests

This is an excellent game to keep the guests involved. You can ask each guest to say five good things about the couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. You can choose the same topic for every guest or change topics as you go. For instance, you can ask one guest to recount the funniest occasion with the honorary couple and the next to think about where they might go on vacation with them and why.

66. Love notes

Ask every guest to write a love note or a vow on a slip of paper and collect the slips in a jar. Later, open each slip and read out the notes or vows. You could also ask the guests to guess who wrote which note.

67. Charades

This is a game people of every age group will enjoy, from the oldies to the kiddos. Select various movies or other cultural references and make paper slips. Divide the guests into teams. Each team picks up a slip and enacts whichever word is written on it.

68. 20 Questions

Another classic game that never gets old, 20 Questions will have all your guests in good spirits. You can divide your guests into teams. Each team member can volunteer to be “it” one by one and think of something. The others ask them 20 questions to guess what they are thinking of.

69. Never have I ever

Even in your 25 years of marriage, you might not have done certain things. Find out what those things are in this classic game of never have I ever. Every time someone says something you have done, you add a point. The first person to reach 10 points wins.

70. Truth or dare

Would you kiss your husband of 25 years in public? You might have to if you play this game! Truth or dare is a classic game full of fun as you start giving outrageous dares and asking deep truths about your guests.

71. Ask the spouse

This is a fun game for the guests. Ask every guest to come up with common questions for the honorary couple. Every guest asks their questions to husband and wife separately. Later, you can match the answers and see if 25 years of togetherness has made you knowledgeable about each other!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some romantic destinations to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary?

There are so many romantic destinations to consider for 25th wedding anniversary celebrations. Some of them include Paris, Venice, Hawaii, and Maldives.

2. What sentimental gifts can I give my partner on our 25th wedding anniversary?

Ideas for sentimental gifts include a personalized photo album, jewelry with significance to your relationship, customized artwork, a romantic getaway to a special destination, a heartfelt love letter, or a memory box filled with keepsakes.

3. What are some unique ways to capture memories of my 25th anniversary?

You can take a photo every day for 25 days, create a time capsule, write down 25 things you love about each other, create a memory book or scrapbook or custom artwork, make a personalized playlist, or have a professional videographer create a short film. These ideas can help you preserve and cherish the memories of this special milestone.

The 25th wedding anniversary is special for every couple. So plan a party, send out invitation cards, and celebrate the 25 years of togetherness with your loved ones. These 25th wedding anniversary ideas will help you throw a happening party or a reception with minimum hassles. We have also listed themes, decoration, food, drink, and entertainment ideas to help you have a blast with your near and dear ones. Remember, an anniversary party is incomplete without a love speech. So draft a romantic love message, poem, or speech for your significant other and raise a toast to the glorious and romantic 25 years and make them feel loved.

Infographic: Plan A Wedding Anniversary Party

After picking a theme for the 25th wedding anniversary, all that is left to do is to plan the party. Of course, you may seek the help of a party planner. But, if you like to do it by yourself, we suggest you save this infographic as it is a handy checklist for planning a wedding anniversary.

planning the 25th wedding anniversary celebration (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Celebrate this quarter of your marriage with your better half by planning on food, themes, and decor to make it memorable.
  • You may pick a silver theme or the classic retro theme and add some great music.
  • Don’t forget to add exclusive food and drinks from the list for a lovely event.
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