27th Week Pregnancy - Symptoms, Baby Development, Tips And Body Changes

27th week pregnancy

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You are cruising through your pregnancy, one step at a time. Every week has been special for you, while you see your little one making progress; and reaching another milestone. So, what does the cute angel wiggling in your womb do this week? She opens her wide eyes and starts peeking around. The eyelids will not be fused together anymore. Isn’t that amazing!

Pregnancy changes you and makes you a mother, even before you hold the lovely baby in your arms. You will never be the same person ever again. Mary Mason, British Singer, summed it up so well when she said ”A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die”.

Changes In Your Body When 27 Weeks Pregnant:

You may get confused and frustrated trying to keep up with the rapid changes taking place in your body. Here are some changes you are sure to experience:

  • Chest pains and shortness of breath send you into panic mode. Don’t worry. It is just your uterus growing and stretching into your chest.
  • Your baby is growing at a rapid pace in your womb and so is your belly. The space owned by your lungs, into which they expanded carelessly earlier is being encroached by your expanding uterus. You may find yourself out of breath doing even simple activities. Relax and try taking deep breaths so that neither your baby nor your body is deprived of much needed oxygen.

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  • The size of your belly may get in the way of you doing everyday chores or sleeping. Make feeling comfortable your priority, because you deserve it.
  • Your skin is giving in after stretching to its limits. It may turn itchy anytime soon. Keep pampering it with dollops of moisturizers or mild oils. Do not wear clothes that would encourage itching of your skin.
  • Avoid extreme hot water showers or baths and also take care not to use soap that will dry your skin.
  • When you are awake you are so tired that all you want to do is hit the bed; but, once you lay down for a comfy sleep, it avoids you. The best thing to do in such a situation would be to get up and do something that will actually make you sleepy. Tossing in your bed is not going to help you in any way.

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Symptoms Of 27th Week Pregnancy At A Glance:

Water retention continues to torment you.Along with this, you will notice the following 27 weeks pregnant symptoms as well:

  • The back ache lingers.
  • You have completely forgotten un-achy legs because you feel they have been aching forever.
  • You are breathless.
  • Sleep plays hide and seek.
  • You go through the guilt of feeling or being a glutton.
  • Acidity rears its ugly head once in a while.
  • Hemorrhoids do not hesitate to add to your woes.
  • Muscle cramps want some attention for themselves as well.

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Identifying Symptoms Preterm Labor:

Labor taking place before you reach 37th week of pregnancy will be considered preterm labor and your baby will be termed premature baby. Though it is certain that you are going to deliver a healthy baby after reaching your full term, it is very important to be aware about the signs and symptoms of preterm labor. During the 3rd trimester, your baby has high survival chances if you get required help on time.

  • Know your Braxton Hicks contractions well, so that you will know when the regular contractions associated with preterm labor or normal labor come your way.
  • Contractions that take place once every 15 minutes or less are not safe.
  • Watch out for dilation in the cervix.
  • Do not ignore cramps that resemble the ones you experience during your menstruation.
  • Abdominal pain resembling gastritis.
  • Pressure on your pelvic region.
  • Discharge of blood from vagina.
  • A sudden gush of fluids which is watery and clear from vagina.
  • Dull ache in lower back.
  • Dehydration can cause preterm labor in pregnant women. Do not forget to take your daily quota of fluids.

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  • Your doctor will be in a better position to decide whether you are going through preterm labor or not. Do not listen to people who come to you with free advice not knowing what they are actually saying.
  • Advance in medical science has increased the survival rate of preterm babies. Many hospitals are equipped with NICU which can support the baby until it matures to function on its own.

Myths About Pregnancy:

Myths about pregnancies enter your life even before your morning sickness begins. It is good to be aware of them so that you can recognize and keep them at your arm’s length. You must have already come across several of them, let us add few more to the list:

  • Some women have suffered allergies during their pregnancy by applying cocoa butter which was claimed to prevent stretch marks. It does not.
  • Many couple falls for the myth that sex is going to harm their baby. Unless the mom to be has a specific medical condition for which the doctors may advise her to abstain from sex, there is no harm in having some good time with your partner.
  • It is just a myth that bigger babies are healthier ones. Babies weighing the average are healthy, whereas bigger babies may end up being obese in later part of their lives.
  • Your baby has nothing to do with your cravings either.

Changes In Your Baby:

Safe in the cozy comforts of your womb, your baby is preparing for an independent life in the world outside your body. Here are some of the main changes you will be seeing in your body during 27 weeks pregnancy:

  • Most of her organs have matured and are capable of functioning independently, though her lungs and brain require more maturation.
  • After being fused together for more than 4 months, her eyelids are open now. She opens and shuts her eyes at regular intervals trying very hard to flash those lovely newly appeared lashes. She also follows a regular sleep pattern.
  • Her brain is maturing at a rapid pace, as more brain tissue develops. She will soon be able to have her own dreams. Also, the visual part of her brain has matured by now.
  • She gets hiccups occasionally, which is nothing to worry about.

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  • Fat layers form underneath your baby’s skin. This will help in regulating body temperature after birth, keeping her warm.
  • The stretching, rolling, kicking, sucking of thumb, drinking amniotic fluids and peeing continue.
  • If you feel your baby is not moving inside your womb, bring it to the notice of your health care provider immediately.

Size Of Your Baby:

Your baby now weighs nearly 2 pounds (875 grams) and measures 14.5 inches (36.6 Cm) when her legs are extended. She is the size of a Canary Melon or the cauliflower head 27 week pregnancy.

Care And Tips:

Here is the list of care tips for 27th week pregnancy.

1. Eating And Sleeping:

Eat healthy and stay safe. Do not compromise on the safety of your body or your baby at any cost.

  • You will find it difficult to sleep, sit down or stand for long with your growing belly. Find positions that give you comfort and stick to it, no matter what weird sight you make.
  • Check out all the preventive measures you can follow as an expecting mother to treat and prevent potential health complications that arise during the course of pregnancy.

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2. Labor:

Discuss with your doctor about your birth plans whether you wish to go for an epidural during your labor or not.

  • Epidurals will pass painkillers into your back to prevent pain signals from travelling to your brain. You can have an epidural at any point in your labor. Most women request it when their contractions are getting strong, often when their cervix has dilated to about 5- 6 cm.
  • Check out for conditions that may require you to go for C-Section.

3. Breastfeeding:

It is time now to pay attention to breastfeeding your baby because the amazing experience is not far off. Being ready both emotionally and physically will prevent chaos and panic when you actually try to breastfeed your baby.

  • Some women or babies take to nursing like fish to water, whereas others may have difficulty with breast feeding.
  • Unbelievable, but studies have proven that your success at breastfeeding your baby is connected to your partner’s attitude.
  • Find a nice place where you can feed your baby comfortably. Make it appear safe, secure and comfortable for you. Let this be your personal corner where no one can invade your privacy without your consent.
  • Know about various breastfeeding positions.
  • Some hospitals have classes for breastfeeding basics. It would help you a great deal when you try to find the rhythm with breastfeeding your baby in coming months.

4. Lamaze Classes:

Lamaze Technique was developed by French Obstetrician Dr. Fernand Lamaze to help women give birth to babies naturally without medical interventions.

  • Lamaze would give a boost to your confidence to give birth naturally and also make you aware about the coping methods for labor pains.
  • The technique will help in facilitating labor and also promoting comfort through focused breathing, timed pushing and gentle massage.

Some of the points referred to in the Lamaze class may include:

  • Allowing labor to begin on its own
  • Movement during labor pains
  • Positions for childbirth
  • Massage
  • Hot and cold packs
  • Aromatherapy
  • Breathing techniques
  • Use of birth ball
  • Informed consent and informed refusal
  • Not separating baby from mother after birth
  • Breastfeeding techniques

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Tips For Dad To Be:

Your role is much bigger now daddy!

  • Try to help your partner whenever she has to sit or stand up from sitting position. That will mean a lot to her. Never make fun of her waddle or struggle to sit or stand up. You will not be forgiven easily.
  • If there is no spare bathroom in your home, keep the available loo free for her to rush into whenever the need arises. And also, stand out of her way.
  • One safe zone for you will be to work on your baby’s room which will make your wife happy and also keep you out of her way.

Pregnancy is a special period in your life which you can cherish and enjoy to the fullest. Robert Wilson, the world’s foremost avant-garde theater artist, says “Pregnancy is a kind of miracle. Especially so in that it proves that a man and woman can conspire to force God to create a new soul.”

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