15 Cute Second Birthday Party Ideas

The second birthday of the little one is as special for every parent as the first birthday because they get to celebrate the big day in a close and intimate ceremony. If you are looking for second birthday party ideas, we have got you covered. Planning the birthday party of your toddler can be difficult. As a parent, you would want to make the occasion special and impress everyone at the party. This post presents you with some amazing second birthday party ideas that will help you plan the big event to perfection.

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2nd Birthday Party Ideas For A Baby Girl

Here are some interesting 2nd birthday party ideas that your little girl might love. However, these are not restrictive, as they are equally beautiful for a boy as well.

1. Fairy tale theme

If fairy tales excite your little one, then this 2nd birthday party idea is just what you need. You can either pick a single fairy tale or go big with a little bit of everything.

Birthday outfit: Dress her up as little red riding hood, Tinker Bell or any other character from a specific fairy tale you choose. Else you can also dress her up in a white flowy gown or a tutu with fairy wings and a magical wand.

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Party accessories: A fairy tale birthday party is best organized in a spacious backyard, where you will have enough space to set up a canopy or build an enchanted castle (where the cake will be cut). If the party is indoors, then set up an enchanted castle or a forest backdrop, with green and blue balloons dipped in glitters. Arrange the dining table with shiny cutlery and plastic ivy twines.

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You can also organize a fairy tale stones game: for this, you can pick up smooth beach pebbles, spray them with different colors, and ask the guests to stick fairy tale stickers on each. The guests can take their stone home.

Birthday cake and food: An enchanted castle cake with a princess fondant figure cake would be the perfect cake for your child’s fairy tale birthday party. On top of the cake, you could place a candle with 2 written on it.

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Complete this whole theme by serving some fairy tale food such as mushroom cupcakes, Cinderella shoe cookies, gingerbread man, cheeseburgers and any fruit juice in glittering cups.

2. Unicorn theme

If your little girl is like Agnes from despicable me and is fascinated by unicorns, then throw her the best unicorn-themed party.

Birthday outfit: Unicorns and rainbows go hand in hand. So why not dress your baby in a white blouse and a rainbow tutu? Complete the look with a cute headband, and she is ready for the party.

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Party accessories: This 2nd birthday party theme is all about unicorns, so make sure the decor says so. You can have a unicorn flying through a rainbow as a centerpiece, and decorate the room with rainbow-colored buntings and balloons. Also, use rainbow-colored glasses, plates, and spoons so that they go well with the theme.

A unicorn jump house will be a suitable play activity for all ages; you can also have the classic unicorn pinata, which is filled with candy, but make it safe by attaching a string to pull and not hit it. You can also have unicorn hats for all the guests.

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Birthday cake and food: A unicorn cake is a must for a unicorn themed party. Choose between a simple unicorn cake and a three-tier rainbow unicorn cake.

Keep the food simple and stick to the theme; you can set up a unicorn dessert bar with unicorn cookies, unicorn cupcakes, and beetroot latte.

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3. Minnie Mouse

This is an old, but golden theme and cannot go wrong for your baby girl’s 2nd birthday party.

Birthday outfit: Dress her up either in a red and black skirt and blouse or polka dotted red dress (just like Minnie mouse’). Match the look with gold or polka dotted shoes and a Minnie Mouse bow. You can also personalize the t-shirt with her name.

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protip_icon Quick tip
Don’t stick to the usual themes. If your little princess is fond of bikes, you can have a biker theme party too. Do what your daughter is most interested in.

Party accessories: Go all Minnie mouse with the decor, by hanging a polka-dotted backdrop and stick a Minnie mouse face on it. Add red and black balloons in the whole room; you can also hang Minnie mouse buntings and hand Minnie headbands to all the guests. Make sure you stick to the color theme throughout the decor. Include disposable polka-dotted glasses, plates, and straws.

Entertain the parents and toddlers with a DIY Minnie photo booth; you can also have a ‘stick the bow on Minnie’ game, where the parents can help the kids stick bows onto a cardboard cutout of Minnie’s head. At the end of the party, you can give the kids goody bags containing different accessories of Minnie mouse or craft supplies as precious memories.

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Birthday cake and food: A Minnie mouse cake is an obvious idea for this theme. You can go for a simple Minnie mouse head with a bow cake or an elaborate multi tier-Minnie Mouse cake. For the guests, make some Minnie mouse cupcakes, carve a watermelon in the shape of Minnie’s head and fill it up with varieties of fruits, you can also have bow-tie pasta.

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4. All Balloon Party

If you are looking for a second birthday party idea that is stunning as well as within your budget, then this is the theme for you.

Birthday outfit: The success of this theme depends on the choice of colors. You can pick classic white and blue or green and white or think out of the box and choose purple and sea green. Choose the outfit according to the color theme. You can choose to dress your baby girl in a polka dots blouse paired with denim jeans and a matching headband, else go with the classic purple and green tutu with a white blouse.

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Party accessories: Since the party is all about your baby girl and balloons, place a few balloons that have your daughter’s name on it. Next, decorate the rest of the place with balloons of the chosen color. You can also add paper buntings and paper flowers to enhance the look.

This party idea will surely be a hit with both kids and adults.

  • Take a paper table cloth and cut it into two halves.
  • Now, punch holes along one side of the cloth and loosely sew both the pieces with a yarn (make sure you leave most of the yarn running free which will serve as a ripcord).
  • Hang this table cloth onto the ceiling such that the stitched part comes to the middle of the room, and secure the cloth with duck tape.
  • Fill the paper table cloth with as many balloons as you can, make sure you stuff the cloth tightly with balloons.
  • When it’s time, gather the kids under the table cloth and pull the ripcord, and enjoy the toddlers cheering and squeaking with joy.

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Birthday cake and food: You can have a simple chocolate balloons cake which is a perfect fit for the theme. For the food, you can have cupcakes with frosting, lollipops, sandwiches, cheeseburgers, and hot dogs.

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5. Pancakes and pajamas party

Thrill your daughter’s friends and their mothers with this pancakes and pajamas party.

Birthday outfit: Since the theme itself has pajamas in it, dress your baby girl in the comfiest pajamas, and tie her hair into pigtails. You can also ask the rest of the guests to show up in their pajamas.

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Party accessories: This is a simple breakfast party to host, arrange the dining table with fun table cloths and pillows, decorate the area with colorful lanterns and paper flowers, you can also add buntings if you like.

In this theme, the guests can have fun as well as snack on healthy food. Arrange a fruit loop necklace station, where the mothers can make necklaces out of fruit loops for their babies.

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Birthday cake and food: Bake your baby’s favorite pancakes and stack them up and add all her favorite toppings – this will make the best cake for her. As for the guests, fill the dining table with a variety of toppings and syrups along with plain pancakes, so that the mothers can serve their kids the pancakes of their choice. Also place milk, cereals, and fruits to complete the breakfast.

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6. Bubble theme party

Your baby girl will be thrilled and fascinated by this fun bubble themed party.

Birthday outfit: This would be an outdoor theme and there is a possibility of your little one getting wet. So dress her in comfy clothes such as t-shirts and shorts, or a sleeveless one piece. Tie her hair high up in a ponytail so that it doesn’t fall into her eyes.

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protip_icon Quick tip
Whatever outfit you choose for your child, ensure that you add a tiara or a sachet (for a girl) or a jacket or hat (for a boy) to make them stand out as the guest of honor at their party.

Party accessories: Set up the cake table with sequined table cloth which would look like small bubbles. Also, place a backdrop with the same sequined cloth. Tie buntings and happy birthday stickers all over the backdrop. You can also take printouts of your baby girl’s pictures and stick them on the backdrop.

In one corner, create a bubble wrap dance floor, where you spread bubble wrap sheets and let the toddlers and the big kids dance away to pop them. You can also arrange for a professional who can make giant bubbles, something that the kids will simply enjoy.

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Birthday cake and food: The cake could be in sync with the theme, or you can pick one which your daughter likes. Serve the kids with some bubble cookies, popcorn, and fruits scooped in round shapes. You can also serve fruit juice in bottles.

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7. Retro theme party

Take your toddler and his friends on a tour of your childhood with this theme.

Birthday outfit: Dress your girl either in vintage baby clothes or a retro outfit, with a ruffled frock, a woolen hat, feather boa, and pearls.

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Party accessories: Choose a black and white color scheme which represents the retro style. Use black and white balloons, buntings, and paper flowers to decorate the place. If you feel the place is too dull, then add a pop of color here and there. Also, use vintage records, disco balls, and some vintage baby objects to create a retro look.

Organize some retro games such as twister and encourage adults to play, and organize a fashion show with a retro theme for the toddlers.

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Birthday cake and food: Pick up a cake with a floral icing to keep it in line with the theme. You can also include some classic cherry topped cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies for that retro feel. Include some traditional snacks such as homemade Chex Mix with melted butter, Rice Krispies, Dunkaroos, and candies like pop rocks, M&M’s fruit gushers, etc.

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2nd Birthday Party Ideas for Baby Boys

Pick a theme from below to throw a fabulous birthday party for your little man. Want to try them for a girl, sure, why not!

8. Candy-themed party

Kids just love candy, pick this theme to throw the sweetest birthday party for your baby boy.

Birthday outfit: Your boy is the star of the party, dress him up in a t-shirt that says ‘I am the birthday boy.’ This will set him apart from the rest of the kids.

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Party accessories: Decorate the whole place with candies- some real and some made out of cardboard. Hang a colorful backdrop and also stick paper and real candies on it. Tie colorful balloons to the backs of chairs and the cake table. Set the dining table with various colored plates, cups.

Arrange a scavenger hunt for candies, involve the kids and their parents to help the toddlers find the candy.

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Birthday cake and food: Get a cake that is stacked and stuffed with all things sweet. Arrange a dessert table filled with cupcakes, fruit rolls, and candy. Make sure you include some healthy food options such as fruits so that the kids would not get a sugar rush.

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9. Favorite things party

Your baby boy may already have lit of things he likes and dislikes now: he will have a favorite food, toy, and color. Use all those as the theme for his 2nd birthday party.

Birthday outfit: Choose an outfit in the color he likes, it could be pink, blue or orange – just dress him how he likes.

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Party accessories: Again use colors that are your kid’s favorite, if he likes jumping in a ball pit, or riding a toy horse arrange all these. You can also organize his favorite games and invite all his playmates for unlimited fun.

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Birthday cake and food: Include his favorite things on the cake too. Arrange the dining table with all his favorite snacks and make him sit in the center of the table.

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10. Superhero theme

Boys and superheroes are a classic combination: pick up a superhero and make it the theme of the party. Here we have picked Superman.

Birthday outfit: Dress him up as Superman on his birthday. If you do not want the whole outfit, then put on a red t-shirt, denim jeans, and a cape, and he is your Superman for the day.

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Party accessories: Pick colors such as red and blue to decorate the place. Use a red or blue backdrop with a Superman symbol and your baby boy’s name. Place red and blue balloons all over the room and add Superman symbol stickers here and there. Decorate the table with superman plates, napkins, and cutlery over a red table cloth.

Organize games like pin the Corban’s symbol on Superman and maybe a safe dart game with magnetic darts or Velcro balls.

Superhero theme party accesories for a second birthday

Image: Shutterstock

Birthday cake and food: Have a Superman cake with your boy’s name. Also, make cupcakes and cookies with the Superman symbol. You can also serve popcorn and sandwiches.

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11. Pirate theme

For this theme, you can choose a general pirate theme or the children’s favorite Jake and Neverland pirates theme.

Birthday outfit: Dress your boy as a pirate as he is the captain of this party. You can get the costume, include the eyepatch, give him a toy gun, and a fake mustache to complete the look.

Image: Shutterstock

Party accessories: Keep the decor simple, but give attention to details. Use a pirate ship backdrop with your boy’s name. You can also include pirate ship shaped balloons. Decorate the dining table with plates, mats and paper cups with skull and bones symbols. You can also hand over paper pirate hats, eye patches to the guests.

Plan some pirate games such as walk the line and face painting to keep the guests entertained. For more entertainment, you can also set up a bounce house for the kids to play their hearts out.

Image: Shutterstock

Birthday cake and food: Include the theme in the food, buy making pirate cookies, carving a watermelon in the shape of a pirate ship, burgers with small pirate flags, string cheese, etc. The birthday cake could be a two-tiered pirate cake.

Image: Shutterstock

12. Barnyard farm party

Bring home the farm animals with this 2nd birthday party theme.

Birthday outfit: Dress your two-year-old in a checked shirt, denim jeans, and a straw hat, or go with a white shirt and denim suspenders, to give him a farmer’s look.

Image: IStock

Party accessories: Create a red barn backdrop and add details to it by using printable designs on white canvas, real straw, and synthetic grass. You can also print out farm animal pictures and stick them on the backdrop. You can buy or create a DIY farm horse sticks and horse masks. You can plan horse stick races, and the classic ‘pin the donkey’s tail’ games.

Image: Shutterstock

Birthday cake and food: Have a barn and farm animals cake, your little one will be thrilled to see all the farm animals figures on his cake.

Make desserts such as pig nose face cupcakes, farm animal cookies. Spread a green table cloth and place all these along with the cake on the table. You can decorate it further with farm produce such as a basket of apples, milk, etc.

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13. Mickey Mouse theme party

No matter how many years pass, the Mickey Mouse theme remains a favorite for many toddler parties.

Birthday outfit: Dress your boy just like Mickey Mouse, a black/ white shirt, red suspenders with golden buttons, include a yellow bow tie and add those classic Mickey ears.

Image: Shutterstock

Party Accessories: Start the decor with a clubhouse sign. Purchase or get a DIY kit to make Mickey’s hand, head, and stars and use them to decorate the place. You will find tons of Mickey Mouse decors, so pick your favorite and decorate the party.

Organize games like fishing (sew some fabric fishes with small washer in their mouths, next in a big bucket and fill it with blue thermocol balls, now prepare small fishing rods with magnets on their tips. Now show the toddlers how it is done, and they will jump onto it.

Mickey Mouse theme party accessories for second birthday

Image: Shutterstock

Birthday cake and food: Get a Mickey Mouse cake, or you can bake one and stick an edible Mickey’s face on it. For the food, make marshmallow pops by sticking marshmallows on wooden sticks adding sprinkles on top, also include some blue and red sodas. You can also have sandwiches cut in the shape of Mickey’s head and cupcakes.

Sally, a mum of three, shares how she celebrated her daughter Lola’s second birthday using this theme. She explains, “To celebrate Lola’s birthday, we had a little party on Sunday up on our roof deck. After a foggy, gray start to the morning, the sun eventually came out, and we ended up with a glorious sunny day. Lola has been a little obsessed with Mickey Mouse since our trip to Disneyland last month, so it was pretty easy to pick a theme for her party. Mickey Mouse ears everywhere! On the cake, the cookies, the cheese platter, the piñata, and the guests (ⅰ).’’

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14. Ball theme party

If your boy is obsessed with balls, then this is the theme you are looking for.

Birthday outfit: Since the theme is around balls, you can dress up your boy in any casual outfit.

Image: Shutterstock

Party accessories: If you are planning to organize a party outdoors, then activities like a jumping castle and skippy slide will be fun additions. If it is an indoor party, decorate the center wall with yellow, red and green paper circles and make the number 2 with them. You can also make buntings with these circles.

Use the same colored balloons and hang them around the room. On the dining table, use a tablecloth with polka dots and arrange placement cards cut in circles. You can also place plastic bins of balls on the table.

Image: Shutterstock

Birthday cake and food: Get a ball-shaped birthday cake: you can have foods like cake pops, also choose snacks that are ball shaped like Cheetos, cheese balls, popcorn snowballs to go with the theme.

Image: Shutterstock

15. Dinosaur themed party

This is an adorable theme for your 2-years-old’s birthday party.

Birthday outfit: Dress your boy in a casual outfit which has green and brown shades in it.

Image: IStock

Party accessories: There are many dinosaur printables that you can get to make buntings. You can also have placement cards with dinosaurs on it. Decorate the room with a green backdrop and dinosaur figures.

Fill a sandbox with sand and bury small dinosaur toys in it, and ask the toddlers to find them (supervise them such that they do not put the sand in their mouth).

Image: Shutterstock

Birthday cake and food: Prepare a dinosaur cake. For foods, cut vegetables like carrot, cucumber, and celery and place them in plastic glasses filled with dip. Make dinosaur cupcakes, cut a watermelon into triangle pieces and name them as dino spikes. Stick marshmallows to a wooden ice cream stick to make dino fossils.

Image: Shutterstock

While we have generally segregated the themes for boys and girls, you can pick any theme that your child likes, regardless of their gender. Let them choose what they like and who they want to be. In the end, the idea is to create that special day so that your toddler has a good time with friends and family.

What Indoor Activities Should You Have At Your Child’s Second Birthday Party?

Activities for the second birthday party often depend upon the birthday theme. For instance, if the party follows a pirate theme then you can have a treasure hunt as a party game. Here are some options if you are looking for indoor activities that can go with any theme.

  • Playdough station: Arrange for playdough and cookie cutters for your little guests to get creative with making colorful shapes. This activity is fun and also helps develop their fine motor skills.
  • Musical chairs: This activity is fun for children and adults. Remember to have small chairs or play mats for your little players.
  • Mini disco ball: Create a kid-friendly disco with tiny disco balls and fun music. Let children dance to shake their legs and have a great time.
  • Storytime: Make a cozy corner in a room with pillows and blankets. Share a fairy tale or any entertaining story kids will enjoy listening to.

Who Should You Invite To Your Child’s Second Birthday Party?

You probably wanted to (or did) invite the entire town to your child’s first birthday party. But this time around, you may want to keep it a little simple, for your little one is already a handful and that leaves you with little time to even look at the guests.

  • Invite close friends and relatives, but try not to invite too many people, as it might be overwhelming for the toddler.
  • If you are inviting your child’s playmates, make sure their parents come along to take care of them.
  • Make a list of guests who will have a good time at the party full of kids. If you want your family to be there, then you might want to organize a separate party. For example, your grandmother or teenage niece might not be looking forward to a Hello Kitty or Jurassic kids party.

Since you will be inviting a lot of kids to the party, you have to be sensitive to their needs and routines.

What’s A Good Time To Host The Second Birthday Party?

The timing of the party should depend on the sleep schedule of your toddler. If your baby sleeps through the afternoon, then it is best to plan a party in the evening. A party in the morning, when the baby is active after a good night’s sleep, would also be a good time to celebrate their birthday.

Make sure the party lasts only for two to three hours. And once the plan is in place, stick to the schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some age-appropriate activities for a second birthday party?

You can plan games such as Duck Duck Goose, Bottom Shuffle Race, Musical Chairs, and Passing the Parcel. Alternatively, you can play music and involve children in singing. For a large group, arrange a small and easy treasure hunt within the party area so children can play their way to gifts.

2. What are some tips for creating a budget-friendly second birthday party?

Keep a simple theme that requires minimum decorations. Keep the party in your backyard or your house. Prepare refreshments such as cookies, milk, and cupcakes at home. Opt for handmade party invitations or an e-invite. Look for party favors that can be purchased in bulk for a discount.

3. What kind of cake is best for a second birthday party?

If you are on a budget, try baking the cake yourself. Or you can look for a photo cake with the image of your child’s favorite cartoon character. A regular cheese or sponge cake will also be fine if children find it tasty.

4. What safety considerations should I keep in mind when planning a second birthday party?

The party area should be free of any sharp or potentially harmful objects. Ensure the party area is confined or fenced and there is no scope for children to run out. Keep a first aid kit handy, as it can be helpful in an emergency. In case of a big gathering, ensure a few adults are keeping an eye on the children at all times.

Your child’s second birthday is a special occasion for you and your baby. So, make it memorable and fun. To ensure everything goes smoothly, organize the event in advance and take the support of your friends and family. Accordingly, choose a unique party theme and plan all other things, such as decoration, music, food, and cake. Keep the guest list ready and try to bring novelty in your invitations and return gifts. A pro-tip would be to keep the event timings in sync with your baby’s sleep and feeding schedule.

Infographic: Ideas For Your Baby’s Second Birthday Party

Children are excited about their birthday parties. So, why not make their party even more special with a theme? Especially something that is from the list of their favorites. To make your work easier, we have picked a few ideas and created the following infographic. Check them out and save them for future reference.

themes for your two year olds birthday party (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Second birthdays are always special and memorable for both parents and the baby.
  • Plan your kid’s outfit, cake, decorates, menu, and games beforehand so the event goes smooth.
  • Pick themes for the event in line with your little one’s tastes and interests.

Let’s get creative! Check out our video for 20+ theme-based baby boy birthday decoration ideas at home for a special 2nd birthday party. Get ready to be inspired!

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