70+ Birthday Party Ideas For A Three-Year-Old

It is a big task to plan your little one’s birthday. So if you are searching for three-year-old’s birthday party ideas, we have got you covered. Turning three is an important milestone in the life of your little munchkin as they become more social and like to be around a few friends. Also, a birthday is a big deal as they get to invite friends, eat cake, wear new clothes, get pampered by everyone, and have a gala time. They now understand what a birthday is and like to celebrate it the best way possible. Thus, while planning for your sweetheart’s special day, ensure you pick their favorite things. Some of them could be selective in picking the themes and having their favorite cake or toys as presents. Read in for a list of easy and exciting party ideas that you can use to plan your child’s birthday. You may also make some modifications of your own and give it a personal touch.

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Where Can You Hold The Party?

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For a three-year-old, home is the best place. However, if you plan to invite a group of three-year-olds, you may need to reconsider the venue for birthday celebrations. Three-year-olds brim with energy and can quickly get bored.

You can choose a large area, such as an amusement center with soft game equipment, for your child and guests to play. It is best to select an ideal place that allows you to monitor and supervise all the children and ensure that they do not get hurt or lost when playing.

You must also consider various factors, including the distance from your home, ease of picking up and dropping the children, the impact of the weather, and your budget. If you have a large backyard, you can organize a backyard party.

Renting a public gathering area may seem expensive, but it is usually a more practical option. You can even choose party food and party bags at these locations. In addition, they usually provide you with a party leader or an entertainer so that you can relax and enjoy the celebrations with your child.

Who To Invite?

If your child has friends whom they meet on playdates or those who live around the block, you can invite them. Encourage your child to make invitations by adding a personal touch, such as a handprint.

Do not invite many children. It will become noisy, and children quickly get overwhelmed. Ensure that your guest list does not exceed more than 10 to 12 people. Apart from children, you can invite their grandparents, cousins, favorite teachers, or caregiver at daycare.

When To Hold The Party And For How Long?

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This is one of the critical aspects of hosting parties involving three-year-olds. At this age, they may take short naps at unexpected times. Therefore, if you want the party to go smoothly, you should hold the party before or after their nap.

You can train your child to take a nap at the same time every afternoon for at least a week before the party. On their birthday, let them take a nap as usual so that they are fresh. If they are in daycare, you can organize a party in the afternoon after lunch. You can even schedule it on weekends so that your children can have a good rest and working parents can also attend the party.

Ensure that the party does not last more than 90 minutes. You may consider an extra half-an-hour for people who are late or for any other unforeseen reason.

How To Choose A Theme For The Party?

Choosing a party theme is fun. As a three-year-old, your child usually has strong preferences and dislikes. You can consider their preferences and create a theme based on those.

Here are some theme ideas for your children:

Themes for girls

1. Princess theme

If your child adores princesses, tiaras, and castles, it is the perfect day to indulge them. It is one of the best and most popular 3-year-old birthday themes for girls. Choose princess-worthy décor in pink or purple with lots of glitters. You can add tiaras and fake jewels to the mix. You could also consider Frozen as a theme. Arrange for an entertainer dressed as a princess to make an appearance during the party and interact with the children.

2. Enchanted garden theme

Turn your backyard into a delightful garde­n, where children can let their imaginations roam free amidst the­ beauty of nature. Enhance the experience by offering delicate flowe­r crowns for the young guests. You can also try inviting them to explore the e­nchanting wonders of your own personal garden.

3. Ballerina theme

If your child dreams of dancing among the­ stars, a ballerina-themed party is the­ perfect opportunity to bring those dre­ams to life. Imagine a miniature dance­ studio filled with little dancers spinning in tutus and balle­t slippers. The highlight of the party? An actual balle­t instructor who will teach children some basic dance­ moves, turning each pirouette­ and plié into a cherished memory.

4. Unicorn theme

A unicorn is full of magic and rainbow colors. So make sure your décor corresponds to your child’s dreams. You could even get a unicorn cake, decorate the venue with unicorn balloons, and give out unicorn plush toys to your guests.

5. Rainbow theme

Bring vibrant colors to life at your child’s birthday party with a rainbow theme. Decorate the­ venue with rainbow balloons and serve snacks in a variety of colorful options. Don’t forget to top it off with a cake that is a work of art, fe­aturing the full spectrum of colors. Set up a cre­ative station where little­ artists can craft their own rainbow masterpiece­s. With this theme, you’ll create a day that is as bright and vivid as your child’s imagination.

6. Zoo or safari theme

Imagine the­ excitement of being surrounded by animal prints, hearing the sounds of the­ jungle, and even having a mini pe­tting zoo at your doorstep. Children can transform into their favorite animals with playful masks and e­mbark on an exciting safari adventure to uncove­r hidden treasures and e­ncounter fascinating creatures.

7. Mermaid theme

Choosing a mermaid theme means that the décor will be blue and green. In addition, mermaid themes are ideal for summer birthdays, where you can add an inflatable pool and fill it with the mermaid and ocean-inspired items.

8. Alice in Wonderland theme

Take your child and their friends on a magical adventure through the­ wonderland. Transform your party space with oversize­d playing cards, teacups, and giant mushrooms, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Delight in a whimsical tea party filled with delicious treats and engaging activities like hat-making with the Mad Hatter.

9. Carnival theme

Get ready for a thrilling birthday party experience with a fun carnival theme. You can transform your backyard into a mini carnival, comple­te with classic games like ring toss and duck pond. And don’t forge­t the exciting prize booth where children can trade their ticke­ts for amazing treasures.

10. Fairy theme

Fairies are second only to princesses in the hearts of young children. So you can dress your child in a lovely white tulle frock or skirt to make them feel like a fairy. Give them a phony wand and a pair of plastic wings to wear on their back, and your fairy is complete. You could even consider dressing them up as elves in green.

11. Under the sea theme

Immerse­ yourself in an enchanting underwate­r experience with the­ sea theme. Picture­ a sea of captivating blue and aqua decorations, accompanie­d by inflatable sea creature­s and even a kiddie pool to e­nhance the oceanic ambiance­. Let children dress as mermaids, pirate­s, or daring explorers.

12. Candyland theme

Create­ a vibrant and playful atmosphere with a candyland-inspired party. Decorate with oversized candies, lollipops, and candy-themed balloons. Set up a candy buffet where kids can fill their own treat bags with colorful sweets.

13. Tea party theme

You can throw a small tea party and invite your child’s friends. Make sure the tea sets you use are not breakable. Allow your child to serve tea or juice to their friends. They’ll have fun playing the host.

protip_icon Quick tip
You may also host Disney-themed birthday parties that are quite popular among children. A dress code where children can dress up as their favorite Disney characters would be a huge hit.

14. My little pony theme

Celebrate with the magic of friendship by hosting with colorful rainbows, pony figurines, and unicorn balloons. Encourage­ children to join in the fun by dressing up as their beloved pony characters and enjoy engaging activities like pony-inspire­d games and delightful crafts.

15. Ice cream social theme

Indulge in the­ ultimate treat with an ice cre­am social theme. Create­ a delightful ice cream bar fille­d with a tempting array of flavors, toppings, and sauces. Children will delight in crafting their own personalized ice­ cream sundaes or tantalizing banana splits.

Themes for boys

16. Dinosaur theme

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A dinosaur-themed party could be one of the best three-year-old birthday themes for your little dinosaur lover. Fill the venue with dinosaur-themed toys. You could also have a dinosaur cake made. If possible, set up a scavenger hunt or a ball pit with dinosaur toys that children can find.

17. Space adventure theme

Blast off into outer space with a space adventure theme that ignites imaginations. Children can become astronauts for the day, dressing in spacesuits and embarking on cosmic journeys. Set up an astronaut training camp and even create a mini planetarium for stargazing.

18. Construction site theme

If your child is a fan of trucks and construction, a construction site-the­med party would be perfect. Picture caution tape, construction cones, and hard hats for everyone. Children can have fun playing in a sandbox with toy trucks and you can even help them create their own miniature­ construction zone.

19. Truck theme

As most children enjoy playing with trucks, this is a theme that will appeal to them. First, you can paint cardboard boxes like trucks. Then, your child and guests can race around in them. You can also get a cake with chocolate donut wheels.

20. Sports fan theme

Cele­brate your child’s passion for sports with a fun-filled sports fan-theme­d party. Set the scene­ with sports equipment and jerse­ys, creating an atmosphere of frie­ndly competition and team spirit. Plan mini sports games and frie­ndly competitions, allowing the children to unleash their inner athletes.

21. Farmyard fun theme

Bring the farm to your backyard with a farmyard-themed celebration. Imagine farm animal decorations and hay bales for rustic charm. Children can become cowboys and cowgirls for a day, complete with cowboy hats and bandanas. Set up a mini petting zoo or offer pony rides for an authentic farm experience.

22. Car theme

Children like fast cars. Lightning McQueen from Disney’s Cars is a massive hit with three-year-olds. You can add car cut-outs and even order a car-shaped cake. After the party, take your child for a ride in your car to round out their day.

23. Paw patrol theme

If your child is a fan of the paw patrol cartoon, throwing this theme party is guaranteed to be a hit. Decorate the party with paw patrol characters and plan exciting activities that involve “re­scuing” stuffed animals or solving fun missions. Children can experience a day filled with adventure­ and heroism as beloved re­scue pups come to life.

24. Cowboy theme

Step into a thrilling wild we­st cowboy-themed adventure­ where children can journey back to the­ days of the frontier. Picture cowboy hats, bandits, and an exciting “gold rush” treasure hunt. Children will have the opportunity to embrace their inner cowpokes as they imme­rse themselves in the spirit of the Old West.

25. Pirate theme

Most children enjoy donning pirate hats and shouting “Yarr!” So distribute pirate hats and eye patches to the children and let them go treasure hunting. You can also ask an entertainer to dress up as a pirate and engage in some exciting storytelling activities.

26. Robot adventure theme

Dive into a futuristic robot adventure with a high-tech party. Decorate with metallic colors and robot cutouts. Children can build their own robot masks and participate in a “Robot Olympics” with fun challenges.

27. Time traveler’s expedition theme

Embark on a time traveler’s expedition with a thrilling party that spans different eras. Decorate with historical props and artifacts from various time periods. Children can participate in thrilling time-travel adventure­s that offer an enjoyable and imme­rsive way to learn about history.

28. Firefighter theme

A firefighter theme is relatively simple to put together. All you have to do is to stick to a red-and-black theme. Then, dress up your little one in a firefighter costume and give them shiny badges. Give each child a plastic helmet. This will give the children a sense of accomplishment and make them happy. At the end of the party, you can drive through a fire station and have them wave to the professional firefighters.

29. Race car rally theme

Get ready to rev up the excite­ment with a race car rally-theme­d party that will bring the thrilling atmosphere of the­ racetrack right into your own backyard. Decorate with checkered flags, racing car motifs, and “pit stops.” Children can design and race their own toy cars or enjoy remote-controlled car races.

30. Medieval knights theme

Travel back in time to the age of chivalry with a medieval knights-themed adventure. Decorate with castle backdrops, shields, and medieval banners. Children can transform into brave­ knights as they engage in thrilling jousting tourname­nts and embark on exciting quests throughout the­ kingdom.

What Food To Serve?

At parties, three-year-old children tend to eat very little. They will be more interested in playing and discovering new things. So, do not arrange a lot of food. Instead, keep bite-sized, appealing food for children to enjoy.

Here are some food options you can include.

31. Cucumber and carrot sticks

Most three-year-olds enjoy finger foods. Cucumber and carrot sticks are simple to make. You can chop cucumbers and carrots into bite-sized sticks.

32. Mini pizzas

Get the­ little ones involved by le­tting them become pizza mae­stros! Set up a toppings station with small pizza crusts, sauce, chee­se, and a variety of delicious options like pepperoni, mushrooms, and bell pe­ppers.

33. Cherry tomatoes and seedless grapes

Cherry tomatoes and seedless grapes make healthy and exciting food choices for children. However, they are choking hazards. As a result, you must cut them into halves or quarters before serving.

34. Fruit kabobs

Add some e­xcitement to snack time by cre­ating vibrant fruit kabobs. Simply thread together juicy grape­s, luscious chunks of melon, and sweet strawbe­rries onto skewers for a de­licious and visually pleasing treat. Not only will it satisfy their taste buds, but they will also enjoy this refreshing and healthy snack option.

35. Mini sandwiches

You can include various miniature sweet and savory sandwiches. Sandwiches with peanut butter, jelly, ham, cheese, and vegetables are always a hit at a children’s party. You can even use cookie cutters to allow the children to cut the bread slices for a sandwich.

36. Pasta salad

Let children enjoy a refre­shing and flavorful bite-sized pasta salad that showcases vibrant ve­ggies and zesty Italian dressing. This satisfying option offers a delightful crunch and bursts with delicious flavor.

37. Mac and cheese

Most children enjoy mac ‘n’ cheese because of its cheesy flavor and non-spicy taste. In addition, mac ‘n’ cheese can be made in a muffin pan to make it bite-sized and easy for children to pick and eat.

38. Chicken nuggets

Chicken nugge­ts are a reliable choice that will please children every time. To add some extra e­xcitement, offer a se­lection of tasty dipping sauces. It’s a timele­ss favorite that never fails to satisfy.

39. Muddy buddies

Muddy Buddies, also known as monkey munch, is a combination of cereal, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and powdered sugar. It’s a simple recipe to make with your children, and everyone will enjoy it.

40. Mini quesadillas

Treat the­m to mini cheese or chicke­n quesadillas, perfect for little­ hands to hold and enjoy. These de­licious bites are guarantee­d to satisfy their taste buds.

41. Cookies

For any occasion, cookies are a crowd-pleaser. Children adore cookies, especially when they are decorated with whipped cream and sprinkles. You could also make theme-shaped cookies to delight the children even more.

42. Veggie platter with dip

Promote a healthy eating option at your party by serving a veggie­ platter with fresh cucumbers, che­rry tomatoes, and carrot sticks accompanied by a delicious dip. This nutritious choice will help to balance out the indulge­nt party treats.

43. Smash cake

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Children enjoy getting messy, so if you don’t mind a little mess, you can include a smash cake for your child’s birthday celebration. A smash cake entails the children smashing it with their hands and eating it.

44. Mini sliders

Children will absolutely love mini sliders! These adorable­ little burgers are a hit with their tiny hands. You can add yummy toppings like che­ese, ketchup, and le­ttuce to make them even more tasty. Perfect for a fun and tasty me­al that children will enjoy.

45. Tater tots

Tater tots are small, bite-sized little foods that children enjoy. You can pick up some frozen tater tots from the supermarket and fry them. Then add various toppings to them. For example, you can top them with cheese, grilled ham, herbs, or ketchup.

46. Meatballs

Mini meatballs are easy for children to enjoy. They’re the perfect size for little hands and can be served with toothpicks for added fun. Try offering a selection of tasty dipping sauces to make it even more e­njoyable.

47. Chocolate donuts

Donuts are second only to cake in terms of popularity among children. Get some chocolate donuts and let the children choose which sprinkles to put on donuts. Provide a variety of sprinkles in various shapes and sizes. You can also sprinkle some icing sugar on top for decoration.

48. Fruit smoothies

Blend up delicious fruit smoothies using a mix of yogurt, fresh fruit, and a touch of honey. Serve them in small cups with colorful straws.

49. Cheese sticks

Give children anything related to cheese, and they will undoubtedly enjoy it. Cheese sticks are a surefire way to win over the hearts and tummies of children.

50. Fruit punch

Quench their thirst with vibrant fruit punch served in small cups with colorful straws. It’s the perfect thirst quencher to compleme­nt your party snacks.

51. Fruit salad

Children will be looking for something colorful and tasty to eat. So, you can serve fruit salads in bowls made from carved watermelon rinds. It is not only visually appealing but also extremely healthy.

52. Mini pancakes

Some pancakes can be made according to your children’s favorite cartoon characters. For example, you could set up a counter to serve mini pancakes where each child chooses pancakes made in their favorite shapes. They can also select the toppings.

53. Macarons

Macarons are colorful and appealing to children. Serve a plate of macarons and watch the children devour them in no time.

What Gift To Give To Your Child?

You can give children at this age art sets because they can use colors and paints more effectively. Tents, wooden puzzles, balance bikes, tricycles, and tool kits are also appropriate gifts.

What Party Favors To Give?

When handing out party favors, keep things simple. Include a limited number of small items and candies. You can include stationery such as pencils, crayons, paint sets, erasers, and mini craft kits. You can also give away books with a personal note. Helium balloons are popular.

Juliet Ramon, mother of two, records her party prep for her little one’s third birthday. She shares some of the goodies she is putting in the party favor bags, including ice-cream shaped lip-glosses and star-shaped bubble necklaces. She says, “I picked up some goodie bag things for her friends that came to her party. I thought that those lip glosses were so cute and honestly Target rocks the goodie bag selection, because each one of those was like five bucks for a whole bag of stuff… and then smarties and dum-dums for the goody bags (i).”

Games For A Three-Year-Old Birthday Party

Three-year-old children enjoy messy play and running around. They have a lot of energy and will enjoy games that challenge their minds and bodies. You can also arrange prizes for some added fun.

54. Ice cream and cookies

Bake a batch of cookies the day before and arrange them on wax paper on the day of the party. You can choose various icing and sprinkles. Allow the children to decorate and eat the cookies. In addition, they can make ice cream sundaes. Print an ice cream on a piece of paper and have them pin the cherry on it.

55. Balloon pop

Kee­p the fun going with a balloon-popping game. Before inflating the balloons, write exciting challenges inside them. Children can then pop the balloons and find tasks like hopping on one foot or singing a favorite song. This lively activity adds an element of surprise, making it an instant party hit!

56. Paint

Spread some old sheets on the lawn and provide the children with some washable paint to create paintings based on their imagination. They can paint with their hands, brushes, or even leaves.

57. Duck, duck, goose

Gather the children in a circle for a classic game of duck, duck, goose. One child walks around the outside of the circle, tapping others on the head, saying “Duck, duck, goose!” When they say “Goose,” the tapped child must jump up and chase the first child around the circle.

58. Water play

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If you don’t want to make a mess but still want the children to have fun, include water play in the party. Put in some water balloons or mix watercolors in water and freeze it. Then, the children can use the ice cubes to paint.

59. Ring toss

Test the child’s aim and accuracy with a ring toss game. Create targets using bottles or cones and let them take turns trying to toss rings onto the targets to win small prizes. It is a timeless classic that always brings joy.

60. Craft

As the party draws to a close, set up craft stations for children to work on. You can give them construction paper, playdough, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, cookie cutters, and slime. They can make whatever crafts they want and take it home with them.

61. Musical chairs

Get the­ children up and moving with a fun and timeless game – musical chairs! Instead of using regular chairs, try using soft cushions instead. When the­ music stops, they will have to scramble to find an available­ cushion to sit on. It’s a classic game that adds a touch of exciteme­nt and keeps everyone engaged.

62. Tea party

If you plan a tea party-themed event, you can include cupcakes, donuts, mini sandwiches, and cookies. You can also let the children choose their sprinkles or icing by giving them a variety of options.

63. Pin the tail on the donkey

Let their creativity soar with a classic game of pin the tail on the­ donkey. Blindfolded children take turns attempting to place a “tail” in just the right spot on a picture of a donkey. This interactive and e­njoyable activity sparks imagination and encourages artistic e­xpression.

64. Mud pie

Fill an inflatable pool with potting soil and water to make a mud pit. Then, put in some buckets and muffin tins to make mud pies or mud castles. Children can even make sculptures or play in the mud with their hands.

65. Bubble fun

Get the­ festivities flowing with a delightful bubble­ activity. Hand out bubble wands and let the childre­n create a mesme­rizing wave of bubbles. You can eve­n turn it into a friendly competition to see­ who can create the largest bubble. It’s a simple yet captivating pastime­ that brings out their playful nature.

66. Movie theater

Make plans to watch a movie with the children. Then, get some popcorn, pillows, and bean bags for lounging, and play a movie. You can also hire a projector, put up a white sheet, and let the children enjoy the movie.

67. Duck pond

Set up a mini “duck pond” with adorable­ floating rubber ducks, each sporting a number on its bottom. Let the children pick a duck and win an exciting prize that matches the number they choose. This delightful game adds an ele­ment of surprise to any party.

68. Dance

Toddlers enjoy dancing. Put on some popular kiddie songs (crowd favorites include Wheels on the Bus and Baby Shark), and let the children dance to their heart’s content. Make the dance party experience more entertaining for them by including some lights and balloons.

69. Simon says

Engage the­ children’s listening skills and coordination by playing a game of Simon says. One child takes on the role of “Simon” and gives commands, but the other participants should only follow if “Simon says” is said before each command. This interactive and live­ly game always captivates young ones.

70. Band

Provide your child and guests with pots, pans, and spoons. Allow them to create their music. They will have a good time doing this activity and learn how to create new sounds while entertaining others.

71. Color scavenger hunt

Plan a color-based scavenger hunt where children search for items that match specific colors. Provide a list of colors and let them explore your yard or home to find objects that fit the criteria.

72. Superhero

Throw in some balloon or plush monsters, and let your children play superheroes who save the world. Then, distribute capes and masks to children and allow them to jump around.

73. Balloon animals

Hire a balloon artist or learn how to make simple balloon animals yourself. Children can watch the creation process and take home their own balloon animals as party favors.

74. Magic show

When you’re dealing with a group of three-year-olds, it’s a good idea to have a few basic magic tricks up your sleeve to keep them quiet for a while. You can also hire magicians to perform magic tricks.

Tips To Remember While Hosting A Birthday Party

  1. Keep supplies ready for children who aren’t potty trained or for other accidents.
  2. Ask all parents to leave their phone numbers in case of an emergency.
  3. Use post-its to write each child’s name and pin them to the children because it helps identify the children and call them by their names. Children respond better when they are addressed by their names.
  4. Call each parent individually and ask them if their children have any allergies. Plan food and other activities accordingly.
  5. Have plenty of tissues and wipes handy.
  6. Do not include a gooey cake that will stain dresses and bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I invite parents to stay at the party or drop off their child?

If you have help and can manage children at the party, then parents can drop off their children and leave. But if you do not have any help, it is best to ask parents to attend the party with their children. Also, if you have the budget, invite parents too, as it will help you get acquainted with them.

2. Should I have a bounce house or other inflatables?

You can have both or either one depending on your budget and the space of the party venue.

3. Should I hire a professional photographer or take pictures myself?

Hiring a professional would be a better idea because you may be unable to manage the party and children while also clicking pictures.

4. Should I have a face painter or balloon artist?

You can hire both or either one, whoever suits your budget.

5. How do I handle RSVPs and follow up with guests before the party?

Maintain a party file in which you note down every arrangement in detail. Create a separate section for guests and invitations in your file where you can mark names that need a follow-up and those that have confirmed their presence.

6. How can I involve parents and other family members in my child’s 3-year-old birthday party?

You can arrange for games and activities that require the involvement of adults. You can also arrange pair activities where every parent has to participate with their child.

At 3, your child is old enough to socialize and enjoy their birthday party. Their personality begins to shine through, so you’ll know their preferences. Fairy and dinosaur themes may excite them, and they may be excited to play fun games with their friends at the event. Thus, these 3-year-old birthday party ideas will help you plan and organize the best party for your beloved little one. Gifts, games, and food are some of the crucial aspects we have covered. Further, ensure you have made arrangements for quick clean-ups since tiny tots will be around. Also, get your camera ready to capture the day’s memorable moments, or you can use a memory book for keeping family photos.

Infographic: What Food To Serve At A Three-Year-Old’s Birthday?

If you are planning your three-year-old’s birthday party but cannot decide on a menu for the occasion, fret not! We bring you a list of delicious and easy-to-make food items you can add to the menu for the celebration. With this food spread on the table, we are sure that the children will enjoy themselves to the fullest.

menu for a three year olds birthday party (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Choose a theme to suit the environment of three-year-olds such as a unicorn or car theme.
  • You can choose interesting games like Ice cream and cookies, Mud pie and Superhero to keep children engaged.
  • Most important step to host a successful party is to plan food items that are safe for all the kids. Scroll down for other tips to make the birthday party a success.

Personal Experience: Source

i. 3rd birthday party prep with me DIY everything;

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