21 Unique And Classy 35th Birthday Party Ideas

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“Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” – Mark Twain. Birthday parties are a good time to celebrate life, friends, and family. In addition, they are a great way to commemorate another year of growing older and wiser. All birthdays are special, but your 35th birthday marks a major milestone in your life.

Celebrating your 35th birthday gives you an amazing opportunity to prioritize your relationships and create stronger bonds. When you celebrate your 35th birthday, you are not only celebrating the length of your life but how much you have grown over the years. We have you covered with some unique 35th birthday party ideas to plan the perfect party!

21 Unique 35th Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties are great when you’re the one being celebrated. These amazing 35th birthday party ideas will help you plan a party that suits your style.

1. Retro party

A retro-themed party can be a unique way to celebrate your 35th birthday. Go all out and encourage your guests to wear retro outfits to make this party more fun and crazier. Retro parties are all about nostalgic music and dance. Hence, focus on creating an environment that reflects your favorite moments from the chosen decade, including creating a stellar playlist of memorable songs from the ’80s and’90s.

2. Black and white party

Black-and-white theme parties are often associated with elegance. This sophisticated theme calls for a dress code for your guests. Encourage your guests by sending black and white party invitations, arranging black and white balloons, etc. Also, set up a photo booth where your guests can pose for a black and white photo.

3. Wine tasting party

A wine tasting party

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Wine only gets better with time, as do people. This party theme provides the perfect opportunity to uncork a fancy bottle of wine and unwind with your friends and family. A well-executed wine tasting party will channel the sophistication and serenity of a trip to a winery. Your guests will feel relaxed as if they are spending the day at a scenic valley. Get custom wine glasses that your guests can take home to add a sentimental yet unique touch.

4. Parisian birthday party

A Paris-themed party is the next best thing to a vacation in Paris! Make your guests feel like they are in Paris and the Eiffel tower is only a step away. To do this, incorporate images of the Eiffel tower in your décor, use an Eiffel tower centerpiece, and serve traditional French foods.

5. Fun pajama party

Put your guests in their comfort zone by throwing a fun pajama party. If you want to host an informal party, this could be the right way to pull it off. Let your guests come in their favorite pajamas. Set up a snack bar with customized drinkware and enjoy late-night movies on a screen and projector.

6. Masquerade party

A masquerade party is a perfect idea to entertain a larger number of people. Ask your guests to come in their best attire, donning a pretty mask. Groove to some good music and serve delicious snacks. A chocolate fondue will be a nice touch to the theme.

7. Disco party

Play disco hits and decorate venue with colorful lights

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If you are looking for a fun birthday party idea, try a disco-themed party. Let your guests come in their favorite disco attire. Play some classic disco hits (think MJ or Bees Gees), decorate the venue with colorful lights, and let the fun begin. A disco ball hanging from the ceiling of the dancing area would be a perfect addition. Serve drinks and finger food for light snacking.

8. Outdoor rustic party

All you need for a rustic outdoor party is a backyard and loads of snacks, including finger chips, crackers, pita chips, and cheese or hummus. Also, arrange wine, beer, and nonalcoholic beverages and decorate your venue with string lights, flowers, and wooden seats. You could also lay out some blankets on the grass where your guests could chill while listening to some music.

9. Scavenger hunt party

Scavenger hunts are fun for adults too! Host a scavenger hunt party for your guests and make them explore the area, searching for what’s on the list. To add a twist, turn the game into a photo challenge. Ask your guests to take pictures in different locations with the list of items. The team with the maximum and most creative photos gets a prize.

10. Movie night party

Plan a movie night either inside the house or outdoors with a projector and screen. Pick out your favorite movie and arrange for theater-style snacks like popcorn, chips, and nachos with some refreshing drinks. Arrange comfy seats for the guests, including cushions and blankets. You could even set up a sundae bar.

11. Pizza party

A pizza party is a fabulous option for a casual and interactive birthday party. It only takes a gingham tablecloth, parm shakers, and a few extra accents to transform your home into a full-blown pizzeria. Your guests won’t be able to contain their excitement when they see the delicious creations on the table. You can also involve the guests with activities like making pizza party hats or making their own mini pizzas.

35th Birthday Party Ideas For Him

12. BBQ party

BBQ birthday parties can be classic or trendy

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The best part of a BBQ party is the delicious food. BBQ birthday parties can be classic or trendy – either way, they are always a hit. This is a perfect option for someone who doesn’t want to make a big deal out of their party but still wants to celebrate.

13. Casino party

Casino-themed parties are lots of fun and can be more versatile than you might think. Recreate that classic casino atmosphere and bring everyone together for an evening of games to celebrate a special moment or raise money for a good cause. Get this theme going with cocktails, casino games, and a casino-inspired color palette.

14. Cricket party

If you are a cricket enthusiast, there is no better way to celebrate than with a cricket-themed party. Guests can come dressed as batters or bowlers. For party favors, you could give custom cricket bats or balls with the number 35 on them. You could also order a cake that resembles a cricket field.

15. Ballpark party

This party idea is perfect for baseball lovers. Ask your guests to come in baseball hats and the jerseys of their favorite team. Decorate the venue with banners, posters, balloons, and pennants. To recreate the ballpark ambiance, serve typical stadium food such as hot dogs and burgers.

16. Hot springs party

 Book or rent out a private pool to spend quality time with your friends

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Hosting a party at a hot springs pool is a great option if you are looking for a relaxing way to celebrate your 35th birthday. Book or rent out a private hot springs pool to spend quality time with your friends. Arrange some pool-side drinks and light snacks as well.

35th Birthday Party Ideas For Her

17. Garden brunch party

If you want a daytime party, opt for a garden brunch party. Utilize your backyard to have brunch and set up a mimosa bar. For the decor, set up floral arrangements around the venue and add a lot of greenery. For the tables, have floral centerpieces, floating flowers, and colorful ice buckets.

18. Classic cooking party

Pull out the big guns and surprise your guests by throwing an unforgettable classic cooking party. Invite your guests to celebrate your birthday by preparing classic recipes together. This is a great idea to cook and feast together. You could send the menu along with the party invitation to get your guests excited.

19. Rosé all-day party

Just as the name suggests, think of roses and decorate every space of your birthday venue with roses. Try a rose arch instead of a balloon arch to welcome the guests. Make the party interesting by including rose cupcakes, rosé wine, and rose centerpieces on all the tables. Also, add napkins or plates with rose petals on them. For birthday invitations, select a card with rose designs.

20. All that glitters party

Bling it up with a party where all things sparkle. Add glitter everywhere, including the tables, curtains, dance floor, and photo booth. Decorate the wine bottles and cups with stones and glitters. You could even add edible glitter to the cakes.

21. Spa party

Surprise your guests by setting up a spa corner at the birthday venue

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Who doesn’t like a good spa day! Surprise your guests by setting up a spa corner at the birthday venue and let them indulge with sheet masks, massage trains, manicures, and pedicures. Let everyone relax and pamper themselves while watching a movie. Serve easy-to-grab snacks and refreshing drinks.

Whether you plan to throw a house party or an outdoor party, these joyous and whimsical 35th birthday party ideas could help you plan the best party and celebrate the milestone with your close ones. As you cross the 35th year mark, you may have begun your own family and could be doing well in your professional life. Hence, a 35th birthday is a special occasion and a reason to celebrate your achievements and all good things. So, why wait? Don your party hat and start planning an outstanding 35th birthday party to have a blast with your loved ones.

Infographic: Unique 35th Birthday Party Ideas

Birthdays are supposed to be celebrated with all pomp and excitement, be it your 15th or your 35th. To help you make your birthday memorable and enjoy the day to its fullest, we have listed a few interesting ideas and themes in the following infographic. Read on and pick the one(s) you like the most.

35th birthday party ideas for him and her [infographic]
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