27 Perfect Birthday Party Ideas For Four-Year-Olds

27 Perfect Birthday Party Ideas For Four-Year-Olds

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So, you’ve got a three-year-old who will soon turn four? Congratulations! You’ve come a long way. And now that they’re entering the 4th year of their journey, you’ve got to throw an awesome birthday party! Apart from the birthday cake and a smashing birthday party theme, you’ll have to plan some fun activities for your adorable kid’s big day. Want to make it memorable for the child and also other children attending the party? Plunge into this article as we share some easy, affordable, and creative four-year-old birthday party ideas!

27 Cute And Surprising Four-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas

Four-Year-Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas

These innovative ideas will be great to welcome your little angel into her fourth year. However, they can also be used for your little prince too.

1. Fairy

Girls love fairies! Provide some flower crowns or fairy wings to the party guests to make your princess’ fairy world come true. Or, you can ask her friends to decorate a fairy house. Use red icing on the cupcakes. This will resemble red mushrooms found in fairy tales.

2. Rock ‘n’ Roll

Keep some instruments for rock and roll, or you can make arrangements for karaoke. Put a red carpet so that the guests can arrive in style. Also, keep accessories such as temporary tattoos, body glitters, and wigs.

3. Tea party

A dress-up tea party will never go out of vogue. Ask the kids to bring their stuffed critter or favorite doll as a date. Grab some jewelry for dress-ups from the party shop. Now make herbal tea and add some frozen fruit to it. Serve this along with birthday cakes and finger sandwiches.

4. Backyard carnival

In your backyard, set up stations for corn hole and lawn games, including DIY (Do it yourself) mini-golf. For this, you’ll need things such as plastic cups, lawn furniture, and cardboard boxes. And let your imagination run wild!

5. Pajama party

Preschoolers love it when it’s a pajama day in their school! Make use of bright colors in decorating the party area. Ask the guest kids to bring a blanket so that they can cuddle next to each other.

6. Princess birthday

Decorate the party area as a royal palace and dress up your birthday girl as a pretty princess. Set up a throne for the princess. Let the guests dance to the music at the ball. Arrange some princess party games and let the kiddoes enjoy themselves to the fullest.

7. Mermaid

Make your four-year-old wear a beautiful mermaid dress. Ask their buddies to arrive wearing dresses in aqua-themed colors such as white, coral, and blue. Decorate the party area with nets on the wall, cardboard coral, and seaweed made from crepe paper. If you can arrange a pool, it will set the tone.

Four-Year-Old Boy Birthday Party Ideas

These ideas can help you make your little Rockstar’s big day extra special. They can also be used for your tiny diva’s party as well.

8. Construction

Did you know that kids find joy in the most mundane of things? You can make use of construction papers to set up relay races or use caution tape to play limbo. Also, you can let other kids play with your child’s trucks.

9. Scavenger hunt

For a bug scavenger hunt, you’ll need jars and magnifying glasses. Some of your guests can search for gummy worms in a bowl full of whipped cream. Of course, they can’t use their hands! You can go to a party store to fill big balloons with helium. And see how the kids enjoy it!

10. Luau

There’s nothing cuter than watching a bunch of four-year-olds in grass skirts, right? Keep some lei necklaces, wristbands, and headbands handy, so they can wear them during the traditional hula dance! You can give beach balls as party favors. The kids will love this Hawaiian party.

11. Jump in joy

Why not check out some trendy trampoline parks? Most of these parks have affordable birthday packages. You can customize it according to your kid’s interests. Trust us, they will love to bounce around with their friends!

12. Fortnight fun

Now, does your kid have older siblings who play Fortnite? Is your little one obsessed with the cool creatures and silly dance? Then let them live it up. Of course, your kid is not playing it for real! Just create the atmosphere and let him enjoy himself to his fullest.

13. Fort building

Go for a fort-building party on your four-year-old’s birthday. In a room, keep only chairs and tables. Keep a basket full of blankets and sheets. Take another bowl and fill it up with cloth pins and clips. Then all you need to do is let the kids create a fort!

14. Camping

Include camping favorites such as telling stories around a fire pit, roasting hot dogs, and playing backyard games. You can offer the kids some magnifying glasses so that they can have a closer look at nature.

15. Sports

Does your four-year-old kiddo love sports? Hold this party at an indoor sports facility, and the guest of honor will get to choose the activities that they like.

There will be party hosts to arrange and lead games such as bowling. Arrange chicken nuggets and fruit juices so that they can eat when hungry.

Four-Year-Old Birthday Party Games & Activities

These games will make sure your four-year-old’s birthday event is a fun-filled one.

16. Olympics

A series of Olympic Games, including the egg-and-spoon race and relay race, can bring out the energetic nature of the kids. You can also put up a climbing structure. If they win, award them with edible medals such as fruit roll-ups, cheese balls, ice-creams, and golden Oreos.

17. Lego

Make the Lego game more interesting by having an incomplete model. Create a sandpit in your backyard and hide the other parts of the Lego bricks in them. Let the kids find the missing bricks and make the building complete.

18. Outer space

If your kid is interested in outer space and the sky, they’ll love this game. Go to your nearest party store and buy planet figures, Styrofoam spheres, cardboards, colors, and glues. Now let the kids sit and make spaceships, UFOs (unidentified flying objects), and planets out of the stuff.

19. Under the ocean

Arrange streamers, scissors, corrugated cardboard, and glue. Now, let the kids make underwater creatures such as octopuses and fish. They can take home their creations.

20. Planes and trains

Arrange some train sets for the kids to play. Help them in making paper airplanes. Let the airplanes fly, and the one whose plane goes the longest distance wins.

21. Inflatable bouncy castle

Play your kid’s favorite music and let their buddies dance to it. When they get tired, let them have cakes, cookies, and drinks,

Four-Year-Old Birthday Party Themes

These interesting themes can be used at your kid’s fourth birthday party.

22. Art-themed birthday party

Does your kid love to paint? Then arrange some paintbrush sets, palettes, and mini canvases. Also, make sure to have a lot of washable paint and fun sponges. To make the birthday party more interesting and enjoyable, you can offer face painting as well!

23. Circus-themed birthday party

Decorate the room with balloon bouquets and balloon animals. Put a decorative circus banner. Arrange colorful wigs, bright outfits, and top hats. And don’t forget the clown! If you want a decorated party for this theme, check out some daytime packages.

24. Ice-cream-themed birthday party

Kids LOVE ice-cream cakes! And if the entire birthday party is devoted to this theme, they are going to enjoy it a lot. Streamers in your kid’s favorite colors will set the tone. Arrange cone-shaped party hats from party suppliers. Most kids enjoy flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. You can also add chocolate chips as toppings.

25. Costumed Characters-themed birthday party

Are there some specific characters from stories or movies that your kid likes? Ask your kid’s buddies to come dressed up in their favorite characters. You can also arrange for character appearances such as Harry Potter. These are a hit at kids’ birthday parties.

26. Dinosaur-themed

Almost all kids go through the dino-stage when they’re around four years of age. If your kid is one of them, you can throw them a fun-filled dinosaur-themed party. In your backyard, set up a “dino dig”, and when they head home, give them a party favor basket on “adopt a dinosaur”.

27. Beach-themed

If your kid’s birthday falls in the summer months, arrange beach-themed pool parties. Set up backyard games with beach balls, water, and pool noodles. You can fill a baby pool with water, sand and put beach toys in it.

Pay attention to what your kid likes and throw a party that matches their interests. Plan the party accordingly. If you’re not very confident about planning, get the job done by the professionals. With diligent planning, you can make your four-year-old’s birthday party one for the ages!

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