55+ Perfect Birthday Party Ideas For Four-Year-Olds

Your little one is turning four, and you want to throw an epic birthday bash. To help you plan the event, we have come up with some four-year-old birthday party ideas. Your kid’s big day deserves a grand celebration. As your little one is old enough to communicate what they want and like, it is good to talk to them before planning the party.

Also, seek their opinion before deciding on the décor, cake, and the little guests to be invited. In this post, we share some easy and creative fourth birthday party ideas.

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55+ Cute And Surprising Four-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas

Four-Year-Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas

These innovative ideas will be great to welcome your little angel into her fourth year. However, they can also be used for your little prince too.

1. Fairy

Girls love fairies! Provide some flower crowns or fairy wings to the party guests to make your princess’ fairy world come true. Or, you can ask her friends to decorate a fairy house. Use red icing on the cupcakes. This will resemble red mushrooms found in fairy tales.

2. Gnome

Create a magical gnome world if your daughter’s birthday comes in the fall. Place garden gnomes throughout the party venue and provide cozy toadstool-shaped cushions for seating. Hang lanterns or fairy lights to add a touch of magic to the atmosphere. Organize a ring toss game with gnome hats or hoops placed on gnome figures for entertainment. Arrange for gnome cake and fruit punches served in gnome-shaped mugs to make the whole gnome experience more exciting.

2. Rock ‘n’ Roll

Rock and roll, 4 year old birthday party idea

Image: MidJourney/ Momjunction Design Team

Keep some instruments for rock and roll, or you can make arrangements for karaoke. Put a red carpet so that the guests can arrive in style. Also, keep accessories such as temporary tattoos, body glitters, and wigs.

3. Tea party

A dress-up tea party will never go out of vogue. Ask the kids to bring their stuffed critter or favorite doll as a date. Grab some jewelry for dress-ups from the party shop. Now make herbal tea and add some frozen fruit to it. Serve this along with birthday cakes, candies, and finger sandwiches.

4. Tea Party

A dress-up tea party will never go out of vogue. Ask the kids to bring their stuffed critter or favorite doll as a date. Grab some jewelry for dress-ups from the party shop. Now make herbal tea and add some frozen fruit to it. Serve this along with birthday cakes, candies, and finger sandwiches.

5. Minnie Mouse Party

A Minnie Mouse-themed party is a delightful choice if your child loves cartoons. Decorate the venue with Minnie Mouse balloons, banners, and streamers. Set up a craft station where children can paint Minnie Mouse on paper. Consider playing some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes during the party for added fun and excitement.

6. Backyard Carnival

In your backyard, set up stations for corn hole and lawn games, including DIY (Do it yourself) mini-golf. For this, you’ll need things such as plastic cups, lawn furniture, and cardboard boxes. And let your imagination run wild!

7. Gardening Event

Organize a gardening event if the birthday girl likes plants and colorful flowers. Provide children with soil, seeds, and pots, and help them sow the seeds. Don’t forget to make the children label their pots so they can take them home as keepsakes after the party. Arrange for a garden-themed cake, vegetable sticks with dip, and fruit skewers to make the celebration more joyful for everyone.

8. Pajama Party

Preschoolers love it when it’s a pajama day in their school! Make use of bright colors in decorating the party area. Ask the guest kids to bring a blanket so that they can cuddle next to each other. They can also stay for a sleepover.

9. Princess Birthday

Decorate the party area as a royal palace and dress up your birthday girl as a pretty princess. Set up a throne for the princess. Let the guests dance to the music at the ball. Arrange some princess party games and let the children enjoy themselves to the fullest.

10. Cupcake Fiesta

Many children love cupcakes! If your child likes them too, hosting a cupcake party can be great. Set up small cupcake stands and dress your little chefs in aprons and baking hats. Offer them an array of colored frosting, edible glitter, gummy bears, and sprinkles. Encourage the children to decorate the cupcakes and savor the delightful treats they have created.

11. Mermaid

Make your four-year-old wear a beautiful mermaid dress. Ask their buddies to arrive wearing dresses in aqua-themed colors such as white, coral, and blue. Decorate the party area with nets on the wall, cardboard coral, and seaweed made from crepe paper. If you can arrange a pool, it will set the tone. This can be a kid-friendly version of the pool party.

12. Painting Fair

Decorate the venue with colorful balloons, streamers, banners, and lights. Set up painting stations throughout the venue, providing children with plain white or light-colored t-shirts, paint brushes, and child-friendly fabric paints. Set the children free to splash the colors on the t-shirt and create unique designs. Organize colorful snacks and beverages with a painting-theme cake to complete the festive atmosphere.

13. Pizza Party

If your four-year-old and their friends love pizza, a pizza-themed party would be a good idea to take the birthday fun a notch higher. Decorate the venue with pizza slice-shaped balloons, streamers, and banners. Engage children in the pizza-making process by providing them with mini pizza bases and a healthy assortment of toppings, such as tomato sauce, cheese, and veggie slices. Ask the children to create customized pizzas. Once done, bake and serve the pizzas to the children, allowing them to relish their masterpieces.

14. Glow In The Dark

A glow-in-the-dark party can be a magical and memorable experience for any four-year-old. Choose a dim-light venue and use black lights, glow sticks, and other glow-in-the-dark decorations to decorate the venue. Arrange for dark paper or light-colored t-shirts and give children glow-in-the-dark markers or paints to create art pieces.

15. Ballet Party

Decorate the venue using different shades of pink using balloons, banners, and lights. Arrange ballerina shoe-shaped desserts and cute giveaways. You can hide ballet items in your yard and conduct an outdoor treasure hunt. If an older child among the guests takes ballet classes, seek their help to involve children and their parents in a simple ballet session.

protip_icon Quick tip
A fun trip to Disneyland is an amazing idea to celebrate the birthday of your adorable munchkin.

Four-Year-Old Boy Birthday Party Ideas

These ideas can help you make your little Rockstar’s big day extra special. They can also be used for your tiny diva’s party as well.

16. Construction

Did you know that kids find joy in the most mundane of things? You can make use of construction papers to set up relay races or use caution tape to play limbo. Also, you can let other kids play with your child’s trucks.

17. Truck Racing

Distribute mini toy trucks among children. Instruct them to dip the trucks’ wheels in paint and run them on white paper to create fun track patterns. Use remote-controlled toy trucks to organize a friendly racing competition for added excitement. Arrange for a toy-truck-shaped cake and snacks to create lasting memories for the birthday boy and his friends.

18. Scavenger hunt

For a bug scavenger hunt, you’ll need jars and magnifying glasses. Some of your guests can search for gummy worms in a bowl full of whipped cream. Of course, they can’t use their hands! You can go to a party store to fill big balloons with helium. And see how the kids enjoy it!

19. Superhero

Decorate the venue with superhero-themed decorations. Encourage the birthday boy and his friends to dress up as different superheroes. Provide the guests with capes and masks to bring on the superhero vibe. Play superhero music in the background for added excitement. Plan a ramp walk for children and their parents to make the birthday celebration an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

20. Luau

There’s nothing cuter than watching a bunch of four-year-olds in grass skirts, right? Keep some lei necklaces, wristbands, and headbands handy, so they can wear them during the traditional hula dance! You can give beach balls as party favors. The kids will love this Hawaiian party.

21. Baseball Bonanza

Secure a designated area in the park field and organize a friendly baseball game. Ensure that every child gets a chance to bat and field. Divide children into teams for relay races inspired by baseball. During the relay races, children can run the bases, catch balls, or roll a baseball to each other.

22. Jump in joy

Jump In Joy

Image: MidJourney/ Momjunction Design Team

Why not check out some trendy trampoline parks? Most of these parks have affordable birthday packages. You can customize it according to your kid’s interests. Trust us, they will love to bounce around with their friends!

23. Balloon Pop

Gather all children and tie inflated balloons to each child’s ankle. Play the music and let everyone dance around freely. When the music stops, children must try to pop the balloon tied to the ankle of the child next to them while protecting their balloon from being popped.

24. Zoo Party

Hang a large sheet on the wall and keep crayons and markers nearby. Encourage children to draw their favorite animals on the sheet and color them. Arrange for an animal-inspired cake and snacks to make the birthday party a hit among children. You can also organize a scavenger hunt for animal toys and plushies where parents and children can participate and have fun together.

25. Fortnight fun

Now, does your kid have older siblings who play Fortnite? Is your little one obsessed with the cool creatures and silly dance? Then let them live it up. Of course, your kid is not playing it for real! Just create the atmosphere and let him enjoy himself to his fullest.

26. Fort building

Go for a fort-building party on your four-year-old’s birthday. In a room, keep only chairs and tables. Keep a basket full of blankets and sheets. Take another bowl and fill it up with cloth pins and clips. Then all you need to do is let the kids create a fort!

27. Camping

Include camping favorites such as storytelling around a fire pit, roasting hot dogs, and playing backyard games. You can offer the kids some magnifying glasses so that they can have a closer look at nature. Camping or picnic is also one of the best outdoor activities that children enjoy.

28. Science Party

Engage and entertain children with simple science activities and experiments. Decorate the venue with lab-related props and decorations. Provide children with lab coats and goggles, immersing them in the role of young scientists. Give them children-safe materials like play dough, magnets, food coloring, water, and ice to experiment with these elements.

29. Teddy Bear Party

Create a cozy picnic area with blankets, soft pillows, and electric lanterns. Hand each child a picnic basket or bag, allowing them to decorate their bag/basket with stickers and markers. Organize a teddy bear parade to let children proudly flaunt their favorite teddy bears. You may also read teddy bear stories to children or play a teddy bear movie to create lasting birthday memories.

30. Sports

Does your four-year-old kiddo love sports? Hold this party at an indoor sports facility, and the guest of honor will get to choose the activities that they like.

There will be party hosts to arrange and lead games such as bowling. Arrange chicken nuggets and fruit juices so that they can eat when hungry.

31.  Hocus Pocus Birthday

If Halloween intrigues your child and his friends, a Hocus Pocus birthday party would be delightful. Decorate the venue with witch props and elements. Provide children with craft supplies to let them create a DIY spellbook. Gather everyone around a candle flame and lead them in reciting a fun mantra or making wishes for the birthday boy.

Four-Year-Old Birthday Party Games & Activities

These games will make sure your four-year-old’s birthday event is a fun-filled one.

32. Olympics

4 year old birthday party ideas

Image: MidJourney/ Momjunction Design Team

A series of Olympic Games, including the egg-and-spoon race and relay race, can bring out the energetic nature of the kids. You can also put up a climbing structure. If they win, award them with edible medals such as fruit roll-ups, cheese balls, ice-creams, and golden Oreos.

33. Lego

Make the Lego game more interesting by having an incomplete model. Create a sandpit in your backyard and hide the other parts of the Lego bricks in them. Let the kids find the missing bricks and make the building complete.

34. Tent

Building and decorating a tent with random items can be a fun activity for children. Set up a designated area for tent activity in your house or backyard. Provide children with small pop tents, blankets, sheets, soft pillows, and decorations, such as glow sticks and electric lanterns. Let the children build and decorate the tent and enjoy the cake and snacks together.

35. Outer space

If your kid is interested in outer space and the sky, they’ll love this game. Go to your nearest party store and buy planet figures, Styrofoam spheres, cardboards, colors, and glues. Now let the kids sit and make spaceships, UFOs (unidentified flying objects), and planets out of the stuff.

You may also consider exploring science-based themes or themes related to famous fictional or animated characters to create an engaging and enjoyable atmosphere for a birthday party. An anonymous blogger and a mother reminisce about her experience hosting her younger daughter’s 4th birthday, keeping the Dora-The Explorer theme, “On Friday, my house was transformed into a party Hall to celebrate my younger daughter’s 4th birthday. My girls and I made a few star catchers around the house using Dora stickers. We played games like ‘Dora Says,’ ‘Pin the Tail on Boots,’ ‘Musical Caps,’ and ‘Dora’s Corners.’ We transformed the kids’ bedroom into a place where they could all sit down for a meal. The plates were set with ‘blow horns’ and ‘caps’ with Dora all over them (i)!!!”

36. Pirate Treasure Hunt

Hide small treats and toys around the venue in a trail reaching the buried treasure at the final destination. Give children simple hints and ask them to find the hidden goodies to get to the buried treasure. Involve parents in the treasure hunt, allowing them to play alongside their children to make the adventure more enjoyable and inclusive.

37. Under the ocean

Arrange streamers, scissors, corrugated cardboard, and glue for this craft. Now, let the kids make underwater creatures such as octopuses and fish. They can take home their creations.

38. Pin The Tail

Put up a picture of a donkey without a tail on the wall. Have the children stand some distance from the picture. Hand each child a tail with their name on it. Blindfold them one by one and guide them to the picture. Now ask them to pin the tail in the correct position. The child who pins the tail accurately in the right place wins the game.

39. Planes and trains

Arrange some train sets for the kids to play. Help them in making paper airplanes. Let the airplanes fly, and the one whose plane goes the longest distance wins.

40. Inflatable bouncy castle

Play your kid’s favorite music and let their buddies dance to it. When they get tired, let them have cakes, cookies, and drinks.

41. Golf

Set up a mini golf course indoors or outdoors in your backyard. Use children-safe and soft materials like cardboard boxes, plastic cups, and stuffed animals to make obstacles. Design easy-to-putt holes using open boxes or plastic cups as targets. Provide mini golf clubs and golf balls. Have parents or older siblings accompany each child to guide them through the course and assist if needed.

42. Prize Walk

Write numbers from 1 to 30 on A-4 size sheets and stick them inside a circle on the ground. Likewise, make slightly smaller chits and shuffle them up in a basket. Turn on the music and let the children walk around the circle. Ask them to stand on a specific number when the music stops. If a child stands up on a number that matches the number picked from the basket, they will win the prize.

43. Wheel Of Fortune

Create a DIY wheel of fortune using cardboard, glue, markers, hammers, and nails. List out different treats or activities on different sections of this wheel. Then, allow each child to spin the wheel and discover exciting surprises that the wheel of fortune has in store for them.

44. Ball Throw

Grab an old cardboard box and make a hole in it. Decorate the box to align it with the party theme. Now, instruct every child to take aim and attempt to throw cushion balls into the box through the hole from a set distance. The child who throws a maximum number of cushion balls into the box will be the winner and receive the prize. .

Four-Year-Old Birthday Party Themes

These interesting themes can be used at your kid’s fourth birthday party.

45. Art-themed birthday party

Art-themed birthday party

Image: MidJourney/ Momjunction Design Team

Does your kid love to paint? Then arrange some paintbrush sets, palettes, and mini canvases. Also, make sure to have a lot of washable paint and fun sponges. To make the birthday party more interesting and enjoyable for the entire family, you can offer face painting as well!

46. Circus-themed birthday party

Decorate the room with balloon bouquets and balloon animals. Put a decorative circus banner. Arrange colorful wigs, bright outfits, and top hats. And don’t forget the clown! If you want a decorated party for this theme, check out some daytime packages.

47. Car-Themed Birthday Party

If your child loves cars, a car-themed party could be a good way to make their special day memorable. Print invitations that resemble driver’s licenses. Decorate the venue with black and white checkered flags, car-themed balloons, and racing banners. Set up a car-themed photobooth or organize mini car races with toys for added excitement. Don’t forget to use car-themed songs in the background to set the perfect mood for the party.

48. Ice-cream-themed birthday party

Kids LOVE ice-cream cakes! And if the entire birthday party is devoted to this theme, they are going to enjoy it a lot. Streamers in your kid’s favorite colors will set the tone. Arrange cone-shaped party hats from party suppliers. Most kids enjoy flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. You can also add chocolate chips as toppings.

49. Costumed Characters-themed birthday party

Are there some specific characters from stories or movies that your kid likes? Ask your kid’s buddies to come dressed up in the costumes of their favorite characters. You can also arrange for character appearances such as Harry Potter. These are a hit at kids’ birthday parties.

50. Mud-Themed Birthday Party

Many children love playing with mud and water, so organizing a mud-themed birthday party can be fun. Clean your backyard and arrange everything needed for a fun mud party. Design invitations that showcase muddy feet and handprints to set the tone. Ensure to inform parents to dress their children in outfits they don’t mind getting dirty. Offer the children bowls of mud mixed with water, and encourage them to create their masterpieces on paper.

51. Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party

Almost all kids go through the dino-stage when they’re around four years of age. If your kid is one of them, you can throw them a fun-filled dinosaur-themed party. In your backyard, set up a “dino dig”, and when they head home, give them a party favor basket on “adopt a dinosaur”.

52. Beach-Themed Birthday Party

Beach-Themed Birthday Party

Image: MidJourney/ Momjunction Design Team

If your kid’s birthday falls in the summer months, arrange beach-themed pool parties. Set up backyard games with beach balls, water, and pool noodles. You can fill a baby pool with water, sand and put beach toys in it.

53. Bubble-Themed Birthday Party

Bubbles fascinate children and adults alike. Hence, organizing a bubble-themed party could be a good idea to make the event inclusive. Create vibrant bubble-shaped invites and keep a miniature bubble wand with them to set the party vibe from the start. Adorn the venue with colorful balloons, banners, and twinkling lights. Place bubble wands at different points throughout the venue, and use a bubble machine to blow bubbles and enhance the party ambiance.

54. Cotton Candy-Themed Birthday Party

Children love cotton candies! Hence, they will surely enjoy a cotton candy-themed birthday party. Kick off the celebration by designing invitations in pastel colors with cotton candy images. Adorn the venue with colorful balloons, streamers, and banners, and use scented candles to fill the air with sweet aroma. Set up a DIY cotton candy station where guests can make cotton candies in different flavors and colors.

55. Rainbow-Themed Birthday Party

Rainbow is a captivating natural miracle that intrigues and inspires children. Let your child and their friends bask in the joy a rainbow brings by hosting a rainbow-themed party. Delight them with rainbow-themed cake, snacks, and beverages. Organize games and activities like rainbow trivia to keep them entertained. Decorate the venue in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors, and offer guests rainbow-themed accessories and tattoos as party favors to make the celebration memorable for everyone.

56. Magic-Themed Birthday Party

Magic is a form of fascination that children and adults adore alike. Hence, a magic-themed birthday party is sure to be a hit! Decorate the venue with silver confetti and twinkling fairy lights to add a magical glow to the venue. Hire a professional magician to perform a fun and intriguing magic show. Organize engaging activities like magical potion-making and wizard dress-up to keep the guests engaged and entertained.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I plan my child’s birthday at home?

You can plan the birthday party by first deciding on the budget and the party’s theme. The next steps include preparing the guest list, planning food and decorations, and preparing gifts for the guests.

2. How can I make my child feel special on their birthday?

You may make the day special by doing anything the child always wanted, including buying them a gift they always wanted. Other ways to make the child special is bringing a grand cake of their favorite design, calling a relative they missed a lot, and cooking their favorite meals for the day.

3. How can a 4-year-old birthday party be inclusive and accommodate children with different interests and abilities?

Creating an inclusive and accommodating birthday party for 4-year-olds involves considering children’s diverse interests and abilities. Opt for a theme that appeals to a wide range of interests and set up different activity stations where children can participate based on their preferences. Incorporate group games and activities that encourage cooperation and teamwork and accommodate various dietary restrictions and preferences by offering a range of food options, including vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, and nut-free alternatives.

4. What sentimental gifts or gestures can I incorporate into my child’s birthday celebration?

You can incorporate many sentimental gifts and gestures into your child’s birthday celebration to make it special and meaningful. Create a photo album capturing memorable moments and milestones from your child’s life. Include pictures of family, friends, and special occasions. This gift will allow your child to cherish and revisit those precious memories. Write a heartfelt letter to your child expressing your love, admiration, and pride, or consider creating a handmade gift tailored to your child’s interests or hobbies.

Your child turning four is no less than a milestone that needs a fun-filled celebration. These four-year-old birthday party ideas provide you with different age-appropriate suggestions, some gender-specific. Pay attention to your child’s likes and select a party idea and theme accordingly. Make all the necessary arrangements, such as food, presents, drinks, cake, and return gifts in sync with them to make the party exciting. Include a few amusing games and activities to keep all the children at the party engaged and entertained.

Infographic: Party Food Ideas For A Four-Year-Old’s Birthday

Birthday parties are incomplete without a fantastic food spread. But finalizing the correct list of food options for the party might be a hassle. So, to help you with it, we have prepared this infographic with some food options that might make it easier for your to decide. Please give it a read and add the required ingredients to your shopping list.

food ideas for a four year olds birthday (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Throw an interesting birthday bash for your four-year-old by planning a backyard carnival or Disney princess-inspired celebration.
  • You can also include ideas based on Luau or a construction site for your baby boy.
  • Include interesting games such as jumping in an inflatable castle or playing with lego.
  • Costume-themed or a circus-themed party will also be an interesting idea for a birthday.
4 year old birthday party ideas_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Planning a birthday party for your child? Check out these 10 awesome ideas! From a backyard BBQ to a movie night, there’s something for everyone!

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