50+ Unique 40th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Spending four decades with your other half is a major milestone and calls for a bash. To help you make the celebration grand, we bring you some unique 40th anniversary party ideas.

As you have shared most of your life with your partner and you both have become an indispensable part of each other’s lives, your 40th anniversary should be an occasion to celebrate your togetherness, and the party should be filled with lots of laughter.

No matter how you wish to celebrate the auspicious event—with a quiet family event or a crazy party with several events—we have some cool ideas for you. So, start sending out the invites to the people you love.

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50+ Unique 40th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Four decades of love and togetherness must be celebrated in the best possible way. So, gather your loved ones and reminisce about the time when you two finally tied the knot. These 40th wedding anniversary ideas will help you throw a memorable party.

40th Anniversary Party Ideas

If you are planning to celebrate the special day in a big way, you can check out these ideas.

1. Memory reels

Memory reels, 40th anniversary idea
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When you spend 40 years in your loved one’s company, you have created some beautiful memories together. Make a video of your memories and add some music to it. Ask your relatives to contribute as well.

An anonymous blogger recounts the celebration of her parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. She shares, “This year my parents completed 40 years of blessed married life. It was a joyous occasion for all of us and we daughters (three of us) decided to celebrate this with a surprise party. We invited the family and friends and had a pleasant evening filled with lots of memories and fun!

One of the thoughts was to have my parents relive their life stories through movie posters. This turned out to be a fun project as we got to pore over years of memories. We took help of a designer and the result was just amazing (i).”

2. Wedding cake

Creating a replica of your wedding cake for your 40th wedding anniversary party along with some refreshments can be an excellent idea. You just need a good picture of the original one. Many bakeries offer to remake the cake in the same way.

3. Photo Memories

If you want to relive all the amazing moments of your life, you can opt for a photo memory party. Use all the pictures you have with your partner to decorate the party areas. Your relatives could contribute to the picture inventory too. You can also arrange for a photo shoot with your other half, which you can cherish on future anniversaries.

4. Precious Memories

If not photos, you can display the precious items your parents presented to you and still have them. Ask your guests to bring along items given or gifted to them by your parents and let them show how they have held on to those items over the years.

5. Red theme

What better way to celebrate your Ruby anniversary than including red in the party? Sparkly red glitter decorations, red balloons, centerpieces, tablecloths, china, candle votives, and flowers can really set the mood. Keep the red wine flowing too.

6. Renew vows

Your 40th anniversary is the perfect day to renew your wedding vows. Many couples prefer to do this on their 50th anniversary. However, you can set a new trend by doing it on your 40th.

7. Poem

After 40 years of togetherness, you may have some romantic things to say to your partner on the special day. Write poetry in red ink and dedicate it as a memory book to your partner and your relationship. You can read out the poem at the party and even display it for everyone to see.

8. Special Song

Hire a professional songwriter to write a specialized song dedicated to your parents. The song should be about their life’s journey together over these years. You can have this song played live or add it to a video containing your parent’s most beautiful pictures.

9. Family quilt

Family quilt, 40th anniversary idea
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Over the years, you have had a close group of near and dear ones. Some are immediately related to you, while some are friends who become your family. Take the pictures of your closest people and get them together to make a family quilt.

10. Wish tree

Make a wish tree that is decorated with some things from your bucket list. Decorate it with red ribbons and ornaments. You can add pictures of your previous anniversaries and also add air tickets or gift cards for your partner and yourself.

11. Memoirs

Every family member has been a part of your life in some way. Ask each one of them to write a page of memoirs for you. They can read out their special memoirs and make the event more intimate. You can also compile them into a scrapbook and display them.

12. 70s party

A 70s theme is a great idea for your 40th wedding anniversary. Wear red and ask your guests to wear red too. Flared pants, mini dresses, tartan trousers, and karaoke singing on 70s music are great combinations. You could even create a dance floor right in your living room.

13. Copy The Style Party

Share some old pictures of your parents with your party guests and ask them to dress like your parents. Dressing or looking like your parents can be your party theme. Your father may be fond of wearing golf shirts, and your mother may have a peculiar way of tying her hair. Ask your guests to copy their style and surprise them at the party.

14. Special gifts

Gift your partner ruby jewelry or cufflinks. A ruby ring, pendant, necklace, or watch for your love is a good gift. If rubies or gemstones are not to your tastes or out of your budget, you can gift deep red candles or even a Kitchen aid.

15. Flowers

No anniversary is complete without flowers. So, deck up the party area with special red roses on your 40th wedding anniversary. These roses represent your undying love for your partner and also match the anniversary theme. If your partner isn’t fond of roses, gladioli or carnations, along with some of their favorite ice cream, are good choices too.

16. Ballpoint

Gift ballpoint pen on 40th anniversary
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We are not talking about the cheap ones available in the market. Your 40th wedding anniversary gift needs to be something special. Get a Swarovski Ballpoint pen or other branded pens for your partner, if they like writing or journaling. This can be a great addition to their office supplies as well.

17. Cool Gadgets

Your parents may or may not be technologically savvy, but gifting them gadgets to make their lives easier can be an excellent idea. Find out if they are facing any limitations or hurdles with certain situations, and try finding a gadget to help them. For instance, if your parents have heart-related concerns, you can get them a watch that monitors their heart rate at all times and warns them in case of an emergency.

18. Star Map

You may consider getting a custom star map painted for your parents. This is not a regular map of stars but the night sky as it appeared on the day your parents met for the first time or their wedding day.

19. Gift A Star

Certain services let you name real stars for a fee and even provide a certificate. If it fits your budget, create a name of particular significance to your parents and officially name a star after it. Gift your parents the certificate and watch them be delighted.

20. Couple Pictures

Couple Pictures
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Let your parents become models for a day. Arrange for a professional photographer and some cool outfits. Select some of the most beautiful locations in your area, or visit a studio and have your parents pose in fancy outfits to create some great couple pictures.

21. Classy Portraits

If you feel clicking pictures is common, try creating a portrait. Hire a professional portrait artist and ask them to paint a beautiful portrait of your parents. You can ask your parents to pose, or the artist can even use their images to create a stunning portrait of your parents.

22. Yearly Subscriptions

Sign up your parents for a yearly subscription to something they would like to subscribe to. For instance, you can give them a Kindle subscription or opt for a book subscription box if they are both avid readers. If they do not have a common interest, you might give them separate subscriptions.

23. Couple’s Workshop

You can have your parents admitted to a hobby or skills class as an anniversary gift. They may have had hobbies they could not pursue as they were occupied raising their family. Now is the time to make them finally pursue their favorite hobby.

24. Surprise Activity Box

Fill an empty box with chits suggesting various activities your parents can take up as a couple throughout the year. They need to pull a chit and go ahead with the activity whenever they feel like it. Ensure that the chits only contain activities they may like and are comfortable doing. For instance, keep activities such as ‘try a new cuisine’ or ‘order food from a new restaurant.’

25. Digital Frame

Get a digital frame that displays a rotating collection of your parent’s favorite pictures. You may also add images of family and friends of your parents. This will make a wonderful gift, reminding them of their shared warm memories.

26. Customized Comic Book

Create a comic book capturing the life of your parents. You can write a funny fictional story related to your parents. For instance, if your father is a doctor, he can be shown as a superhero who saves lives with his magical injection in the comic strip. You can write about how your parents met and fell in love in an interesting way. You may hire a professional artist to create the comic strips.

27. Couple’s Bucket List

Create a digital bucket list of adventures and activities your parents can undertake as a couple. Ensure that they can add to the list if they want. Your parents have sacrificed a lot to give you the best life possible. It’s time you give them their best time possible.

28. Plant a tree

Plant a tree
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You may plant a tree as their anniversary gift to commemorate your parents’ unbreakable bond. You can even name the tree after your parents so that their grandchildren also remember their grandparents.

40thAnniversary Celebration Ideas For Parents

Your parents have struggled a lot to make you what you are today. It is time for you to reciprocate their love.

29. Belgian beer tasting

Belgian beer is one of the most famous beers in the world. The Flanders red ale is perfect for your parents’ 40th anniversary. Take your parents to a beer tasting festival where they can sample some of Belgium’s traditional foods too.

30. Red wine tasting

If your parents are wine connoisseurs, you can take them to a wine tasting place. They can spend a day in the vineyards and sample wines with a guide. The idea of liquid rubies on your 40th anniversary is a perfect one too.

31. Foodie Adventure

If your parents are food lovers, then a food tour will be a great idea to help them satisfy their cravings. Arrange for them to be driven to some top-rated restaurants they may not have explored before and indulge in delicious new cuisines.

32. Iconic perfume

Some perfumes come packaged in red bottles and are perfect for your parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. You can get a custom-made one from the manufacturers with your parents’ names engraved on the bottle.

33. Spa day

There is no better way to celebrate a special occasion than spending a day at the spa. So pamper your parents on their wedding anniversary at a spa and let them spend a rejuvenating time.

34. Vintage wine with newspaper

Gift them a newspaper dating back to their wedding day. This is the perfect gift for your parents to remember their old days and indulge in nostalgia. There are companies that give you customized packages containing your parents’ favorite wine with the original newspaper.

35. City tour

Gift a city tour to parents on 40th anniversary
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Give your parents a ticket for a city tour. This will allow them to spend some good time with each other and visit all those places they visited in their youth. A grand city tour ending with a quiet dinner is the best way to spend a 40th wedding anniversary.

36. Manicure and champagne

What could be more decadent than spending time pampering yourselves while sipping on some great champagne? Gift a manicure and champagne package to your parents to spend a happy day in each other’s company.

37. Canvas music art

Who knew someone’s wedding song could turn into something romantic? Get your parents’ wedding song printed onto a canvas for wall art. These sheet lyrics can be printed in red color to match their 40th wedding anniversary theme. You could also include the actual lyrics to the song.

38. Collage canvas

Collage canvas, 40th anniversary idea
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You can get customized photo collages on canvas to gift your parents. Use the number 40 as a template and add pictures to it. You could add their names and the date of their wedding on the canvas as well. This can make great wall art in your parents’ living room.

39. Personalized clone showpiece

Gift your parents personalized clones and surprise them. They can use it in their car or display it on a shelf. These clones are cute, customizable, and quite affordable too.

40. Helicopter Ride

How about a star entry at their own party? A limo ride to a party is so outdated. Arrange for a helicopter ride that will not only have your parents fly over the city but also arrive at their anniversary party in a helicopter, where they get a grand welcome like celebrities.

41. Wonderful Cruise

If it is within your budget, arrange a cruise party for your parents. An evening sipping on the best wines surrounded by family and friends on a cruise can be a beautiful experience your parents may cherish for life.

42. Customized Board Game

Design a board game that revolves around your parents’ life story and captures special milestones together. You can have your parents and guests play this game and relive some great memories together.

43. Air ticket

Your parents must have had some traveling plans over the years that they could not complete due to some reason. Get them tickets to the place they have wanted to visit for a long time. This can be the best gift they received in life.

44. Destination-Inspired Theme

If a vacation is not possible, you can decorate the house or the party venue using decor ideas from the place your parents want to visit or have loved visiting in the past. Make them feel as if they have been transported to their dream destination.

45. Virtual Reality Destination

If your parents are unable to go on a vacation together, you can bring the vacation to them. You may consider buying virtual reality headsets for each of them. These headsets can work with various travel-related apps, letting users visit real-world monuments and places in the comfort of their homes.

46. Family tree

Make or get a customized family tree and add your pictures to it. Ask your relatives to contribute as well. This can be a cool addition to your parents’ home, where you can display it on the walls.

47. Outdoor Movie Night

If your parents like watching movies together and you have a backyard, then set up a cozy outdoor movie screening for them. Select the first movie they saw together or the one they both enjoy watching. Ensure they are warm and comfortable. Arrange for snacks that they like eating.

48. Private Music Concert

You can hire a music band and have a mini private music concert at the party venue. Ask them to play songs that your parents love listening to. If they are willing, your parents can break into a dance too.

49. Tour Puzzle

Create a series of messages that act as clues to places that your parents may visit and relive pleasant memories. It can be your kindergarten or your mother’s old office. This way, they get to relive their old memories. Arrange for clues such that the clues eventually lead them to a destination, which is the venue for their anniversary celebration.

50. Couples’ Trivia Game

Couples' Trivia Game
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Develop a trivia game with questions related to your parents’ lives. Ask them about their relationship and recall funny memories. Alternatively, create hypothetical scenarios and ask one of your parents to guess what the other parent might do in such a situation. For instance, tell your father someone has approached your mother to buy an instant weight loss machine. He has to guess what your mother would do in such a scenario.

51. Comedy Fun Night

What better way to celebrate your parents’ anniversary than to have a great time at a comedy club? You may book a comedy show in the city for your family. You may even invite a comedian to perform at your parents’ anniversary to add more fun to the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many guests should be invited to a 40th-anniversary party?

The number of guests you invite depends on your party theme and the budget. You may invite close relatives for the special day or organize a party for everyone, from distant relatives to friends.

2. What fun games or activities should be included in a 40th-anniversary party?

A trivia game about the couple, a photo booth, an anniversary dance, a memory lane game, and a “Name That Tune” game with songs popular during the couple’s wedding year are great options.

3. How far in advance should invitations be sent for a 40th-anniversary party?

Typically, invitations should be sent out at least 4-6 weeks in advance to ensure everyone has plenty of time to RSVP and plan accordingly.

4. Should I hire a professional photographer for my 40th-anniversary party?

You may consider a professional photographer if you wish to have high-quality images. A professional photographer can also capture candid shots better since they will exclusively work on capturing the best moments from the day.

5. Can I include a tribute or speech to my parents at their 40th-anniversary party?

Yes. You can take this opportunity to express your gratitude and appreciation for all the love, guidance, and support they have provided to you and your family over the years.

Forty years of togetherness is a dream that most people wish to fulfill with their special someone. And you have crossed that milestone, so it deserves to be celebrated. Don’t shy away from expressing your love to your partner and celebrate your big day with your friends and family in a grand manner. Use these 40th-anniversary party ideas to throw a memorable party and enjoy the day to the fullest. Don’t forget to capture these moments as memories to look back upon.

Infographic: 40th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

If your dear ones are about to complete 40 years of marriage, you ought to make this occasion an unforgettable one for them. This infographic brings you some exciting suggestions to honor your special couple’s four decades of love and togetherness.

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Key Pointers

  • Four decades of togetherness is a great feat that should be celebrated.
  • Learn unique 40th wedding anniversary party ideas based on different themes.
  • A city tour or air tickets to a special destination are some ideas you can try.
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