5 Adorable Pom Pom Crafts For Kids

Pom poms are multipurpose play things. Whether it’s a sports day or just a casual picnic, pom poms are a very good option to enhance the fun factor. But there is more to them; pom poms can be used creatively as a part of craft activities.

Making your own pom poms at home is something your kids will enjoy. Yarn is the core material required to make beautiful pom pom craft. There are a number of things that you can make with your little one and simple yarn!

5 Adorable Pom Pom Crafts For Kids:

There are plenty Pom Pom craft ideas for preschoolers to older kids and here is a list of the top 10 crafts that you and your kids will absolutely love:

1. Pom Pom With Lids:

Pom pom and lids is a great combination and simple too! How? Here it follows:

  • Take plastic lids of different sizes and cut off the sides. Make a hole in the centre of the lid and also make a cut on one side of the ring that you will get.
  • Cover the ring with the yarn. If you want multi-coloured pom poms, then take two or three yarns of different colours.
  • Role the yarns, holding them together, around the rings, making them pass through the cut that you had made in the side.
  • Once the entire ring is filled with yarn, hold it tight and tie up the ends to stop it from loosening.
  • Place a scissor in between yarn that is bound around the sides of the ring and cut it carefully, so that you have several loose ends around the ring.
  • Put together both the rings and tie them, to make your creative craft.

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2. Pom Poms With Fork:

Another way to make your pom pom is by using forks. Take plastic or metal forks of different sizes. Take multi coloured yarn, or dye some yarn yourself by dipping it in coloured water for some time.

  • Cut a piece of yarn about 15 cm long and place it in the centre of the fork.
  • Then wrap the remaining yarn around the fork.
  • When it takes the shape of a ball, tie it up tightly.
  • Cut the yarn on the sides of the fork and remove it from the fork.
  • Shake and roll the ball in your hands and cut off the uneven ends to give a final shape to the pom pom.

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3. Pom Pom Animals:

Now that you have made your pom poms, try making some cute animal faces with them. Take a piece of chart paper and cut various shapes from it, for making ears, nose, hands and feet.

  • For the eyes, you can have simple black buttons.
  • Paint the pieces to match the colour of the pom poms which you want to decorate.
  • Stick the parts to the pom pom balls.
  • You can also use a piece of yarn, fold it to make it thick and stick it to make a tail.
  • You will have your own animal farm, with frogs, chicks, rabbits, cats and dogs, made of pom poms!

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4. Pom Pom Bouquet:

You need some small pom poms for this, and sticks. Pom poms made of yarn or felt are best for this activity

  • Put the pom poms on top of the sticks and use an effective glue to put them together
  • Make as many pom pom flowers of different colours as you want and tie them to make a bouquet
  • Decorate the kids’ room with the bouquet or even use it for enhancing the look of gift wrappings.
  • Just place a flower on the gift package and tie it up with colourful yarn.

5. Pom Pom Owl:

Take two pom poms, one big and another small, for the head and body of the owl.

  • Cut the beak, feet, eyes and wings from a bright-coloured chart paper or foam sheet.
  • Stick the pom poms and the body parts together.
  • You have your owl ready!
  • You can further decorate the owl with glitter paint and glue.

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Engage your kids in these easy Pom Pom crafts for preschoolers and let them learn as they play. Try these craft ideas and tell us what all your kids made. Happy pom pom crafting!

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