50 Unique Birthday Party Ideas For Five-Year-Olds

Your child is turning five, and like everyone else in the family, you are excited to celebrate their birthday. Five-year-old birthday party ideas can be simple, exciting, or extravagant. All you need to ensure is you are able to meet your little one’s expectations.

To help you celebrate your child’s fifth birthday, we have listed some cool ideas. These ideas are sure to get your little one excited and make memories of a lifetime.

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50 Unique Five-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas

Planning your child’s fifth birthday party can be a cumbersome task. To help you in that pursuit, we have listed these unique five-year-old birthday party ideas. Scroll down.

How To Plan A Fifth Birthday Party

Planning the fifth birthday party can be easy as you have the experience of organizing previous birthdays. Your child has also grown up and will be a willing helper since they can communicate what they like and want. Keep the following things in mind before planning your child’s 5th birthday party.

1. Guest list

Though your child might want to invite everyone to the party, you need to decide the size of the party. Make a realistic list and stick to it.

2. Location

The location needs to be comfortable enough for the children to play, but not so big that you struggle to keep an eye on them. Your home is the first and best location for your child’s birthday party, but if you feel it will not be enough, you could rent out a community hall or go to a park.

3. Games

Organize games for 5-year old birthday party

Image: Shutterstock

Make sure you include fun games at the party. Make all the preparations before the party.

4. Food

While young children may be more excited about games and fun, good food also makes the party special. Also, call each parent beforehand to check if their children have allergies before setting the menu.

5. Rules

Put in place some rules since many of the guests are young children. No hitting or shoving and setting boundaries can be some of the rules. Make sure you don’t snatch away their fun by being too strict.

6. Reservations

If you are planning to take the children to another location, try to make reservations beforehand. Enquire about the location and make sure it will be able to accommodate a number of children at the time of the party.

7. Pick-up and drop-off

This is a primary aspect of birthday party planning that often gets overlooked. Arrange with the parents of the children attending your party about pick-up and drop-off. If you plan to have parents at the party as well, there may be no issue, but if you want the party to be children-only, work out the pick-up and drop-off schedule beforehand.

8. Parent/guardian list

Make a list of the names, phone numbers, and addresses of the parents or guardians of each child. It is an important step in birthday planning that is useful, especially in emergencies.

9. Party favors

Plan and pack the party favors beforehand. Try to make the favors as similar as they can be to each other so there is no scope for disappointment.

10. Strategy

Make a basic strategy for the birthday party. A list of what must be done once the party starts will do. Also, have a plan for disciplining rowdy or naughty children without resorting to scolding. Making them run a few rounds in the backyard or giving them a little time-out could help.

protip_icon Point to consider
Do consider the likes of your little one about the theme, food, and cake they would like to have for their party. Going without their consent would make them unhappy.

Ideas For A Five-Year-Old Girl Birthday Party

Your daughter is your little princess. Try out these ideas for your daughter’s 5th birthday party and make her shine on her special day.

11. Breakfast party

Breakfast party for 5-year old birthday

Image: Shutterstock

Eating breakfast with friends is always fun, especially if it is your birthday. Invite your child’s friends over for breakfast. The best part of this idea is that you do not have to make elaborate plans for the food or décor.

Make some of your child’s favorite breakfast items, such as pancakes with various syrups, toast with different spreads, and so on. Don’t forget to add a few games for fun and distribute some party hats.

12. Arty party

Give your child and her guests a chance to show off their creative side. Set up art and craft stations containing different ideas. For example, one station could have the materials required for finger painting. Another could include leaf painting or vegetable painting, and another with charcoals or poster painting materials. This could be accompanied by storytime.

You can also give magnets as party favors for putting up their artwork on the fridge.

13. Bug party

Dot the birthday venue with plastic or rubber bugs. You can be creative with your food choices and use raisins or chocolate shavings as bugs and worms. This activity party would require you to give the guests different items to make their own edible bugs. You could also bury some bugs in uncooked rice, sand, etc., and ask the children to find them out.

14. Puppet party

Set up a puppet theater for the children. You do not need a big set-up for this. Use an empty cardboard box and a chair. Tie some strings to your child’s dolls.

Decide on a storyline. Popular movies such as Frozen and Moana are good choices though you can make your own stories too. You could also ask the children to enact something after the show.

15. Princess party

If your little girl loves fantasy and princesses, this is a great theme. You can ask the guests to come dressed in costume as princes and princesses. Frozen is a popular theme for a princess party. Based on the theme, you can get all the items, including cups, plates, and birthday hats.

Tangled, the Disney movie, is also becoming a popular princess party theme. Lindsay, a mother, had a grand Tangled-themed birthday party for her 5-year-old daughter because they both love the movie. She says, “I hung twinkle lights across the ceiling, and taped on yellow balloon ‘lanterns’ that reflected the lights well. With a large purple marker, I quickly drew the Tangled sun on the balloons. I’ve had fun stringing lights for the girls’ birthday parties.”

Lindsay also decorated the whole room with Rapunzel’s long braid and frying pans, to stay on theme. She adds, “The hair was hysterical. I purchased a few yellow plastic rectangular tablecloths from the dollar store. Then, cut each tablecloth into six long strips. The girls and I took 3 strips, tied a knot in the end, and braided them loosely together. When we got to the end I tied three more strips on the ends of the first ones and we continued braiding. The girls said they felt like the little girls in the movie who hop around braiding Rapunzel’s hair (i).”

16. Slime party

Children love messy play, and slime is a surefire way to get them both messy and involved. Hand over tubs of slime to every child and watch them go wild. You can even go a step further and let them prepare their own slime with as much glitter and sparkles as they want, but only under adult supervision. Don’t forget the safety gear!

17. Water party

This is a great idea for summer birthdays and water babies. Provide the children with water in different forms – in buckets, glasses, and balloons – and watch them make a huge splash. Make sure to tell their guardians to send them with their bathing suits and a change of clothes.

18. Slip ‘n’ slide

If you are adventurous, add a slip ‘n’ slide to your party. Along with the water buckets, this will add an element of fun and excitement. The best part of a slip ‘n’ slide party is that you can hold it outdoors, even during the rainy season. However, safety is paramount; ensure the kiddos don’t catch a cold!

19. Baking party

Prepare the ingredients for a great bake-off. Under your guidance, let the children mix and mold the dough into their favorite tins or shapes. The best-baked cookie or cake wins.

20. Snow party

This is a great idea for winter babies if you live where it snows. Make snow castles and snowmen, and let the children have a blast in your backyard. A snowball fight is in order. Don’t forget the hot chocolate with marshmallows!

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Ideas For A Five-Year-Old Boy Birthday Party

When it is your son’s birthday, you don’t want to settle for anything less but throw an unforgettable party. Check out these ideas for your little prince’s fifth birthday.

21. Wheels party

Wheels party for children will be fun

Image: IStock

If your child’s birthday falls in summer or spring, you can arrange this outdoor theme. Ask the guests to get their favorite set of wheels. They may bring their bikes, scooters, skates, and so on. Once you have cut the cake, take the children to an area where they can play with their beasts. Let them go wild on their wheels. Don’t forget to make them wear safety gear.

22. Firefighter party

These little firefighters can steal the party. Ask the children to dress up in firefighter gear. Also, include a lesson about fire safety on the occasion.

If you get permission, you could also take the children on a tour to the nearby fire station. You can include games such as ‘Spot the Dalmatian’ where the children can apply spots on a white dog cutout.

23. Space party

Inspire the budding astronauts by throwing a space-themed party. Most children find space interesting and will be happy to participate in games that fascinate them. If you can, set up a telescope in your backyard for stargazing. You could also let the children name the planets and toss rings around ‘Saturn.’

24. Monster party

If your son loves monsters (think Monsters Inc.), you can use this theme to make the birthday party a fun event. Make monster masks for the guests and give them a Halloween-like experience. Use googly eyes on cups and plates and include slime-making in games. Children will love making slime and getting all messy. They can also take home a small container of the slime they have made.

25. Pirate party

Does your son love the iconic pirate character played by Johnny Depp? Then a pirate party can be a big hit. You can organize a treasure hunt for all the little pirates present at the party.

26. Dinosaur party

For all those dinosaur fans out there, this party is the best. Use some dinosaur cutouts and play dinosaur sounds on the speaker throughout the party. You can order a birthday cake with dinosaur motifs and distribute party favors with dinosaur toys included.

27. Cooking party

Let’s say your five-year-old loves pottering around in the kitchen, helping you mix and assemble food. Use this love to arrange an excellent cooking party for the children sans the heat and the knives. Get them cute aprons and chef’s hats, and keep all the ingredients ready. Let them make their sandwiches and juices and enjoy themselves. You can even involve them in the clean-up later.

28. Chocolate and popsicle party

This is another excellent idea for your little helper child and their friends. Children love chocolates and popsicles. This time, they can make their own. Help them melt the chocolate or mix the juices. They can then pour them into molds and let them set. Decide what you want (chocolates or popsicles) according to the weather.

29. Pool party or beach party

If you have enough adults in your party plans, an outing to a beach or a nearby pool is recommended. Make sure you have enough floaties and towels on hand. You must also be sure that you can keep an eye on the children at all times in these places. A picnic lunch with some chilled juices will complete the party.

30. Football party

Turn your backyard into an impromptu football field by arranging a football party. The guests can come dressed up in the jerseys of their favorite players. Start the game after the cake has been cut, served, and safely out of the way. Don’t forget the helmets and the knee and elbow guards!

Five-Year-Old Birthday Party Themes

Special themes bring novelty to the birthday party. Try these themes that will draw everyone’s attention.

31. Farm theme

Farm theme 5-year old birthday party ideas

Image: Shutterstock

Your child and guests can dress as their favorite animals and frolic across your backyard. They can have a picnic and sit or loll around on bales of straw and hay. You can also play farm or country music and allow your kids to dance to it.

If you have a petting zoo nearby, you can take the children there. You could also play games such as Duck Duck Goose.

32. Angry Birds theme

Angry birds is quite a popular theme among young children. You could add feathers to the décor and make feathered masks for the guests. Make a ‘catapult’ and stick feathers on the balls. Arrange green bottles on one side of the room. The feathered balls are the angry birds that fly over to topple the green pigs. You could make a piñata and give every child a go at it and even begin streaming the movie towards the end of the party to allow the kids to rest up.

33. Superhero theme

Whether it is Superman or Black Panther, make your child’s birthday bash memorable with the superhero theme. You can make superhero masks and get superhero accessories, including cups and plates. Ask the guests to come dressed as their favorite superheroes and arrange a ramp walk for them. Ask them to say something about the superhero they are dressed as.

34. Water theme

If your child’s birthday falls in summer, there is no better way to celebrate their birthday than play water games in your backyard. If you don’t have enough space, you could fill up an inflatable pool with water and include games such as ice painting for some water fun.

35. Sports theme

Let the energetic little ones burn off their energy by playing the games they love. Ask the guests to come dressed up as athletes they like. If two or more children are dressed up as athletes of the same sport, they could play the game together.

Include energetic games such as obstacle courses, relay races, sack races, ball pit, scavenger hunts, and mini golf. Put up a small podium and award presents to the little athletes.

36. Disney movie theme

Most children have a favorite Disney movie or character. A party based on this theme will resonate with your child and their guests. Frozen, Lion King, Moana, and Aladdin are some Disney movies on which you can theme your party.

37. Robot theme

Many children are fascinated by and interested in the workings of a robot. This theme will be apt for the little science nerds. You could even encourage the children to create their own robots using craft materials during the party. Keep all the necessities at hand, and don’t forget to get a robot-themed cake!

38. Unicorn theme

A colorful theme that seldom goes wrong, the unicorn theme is fun for both girls and boys. Use plenty of colors to make rainbows and sparkles all around the venue. Ask your little guests to come dressed in their most colorful outfits and have unicorn-themed treats to hand around.

39. Barbie and Ken theme

This trending theme will grab eyeballs all around. Get the children dressed up in their favorite versions of Ken and Barbie and get a Barbie dollhouse-style cake if possible. The party favors can also contain Barbie and Ken dolls to suit the occasion. This theme is apt for all kiddos who love Barbie.

40. Royal theme

To celebrate the most special day of your little prince or princess, deck them up in their most royal and sparkly finery and get them a crown or tiara to match. Decorate their chair like a throne for some extra pizzazz. The guests can also dress up as royals, nobles, or even knights.

Birthday Party Food Ideas For Five-Year-Olds

It is unlikely that your little guests will be sitting down for a formal dinner. Hence, bite-sized finger foods and candy can be the best option for a birthday party. Include the following foods besides the birthday cake.

41. Mini pizzas

Children enjoy eating mini pizzas

Image: IStock

Mini pizzas are bite-sized cheesy wonders that both children and adults may love. They are easy to pop into your mouth and are filling as well. If you plan on making your own mini pizzas, make sure you use cheese sparingly to avoid mess. You could also let the children choose the toppings for their pizza bites.

protip_icon Quick tip
Ask your child’s friends’ parents to RSVP so you know how much to cook for the party. Otherwise, too less or too much of the food could become a spoiler.

42. Carrot sticks

Carrot or cucumber sticks are healthy options for a birthday party. Children love munching on them as they are crunchy. If you are worried about sugar, you could place a tray of carrot sticks alongside other snacks. They are easy to prepare at home as well. You could soak them in a sugar solution to sweeten them if you wish.

43. Donuts

Donuts are always a hit at birthday parties. Instead of getting ready-made donuts, you could get plain ones and offer the children a variety of toppings and sprinkles to decorate their donuts. Children will love this decorating activity, and they are likelier to finish the donuts they have decorated.

44. Fruit slices

Melon slices would be much appreciated in summer. Other common fruits you could include are bananas, strawberries, raspberries, and apples. You could also place a chocolate fountain nearby so that children can dip their fruit in chocolate before eating it.

45. Drinks

Plain water or milk are the healthiest options for children. You could add various flavors to the milk to make it tastier. You can also serve lemonade or fresh orange juice for the guests. It is better not to offer packaged drinks, squashes, and fizzy drinks with added sugar.

46. Mini sandwiches

Mini sandwiches are both easy to make and easy to eat. The kids’ little fingers can pick them up quickly and devour them without creating a huge mess. You can use veggies, cheese, spreads, and Nutella on these bite-sized sandwiches.

47. Fries

Most children love fries. They are easy to eat and suit everyone’s palate. A plate full of fries could be quite filling too. You can make your own fries at home or get them from a restaurant. With a ketchup dip, this food takes the least time to assemble.

48. Cheese sticks

This is another favorite among the young crowd. Even if you decide to prepare them yourself, they should be ready quickly. A cheese stick with ketchup or mustard would be an immediate crowd-pleaser.

49. Protein bars

Protein bars can help keep the children’s strength up throughout the event if you plan some vigorous activities and games at your party. These tasty treats are easy to make at home, and children also look forward to eating them.

50. Spring rolls

Spring rolls are another food item that children will enjoy. You can pack in healthy veggies with some sauces to give the rolls a burst of taste. Make smaller rolls so the children can pick them up and gobble them down.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I do instead of having a birthday party?

If you wish to celebrate your birthday in the non-conventional style this time, give the party a miss. Other fun things you may try on your birthday could include visiting an amusement park, a carnival, or visiting the magical Disney World, trying a new adventurous sport, and making a fitness resolution. You may also be starting a new workout, going on a shopping spree, or sitting back and binging on popcorn for a movie marathon.

2. Which games can we play at a birthday party?

Birthdays are incomplete without fun games. Some fun games for younger kids include musical chairs, lemon and spoon races, treasure hunts, board games, passing the parcel, and more. Older kids can engage in other entertaining games such as limbo, hanging donuts, chocolate pie face, and dumb charades.

3. How do people celebrate birthdays differently?

Birthday celebrations differ from one place to another and are specific to each person’s personality. Some may like it the quiet, cozy way, while others may want to go loud and throw a big party. There are also various birthday traditions followed across the world, specific to their country and community. Spending this special day of the year with loved ones and having a gala time is something most people enjoy.

Your five-year-old’s birthday is a special occasion that you should celebrate with friends and family. So plan out the birthday celebrations in detail and make necessary arrangements in advance. Try these five-year-old birthday party ideas to make your child’s birthday special. A five-year-old is grown-up enough to help you make choices. So involve your child in the preparations and take their opinion while selecting the party theme, food, cake, decorations, invitations, and even return rewards. Click photos and make videos of the celebration to create fond memories.

Infographic: Birthday Party Ideas For Five-Year-Olds

To help you turn your little one’s big day into a memorable event for them and their friends who would come over, we have prepared a list of ideas to plan the party around. Keeping this infographic handy will help you plan the party easily and ensure unbridled fun and entertainment for the little ones.

birthday party ideas for five-year-olds (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Key Pointers

  • Your child’s fifth birthday party can be impressive and entertaining when you plan some fun themes for the event.
  • Whether the gorgeous princess theme for girls or the rocking superhero theme for boys, these themes can be a party game-changer.
  • Add on some amazing food delicacies like mini pizzas and fresh fruit juices to spice up the party.

Planning a kids party can be overwhelming. Right from the theme to the food, everything has to be perfect for a memorable party. Here are ten things to remember to make you party a grand success!

Personal Experience: Source

i. Our Tangled Rapunzel birthday party;

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