25 Best 5th Year Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas And Themes

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Staying together in love and cherishing your married life for half a decade is a huge milestone and calls for celebration. So, if you are looking for some unique 5-year wedding anniversary party ideas, your search ends here as we compile some of the best ideas to make your special day unforgettable.

Being in a loving relationship is one of the most beautiful things. And, anniversaries give you the perfect opportunity to acknowledge love and rejoice in its warmth and blessing. This is also a time to reminisce the past memories and usher in many more beautiful years of joy and companionship. So, get inspired by the ideas and make the party memorable in every way.

25 Best 5-Year Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Go out-of-the box this anniversary instead of sticking to old practice of inviting over a few friends and having food together. Check out these ideas to add more excitement and fun to your 5th wedding anniversary.

1. Host a theme party

Arrange the gathering at your home, in your backyard.

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A wedding anniversary is a perfect time to host a theme party with your family and friends. You can choose any theme that fascinates you and go ahead with the planning based on your choice. Decorate the venue and choose the food according to the theme. Also, take ideas from your family and friends to make the party more enjoyable.

One of the most popular themes for the 5th wedding anniversaries is the ‘wood theme’ since wood symbolizes strength and long-lasting marriage. You can include wooden decorations and gifts for an authentic feel and let nature inspire your party!

2. Take your party outdoors

If you are passionate about outdoor adventure, it would be a good idea to host an anniversary party in nature. Invite your friends and family for trekking, kayaking, or even bungee jumping. You can organize a bonfire and plan simple foods such as fruits, sandwiches, cookies, and hot dogs. Spend a day relaxing and rebonding in the open.

3. Plan a surprise party

If you love watching your partner’s face light up with joy and appreciation, throw a surprise party on your 5th wedding anniversary. A well-planned surprise can sweep your partner off their feet and make them love you all the more. Don’t hesitate to take the help of your family and friends to plan party. So, put your thinking cap on and list the things that your partner would love to have on the anniversary day. From the venue to food, choose everything keeping the surprise factor. Inform your partner about the party on your anniversary and be ready for their heartfelt admiration.

4. Arrange a brunch party

If you and your partner love peaceful get-togethers, why not have a brunch party? Arrange the gathering at your home, in your backyard, or in a large rented venue – the choice is yours. Invite your close family and friends and set up a nice counter for food and drinks. Include baked items, sandwiches, waffles, and fruits. Spend an afternoon with good conversation and wholehearted laughter.

5. Organize a party with new things

You would have known a lot about your partner in the past five years. So, on this wedding anniversary, bring in novelty by organizing a party that includes something that you and your guests have never tried before. It will be a great idea to organize a fun cooking class, dance class, new language class or any other activity that catches your fancy. To make your party more interesting, try including new food recipes for your guests, such as lumpia, a popular dish from the Philippines; bruschetta from Italy; or bibimbap from Korea, along with some classics. Your guests will surely appreciate your efforts.

6. Recreate your wedding day

If you have often found yourself thinking about your wedding day and secretly wishing to do it all over again, take advantage of your 5th wedding anniversary. While planning your anniversary party, remember to recreate your favorite moments from the wedding. Include the most memorable things of your marriage, such as the cake or the music. Invite family and friends to share your happiness. Also, do not forget to include the old faces while recreating the experience.

7. Host a party with live music

Are you a couple who enjoys music? If so, jazz up your 5th anniversary party with some live music and good food. Choose a suitable venue and decor to go with the theme. Invite your friends and family and spend the evening tapping your feet to the beat or dedicating heartfelt songs to each other.

8. Display your fond memories at the party

Your wedding anniversary is all about your love and bonding, so take this opportunity to display the things that matter the most to you in your relationship. Host a party for your closest friends and family. Plan an event where you showcase and talk about your memories as a couple in these five years. Bring out your favorite pictures, gifts, cards, and souvenirs. Add personal information, humor, and stories behind them. Create a uniquely memorable experience for yourself and your guests.

9. Plan a wine tasting party

Take everyone to a vineyard for a more authentic experience.

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For all those couples who enjoy wine, hosting a wine tasting party can be filled with excitement and enthusiasm. So, for your 5th wedding anniversary, invite your friends for a small party at home or take everyone to a vineyard for a more authentic experience. Include a variety of wines and food that goes well with them. Add some good music and games, and watch how leisurely your time goes by as you continue making lifetime memories.

10. Host a picnic party in nature

Picnics have always been a fun way to bond with family and friends. So, if you want to enjoy your wedding anniversary in the lap of nature away from electronics, choose a lovely spot for your picnic party. You don’t have to worry much about the decorations and activities in the spot because there are innumerable options. Don’t forget to carry good food for all your guests along with disposable plates, tissues, and trash bags.

11. Host a cruise party

If you wish to celebrate your wedding anniversary in a big way, plan a cruise party without a second thought. Book a weekend cruise for everyone. The ticket will include everything from luxury rooms to good food. You will also have a variety of drink options to choose from. Cruises organize lovely parties for their guests, so you just have to go and enjoy your time with your loved ones. Remember to take children along because they will also love the unique cruise experience.

12. Enjoy an amusement park party

Be creative and take your guests to the amusement park for a fun-filled day. Amusement parks offer great entertainment for everyone. Enjoy wild rides, scenic boating, and amazing food. To double up the thrill, take children too. They can enjoy themselves in the children’s activity area.

13. Plan a weekend getaway

If you want to skip too much party planning and decoration, plan a weekend getaway for your 5th wedding anniversary. Book a place nearby and invite your close friends and family. Make sure to plan the getaway beforehand, so everyone makes time to attend the celebration. Enjoy good time together by eating good food, sitting by the campfire, and appreciating the natural beauty.

14. Organize a karaoke party

If you and your partner love performing or have friends who love singing, organize a karaoke night for your wedding anniversary. Rent a karaoke bar or set it up at your home and spend the evening and night dedicating songs to each other and enjoying good food and drinks. It doesn’t matter how good or bad a singer you are, the idea is to enjoy a fun time together.

15. Host a cocktail party

Book a private lounge that serves exotic cocktails.

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Celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary in style by booking a private lounge that serves exotic cocktails. Let your guests feel comfortable and wholeheartedly indulge in your anniversary party. Also, don’t forget to steal some beautiful, romantic moments with your partner while everyone has fun at the party.

16. Plan a party amongst flowers

Romance is incomplete without flowers. So, create a romantic atmosphere by taking your party to a garden of flowers. Choose a perfect flowery venue, and organize a tea party or a lunch buffet. Let your guests enjoy their food and conversation in the midst of the fresh fragrant breeze.

17. Spend your anniversary dancing

Are you and your partner fond of dancing? Do you have friends who love dancing too? If yes, head to dancing clubs to celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary. These clubs offer great music and adequate space to dance. Try out different dance forms and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Do not worry if you don’t possess the finest dancing skills. Focus on having fun and a crazy time together.

18. Plan a party with a special entertainer

If you are hosting a party for close friends and family at home, add a fun element by inviting a special entertainer. For example, you can invite guitarists, caricature artists, or magicians to your party. Including unique entertainment ideas will keep your guests amused and make your celebration more memorable.

19. Spruce up your dinner table

A small, intimate party at home can be as special as the one organized at big venues. So, invite your closest people and set up your dinner table for the celebration. Add some DIY decorations, interesting lights, and fresh flowers. Prepare delicious food or order special recipes from your favorite restaurants. Spend your night talking and chilling.

20. Renew your vows at the party

Use the occasion to renew your vows to your partner.

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Invite your near and dear ones to the anniversary party and use the occasion to renew your vows to your partner. After the event, enjoy great food, lovely music, and flaunt some dance moves.

21. Organize a family reunion party

Family members often get busy with their lives and do not have time to meet up. Therefore, plan a family reunion for your 5th wedding anniversary. Invite your close relatives and think of some interesting activities to spend a memorable day. This gesture allow you to have a memorable anniversary celebration and also give your family members an opportunity to reconnect with each other.

22. Have a dinner party on the rooftop

If you are not in the mood to splurge a lot for your anniversary party, how about creating magical moments on your rooftop? A little bit of decoration, beautiful lighting, good food, and music are the only things required to make your special day unforgettable. So, deck up your rooftop for the evening, invite your closest friends and family and celebrate your anniversary with love and laughter.

23. Create a slideshow for your party

Anniversaries are all about remembering the beautiful moments spent together and dreaming about a bright future. You can organize a cozy party at home by inviting your loved ones. Display a slideshow of your fond memories during the five years spent together and your guests will absolutely love that.

24.  Host a couple gaming party

You can try different games and challenge each other to compete.

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If you and your partner love playing games, the best way to spend your 5th wedding anniversary is by organizing a couple gaming party. You can try different games and challenge each other to compete. Make delicious food and enjoy a thrilling time together. A gaming party is undoubtedly going to pump you up with excitement!

25. Organize a spa party

If you plan to have a rejuvenating party at home, organize a spa for your closest friends. Plan this party preferably on the weekend so that everyone can be a part of it after a long work week. Don’t forget to freshen your home with lovely aromatic oils, flowers, and some anniversary decorations. Play relaxing music and unwind by sharing light conversations, soulful food, and good laughter.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do people have 5-year anniversary parties?

Yes. While it is not mandatory, people do celebrate their 5th anniversary or yearly anniversaries. However, it is a personal choice.

2. What gemstone is for the 5th anniversary?

Sapphire is the perfect gemstone to celebrate the five years of togetherness. Sapphire symbolizes a solid union that lasts an eternity.

3. What is the color for the 5th anniversary?

Blue and pink are the traditional colors of the 5th anniversary. These colors are warm, just like how a relationship should be.

Organizing anniversary parties is about sharing your happiness of being in love. It is an opportunity to take a trip down the memory lane and revel at how far you have come holding each other’s hands. Since every couple is unique, their style of celebration can be different. While some prefer silent and cozy house parties, others prefer a lavish party with a big group. Therefore, we have provided 5-year wedding anniversary party ideas to suit everyone’s needs. Going through them will give you an understanding of how you can get creative with your anniversary celebrations. However, do not forget to spend some close moments with your partner amidst the party bustle. After all, it is a day that commemorates your love and bonding!

Infographic: Best 5-Year Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Wedding anniversaries present one with a chance to celebrate their partner and their relationship. So, have a blast on this special day with your significant other. To help you with the planning, we listed a few party ideas to celebrate your wedding anniversary in an unforgettable way.

exiting ideas to amp up your wedding anniversary [infographic]
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Key Pointers

  • Host a theme party to celebrate your fifth wedding anniversary.
  • An outdoor party or a brunch will allow guests to have a unique experience on your wedding anniversary.
  • Recreate your wedding day or renew your wedding vows at the party for a romantic touch.
  • If you want a small house party, organize a family reunion or a cozy dinner on the rooftop.

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