15+ Fun And Unique 50th Birthday Party Games

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Imagine how wonderful it would be to incorporate the golden birth anniversary celebration with interesting 50th birthday party games! If you think that people do not like games at this age, you might be wrong. People of all ages enjoy games. Every birthday party involves regular cake-cutting and balloon-bursting activities. However, adding interesting games can take the celebration to the next level. So, if you plan which games to include in the 50th birthday party celebration, look no further. Here’s a list of interesting games you can enjoy with friends and family.

50th Birthday Party Games

Here is a list of a few games that can be played individually or in teams by guests of all ages. These games will surely make your party a roaring success.

1. Easy scavenger hunt

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If you do not have the space to play a full-fledged scavenger hunt, a pocket/ purse scavenger hunt is a great idea.

  • Prepare a list of items that are generally present in purses or wallets. These may include baby photographs, cards, pens, coupons, bills, pennies, movie tickets, and so on.
  • You can decide the particulars of the items, such as if they have to be of a specific color, or if the photograph has to be of a specific person.
  • Announce the items one by one.
  • The participants have the option to produce the items from their purse/wallet or borrow them from the non-participants.
  • The person who comes up with the most number of items wins a prize.

2. Spinner prize wheel

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This game is straightforward and has an online version as well. You need a spinning wheel to play this game. While spinning wheels are available in the market, you can make your own and color it as per your party theme. Here’s how you play it:

  • Each guest will be given one chance to spin the wheel.
  • During their turn, the guest has to spin the wheel, and the item on which the arrow on the wheel stops becomes theirs.
  • All the guests will take turns and then collect their gifts.
  • Arrange for small prizes and one big jackpot prize.

3. 50th birthday bucket list

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Creating a bucket list for the guest of honor can be a fun activity. The activity will keep the guests engaged, and the bucket list created by loved ones will be an amazing gift for the birthday honoree. Follow these simple steps to make this activity a success,

  • Keep a decorated bucket, colorful cards, and pens at the entrance of the
  • Ask each guest to write one suggestion for the birthday boy/girl’s bucket list and drop it in the bucket.
  • If you want this to be just a fun activity, give the bucket to the guest of honor at the end of the party and ask them to read it aloud.
  • You could also select the top three ideas which the birthday/girl/boy loves. The writers of these ideas should get gifts.

4. Guess my age

This is an interesting game that will make the birthday boy/girl walk down memory lane. Here is how you can play it:

  • Select the photographs of the guest of honor at different ages.
  • You can display the photos to the participants by arranging them on a pin-up board or showcasing them in a PowerPoint presentation.
  • The participants will be shown the photos one by one, and they will have to guess the age of the guest of honor in each of these different images.
  • Every participant will get a fair chance to answer, and the person who gets the most answers right bags the prize.

5. Ring toss game

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Everyone who has ever been to fairs knows the ring toss game. It is a fun game and can be played in teams. This game requires some space, so choose a large room or play it on the lawn. You need at least two stakes, four–eight rings, and a score-sheet. Two players play at a time. Here is how you play it:

  • Divide the group into two
  • Toss a coin to check who will start first.
  • The stakes should be arranged in a straight line, and the players can stand at a distance away from their respective stakes.
  • The players from each team will take turns and attempt to toss the ring within the stake.
  • The person who successfully tosses the ring into the stake gets five points, and if the ring touches the stake, assign three points.
  • You can decide a target score, and the team that reaches that score first wins the game.

6. 50th birthday piñata

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Birthday piñatas are a great way to add to the decor of any party. They can be shaped like a cake, a favorite food item of the birthday boy/girl, or a tequila glass. The piñatas can also be customized to look like the birthday boy/girl! In addition to serving as a decorative item, piñatas can be used to play games. If any of your party guests are children, piñatas are a great source of entertainment. Here is how you can use piñatas to play games:

Option 1:

  • Fill the piñatas with certain objects, such as varieties of candies.
  • Ask the guests to find a particular type of candy.
  • The person who finds that candy first wins the game.

Option 2:

  • Stuff the piñata with many sealed envelopes.
  • Some of these envelopes can have gift cards.
  • This will surely motivate the guests to compete against one another for the maximum envelopes.

7. Lawn games

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If you have plenty of space in your backyard, you can opt for exciting lawn games, which will get your adrenaline buzzing. Games such as giant Jenga, horseshoes, and ladder golf can be played. In ladder golf, a player has to reach exactly 21 points to win. Here is how you can play ladder golf:

  • The challenge is to toss bolas (two balls tied together with a string) on a ladder that has three rungs.
  • This game is played in rounds. Each round is completed after all players have completed their turns.
  • To start with, place the golf ladder on a flat surface and move back five paces.
  • Take turns to toss the bolas toward the ladder. Only the bolas that wrap around any one of the ladder rungs are counted as points. During every turn, a player gets an opportunity to throw three bolas.
  • The bottom rung accounts for one point, the middle rung is two points, and the top rung is three points. Calculate the points after all players are done with their turns.
  • The players get a bonus point in two scenarios: a) If they land all the three bolas on the same rung in a single turn b) If they land all the three bolas on different rungs in a single turn
  • One game is of exactly 21 points. The first person to reach these points wins the game. In case the score goes above 21 points, the points for that particular round are not considered.

8. Musical chairs with a twist

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Generally, everyone knows how to play musical chairs. The rules of the game are the same, except no one gets eliminated. Interesting right?

  • As the name suggests, this game requires chairs and music. There should be one chair less with respect to the number of participants.
  • Keep the chairs facing opposite directions.
  • One person should control the music, and the guests should keep moving around the chairs in a clockwise direction.
  • Once the music stops, the guests should find chairs to sit on. However, they can only sit on the chair that is beside them or in the front. They can’t go back.
  • The person who does not find a chair will get no points, and the participants occupying the chairs will get 10 points each.
  • Now, in the next round, remove one more chair. So, now, two persons will not get any points.
  • You can continue this process till only one chair is left. The person with the maximum points wins the game.

9. How well do you know the birthday boy/ girl? (10 questions)

This game is a perfect tribute to the guest of honor. The guests can communicate their love and connection to the birthday boy or girl, and in the process, get to know the guest of honor better.

  • Prepare a list of ten interesting and funny questions for the guest of honor. The questions can be simple with one-word answers, such as favorite movie, marriage date, favorite food, biggest fear, and so on.
  • Ask the guest of honor to submit the answers before the party
  • Share the questions with the guests, and ask them to write down the answers to those question
  • Once the time is up, read out the question aloud and ask each of them to read out their answers.
  • The winner will be chosen based on the number of questions answered correctly.

10. Door prizes

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A prize before you even enter the birthday venue? Sounds cool, right? Door prizes will help in raising the excitement level of the party. You need scratch cards and gifts. If you do not have scratch cards at hand, use sealed envelopes instead. Here is how you can go about it:

  • The cards should be given out randomly at the door.
  • A few lucky guests will get scratch cards with the name of the gift written on it.
  • Make sure the numbers of gifts match the cards that have a gift written on them.

11. Name that tune

This game is a great way to add music to the party and make the birthday boy reminisce about their favorite tunes. You don’t need much — just a phone loaded with the list of songs, a speaker, and a mike, and you are good to go.

  • Make a list of songs that were famous during the guest of honor’s teenage years. You can also select the birthday boy or girl’s favorite
  • Play the first two lines of each song, and ask the guests to guess the song’s name.
  • The first person who guesses correctly has to sing the song.
  • The person with the maximum number of correct guesses wins a prize.

12. Guess the price

Here’s a simple game, but you need to do some research before playing it. It can be played in two ways: guessing the price of a few household items in the current year or guessing the prices of the items 50 years ago. Decide the approach, and then keep the list of items and their actual prices with you. You could refer to the following steps:

  • Divide the participants into teams using the chit system.
  • Distribute paper and pens to the teams.
  • Announce the names of items to the participants, and ask them to note down the price of each item.
  • After the list has been read out, collect the sheets. For each item, read out the prices written by each of the teams and then announce the actual price.
  • The team with maximum correct answers

13. Partytrivia

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Partytrivia game is fun and can improve knowledge too. You can create your list of questions or use the readily available trivia cards for the party. The first step is to finalize the topic for the questions. Topics such as sports, movies, and current affairs can be chosen. Try to keep the questions simple and light-hearted. Here is how you can play it:

  • Divide the guests into teams with two to four players in each team.
  • Appoint a quiz master for asking questions and monitoring time.
  • Prepare a list of at least ten questions for about four topics each. These questions can be administered to the participants, one by one.
  • Provide about 45 seconds per question, and if the team is unable to answer, the question can be passed on to another team. Every correct answer can be assigned ten points.
  • After all the questions are done, the team with the maximum points wins.

14. Recalling the crazy moments

This is a very interesting game that will lift the group members’ spirits and make everyone nostalgic. You may also discover some secrets. Playing this game doesn’t require a lot of space, and you only need pens, papers, and a box to get going. Let’s check out how to play it:

  • Give a paper and a pen to each of the participants.
  • Ask each person to write down the craziest thing they have ever done.
  • Each guest should write this anonymously.
  • When everyone is done writing, ask them to fold the paper and drop it in a box.
  • Read out the chits one by one, and ask the guests to guess the author of the note.
  • The person who guesses the maximum right answers wins the game.

15. Word party games

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Word party Games are not only enjoyable to play, but also help build vocabulary. Additionally, they don’t require too much physical exertion, so guests of all ages can participate. Crossword puzzles and scrabble are some word games that can be played easily and don’t require too much space.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I do for my 50th birthday party?

You might have a lavish party and invite all of your friends, family, and loved ones to celebrate your milestone birthday. Some interesting ideas that you may include are a fun theme party, entertaining games, activities, dancing all night long, and hiring an expert photographer to capture the excitement.

2. How do I celebrate my 50th birthday in style?

Hosting a red carpet-style party, renting out a stadium for D-Day, inviting all your loved ones, turning it into a chic wine tasting event, and hiring a limo and chauffeur, are a few ways to celebrate the day in style.

A 50th birthday is a significant milestone, and you must celebrate it lavishly. If you thought that a 50th-year birthday is gloomy and is just another year of your life, we are sure this post would have changed your mind. This year’s birthday reminds you that you have faced all the hurdles yet have remained determined. Although a bouncy castle is out of the question now, there are many fun and unique 50th birthday party games on our list that you could try. These ideas can be executed with minimal budget and are ideal for all the age groups attending the party. With these ideas in play, we are sure that your 50th birthday memories will be cherished forever.

Key Pointers

  • The 50th birthday party games should be interesting, so they walk down memory lane.
  • Conventional games, such as a scavenger hunt, ring toss, or musical chairs, light up the mood of a party.
  • For an electrifying party, plan the games and customize them as per the individual’s taste

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