45 Best And Funny 50th Birthday Poems

The 50th birthday is a significant milestone that warrants more than just balloons, candles, and decorations. It is a time for surprises and grand celebrations to mark this special occasion. We bring you some thoughtful 50th birthday poems in this post that can help you surprise your family and friends on their special day.

These poems transcend mere words or speeches. They carry emotions and feelings to make the celebrant laugh and feel blessed with gratitude. Sharing them will create a unique and memorable experience of love and affection. So, scroll down for inspirational and creative poems to mark the golden jubilee celebrations.

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Poems To Celebrate The 50th Birthday 

Make the 50th birthday celebrations of your loved ones more special by penning down a few literary verses and let them know what they mean to you.

1. 50th Surprise

Happy 50th birthday,
with this half-century surprise.
It was a priceless moment
that looks in your eyes.

We’re all gathered here
since we love you and care.
In your fifty sweet years,
we’re so excited to share.

This special celebration,
we shall not take lightly.
Many hugs will arrive,
warm and quite tightly.

You’ve had fifty years to prepare,
a Sinatra-style speech.
As you speak from your heart,
the young you will teach.

Your successes we’ll measure,
not through your bank amount.
But by your many blessings,
as we sit here and count.

Happy 50th birthday,
with this half-century surprise.
May your youthful enthusiasm continue
as you reach for the skies.


2. Happy 50th Birthday, My Love

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I have waited for this day all year,
To celebrate your 50th birthday, my dear.
My love for you, words cannot explain,
I will always cherish; our dances in the rain.

When we are just a day apart,
I feel so empty and sad in my heart.
You mean absolutely, everything to me,
With you by my side, I feel so free.

On this very special day, I just want to say,

Happy 50th Birthday, my love; here’s a Hug and Kiss.

— Terri Ilene Sevrinsky

3. Dance in the Rain

Happy 50th birthday,
we cheerfully extend.
To the most wonderful person
and loving dear friend.

We hope all your wishes,
certainly, come true.
Our bond and our friendship,
through the years has just grew.

Happy 50th birthday,
with good health that shall last.
May joy fill your heart
when you think of the past.

Your values and dreams,
we shall always support.
These words and this poem
is forever too short.

Happy 50th birthday
to us; you are dear.
You bring joy to our souls
whenever you’re near.

Till the end of our days,
our friend, you’’ll remain.
You’ve turned only fifty,
so go dance in the rain.

— Unknown

4. Old but made of gold

So now you’re turning 50
It seems so odd to me
That a man can reach such a ripe old age
With such a creaky knee.

Your children love you dearly.
And that’s surprising, too.
That kids will love a geezer so old
But I guess that’s what kids do

To grow so old and feeble.
And to think that you still drive!
Watch out! Old fart! Should be on your car
To help other drivers survive.

So, let me wish you the very best
With this little birthday rhyme
You might be old, but you’re made of gold
Happy Birthday! You’re doing just fine!

— Unknown

5. Turning Fifty

Having known war and peace
and loss and finding,
I drink my coffee and wait
for the sun to rise,

With kitchen swept, cat fed,
the day will quiet,
I taste my fifty years
here in the cup.

Outside, the green birds come
for bread and water.
Their wings wait for the sun
to show their colors.

I’ll show my colors too.
Though we’ve polluted
even this air I breathe
And spoiled green earth;

though, granted life or death,
death’s what we’re choosing,
and though these years we live
scar flesh and mind,

still, as the sun comes up
bearing my birthday,
having met time and love
I raise my cup –

dark, bitter, neutral, clean,
sober as the morning –
to all, I’ve seen and known –
to this new sun.

— Judith Wright

6. Rose

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Your 50th birthday
is like a second bloom.
You bring excitement and joy
when you enter a room.

Elegance and beauty
is your natural theme.
From an enchanted place,
in a faraway dream.

You have proven that true beauty,
awakens with age.
I know you’re prepared,
to turn this next page.

Your humble soft nature,
is just like a rose.
Confidence and beauty,
it mutually shows.

Under the sunshine of life,
so gentle you seem.
But those who may challenge you,
always end with a scream.

It’s your 50th birthday,
and we’re enjoying your bloom.
The scent of your passions,
we shall gladly consume.

— Unknown

7. Steak

To find you, old man
must look over the hill.
You should begin
writing your will.

If you think that cruel,
just look at your grey hairs.
Try to get used to
those puzzled, shocked stares.

You’re not 50,
just $49 plus tax.
To communicate,
you still use a fax.

So how does it feel,
with a half-century behind?
Maybe it’s time
to simply be kind?

But what’s the hardest lesson,
till fifty you’ve learned?
You worked your butt off,
for every dollar, you’ve earned.

It’s sad that your candles,
cost more than the cake.
Today is your 50th,
so go kill a steak.


8. Fifty Years

Fifty years is half a century.
That’s fifty years you’ve
Had to give us all so
Many hugs
So much laughter
And all the love you had.
Now it’s your time, Mom.
Sit back and relax.
Today, we’re cooking.
And washing up the plates.
Today, we’re letting.
You know
Just how special
Your fifty years have been to us.
We look forward to fifty more.

— Unknown

9. 50 only comes once

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Your 50th year
Is an incredible time
So take full advantage
Of your amazing prime

And celebrate life,
The tears and successes
That have brought you to where you are
And all your life possesses

With the lessons, you’ve gained
And the wisdom you share
Every soul you touch
knows how deeply you care

You’ve made incredible leaps.
In your fulfilling career
Building strength upon strength
And year upon year

So enjoy this year
And say “Yes” a lot
Fifty only comes once
So give it your best shot!

— Unknown

10. Here’s to 50 more

Welcome to being 50!
You’ve reached a special point.
Some will never make it to,
But you didn’t disappoint.

You’ve conquered many an obstacle.
You’ve achieved many a dream.
You’re greying at the temples.
And your eyes still have a gleam.

You’re entering another phase,
It’s one you’ll love the most.
An amazing time of freedom!
So I’d like to make a toast…

To a man that we all know
And who all of us adore,
Congratulations on your 50 years,
And here’s to 50 more.


11. The best time of your life

The best time of your life
Will start from here on
Of many happy memories
This is just the dawn
The most exciting patch
Of life, you will now see
I wish you good health and happiness
As you celebrate turning a golden fifty

— Vez

Funny 50th Birthday Poems

If you share a good rapport with your friend or family member, share funny poems that can take everyone through a lighthearted and humorous vein of this significant milestone.

12. A Living Success

Welcome to the beginning,
of youth of old age.
Wrinkles and hair loss,
have escaped from their cage.

To look back at the past,
there’s no rational aim.
Gravity is winning,
the fight with your frame.

This 50th celebration,
was not a request.
For family and friends,
It’s simply a test.

All of your moves,
They’ll examine precisely,
and measure your waistline,
not very nicely.

From this day forward,
if you showcase ambition.
You’ll certainly require
the doctor’s permission.

Just take it easy; there’s no need to stress.
In the 17th century,
you’d be a living success.

— Unknown

13. Over The Hill

You’re over the hill,
So take a pill.
Aches and pains,
Always complains.

Supermarket clothes,
Everyone knows.
Children’s taxi service,
Won’t make you nervous.

Youth of old age,
Demand the best wage.
Relax and chill,
You’re over the hill.

— Martin Dejnicki

14. All Grown Up

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You’ve just turned 50!
You’re finally all grown up.
And ready to party!
Here are your slippers
And your favorite robe.
How about a heating pad
For your back and hip?
A warm glass of milk
For your troubled tummy,
A glass for your teeth,
And a cushion for your seat.
Hope this Birthday is nice and quiet.
At your age, you need your rest.

— Natasha Niemi

15. At 50

Empathy, the greatest virtue of all,
Memorable situations to recall.
Have no shame; if you don’t know,
With humble honesty, you will glow.

Odds of keeping an open mind,
Same as the waistline, that is kind.
Actions stronger than words,
Don’t need to follow the herds.

Never gave up on your kids,
Learned to pick, the right forbids.
Finally, the puzzle came together,
You survived intensive weather.

— Unknown

16. Big “Five-O”

You have made it to the big “Five-O,”
Born and raised many ages ago.
Tried to influence at least a million,
Mirror succeeded, only one civilian.

Now at fifty, you might need a cane,
Trade it for your aging brain.
Cannot decipher, without reading glasses,
All those discounted subways passes.

Adult diapers, you must invest,
Extra layers we suggest.
So many candles on that cake,
If you count, I won’t stay awake.

Don’t worry; you’re not losing your mind,
If you forget, I’ll try to remind.
After fifty years; still immature,
Unfortunately, they don’t have a cure.

— Martin Dejnicki

17. Happy Half! 00

Turning 5-0 is nothing to fear!
It all goes downhill from here.
You’ll soak your teeth next to your bed
You’ll thin out atop your head
You’ll slow down and hate loud things.
Your underarms will look like wings.
You’ll never have to wait in line.
You’ll even make a Tom Jones shrine!
Happy half a hundred! Happy Half a lifetime!

— Kayla Metoxen

18. Hill Climber

Image: IStock

I bet you never thought 50 would come
on your doorstep like a ghost of the future.
Yet it’s arrived, and just like a bad dream,
it beckons you over the hill (like an aging loser).

But, the uphills climb’s done, now you’re treading the top,
and the top means you’re done age-fighting.
And when all your friends are climbing up the same hill,
You’ll be flying your way back down it!

Happy birthday, hill-climber.

— Heather Spiva

19. A Delightful Age

I look at my hands; liver-spotted, blue-veined
and muse on the taste of the cheese by that name.
I ponder and think of one thing and another
and the face in the mirror that looks like my mother.

I go to Tai Chi for balance and hope
I don’t get Alzheimer’s and try to elope
with the neighbor’s hubby who tidies my garden,
(he says it will help stop his arteries harden)

I don’t need home help; I can still climb a ladder
the heart’s a bit “dickey,” and so is the bladder.
If this is old age, then it’s pretty good value, so pour me a wine and pass the Sudoku.

— Deryn Pittar

20. Not Quite Over the Hill

Over the hill is what they used to say,
To anyone celebrating a 50th birthday.

Don’t listen to anything that you’re told,
Being 50 is great; you’re not really so old.

Just ‘cause your knees are weak doesn’t mean you’re getting old,
And if your hand’s a little shaky, it’s still nice enough to hold.

So your hair’s a little thinner, don’t waste time worrying about that.
So your waist is a bit thicker; you’re just more cuddly with a little fat.

And even if your gums are starting to recede,
You can always buy more teeth if you really feel the need.

So don’t fret about turning 50, don’t face the day with dread,
‘Cause age is just a number, and it’s all inside your head.

You’re really still as young as you believe yourself to be,
So embrace the fact you’re 50 and celebrate with glee.

— Unknown

21. Birthday Math

Fifty years have come and gone
since the day that you were born.

Half a century, or five decades,
is the amount of time that it equates.

Yet, no matter how much has changed,
the math remains the same.

But why worry about the amount of the number
when you cannot ever be a second younger?

For no one can subtract years or time.
In fact, they will keep on multiplying.

Understand that each year that you live,
you and the world have been given a gift.

And for this, we should celebrate.
So I’ll begin by saying, “Happy Birthday!”

— Kathy J. Rabon

22. Welcome to 50

It’s not very young
nor is it old.
It’s just in the middle
or so we are told.

Still, I am younger
and so thrilled to be,
I’m glad you are 50
and that it’s not me!
— Sandy Stert Benjamin

23. Turning the Big 5-0

The big 5-0 is finally here,
Yes, you’re turning 50 this year.
50 years of hopes and dreams,
Rainy days, and golden sunbeams,
Turning 50 is not so bad, it seems.
Take a look back on all you’ve achieved so far.
A family that loves you, and thinks you’re a star,
Friends who have proven themselves through the years,
By standing beside you through laughter and tears.
Turning 50 is really quite good, it appears.
—- Unknown,

24. He’s 50

“Wow – 50,” he thought.
Guess I ought
Not be too sad
No, I should be glad!
For I still have
my health, my smarts, and my teeth!
I can still play, think well, and eat!!!
Oh, wish for youth
So free and strong?
Hmmm…NO, better to
Be “in the now”
Where I belong!
— Helena Angell

25. Because You’re 50

F is for how fabulous everyone thinks you are.
I is for how interesting all your experiences have made you.
F is also for the fun you bring into everyone’s lives.
T is for how the tender way you show people that you care.
Y is for just being you, the person that everyone adores.
—- Unknown

26. 50 is Nifty!

Happy Birthday..you are 50!
Isn’t that so very nifty?
Half a century has gone by.
Since you were a gleam in your daddy’s eye.
Hope the next 50 years are grand
Before the good Lord takes you by the hand
and leads you to the promised land!
— Amelia

27. Fifty to Remember

Happy birthday, time for reflection,
All those years, journeys collection.
Fifty years, cease to serve,
Unwind; and simply observe.
Special memories, certainly share,
We shall listen, and compare.
Forgotten photos; recollect,
With curious eyes, let us inspect.
A life you chose, we won’t judge,
Smile exuberance, or we shall nudge.
Flew by, in the first half,
In the second, might need a staff.
— Martin Dejnicki

28. A Hopeful Century of Health

Half a decade,
…and still no hearing aid.
No broken hips or broken shoulder blades.
Just another chapter for a few more of life’s crusades.
So without any further delay,
…Happy birthday!
— Rob Proietti

29. Turning 50

Now that you’re 50 and “Old as the hills”,
Do you need a reminder when it’s “time for your pills”?
Do you often forget what you’re going to say?
Do your bones seem to creek at the end of the day?
And by the end of the week your bones so filled with pain,
That you can actually predict when it’s going to rain?
Are your affairs up-to-date, I suggest you inquire,
After all, pretty soon you’ll be forced to retire.
But, you can always work part-time and still be a leader,
Maybe working at Wal-Mart as an official “Greeter”.
All kidding, of course, you’re still young and spry…
But, do the thought of the “old days” bring a tear to your eye?
Or, does it just make you smile as you recall all the fun?
You know? In the old days? When you used to be young?
— Lori St. Clair-Castillo

30. The Denial

Big and bold,
The age it seems is old,
many people don’t get there,
so with you we want to share,
that you are there,
Go on wear the 50 badge I dare…YOU
— Unknown

31. The Gifts You Have Given Us

Turning 50 is quite an occasion
So we really want to say,
How we truly feel about you
On this very special day.
Thank you for the wisdom
That you shared all through the years.
Thanks for all the times that you
Talked away our fears.
Thanks for being there for us
To console us through our tears,
And share the many happy times
That we’ve enjoyed over the years.
We have some gifts to give you,
But they never can compare,
To the gifts that you have given us,
Just letting us know you, and the love you share.
—- Unknown

32. Officially Old

Happy 50th, you are officially old,
Ages ago, you used to be bold.
A little reminder, of a time gone by,
The things you did, most did not try.
You called it brilliant, we knew it was insane,
Nothing deterred you, not even pain.
Courageous, determined, with a single fear,
Regret for not trying; never adhere.
Now you’ve mastered, the art of bald,
Unsuccessfully, nature stalled.
Do not worry, it’s just decay,
Soon we’ll all be, insects prey.
Happy 50th, you are officially old,
Turn around, I see some mold.
Not keeping track, can’t count that high,
Internally youthful; intend to – imply
— Martin Dejnicki

33. Happy Birthday!

When you start to see your youth fade,
And your looks have seen better days,
I’ll be here to say you’re pretty,
Even when your nose hair is gray.
You may not be over the hill,
But you say “in my day” too much,
When you’re not clubbing at Costco,
You’re napping right after brunch.
You may be older than you think,
But you still have lots more time,
Celebrate each and every day,
Just don’t nod off before nine.
— Kevin Nishmas

34. You’re Turning Fifty

They say you’re turning fifty,
On this birthday.
(That is when.)

To me, instead,
It looks like
You’ll be 39 again.
You’re looking a bit younger
Like you’re turning back the page.
The most important thing is that
You NEVER act your age!
— Denise Rodgers

35. Indeed, today you are older

Indeed, today you are older,
And being a youth isn’t something cheap,
So do away with all those unnecessary parties,
And just get your beauty sleep. Happy birthday to you!
— Unknown

36. Fifty Birthdays

Fifty birthdays,
Fifty years,
Fifty parties,
Fifty cheers,
Fifty’s happy.
Fifty’s bold.
Fifty’s you,
And you are old!
— Denise Rodgers

37. Another Year

I’m wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,
And when your birthday’s done,

I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to me,
More than you can know.
— Joanna Fuchs, poemsource.com

38. Turning 50 is Not So Bad

Turning 50 is kind of nifty
When you consider the alternative.
You’re not pushing daisies or feeding the worms,
You still have a lot of life left to live.

So make the most of your golden years,
Take time to see the sights and travel.
Better to roll down the highway now,
While you’re above, not beneath, the gravel.
— Unknown

39. Fifty Candles

Fifty candles on your cake.
Surely there’s a big mistake.
What a fire!
What a flame!
Your many years are all to blame.
So call the firemen.
Phone or shout.
Or, quickly,
Blow those candles out!
— Denise Rodgers

40. Age and Elegance

Fifty candles glow, illuminating night,
Celebrating a soul, our shining light.
With such a creaky knee, yet spirit so bright,
Happy 50th Birthday, keep up your fight,
Age is but a number, taking flight.
—- Unknown

41. Here they come

Here they come, with birthday cheer,
Bringing gifts just once a year,
People you don’t even like;
You really wish they’d take a hike.
This should be a glad occasion;
But it seems more like a SWAT invasion.
Go away! Just take a break!
Oh well, at least there’s the birthday cake.
— Joanna Fuchs

42. 50th Truth

Thinning hair,
Cannot be fair.
Bags under eyes,
Make you wise.
Extra pounds,
Join the clowns.
Varicose veins,
Feel like chains.
At 50 years,
Dismiss your fears.
Just like wine,
Complex and fine.
— Martin Dejnicki

43. The Best Shot

Fifty candles, quite the spot,
Give life your best, your best shot.
Advantage is yours, fret you not,
Happy 50th Birthday, love you a lot,
In the tapestry of life, you’re the best knot!
— Unknown

44. Wonderful Person

You’re wonderful and fifty, in your prime,
Like an old cheese, you’re simply sublime!
We’ll ignore the balding, it’s not a crime,
To another fifty, let’s chime!
—- Unknown

45. Friendship

I never thought our friendship would last so long
But we wax stronger daily
In my eye, you can’t be wrong
That’s because you are not a thorn. Haha!
Happy Birthday!
— Unknown

Note: The poems in this collection are not original works of MomJunction but have been sourced from various authors. No claim of ownership is being made by us. Credit has been given wherever the details were available. If you are the original author of any poem and wish to have it credited or removed, please contact us. We value the creative rights of authors and will address your request promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some tips for delivering a 50th birthday poem?

You can personally write and attach it to a gift; if there is a party, you can read the poetry aloud in front of the birthday person and the guests. You can record it and send it as a video message if you are away.

2. Are there any special considerations for writing a 50th birthday poem?

When writing a 50th birthday poem, try to write the life journey of the birthday boy or girl. In short, try to mention their personal and professional accomplishments and achievements in life. Express love and gratitude in as short a time as possible.

3. How can someone make 50th birthday poems more personal?

Personalize it by composing an original poem and having it handwritten. You may also add elements of expressions in the poem that only the recipient may understand.

If your friend or a family member has just completed half a century of their life, then this list of thoughtful 5oth birthday poems can be one of the best gifts. Celebrate their successful 50 years with a heartfelt, penned-down poem. You may also pair it with a gift or a bouquet to make it extra special and make their day more memorable. Pick one that fits best according to you and surprise them with your poetic side.

Surprise your loved one on their 50th birthday with a heartfelt poem! Watch this video to find the perfect poem for their special day.

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