5 Months Pregnant: Symptoms, Baby Development And Ultrasound

5 Months Pregnant

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Welcome to the fifth month of your pregnancy. And be ready to receive a series of compliments on your cute muffin top, glowing skin, and endearing demeanor of a mommy-to-be!

This month marks the onset of your pregnant appearance. You will be in your second trimester. You would have also had your first ultrasound scan by now. The fifth-month feeling is nothing short of a surreal experience, showing you the first glimpses of your precious one inside. MomJunction helps you understand the fifth month, the body changes that occur, and the precautions you must take now! Read on.

What Happens In The Fifth Month Of Pregnancy?

Your baby is undergoing a major growth spurt in the fifth-month pregnancy, and your abdomen stretches faster to accommodate them. By the end of this month, you are almost half way into the pregnancy, must gear up for new changes.

Here are some significant body changes you can expect in the fifth month in terms of physical adjustments (1):

1. Gravity changes due to growing belly:

Your growing bump and the extra weight will put pressure on your back. Your center of gravity is changing and you need to consciously maintain a good posture to avoid muscle strain on the back.

2. Pressurized sciatic nerve:

Your sciatic nerve will start to feel the pressure. The nerve runs from your spine, through your buttocks to your legs. The increasing weight of the baby inside the uterus will compress against this nerve, causing discomfort. Now is when a comfortable sleep arrangement becomes a must.

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3. Abdominal weight:

You will find it extremely relieving to wear a pregnancy girdle to support the weight of your abdomen. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed to use it one, if required.

4. Pigmentation:

Some women develop pigmentation because of the hormonal surge, which will also affect your vision. However, these changes are temporary.

5. A considerable increase in breast-size:

Your breasts will swell considerably, increasing in size, and you may have to buy a prenatal bra for added comfort.

6. Changes in belly skin:

The skin around the belly will stretch and tighten, making you feel itchy. You can use a mild moisturizer, which can hydrate your skin and relieve itching. But ensure that you check with your doctor before using any product.

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7. Striae of pregnancy:

Stretch marks usually occur during the fifth month, as the skin stretches. The white, red, or purple lines appear on breasts, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms as these parts are prone to expansion. Stretch marks should not be a matter of concern as they reduce after pregnancy.

8. Varicose veins (spider veins):

Fine marks appear on the lower leg portions due to increased blood volume and pressure. The excess blood pools in the veins giving rise to blue or red lines. Keeping your feet elevated, resting towards the left side, wearing supportive stocking, and walking regularly will help relieve the leg pain and discomfort caused by varicose veins (2).

Some of these changes such as stretch marks or growing tummy are not very troublesome. But certain signs are.

Signs And Symptoms Of Fifth-Month Pregnancy:

The below symptoms could be anything from uneasy to difficult:

  • Fatigue
  • Backache
  • Headaches
  • Brittle nails
  • Bleeding gums
  • Increased appetite
  • Shortness of breath
  • Absent-mindedness
  • White vaginal discharge
  • Achy feet and swollen ankles
  • Gas, constipation, and heartburn
  • Dizziness or light-headed feeling
  • Nasal congestion and nose bleeding
  • Sudden hot flashes, and palms may develop red lines
  • Mood swings

You may also experience strange fears of becoming a parent (3), and it is quite normal!

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But, the plus side to all these annoying changes is that you can now measure your slowly-growing belly and see how big is a baby at 5 months.

What Is The Belly And Baby Size In The Fifth-Month?

The fifth-month pregnant belly resembles the size of a football. By the end of the month, the baby will be eight to twelve inches, with a normal baby weight being one-and-a-half pound (4).

Your baby is on a growth spurt in the fifth-month, and your abdomen stretches to accommodate her (5).

What Is The Belly And Baby Size In The Fifth-Month

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Let us now tell you about the changes that the baby undergoes in the womb. Having knowledge of this would help you understand your subsequent scan reports.

Baby At Five Months in The Womb

This is the most exciting part as your baby will undergo some rapid development and is almost close to the size it would be at birth, The changes you will notice in the baby are: (6)

  • Your baby’s weight doubles in the last two weeks of the fifth month.
  • The blood vessels will be visible inside your baby’s translucent skin
  • The legs will be disproportionate to the rest of the body, as they will be longer than the arms and are flexed at the knees and ankles.
  • Ossification of bones will continue with calcium depositing regularly on them.
  • Your baby’s reproductive system will now be certainly developed. If it’s a girl, she will have ovaries containing as many as three million eggs, which is a lifetime’s supply. In case of a boy, his testicles are still sitting high up in the abdomen.
  • The nipples will be more prominent on your baby’s chest.
  • Your baby’s primary and deciduous teeth will be formed in the gums. The fluoride that you will consume via water every day will help boost the development of tooth enamel.
  • Your baby now possesses unique fingerprints.
  • The kidneys are fully functional by the end of month five. Your baby will also be producing urine that forms a fair share of the amniotic fluid.
  • Your baby’s skin will be covered in vernix caseosa, a white greasy substance, which protects the baby’s skin once the baby is born.
  • Endocrine and neural systems start functioning and control the body development.
  • Brain function improves and performs complicated functions.
  • Your baby is now fully expressive -it can stretch, yawn, and make cute faces.
  • The baby responds to your sounds – it can hear your voice, your heartbeat, and music.
  • Talking to your baby from this point can help them recognize familiar sounds after birth.
Baby At Five Months in The Womb

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As mentioned earlier, it is important for you to know these changes. This will keep you abreast with all the developmental changes and you will have more clarity in your OB/GYN visit.

What To Expect During Your OB/GYN Visit?

During your fifth month visit, you can expect your doctor to conduct the following (7):

  • Abdominal examination
  • Test for size and height of uterus
  • Weight and blood pressure checkups
  • Breast and skin examination
  • Examination of swollen hands, legs, and veins
  • Baby’s heartbeat
  • Fetal activity – its movements and what it feels like
  • You will be asked to keep track of fetal movements
  • You can also discuss your concerns

Medical tests:

  • Blood and hemoglobin level tests
  • Urine tests for checking any infection, sugar, and protein levels
  • Glucose tolerance tests, which are usually carried at the end of this month
  • Triple test known as AFP (alps-fetoprotein), hCG, estriol multipurpose test to rule out any fetal pathologies
  • Cordocentesis for diagnosing chromosomal abnormalities where baby’s blood is withdrawn. This is done after the 18th-week pregnancy.

5 Months pregnancy ultrasound:

The first ultrasound is done in the fifth-month of pregnancy. Also known as anomaly scan, the detailed ultrasound scan helps you know the gestation age, baby health, and checks for any deformities. It is an amazing feeling to know that your baby is growing and developing without any problems.

Your doctor will know the baby’s gender by now.

While the tests and procedures will ensure that there are no problems and the pregnancy is sailing smoothly, you should be careful from your end.

Here is a video by Board Certified OB-GYN, Dorothy Min, M.D. from Downtown Women NYC. This can help you learn more about how is your baby changing and growing through the fifth month of pregnancy.

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Precautions During TheFifth-Month Of Pregnancy:

Your new mantra for the fifth-month pregnancy care is simple – relax and cushion up! Below are a few dos and don’ts for this month (4):


  1. Managing rashes: You may be prone to rashes during pregnancy, especially in areas such as the underarms, groin, and under the breasts. This is caused mostly due to the heat. Taking a shower will help soothe the rashes that will eventually go away.
  1. Sleeping positions: With the sudden growing belly, it will be difficult for you to sleep in a usual position. It is best to sleep on your left side, where the circulation is good for you and your baby. Use a pregnancy pillow in between your legs for support and to relieve pressure.
  1. Comfortable clothing: You would have invested in the maternity wear by this time (if you haven’t, please do!). Your abdomen is growing round fast, and your pre-pregnancy clothes may not accommodate the bump. Select soft fabrics such as cotton and linen. Opting for light/pastel colors will keep your mood pleasant.
  1. Fiber diet: You will continue to battle constipation and the threat of hemorrhoids. Hence, consume high fiber diet as you did in the earlier months of pregnancy. Having a smooth bowel movement is a must while you deal with other discomforts such as back pain and varicose veins.

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  1. Good posture: Maintain good posture at all times. Whether you are at home or work, take occasional breaks from sitting for long hours. Sit straight on your chair while at work with a proper back support.
  1. Health and fitness: Continue doing stretches and exercises. If you have a trainer, she may direct you with newer postures to suit the growing bump and keep you comfortable. Make sure you don’t over-strain. If you feel tired, lie down in the rest rooms, or the sick rooms. Take power naps, as they can be quite helpful. Safe exercises and yoga stretches include walking, Kegels, and pelvic rock stretches. However, find out form your doctor if you can exercise.
  1. Have a positive mind: Do not dwell on ‘what if?’ scenarios and fear about the future! While we understand that you have to go through an ordeal tackling those heavy mood swings, a good book or soothing music can come to your aid. Make sure that you spend time in the company of your loved ones as it manifests a sense of security and optimism.
  1. Sleeping posture: Continue to sleep to the left side for healthy circulation of blood to your uterus. Use a couple of pillows to keep your back and legs cushioned. Use a pregnancy pillow, which you can buy in any leading maternity stores.

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  1. Increased appetite: You will feel hungrier than before. There will be weird food cravings and the occasional urge to binge. Stock up your refrigerator with healthy food such as fruits, vegetables, and juices so that you eat right. Avoid junk food as much as possible as this will only worsen your nausea and may even cause gastritis.
  1. Talk to your baby: This is when you start communicating with your baby. You will be amazed to see some immediate responses coming back to you in the form of movements and kicks. You are going to love this feeling (8).


  1. Avoid sudden reflexes: Do not stand or sit suddenly. If you do, it will cause an automatic drop in your blood pressure that can result in dizziness and fainting. So take it easy and slow.
  1. No alcohol, no caffeine: You should understand that you are responsible towards your baby. So, steer clear of these addictions. Even passive smoking is dangerous for your little one in the womb (9).
  1. Avoid picking your toddler: If you are pregnant for the second time and already have a baby who is still a toddler, you will have to make efforts to train your first one to be a little independent. Picking up your child is not advised against your growing bump. Use a pram frequently.
  1. Do not apply pressure: Lifting heavy objects is out of the question; however, if you are a mother with zero support system, this cannot be avoided. In such scenarios, lift the weights with the strength of your quadriceps in your thighs and the biceps in your arms. No pressure to be put on the center of your body.
  1. No phobias!  Parenting is a huge responsibility. You are prone to feel doubtful, scared, and anxious especially in the first pregnancy. Talk to your partner and gynecologist and express your fears. You can look up a few online pregnancy or parenting forums. These ease your situation a bit as the inputs will cheer you up.

In spite of all the precautions, it is possible that a few issues may crop up. But, remember, there’s always help.

Issues In The Fifth Month Of Pregnancy:

Starting this month, it is all about looking after you. However, some concerns require immediate doctor’s attention.

  • Rapid pulse
  • Severe pain in the lower back
  • Increased mucus discharge from vagina
  • Spasms and swelling in the legs
  • Frequent episodes of fainting

Ensure that you see your doctor as soon as any of these signs show up. You wouldn’t want to compromise on an otherwise healthy pregnancy.

The fifth month can be quite a happy time, in spite of all the difficulties. Your baby will respond to your sound and also, you are closer to seeing your baby. Stay happy, relaxed, and keep yourself stress-free. That is the most important thing at this juncture.

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Don’t forget to share your fifth-month experiences with our other readers.

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