8 things that happen during the first six months of a relationship

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What seemed like a distant dream is now a reality. You married the love of your life to spend glorious days together as husband and wife. And just like that, with the blink of an eye, it has been six months of marriage already.

Popularly known as the ‘honeymoon stage,’ the first six months are a beautiful part of your journey. It is that time when you and your partner agree on everything (despite some disagreements). The sex is great, and you forget the world and spend days and nights in each other’s company.

But, eventually, the reality sets in. The fact that your partner is not perfect may dawn upon you. Six months into a relationship gives you enough insight into the relationship to make it a long-lasting one.

In this post, we tell you all that can happen within the first six months of a relationship, including the problems that you might face, how to deal with them, and ways to celebrate your six-month milestone.

Why Is The Six-Month Milestone Important?

There is something magical about the first six months after marriage. You are excited that the beginning of your life together is like a white canvas that can be painted with colors of your choice!

Amidst the excitement of the newly married life, you also learn a few valuable lessons. You learn to tolerate a whole new set of annoying habits, navigate through a nasty fight, and come out strong.

If you have crossed the six months mark with lots of happy memories and a few setbacks, then you’ve reached a significant milestone in your relationship. You are no longer blinded by love but are still in love with each other.

Things That Might Happen During The First Six Months Of Marriage

Your life could go through many changes during the first six months of marriage. Some changes could be uncomfortable, while some will be magical.

  1. You will experience the joy of marrying your partner, your favorite person. You will feel lucky to have someone you call ‘mine’ in your life every day. And when the relationship brings the best in both of you, the quality of life increases.
  1. You would want to spend most of your time together. You want to talk to them about everything, and wouldn’t want work or family to disrupt your privacy or ‘alone time’. Even the silence between you would be comfortable; you’re just happy being with each other and need no distractions or entertainment.
  1. After getting married, you get to know each other better. You find out about your partner’s obsessions, habits, and such intimate things. You will be comfortable opening up about sensitive things such as how crazy your family is, or the troubles you faced as a child. Both you and your partner feel safe enough to disclose anything in confidence.
  1. You become comfortable with each other. Of course, you were comfortable earlier too, but after the six months milestone, the comfort level will reach a whole new level. For example, you wouldn’t mind waking up with messy hair or sharing a toilet. You discuss gross stuff and are okay with it.
    Your relationship is now at a phase where you prefer things to be real rather than presentable or nice. You also do not hide your weaknesses or quirky habits. Whether it is your fear of horror movies or your unmanageable craving for chocolate, you will be okay letting your partner know about them.
  1. You will have a few serious fights. This is the downside of getting comfortable with each other. You no longer have to pretend to like things you dislike or face uncomfortable situations for the sake of your partner. This could get you both into some serious arguments, but then, you both will also learn how not to sweat the little things but function as a couple even with unresolved issues.
  1. You don’t mind being vulnerable with each other. Gone are the days when you both used to hide flaws and pretend to be perfect all the time. Now, you don’t mind shedding a tear or have an ugly cry in front of your partner.
  1. Your family just got bigger. Marriage is a union of not only two people, but also two families. You visit your new family for the holidays or meet them once a week or month over dinner. Your families may also be happy to spend time together and see you grow as a couple.
  1. You will feel your partner is ‘the one.’ Your instinct will tell you that you are with the right person. There will be many incidents which will make you go “aww…. he likes me a lot,” or “God! She is mine!” and the best part is your partner will also feel the same.

The honeymoon phase is sweet, but it will only last for a limited period. Even though things will no longer be as peachy as before, you will be glad that you got to experience that rollercoaster ride only to come out much stronger.

However, not all couples find themselves in a strong relationship after the honeymoon phase. For some, the initial attraction might fade away soon as reality starts to catch up. And they find themselves making some unintentional mistakes.

8 Relationship Problems You Are Likely To Encounter Within Six Months Of Marriage

Sometimes, you will end up doing things that can sabotage the relationship, and turn things bitter within these six months. Here are eight problems couples might face during the honeymoon period.

  1. Assuming things: When your partner does something that upsets you, talk to them, and understand their perspective. The first rule is not to assume things, because most of the times, the reality could be completely different from what you’ve imagined.
  1. Insecurities: You might sometimes wonder if your partner really loves you. Though they love you, they may not be able to express it all the time. Do not let your insecurities get the best of you and start doubting your relationship.
    Such doubts are normal during the initial stages of your relationship when you are still getting to know each other.
  1. Spying: If there is no need to doubt your partner, then do not go snooping around and questioning their every move. If your partner feels that you do not trust them, it could change the equation in your relationship. While it is foolishness to ignore serious infidelity, it is equally bad to suspect without any reason.
  1. Not putting effort: A relationship will flourish if both the partners put in the effort. So, do not stop doing your bit to make your partner happy or make the relationship exciting. Also, never take each other for granted.
  1. Trying to figure it all out: This is the start to a beautiful journey, so do not freak out if you both haven’t figured out when to have kids, or how to take care of finances. It is good to begin planning kids and finances prior to marriage, so you do not have to rush through them after the marriage.
  1. Not expressing affection: Locking your love in your heart and expecting your partner to know about it is a quick way to sabotage the relationship. Never withhold love and affection after a fight; try to forgive and move on.
  1. Using sex to cover up: Physical intimacy will be exciting during the honeymoon phase, but that must not be used as an answer to everything. If you had a serious fight, then it is best to have an open conversation rather than skip it and get into bed.
  1. Lying to yourself: If you are saying yes to your partner and no to yourself, then you are heading into trouble. Never compromise on things which really matter to you. If you find your partner flirting with a coworker, do not ignore it and pretend your relationship is all rosy.

The six-month mark is crucial in a relationship as it lets you form a good first impression on your marriage. If you love each other, then with a little patience and thoughtfulness, you can create some lasting memories together in the initial months.

Ways To Celebrate Your Six-Month Anniversary

Whether you were confident of crossing this milestone with ease or are surprised and amazed that you made it this far, you have a reason to celebrate. So, keep reading for some lovely celebration ideas.

  1. Revisit your first date: Go to the same cafe or recreate that special moment that brought you together.
  1. Go on six dates: Treat yourself by going to six fancy restaurants, each a day on the final six days leading to your six-month anniversary.
  1. Get cooking: Team up and cook a 6-course meal to honor your achievements.
  1. Sitcom marathon: Fans of Big Bank Theory or Game Of Thrones? Set up a 6-hour marathon, cuddle, and enjoy.
  1. Plant a sapling: Plant a tree (probably a fruit-bearing one) and watch it continue to bloom along with your relationship.
  1. Plan a road trip: To mark the success of your relationship, plan a road trip of either six days or to cover six places.
  1. Your wish is my command’: Give each other six minutes time in which you can ask the other anything, and they have to do it (this is where things get funny or spicy).
  1. Relaxing with love: Book a 6-hour long spa package, relax with your loved one, and forget the world.
  1. Relive the first date: Get into the character, or swap your roles and recreate your first date.
  1. Try out sport: To make it even more special, take up some sport that is of interest to both of you.

Celebrate your love together and create memories. Love is not always enough for a celebration. Sometimes, you need gifts and rewards too.

Six-Month Anniversary Gift Ideas

Here are a few individual gifting ideas for a six-month wedding anniversary.

Gift Ideas For Him

  1. Create a love hamper- include a 3D greeting card, a message in a bottle, chocolates, a cute picture of you both, etc. fill the basket with gifts and of course your love.
  1. Order a cake- get his favorite cake, cut it together, and celebrate.
  1. Create a fridge magnet with a picture from your first date.
  1. Customize a coffee mug with the pictures of you and him.
  1. Gift him six shirts or t-shirts

Gift Ideas For Her

  1. Gift her six bouquets, each one on one day until the final day of your anniversary.
  1. Make a collage of six of your pictures.
  1. Buy matching pajamas sets and wear them with her.
  1. Give her a nice handbag and perfume.
  1. If she likes crafts, then gift her a crafts kit.

The first six months in a relationship are magical. They could go awry if you don’t pay attention to the little things. Use the first six months to love and understand each other. Make the most of it as this precious time, which can turn your budding relationship into a strong, lasting one, will never come back.

How was your relationship in the first six months of your marriage? Let us know in the comments section below.