45+ Short And Funny 60th Birthday Poems

60th birthday is a remarkable landmark in a person’s life. You may wish your special one on their special day with 60th birthday poems. Completing six decades on earth calls for a moment to reminisce about the memories of times gone by and to look forward to life ahead with jubilation. Express all your lovely wishes and earnest gratitude to your loved one and pay homage to them with the help of these heart-touching poems. Let your lovely birthday wishes fill their hearts with happiness and wonderful moments. So, read on to choose a memorable 60th birthday wish in the form of poems as a tribute for them. Your close ones will surely cherish these heartfelt greetings.

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Poems To Celebrate 60th Birthday

Here are some 60th birthday poems that you can share to convey your love, appreciation, care, concern, and love to the person close to your heart.

1. You might be a sexagenarian

You might be a sexagenarian.
But you have the heart of a tricenarian
Despite being older
Your heart remains younger
Take delight in your new age
And enjoy your life’s new page
Happy 60th birthday!


2. Sixty Seems Like

Sixty seems like such a big number
Almost like a time of slumber.
But looking at you that will not be
Turning 60 and so happy.

You say you don’t feel your age
It is just another life stage.
You say you’re wiser now
You won’t act 60, you vow.

And then, there are those
Who start to decompose
At a younger age than you.
You act and look young, that is true!

Today they say the new sixty
Is forty, and we think that is nifty.
60 may be the years you have alive
But you continue to thrive.

So on this 60th birthday, we wish
For you nothing but happiness.
We celebrate and thank God above
For you, and for all your love.

Have a happy, happy birthday
Live each and every day.
We celebrate this special day
And we love you in every way!

— Catherine Pulsifer

3. Six decades of life

Six decades of life
You have lived so fine
There is no reason for you
To complain or whine
Your life has become
A perfect example
Of what it takes to be
An ideal role model
Happy 60th birthday!


4. Priceless Antique

Her birthday adds to the mystique,
Of how she maintains her physique.
That cute little girl grew into a pearl,
And now she’s a priceless antique.

— Bill French, special-birthday-poems.com

5. A Toast To Sixty

You may worry about the lines on your face
But you have only aged with beauty and grace.

Sixty is the age of peace and serenity
An age where you have built your legacy.

Let’s raise our glasses to all these wonderful years
May the next chapter be void of tears or fears!

— Unknown

6. Happy birthday, my love

Happy 60th birthday to my love and my wife

Image: IStock

Happy 60th birthday to my love and my wife!
It’s hard to believe all the years we have shared in this life!
You are beautiful, intelligent and a jewel that is rare,
And you are funny and bright and a woman who really cares.
I could not have made it without you here by my side,
And I look forward to all the years we still have together as we stride
Into the future, together we will go,
I love you more each day, darling, I want you to know!
Happy 60th Birthday to my love, my wife, a woman so fair!
On your special day I want you to know just how much I care!

—Tim Seeger

7. Celebrating Your 60th Birthday

Is it sixty already?
Your fifty felt like yesterday.
The years have tiptoed in silence,
While you enjoyed your life.
Cheers to years of everlasting glory,
Cheers to a new innings in life.
Happy 60th birthday, my dearie!

— N. Pravenchandra Singh

8. Diamond

At sixty, you are shining so bright
A short poem for you I wanted to write.
May you stay beautiful and kind
Year after year.
May you retain your spirit’s
Energy and zest.
As you turn sixty,
We celebrate you
For being the best at whatever you do.

— Unknown

9. Today is your 60th birthday

Today is your 60th birthday.
And it’s a marvelous milestone.
I hope this day fills you with all the beautiful memories of yesterday
You have come a long way
You have covered so many glorious miles
And lit countless faces with smiles
May happiness be your companion as you celebrate this special day.


10. Colors

You have painted life with every hue
Each year your canvas grew and grew.
Sixty years of colors in your palette.
Each brushstroke is a masterpiece
May the joy in your life never cease.

— Unknown

11. Here’s to 60 more

Welcome to being 60!
You’ve reached a special point.
Some will never make it to,
But you didn’t disappoint.

You’ve conquered many an obstacle.
You’ve achieved many a dream.
You’re greying at the temples.
And your eyes still have a gleam.

You’re entering another phase,
It’s one you’ll love the most.
An amazing time of freedom!
So I’d like to make a toast…

To a man that we all know
And who all of us adore,
Congratulations on your 60 years,
And here’s to many more.


12. The Child In You

Don’t let the child in you die
Turning 60 is not reason to cry.
Delight and celebrate the age you are
You have more years, you can go far.

Age is not a reason to stop
Enjoy the candy and lollipops.
Continue to find fun things to do
Age is not a reason to be blue.

Happy 60th birthday to you
The child in you, is certainly not through
Light up those candles on the cake
Another year to celebrate, another year to take!

— Catherine Pulsifer

13. Happy 60th birthday!

Here’s to your big day, my very special friend,
Enjoy it while it’s here
Because you’ll have to wait ten years
For your next milestone year.

Thinking back on sixty, you’ll
Turn back that mental clock
The grand young age will seem so nice
And seventy a shock.

“I was really limber then,”
You’ll say to everyone.

See, sixty is the prime of life
At least, from this point on.


14. Life’s Adventures

As the calendar’s pages keep turning
No matter how old, we keep learning.

Life is a storybook with chapters untold
A surprise for us every day to behold.

In every sunrise and setting sun’s embrace
There’s always a new adventure to chase.

And today, with sixty years in your bag.
We don’t mind hearing you brag.
— Unknown

15. Happy 60th Mommy

Even at this age
You are full of elegance
Teeming with inner beauty
That has permanence
Even at this age
You are full of verve
Your vivacity is what
You have managed to preserve
Even though one day
You will turn eighty
I want you to always
Stay like this, dear mommy
Happy 60th birthday!


16. The Sixties

Welcome to your sixties
The adventure has just begun
You’ve laughed,
You’ve cried,
You’ve been sassy,
You’ve been classy.
Through it all
You have won.
Sixty is just the start
Embrace this chapter with all of your heart.

— Unknown

17. On your Sixtieth year!

Happy Birthday to you!
On your Sixtieth year!
It’s time to celebrate,
And to spread the cheer!
You are amazing, kind, and wise!
No one could top you even if they tried!
Happy Birthday to a special person on her 60th Birthday!

— Tim Seeger

18. A Celebration

At sixty, you are glowing like the morning sun
Your spirit is still whimsical
Your heart is where you store all your fun
With gratitude, love, and giggles
A celebration feels just right
To celebrate in your honor tonight.

— Unknown

19. Retirement

60th birthday poems

Image: IStock

There are 60 candles on your cake.
What kind of wish will you make?
Are you going to soak up the sun?
Or just roam the world having fun?
No matter what you decide to do.
Just remember how much I love you.
Happy Birthday!


20. Birthday Blessings

Instead of counting candles,
Or tallying the years,
Contemplate your blessings now,
As your birthday nears.

Consider special people
Who love you, and who care,
And others who’ve enriched your life
Just by being there.

Think about the memories
Passing years can never mar,
Experiences great and small
That have made you who you are.

Another year is a happy gift,
So cut your cake, and say,
“Instead of counting birthdays,
I count blessings every day!”

— Joanna Fuchs, poemsource.com

21. Six decade journey

An invitation to a six-decade journey,
To disclose all the details, I’d need my attorney.
With memories of distant moments in time,
From zero to sixty, one heck of a climb.

Without you, all my joys, I could not proclaim,
For you have added, to my eternal flame.
As our inner seasons, extensively ranged,
Listening and advice we gladly exchanged.

Hope to continue on a thrilling new trip,
Bring plenty of faith onto the ship.
We won’t sail away until all are aboard,
Future experiences, click and record.

—Martin Dejnicki

22. Wrinkles And Gray Hair

When you’re sixty there are some things you cannot erase
Like the grays on your head and the wrinkles on your face.
But these are just proof of a life well-lived
They are etched with stories and memories
In every line, in every shade
Age is a wonderful journey, we all need to embrace.

— Unknown

23. Just a number

Sixty is more than just a number, you see.
You’ll also start to notice that creaky knee.
And when you drive.
People will begin to wonder if they’ll survive.
Even though your age grows yearly
But we still love you dearly.
Your eyes sparkle with that special gleam.
And you’ve helped us all achieve our dream.
Because we love you the most,
I wanted to give you this little birthday boast.

— Unknown

24. Age and Laughter

Happy birthday, you’re not getting old,
Stay in the game, it’s not time to fold.
Wrinkles and grey hair, are just a new look,
Countless experiences, you should write in a book.

A birthday is seldom, a serious occasion,
Try not to take it, like the d-day invasion.
Laughter and jokes are within sight,
Stock up on both, all through the night.

— Martin Dejnicki

25. 60th birthday poem

Sixty years of life you have had to live.
Sixty years of love you have had to give.
You are a man who always keeps his word.
You listen with your heart, never leaving one’s words unheard.
A blessing you are to all that you meet.
Kind you are to everyone, which is a difficult feat.
You are a gentleman with a beautiful soul.
You have filled my mother’s heart which was once broken but now whole.
Thank you for being a man a girl can always trust.
Thank you for showing me respect isn’t a maybe, but a must.
You are a man of faith, love, and sound mind.
You are a man who holds the qualities that, in others, are hard to find.
I am beyond blessed to call you “step” dad.
As I am equally blessed to have memories of the great times we’ve had.
Thanks for being you – Richard Thomas Shea.
What more can I say than, Happy Birthday!

—Meredith Chapman

26. Growing Older

Yes, at sixty, you are growing older
But that includes becoming wiser.
Don’t be sad, age is just a number
We all know, your spirit is much younger.

— Unknown

27. Sixty, and loving it

Sixty, and loving it

Image: IStock

I’m excited and filled with pride.
As I progress and keep with life’s stride.
Not only was it worth the trip,
Although the journey held many tricks.
Because each one seems to bring me closer
To my dream of getting over
Every obstacle and challenge presented,
Causing me to reach sixty and to love it.
As you age, you finally see
Sixty is the place to be.

—Tim Seeger

Funny 60th Birthday Poems

Make your loved one’s birthday gathering even more special by expressing how much you love and admire them, and by letting them know what they truly mean to you. Also, point out all the fun they will have in their upcoming twilight years humorously, and send your cheers and pass on your hearty congratulations to them for a long life ahead.

28. Not Doomsday

I remember when sixty sounded so old,
But now I have learned sixty can be bold.
You have learned all the lessons,
And few things in life threatens.
You are older but wiser,
And maybe a bit wider.
So celebrate this birthday
Turning 60 is not doomsday!

— Catherine Pulsifer

29. Happy 60th birthday

Being sixty is not so bad
you are still alive so just be glad
You can laugh and sing or scream with rage
And people say it’s just your age
you laugh until you need the loo
And then you pray there is no queue
you start to lose your teeth and hair
But you’re still alive, so you don’t care
Life up to now is a job well done
So now you’re Sixty, it’s time for fun.


30. Thirty and Thirty

Here we go,
It’s your birthday, my friend
Round two of turning 30 again
You’ve reached that age where
If you stand up too fast, your head will spin
But that’s okay
You still got that… toothless grin.
— Unknown

31. Happy 60th birthday

You are still a teenager at heart

Image: IStock

So you’re turning 60
What can I say?
You look pretty good,
Even with a touch of grey

Your eyes are still blue
You’re still kind and mellow,
Your smile is just as infectious
Even if your teeth are yellow.

They say 60 is the new 50ish,
You say 60 is as good as gold.
But no matter how you glitter,
Your nuggets are still getting old.


32. Our Antique

Another year as she continues to grow in her mystique,
Keeping secrets about the way she maintains her physique.
From the sweet child she once was
To the radiant and wise woman, she’s become.
I think by now she deserves an applause
She is now our priceless antique.
Happy 60th birthday!

— Unknown

33. Happy birthday, friend

You’re still a teenager at heart,
Eating in your bed is routine,
Early-bird dinners are not your style,
Midnight pizza is more your scene.

No one has a right to call you old,
You can still pass for a middle aged,
All your parts hurt but still work,
With the right nip, tuck and dosage.

You have never looked so young,
Your head is still hairier than your ears,
Your arms don’t jiggle like jello,
And zits still reduces you to tears.

Happy 60th Birthday, my friend.


34. Sixty Is Still A Fun Age

You’ve reached the ripe old age of sixty
A little temperature drop and your skin is all prickly.
But you have survived it all with style and grace
Put on your dancing shoes, and let’s dance the night away.

— Unknown

35. Happy 60th Birthday, good buddy

Happy 60th birthday, good buddy.
How are you dealing with your awful debility,
lessened utility and loss of mobility?

There’s a strong possibility, indeed a probability
That you’ll lose your virility and your desirability.
And this liability of total sterility will lead to hostility
And a sense of futility
So, today, act with agility while you still have facility,
For you’ll soon reach senility and lose the ability.
No really
There’s no need to thank me.
What are friends for?

– Jon Bratton

36. 60’s Dimples

Don’t think about your wrinkles
They are the new 60’s dimples
They are tiny little milestones
That mark your life’s journey.
With laughter, with joy
You have earned every trace
You’re in your sixties now
Wear them on your beautiful face.

— Unknown

37. Sixty Years Young

Turning sixty, oh what a sight,
Hair’s turning gray, but hey, that’s alright!
Knees start to creak, back’s feeling sore,
But who needs youth when you’ve got wisdom galore?
With every wrinkle comes a tale to share,
So let’s raise a glass to the silver in your hair!

38. You are too old yet too young

You are too old
For throwing a party
You are too young
To pass the day smugly
You are too old
To wear a birthday cap
You are too young
To celebrate within a nap
Such is the dilemma
Of being sixty
Welcome to the age
Of perplexity


39. Turning Sixty

You’re sixty, full of joy, that’s clear,
With laughter so infectious, spreading cheer.
Let’s toast to you, give a big yell,
It’s your special day, beautiful belle.
May happiness stay with you, come what may,
Happy 60th birthday, sharing joy each day!

— Unknown

40. Become a big boy

You have finally
Become a big boy
Let’s raise a toast
To this happiness and joy
Now you can say
That you are mature
About that, even though
We are not yet too sure
But all this doesn’t matter
For when you are sixty
You can behave like a child
As carefree as you can be.
Happy 60th birthday!


41. A Fine Age

Sixty candles, that’s a lot, my dear,
But fear not if your vision is still clear.
You may need specs to read all the fine print,
But your wit is still sharp, I see it when your eyes glint.

— Unknown

42. Turning 60 feels

There are many benefits
Of turning sixty
You can become forgetful
Or careless and sloppy
Without having any worry
Of being criticized
That is the reason sixty
It is an age which is so prized.
Happy 60th birthday.


43. You’re Old, So Don’t Be Sad

Today’s your birthday! A time to cheer!
Not a time to think about your turning old fears!

Don’t be shy, come right here,
Tell us your age and don’t disappear.

So what if you think your ears are broken,
We’ll make sure our wishes are outspoken!

So let us tell you of our praises,
As we light your candles and they go in blazes.

To a happy birthday full of lots of fun,
And let your happiness be known to everyone!

— Rachel Waterbury

44. Cheers

Your hair may not be all grey or silver
You may not hear when I whisper
“At sixty, you’re fabulous, don’t you see?
A vintage model, just like fine whiskey!”
Happy birthday! Cheers on your special day.

— Unknown

45. Life Is A Circus

Life is a circus
And you are the star
With acts like
Juggling work and kids.
You’re the grandmaster
Of it all.
Watching you is a thrilling sight
You have always smiled so bright
Let’s raise the tent
And celebrate your birthday
It’s a canon event.

— Unknown

46. Turning Sixty

You’re sixty so I’m sure you must know
At this point, you can say
That life is like a comedy show.

You have collected wrinkles like souvenirs
You’ve lost your keys thinking they’ve disappeared.

Your hair has turned gray
Your gait may sway

But you are still a pot of wisdom
And you will always be the bomb.
Happy sixtieth birthday!

— Unknown

47. Age Is Just A Number

They say age is just a number
How much of that is true?
When your bones are creaking
Your back is aching
And I have to run around
Completing chores for you.

But here’s the thing, dear friend
We got a few more years to spend
Let’s celebrate your milestone today
And bat the old age away.
Happy 60!

— Unknown

48. Forever Adventurous

May your soul be forever adventurous

Image: IStock

May your soul be
Forever adventurous
May your state of mind be
Always joyous
May your inner beauty be
Free of wrinkles
May your spirit be
Free of crinkles
Happy 60th birthday!


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is 60 an important birthday?

Celebrating your loved one’s 60th birthday is important as they have lived a long life and are now ready to enter their retired life. It is a celebration of thanksgiving for all their efforts and hard work to keep the family together.

2. What color symbolizes the 60th birthday?

There is no significant color to symbolize the 60th birthday. However, black or white color coupled with gold and silver has been popularly used to celebrate the 60th birthday.

3. What stone represents 60 years?

Diamond is a gemstone representing 60 years, whether it is the person’s age or 60th marriage anniversary.

The 60th birthday is a milestone that should be celebrated with grandeur. So make your loved one feel special on this occasion with heartfelt 60th birthday poems. These heart-touching poems string together the right words to help you convey your love, appreciation, admiration, care, and adoration for them during their 60th birthday festivities. You can pick the poem that best honors them. Alternatively, you can draw inspiration from these poems to pen down your thoughts in a note that will be cherished by your loved one for many years to come!

Happy 60th Birthday! Let’s celebrate this special day with joy and laughter. Wishing you a day full of love and happiness!

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