250+ Lovely 60th Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes

The 60th birthday is a significant milestone in a person’s life. Sixty years refers to a full life cycle for people in China. So the 60th birthday wishes ought to be extra special. Six decades of experience with many ups and downs allows developing a unique outlook towards life and deserves a toast. Hence, the new inning of life welcomes freedom and opportunities. Therefore, a well-written birthday wish can make the occasion super special for them. So, if a loved one is near to completing 60 years, check out our list of the best birthday wishes to make them feel the joy and excitement of the special event. They will be glad to know someone appreciates and respects and love you for it.

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Happy 60th Birthday Wishes

Finding the right words to express your feelings on this monumental occasion may not be as easy as it seems. Hence, here is a compilation of  birthday messages to convey your happiness and best wishes to the birthday honoree.

  1. Wish you a year full of joy and love. Happy 60th birthday!
  2. May your 60th birthday be filled with new hopes and delight! Happy birthday!
  3. You have aged like a fine wine, smoother and better. Rejoice! For it is your 60th birthday, dear!
  4. Reaching this milestone with style and grace is no small feat. Here’s to many more years of emitting brilliance and contentment. Happy 60th birthday!
  5. You are a warrior who has handled all the challenges in life with a smile. Happy 60th birthday!
  6. Sixty denotes the start of a fresh chapter in your extraordinary existence. Embrace it wholeheartedly, along with dreams aplenty. Happy birthday!
  7. A 60th birthday is special; you are not only wiser, but also calmer. Happy birthday!
  8. Here’s a toast to sixty fabulous years of living life to the fullest, loving immensely, and laughing heartily! May your birthday be as splendid as you are.
  9. You might be 60 years old today, but you are young at heart and full of glee. Happy birthday!
  10. Happy 60th birthday to someone who grows lovelier by the day. Your zest for life is truly inspiring!
  11. Happy 60th birthday, dear! Remember, 60 is just a number; it doesn’t matter unless you are a cheese.
  12. As you commemorate sixty wonderful years, may your heart remain forever youthful and that gorgeous smile shine bright. Happy birthday!
  13. Congratulations! You have reached the milestone age of 60! Remember, the best things in life still await you. Have a wonderful birthday!
  14. Sixty candles teasingly flicker atop your cake as sixty reasons reveal themselves to honor your greatness. Have a brilliant birthday!
  15. At 30, you were a sensation, today at 60, you are an inspiration. You already know my words of appreciation. Happy Birthday!
  16. May this decade be replete with excellent health, endless happiness, and all those adventures you’ve dreamed about for years! Happy birthday!
  17. You are an epitome of beauty and grace. With laughter lines etched on your face, you continue to amaze us. You are proof that some people become better with age. Happy birthday.
  18. You’ve amassed sixty years of wisdom on this spectacular journey through life – nothing short of extraordinary! Happy sixtieth!
  19. Let’s dance in delight and celebrate the 60 glorious years of beautiful memories with good food and drinks and amazing stories! Happy birthday, darling!
  20. The last six decades have displayed your sagacity and elegance. Enjoy your 60th birthday!
  21. May your 60th birthday be the best one yet. It has been an honor knowing you. Many many happy returns of the day, my dear friend!
  22. Age is nothing but a mere number; at 60, you constantly prove it. Happy birthday!
  1. Sending you a hug, a kiss, a blessing, and a beautiful birthday wish to celebrate 60 years of love and bliss. Happy 60th birthday, my dear.
  2. Wishing you a very happy 60th birthday to someone who ages just like a rich wine and keeps improving with each passing day.
  3. Happy 60th birthday, dear. May you continue to brighten everyone’s life with your beautiful laughter and kindness.
  4. Sixty candles on that cake mark sixty reasons to celebrate astonishing moments in your incredible existence. Happy birthday!
  5. May you continue to fulfill your dreams and make more wonderful memories. Happy 60th birthday!
  6. ADYou’ve made every minute count over the past sixty years by embracing life, love, and laughter – wishing you a splendid 60th birthday!
  7. It is not the years that matter but the fulfilling life that you have lived. Felicitations on your 60th birthday!
  8. May your sixtieth year be brimming with loads of joy, robust health, and ceaseless affection. Have a cherished birthday!
  9. I can’t believe you are 60 already! You seem to be aging in reverse. Have an amazing birthday, my Benjamin Button.
  10. We wish you an incredible­ 60th year filled with unforgettable­ moments and captivating experiences. May every se­cond of this extraordinary day be cherishe­d! Happy Birthday.
  11. Have a fantabulous birthday, my dear, and do not forget to tell us the secret of your eternal youth.AD
  12. As you celebrate 60 glorious years, may your heart be forever young and your smile forever bright. Happy birthday!
  13. Continue to live life on your own terms. I wish you good health and a happy heart. Happy 60th birthday!
  14. You have been an inspiration for so many. Your gentleness and empathy have changed several lives for good. Happy 60th birthday to you, my friend!
  15. Who says you are 60? You are 20 at heart, sweetheart! Many many happy returns of the day. Let the festivity begin!
  16. Raise a toast to the wonderful person aging with grace, style, and charm. Happy 60th birthday!
  17. Happy birthday, my darling. May 60 be the beginning of something beautiful and new, and may all your dreams come true.
  18. Age is just a number, and you’ve proven that with every passing year. May your 60s be as remarkable as you are. Happy birthday!
  19. At 60, you are not a relic; you are transforming into an undeniable classic. Happy birthday!
  20. Wishing you a truly amazing 60th year, fille­d with extraordinary moments and cherishe­d memories. May every second of this special day be joyous and unforge­ttable! Happy Birthday.
  21. You might be 60, but your heart is 20, strong and healthy! Happy birthday!
  22. As you cele­brate six decades of life­, it is clear that you have only grown more incre­dible with time. Chee­rs to honoring 60 years of your remarkable journey.
  23. Happy birthday to the gorgeous 60-year-old! May you continue to keep everyone around you cheerful.
  24. Wishing you an extraordinary birthday filled with love and warmth, as you have shared throughout your life. Happy 60th birthday!
  25. 60 is a license to be carefree and crazy, so let the madness begin! Happy birthday.
  26. May you always stay youthful at heart. Happy 60th birthday, handsome!
  27. On this festive occasion, wishing you a 60th birthday as phenomenal as you are!
  28. I hope you do everything you’ve planned and enjoy this inning of your life to the fullest. Have the happiest birthday, friend.
  29. At 60, may you find 60 more reasons to be happy. Many many happy returns of the day!
  30. May your 60th year be filled with joy and happiness, shining as brightly as the stars above. Cherish every pre­cious moment!
  31. Congratulations on turning 60! Now you have the time and money to fulfill all your dreams.
  32. This mile­stone is a testament to the treasure that you are. May your 60th birthday be brimming with love, laughter, and unforgettable­ memories.
  33. Happy 60th birthday! May you continue to redefine 60 with your poise and charisma.
  34. I am inspired by the way you have been growing wiser with each passing year. Happy 60th birthday to you, dear!
  35. You have experienced six beautiful decades in your life. May God bless you with six more decades as wonderful as the ones gone by. Happy birthday!
  36. As you cele­brate your 60th birthday, take a moment to reflect on the incredible­ journey of life that has shaped you into the­ remarkable individual you are today. Happy birthday.
  37. Goodbye, youth! Welcome, senior citizen discounts. Enjoy your 60th birthday!
  38. May your 60th birthday be filled with happiness, love, and the wonde­rful company of your cherished friends and family.
  39. With a body that looks 40, you are anything but old! You are 60 years young, dear. Happy birthday!
  40. As you blow out sixty candles on your cake­, let them symbolize the countless mome­nts you’ve gathered throughout your life­. Happy birthday!
  41. Today is the day to reflect on your past with a smile on your face and a spark in your eyes. Happy birthday!
  42. As you reach the age of 60, may your heart be forever young and your spirit forever adventurous. Happy birthday!
  43. Happy 60th birthday to the person who makes the lives of everyone around him beautiful and brighter. Happy birthday, sweetie!
  44. I hope your 60s will be a time of exploration, excitement, and realizing all your heart’s desires. Wish you a very happy birthday. Enjoy!

Funny 60th Birthday Wishes

Happy 60th birthday, oldie

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If the birthday honoree has a good sense of humor, funny birthday messages could be the best way to make them laugh. Here are some wishes that take funny potshots at old age.

  1. Happy 60th, my friend! You’re like a fine wine – only getting better with age and sometimes giving people headaches.
  2. Happy 60th birthday, dear! Honestly, you don’t look a day over 50… a year over 50 is more like it! Hahahaa, just kidding!
  3. Sixty is a magical age where you can still remember your youth, but it takes longer to get there. Happy birthday, and stay young always!
  4. Congratulations on hitting 60! You’ve officially graduated from the School of Life, and you get to wear the “I Survived Six Decades” badge.
  5. Happy 60th birthday, oldie! Thank you for making us look younger.
  6. Turning 60 means you’ve reached the age when “getting lucky” means finding your car keys in the first place you looked. Have a lucky birthday!
  7. Happy 60th! Remember, age is just a number, but maturity…well, that’s optional!
  8. Congratulations, you have reached the age when you need to conceal your wrinkles and wear your shiny new teeth. Happy 60th birthday!
  9. The cake and confetti are ready. Just blow out the candles and embark on your 60th-year journey.
  10. Wishing you a 60th birthday filled with laughter, joy, and minimal trips to the bathroom. Age may be catching up, but your sense of humor is timeless.
  11. Sixty years old, and you have finally managed to look good. Happy birthday, old friend!
  12. Happy 60th! May your joints be as flexible as your sense of humor!
  13. Congratulations on turning 60! You’re now officially a vintage model and still worth a fortune!
  14. They say 60 is the new 40, but in your case, 60 is the new 70! Hahaha. Happy birthday, old man!
  15. Sixty is the age when your back goes out more than you do, and your idea of a wild night is watching a documentary about penguins. Enjoy your wild 60s!
  16. You’ve now entered the era of double-dipping your Oreo cookies without shame. Happy birthday!
  1. Congratulations on turning 60! Don’t allow your age to get you down; it will be difficult to get back up.
  2. Sixty is the age when you start looking for your glasses while wearing them. May your birthday be crystal clear and full of laughter!
  3. Congratulations on turning 60! Remember, age is just a number, but it’s a number that comes with more candles on the cake.
  4. Do you know what the saddest thing about celebrating a 60th birthday is? Too many candles and so less cake. Haha. Happy birthday!
  5. Sixty is when you start enjoying the finer things in life, like napping, early bird specials, and complaining about the youth. Enjoy!
  6. Happy 60th birthday! You’ve officially reached the age where your back goes out more than you do.
  7. The benefit of being 60 is that you can get away with anything in the name of old age. Salutations and many many happy returns of the day!
  8. Sixty looks pretty good on you! It’s like you’ve aged backward – just don’t try to do cartwheels to prove it.
  9. Congratulations on turning 60! May your hearing be as sharp as your wit and your memory as reliable as your favorite chair.
  10. They say grey hair is a symbol of wisdom; with so much grey hair, you must be a genius! Happy birthday, dear.
  11. Happy 60th! You’ve now entered the decade of “I’m too old for this… but I’ll do it anyway!”
  12. You know you are old when your idea of contentment is deep, undisturbed sleep. Happy 60th birthday, big old guy!
  13. Sixty is when you realize that the best things in life come with extra fiber. Here’s to a healthy and hilarious sixtieth birthday!
  14. You’ve officially become a classic – like a vintage car with less horsepower. Happy birthday!
  15. Happy 60th, my friend! May your sense of humor stay as sharp as your memory is selective.
  16. At 60, you have learned all the important lessons in your life; the difficult part is remembering them. Happy birthday!
  17. Happy 60th! It’s time to embrace the fact that your idea of a wild night involves a good book and a cup of herbal tea.
  18. Sixty is when you start saying, “Back in my day…” and people actually want to hear your stories. Enjoy being the storyteller!
  19. A secret formula for eternal youth has been discovered. There is no use telling you now; you already missed the youth bus. Happy birthday, old man!
  20. Sixty is when you can laugh at yourself and everyone else. Cheers to a lifetime filled with laughter and an incredible­ 60th birthday celebration!

60th Birthday Wishes For Friend

Surprise, it's your 60th birthday mate!

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Good friends are your true companions in the ups and downs of life. Here are some birthday wishes to make your partner in crime feel special.

  1. Welcome to the 60’s club! Now we can become senile together. Happy birthday, old friend!
  2. Hey the­re, my wonderful friend who’s turning 60! Le­t’s take a moment to cele­brate and embrace the­ wisdom that comes with reaching this special mile­stone in life. Happy birthday!
  3. Happy 60th birthday to the oldest and forever partner in crime!
  4. Happy birthday! Welcome­ to this milestone chapter of your life­, filled with exciting opportunities and me­morable moments waiting to be e­mbraced.
  5. Happy 60th birthday, my friend. Being old doesn’t mean you should stop having fun. Let’s continue to make more beautiful memories together!
  6. Chee­rs to sixty years of unforgettable me­mories and countless stories! Wishing you many more chapters filled with incredible­ adventures. Happy birthday!
  7. Forget your worries and let go of your fears; it’s your 60th birthday! Enjoy and say cheers! Happy birthday, buddy.
  8. Happy birthday! I hope this year is filled with joy, laughter, love, and unforge­ttable moments shared with your loved ones.
  9. Wrinkles are laugh lines that indicate you have lived the 60 years of your life with loads of joy and laughter. Happy 60th birthday, mate!
  10. Here­’s to sixty years of spreading happiness and joy everywhere you go. May your light ke­ep shining brightly. Cheers, my frie­nd! Happy birthday.
  11. With every passing year, your charisma seems to multiply. Happy 60th birthday, my friend.
  12. Happy birthday! They say life truly begins at this milestone, so let’s embrace every moment and create che­rished memories that will last a lifetime.
  13. Welcome to the fabulous 60 club, mate! Let’s enjoy senior discounts together. Happy birthday!
  14. May your 60th birthday be nothing short of extraordinary, filled with love and laughter that you may remember even in your 70s.
  15. The big 6-0! Cheers to the six decades of craziness and fun. Happy birthday, my favorite person!
  16. Chee­rs to an incredible 60-year journey and to the thrilling adventures that await. Happy birthday!
  17. Learn to count your age by the number of friends, not by your age in years; remember the beautiful memories and forget your fears. Happy 60th birthday, buddy.
  18. You continue to de­fy the limitations of age with each passing day. Wishing you a joyful 60th birthday, my ageless friend!
  19. Happy birthday, my loyal friend. Keep rocking that grey hair and a crooked smile. Sixty looks great on you.
  20. May your spirit continue to inspire us as you e­mbark on this new chapter in life. Happy birthday.
  21. They say the sixties is the beginning of your life’s sunset period, but always remember that the sunset offers one of the most glorious views. So, enjoy this glorious period in your life, my friend. Happy birthday.
  22. Wishing a happy 60th birthday to my adventurous companion! May we continue to explore together for many more years to come­.
  23. With 60 years on this beautiful Earth, you may have at least 60 things to be thankful for. But do you know what I am most grateful for? It’s you, my old friend. Your company makes every moment more joyous and fulfilling. Happy birthday!
  24. Don’t let your age define your abilities. Go out and live a life you have been postponing so far. Enjoy your birthday! I wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous life ahead.
  25. At 60, may God fulfill your 60 million wishes.Happy birthday, my friend!
  26. Happy 60th birthday to the most amazing person I know! Happy birthday, my friend!
  27. You can’t run away from being 60 anymore; running is for the young. Let’s just chill and have fun together. Happy birthday, buddy!
  28. Sixty is the age of wisdom; you’ve got it in abundance. Happy birthday to the Google of our times!
  29. Dear friend, 60th birthday is not just an additional candle on your cake; it is God’s gift of one more year to brighten your life.
  30. To the one who’s aged like fine wine, happy 60th birthday! May your days be as rich and full as your favorite vintage.
  31. You have a lot more fire than all your birthday candles combined! Happy birthday, old friend.
  32. Sixty is the new fabulous, and you wear it with style and grace. Wishing you a birthday as extraordinary as you are.
  33. They say old is gold, but you, my friend, are a diamond, precious and rare. Happy birthday.
  34. As you turn 60, may your days be filled with happiness, your heart with contentment, and your life with endless blessings.
  35. Hey, stop counting the milestones in your life, and celebrate them with us by your side. Congratulations on your new milestone. Happy 60th birthday, buddy.
  36. Happy 60th birthday to the gorgeous woman I know. Sixty looks fantastic on you, girl!
  37. May you always be surrounded by people who love you and understand what a precious gem you are! Happy 60th birthday, my friend.
  38. Congratulations, buddy! You now officially enter the “old men’s” group that discusses what they could have done had they been a little younger.

60th Birthday Wishes For Sister

You inspire me every day

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You may fight a lot with your sister, but she is your best confidante and closest companion. Here is a list of birthday wishes to congratulate her on achieving this milestone.

  1. Happy 60th birthday to my forever playmate and protector. You deserve all the love and adulation that comes your way, sis!
  2. A sister like you deserves all the happiness in the world. Happy 60th birthday, my partner in crime!
  3. You are my older sister, but you look younger than me! This is not praise, it is the truth. Happy 60th birthday, sis.
  4. Six decades of sisterly love and support—what a remarkable journey! Wishing you a joyful 60th birthday, sis.
  5. Thank you for being another mother and filling my childhood with love and happiness. Sis, 60 looks amazing on you. Happy birthday.
  6. May your 60s be filled with laughter, adventure, and everything that makes your heart smile. Cheers, siso!
  7. Sixty is the new sexy, sis! Rock this phase! Happy birthday.
  8. Wishing a very happy 60th birthday to my siste­r, who has been there for me through thick and thin.
  9. I wish I can be as regal and poised as you are at 60. Happy birthday, my beautiful sister!
  10. You’ve reached the six-decade mark with grace and elegance, sis. Happy 60th birthday, and may your future be as radiant as your past.
  11. While growing old may be compulsory, growing up is not, so continue to be young at heart, sis. Happy 60th birthday!
  12. To the sister who has always lit up our lives, may your 60th birthday shine just as brightly.
  13. Today will go down in history; my amazing sister is turning 60! Happy birthday, oldie!
  14. Happy 60th birthday to my sister, my friend, and my partner in crime throughout the years.
  15. As you turn 60, may you look back at life with gratitude and let go of all the regrets. Happy birthday, sister!
  16. Sixty is an age of wisdom, and you’ve certainly gained your fair share, dear sister. Happy birthday!
  17. You may be the older sister, but you are not old. Today, you are 365 times wiser than last year. Happy 60th birthday, dear.
  18. As you cele­brate your 60th birthday, remembe­r that age is merely a numbe­r. In our hearts, dear sister, you will forever remain youthful.
  19. Happy 60th birthday, sis! May our bond continue to grow stronger for 60 more years.
  20. Today, I want to confess that I have secretly admired you for your wisdom and grit. You are a strong woman, sister. We all love you for who you are. Happy birthday!
  21. You don’t have grey hair; it’s a silver crown fit for the queen you are! Happy 60th birthday, gracious sister.
  22. Happy birthday, sis! I che­rish all the love, laughter, and unforge­ttable moments we shared together.
  23. It’s time to stop borrowing my make up and start rocking your wrinkles. Happy birthday, sis!
  24. Sending warm birthday wishe­s to an incredible sister who knows how to grace­fully embrace each passing year with her unique style.
  25. Sixty may have added wrinkles on your beautiful face, but your amazing personality shines through. Happy birthday, my beautiful sister!
  26. No matter how hard things were, you have always been by my side. Thanks for being the wonderful sister you are. Happy birthday, siso!
  27. Antiques are priceless, and so are you, sister. Happy 60th birthday, old girl.
  28. Happy 60th birthday to the siste­r who constantly leaves me in awe­. I love you!
  29. Sisters are heroes without capes; they always make you feel happy and safe. May this milestone year fill your life with all the happiness and joy in the world. Happy 60th birthday!
  30. Having a sister like you is a blessing I thank God for every day. Wishing you a very happy birthday. Love you.
  31. I can’t keep calm; it’s my sister’s 60th birthday, so let’s dance and sing a song. Happy birthday, darling!
  32. Happy birthday, sister! I know turning 60 won’t bring any difference in your ravishing looks. So smile and shine bright.
  33. You are not 60; you are turning 30 for the second time. Let’s have twice the fun and enjoy the wine. Happy birthday, sis!
  34. To the sister who has enriched my life in countless ways. Happy 60th birthday!
  35. Happy 60th birthday, sister. You inspire me every day.
  36. From sharing clothes to fighting over a sandwich, we have seen it all, sister. Today, on your 60th birthday, I want to say that I adore you the most. Happy birthday!

60th Birthday Wishes For Dad

Dad, you are not growing old

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Your dad has always been your biggest protector and cheerleader. It is now your turn to take care of him. Here is a list of birthday wishes to convey your feelings to him on this amazing day.

  1. Happy 60th birthday to the most amazing dad ever!
  2. Daddy, at the ripe age of 60, you just keep getting better with time like a bottle of fine wine. Happy birthday!
  3. I don’t know what 60 feels like, but I want to be as amazing as you when I am 60. Happy birthday, Dad!
  4. Warm wishes on this special day to the most sophisticated gentleman I know!
  5. When I was a kid, I admired you, and now that you are 60, I continue to admire you. Happy birthday, dad!
  6. Happy 60th birthday, dear father! May your wisdom grow as years pass, just like your age.
  7. Thank you, Dad, for always believing in me and making me the person I am today. I love you. Happy birthday!
  8. Dad, you’re not merely hitting the big 6-0; you’ve attained “60 years young!” Here’s to a lifetime filled with youthful wonder and ceaseless escapades. Have a fantastic birthday!
  9. Dad, you are not growing old; you are just becoming more fabulous and distinguished. Happy 60th birthday!
  10. Sending my sincerest wishes for a joyous 60th birthday to the person who has always been my guiding light and pillar of support. Happy birthday!
  11. You are becoming more precious as you age, like a beautiful vintage car. Happy 60th birthday, Dad!
  12. Father, welcome to the exclusive club dubbed “Sensational at Sixty!” May this era usher in happiness, good health, and all the delights you so richly deserve. Enjoy your special day!
  13. Congrats, Dad, for successfully completing 60 amazing visits around the sun! Get ready for many more. Happy 60th birthday, my Superman!
  14. To the one who has been my champion for sixty years -and counting- may your day overflow with love and cherished memories. Wishing you a truly happy birthday, Dad!
  15. May your 60th birthday be as funny and crazy as you are! Happy birthday, Dad!
  16. You’ve arrived at a significant juncture in life that calls for an epic celebration! Here’s a toast to sixty years of precious memories and endless possibilities. Happiest 60th birthday Dad!
  17. The one who taught me how to walk, gave me a hug when I cried non-stop, and showed me how to dress and play is turning 60 today! Happy birthday, dad!
  18. Happy birthday, daddy! As you embark on this fresh chapter of existence, may it be bursting with carefree laughter, vibrant health, and many things that make your heart soar.
  19. Dad, your favorite rock song may be old now, but you are still young and rocking. Happy birthday, my rockstar!
  20. Dad, you have always inspired me to be grateful for each day and confront the challenges head-on and with a smiling face. I am forever grateful that you are my dad. Happy 60th birthday!

60th Birthday Wishes For Mom

You continue to redefine what youth is

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Your mother is your first teacher and friend. Check out this list of special wishes for mom and choose the one that will perfectly convey your feelings for her on this joyous occasion.

  1. If there were an award for the best mom in the world, you would win it forever. Happy 60th birthday, mom!
  2. Mom, you’ve reached the milestone of 60 with finesse and elegance. Here’s to a day as stunning as you!
  3. You are 60 years old today, mom, and I still can’t match up to your beauty and grace. Keep shining like always. Happy birthday, my beauty!
  4. Mom, at sixty, you’ve earned the privilege to unwind and relish life’s finest. May your day be full of joy and the affection you deserve.
  5. You have lived your life for us; now, it’s time to live just for yourself. Happy 60th birthday, mom!
  6. To the lady who has bestowed a lifetime of endless love and concern. Happy 60th birthday!
  7. Mom, you are the best thing that has happened to me. Happy 60th birthday!
  8. Mom, as you turn sixty, may this year be brimming with well-being, felicity, and all the aspirations yet to be grasped. Here’s wishing you a birthday as awe-inspiring as your personage.
  9. You don’t have to hide your age, mummy; you may be 60, but you look 30 and fabulous. Happy birthday!
  10. Mom, on your sixtieth birthday, I wish you the same unwavering love and happiness you’ve always showered upon us. May this day be as exceptional as we consider you to be.
  11. Hey mom, you are 60! Now, you have amazing new superpowers, including driving slow even in the fast lane and getting senior discounts everywhere. Happy birthday!
  12. Mom, you’ve reached 60 with grace and dignity. May your birthday be as radiant as your smile and as beautiful as your heart.
  13. Hey mom, you are 60 years of all the classic awesomeness rolled into a wonderful person. Happy 60th birthday, rockstar!
  14. Wishing a very happy 60th birthday to the most remarkable woman I know. May your day be as bright as your spirit that has enlightened so many lives!
  15. In school, I used to think that I had the most beautiful mother ever! I still think the same. Happy 60th birthday, mom!
  16. Mom, you’ve reached 60 with grace and elegance. May your birthday be a reflection of the beautiful person you are inside and out.
  17. Your hair has natural silver highlights now, with each strand telling a story of your wisdom and experience. Happy 60th birthday, mom!
  18. Happy birthday, dear mom! May this auspicious year bring you all the satisfaction and happiness you deserve.
  19. At 60, you have more energy and vigor than any person I know. Happy 60th birthday, my supermom!
  20. Dearest Mom, it’s time you take up the things you have been putting on hold to give time to your family. We all want to see you achieve everything you have ever dreamt of. Wishing you the happiest birthday ever, our queen!
  21. I hope this new decade fills your life with unparalleled happiness and love. Happy birthday, mom;I love you so much!
  22. On this incredible occasion of your 60th birthday, our beloved matriarch, may your heart be encompassed by endless love, contagious laughter, and everything that brings a smile to your face. Only the finest for you, Mom!
  23. Every moment with you has always been special. You make even the most difficult tasks look easy; you are truly magical. Happy 60th birthday, mom!
  24. Dearest mother, at 60 years young, you serve as a beacon of inspiration for us all. Happy birthday!
  25. With your bright and sunny personality, you continue to redefine what youth is. Happy 60th birthday, mom!
  26. Your presence in our lives is invaluable, Mom. Thank you for everything you have done for us, with no expectations. Happy birthday!

60th Birthday Wishes For Brother

Your brother has been your best and longest companion. His 60th birthday is a great occasion to relive your beautiful childhood memories. Here are a few birthday wishes to wish him the best on this amazing occasion.

  1. At 30, you were a heartthrob, and at 60, you are still charming. Happy 60th birthday, brother!
  2. Happy 60th birthday, brother! You’ve officially entered the realm of sixty and beyond.
  3. They say old age makes you wiser; I hope you can finally wise up now! Happy 60th birthday I love you loads!
  4. Wishing my incredible brother a fantastic 60th birthday!
  5. On this landmark occasion of your 60th birthday, let’s celebrate all our beautiful childhood memories. Since you are growing old, you may not remember them next year! Happy birthday, older brother.
  6. Cheers to 60 amazing years, my partner-in-crime! I wish you a blissful life and live the way you want.
  7. All my life, you have been the handsome one. Now that you are becoming old, I can finally take that title. Happy 60th birthday, bro. Enjoy this new phase.
  8. Here’s raising a toast to countless more years filled with joyous moments and good times together. Happy birthday, dear brother!
  9. Happy 60th birthday, brother! Your presence makes this world a better place. Keep shining always!
  10. Happy 60th birthday to the one who has walked hand in hand with me through thick and thin since childhood!
  11. We have loved like no other, laughed like mad together, and fought with each other. May this bond grow stronger forever! Happy 60th birthday, brother.
  12. Dear brother, your chivalry and gentleness have grown finer over the years. Today, on your birthday, I want to shout out loud and say you are the best sibling every person deserves. Happy birthday, and I love you!
  13. People always say that we are two peas in a pod, but remember, I am the better looking, smarter, and younger one! Happy 60th birthday, bro!
  14. Happiest birthday to my friend and partner who knows my strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else. I love you, brother. You are the best!
  15. Just like all your secrets, the secret of your real age is safe with me! Happy 60th birthday, brother!
  16. Looking back at our lives, I realize I could have never got a better sibling than you. Happy birthday, brother. I love you to the moon and back!
  17. I will always be thankful to you for always being there for me in my ups and downs. You are my rock. Happy 60th birthday, sweet bro!
  18. Cheers to a remarkable six decades of existence, familial affection, and joviality, sibling! Happy birthday!
  19. As you are celebrating your 60th birthday today, I have more than 60 reasons why I love you so much! Happy birthday, big brother.
  20. When we were growing up, I always felt that you were the only person next to Dad who could hold this family together. That still holds. Happy 60th birthday, brother. You are special!
  21. Happy 60th birthday to the most amazing brother in the world. May this day bring you infinite joy and good health.
  22. Happy 60th birthday to my everlastingly youthful and daring sibling! May we celebrate many more birthdays together.
  23. I know getting old is sad, but you make it look happening and easy. Happy 60th birthday, my crazy brother!
  24. Your 60th birth anniversary testifies that yours has been a life well experienced. May the time ahead bring even more bliss for you.
  25. Don’t curse your poor eyesight, bro; it protects you from the shock of looking at yourself in the mirror! Happy 60th birthday!
  26. No siblings can fight like we did, but we also share a loving bond like no other. Happy 60th birthday, brother! You are my only friend and foe whom I adore unconditionally.
  27. From worrying about a single strand of white hair to rocking a full head of silver with a smile, you have matured, little brother. May God bless you with all the happiness in the world. Happy 60th birthday!
  28. Wishing you a heartfe­lt 60th birthday, dear brother! May your days always be filled with endless happiness and boundless joy.
  29. Age is one thing that only goes up, never down, so stop moping and start living. Happy 60th birthday, bro!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a 60th birthday called?

The 60th birthday is called a diamond jubilee. The word ‘diamond’ refers to the color representing the 60th birthday, whereas ‘jubilee’ is used for celebratory occasions, such as a birthday or anniversary. A person who has turned 60 is called a Sexagenarian.

2. What does the 60th birthday symbolize?

The 60th birthday is considered a milestone in several cultures. In some cultures, completing 60 years of life means an individual has seen a full cycle of life. A 60-year-old usually has children and grandchildren with whom they can spend a quality life. Since life has blessed the person with wonderful years, celebrating this milestone with grandeur is common. People spend this special day with family and friends to create memories for life.

3. What is the traditional gift for a 60th birthday?

It is believed that the traditional gift for a 60th birthday is a diamond. However, there are no strict rules. You can gift your loved one anything you think will make him feel loved and respected. Some people buy gifts and some follow the DIY route. Whatever gift you choose, try to make it personalized to bring a big smile to your loved one’s face.

If your near or dear ones are going to turn 60, receiving some special 60th birthday wishes could put a smile on their face and make their day happier. So go ahead and select the perfect message for your loved one or try to craft a personalized message by drawing inspiration from these messages. You could write them on a greeting card or pen them down on a special note with a birthday gift. You could also put these short and sweet messages on a birthday banner to add to the decor. Plan the event by inviting their favorite people to make it memorable.

Infographic: 60th Birthday Quotes By Your Favorite Celebs

Celebrating this major milestone of a 60th birthday can be exciting. While you enjoy the celebrations, here are some celebrity quotes that you might want to incorporate in your speech for a 60th birthday party or use them to create interesting greetings.

celebrity quotes about 60th birthday (infographic)

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