25 Best 6th wedding anniversary gift ideas

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The sixth wedding anniversary is a sign of strength and stability in a relationship and is traditionally represented by the metal iron.

Through the years, you and your partner might have gone through several ups and downs in the relationship, but the love between you hasn’t faded one bit.

If you’re gearing up to celebrate your sixth anniversary as a couple, you might be thinking of giving your partner something special. A gift, or an experience that could make the day even more memorable. To give you some food for thought, MomJunction lists 25 sixth anniversary gift ideas you could consider.

6th Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Him and Her

He makes you happy. His presence makes your life so much better. The life journey with your partner is perhaps the best thing that has happened to you.

She is your queen; she cares for you and is your best friend. She is all that you want.

Here, we list some exciting and useful 6th-anniversary gift ideas to make the anniversary all the more special for your spouse.

1. Old-fashioned shaving kit

Old-fashioned shaving kit

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Gift your man an old-fashioned shaving kit with a shaving brush, stainless steel safety razor, and a cleaning brush with a stand. This is environment-friendly and works just as well as a disposable razor.

If you want to pamper him some more, then get him a personalized razor with his name embossed on it. You can even include an aftershave, essential oils, and a shaving cream to complete the gift pack.

2. Cufflinks


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Cufflinks are one of the best 6th-anniversary gift ideas for him, especially when you get them engraved with the date of your marriage and your initials. We are sure your man will be thrilled to receive this thoughtful gift that he can wear on special occasions.

3. Coffee cup

Coffee cup

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If your man is an avid coffee lover, then give him a unique coffee mug that comes with a mustache. This will lighten up his morning routine and make him think of you every time he takes a sip of his favorite beverage.

4. Stone or leather bracelets

Stone or leather bracelets

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Bracelets are funky and help make a style statement. There are many varieties of bracelets in the market. So, get those creative juices flowing and customize them with both your initials or pair them with finger rings, watches, or other accessories.

5. Barbeque tools set

Barbeque tools set

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If your man is good at grilling and enjoys his time behind the grill, then this could be a thoughtful gift for him. You can also customize the tools with your marriage date and the year you complete six years of marriage.

6. Then and now photos in a frame

Then and now photos in a frame

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Dig out your stash and pick two of your best couple photos – one that was taken before six years and another after six years of marriage. Put the photos in a ‘then and now’ photo frame and gift it to your man. It is a beautiful way of capturing your journey together.

7. Mixologist tools

Mixologist tools

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Help your man mix some yummy cocktails and show off his bartending skills to his friends and colleagues with this home bar tools. This set comes with the basic tools that are just enough to mix a few easy cocktails at home.

8. Diamond jewelry

iamond jewelry

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Mark this special event with a diamond. Diamonds are forever just like your love for your lady. It could be a bracelet or a simple chain studded with diamonds. If you know what she specifically likes, pick that up and surprise her.

9. Romantic pajama set or lingerie

Romantic pajama set or lingerie

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If you are looking to spice up things in your bedroom, then this is your chance to do it. Gift her a beautiful pajama set or lingerie, if you think she will like it. The romance between couples could get dull and boring after some time, so take this opportunity and revive it.

10. Personalized cutting board

Personalized cutting board

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Does your partner love to cook or bake? If yes, this could be an excellent gift. Pick a wooden cutting board and engrave your initials and the wedding date on it. Every time they indulge in cooking something interesting, the board would be a wonderful reminder of the beautiful moments you had shared so far. Also, wood signifies a long-lasting and solid marriage.

11. Flower bouquet

Flower bouquet

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The Calla lily, which is a symbol of beauty, magnificence, and purity, usually represents the sixth anniversary. Gift her a bouquet of Calla lilies to remind her that she is just as beautiful as the flower.

12. Handbag and perfume

Handbag and perfume

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A woman could always use a good handbag. And if it is a fancy one, all the more reason to use it and flaunt it. Gift her a handbag from her favorite designer and pair it with an enchanting perfume to make the event a bit more exciting.

13. Sapling


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This is perhaps one of the best 6th-anniversary gift ideas for her that stay for many years to come. A sapling could be a good idea then. This gift will make your wife happy and also give you the satisfaction of doing a good deed. Whether it is a fruit-bearing tree or a flowering plant, gift her one that she’d be happy to nurture and care for as long as she can.

Are you a stickler for traditions? We give you a few traditional 6th-anniversary gift ideas in the next section.

Traditional Sixth Anniversary Gift Ideas

Candy and iron are the traditional 6th-anniversary gifts, where iron represents strength, and candy is the epitome of sweetness. So, if you decide to go old school, then here are a few traditional gifts you can consider.

14. Nostalgic candies

Nostalgic candies

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Take your partner back to the nostalgic childhood days with a basket of old-time candies. Fill the basket with all their childhood favorites and wrap it up in a pretty ribbon! This gift can surely remind you of all the childhood memories – pop a candy each into your mouth and enjoy the flavors as you share your childhood secrets.

15. Customized m&m’s

Customized mms

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These universally adored candies are fun to eat. Customize them (you can look up how to online) with pictures of you together, love messages, or anniversary wishes. Each time you have an m&m, think of a good moment you’ve shared.

16. A chocolate factory tour

A chocolate factory tour

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If you have a chocolate factory near your place, then set up a tour for the both of you. Choose a place that has other activities as well, such as games, concerts and more.

17. Gumball machine

Gumball machine

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This is a shortcut to feeling like kids again. Remember the good old days when you’d hold a nickel tightly in your hand and wait for your turn to use the gumball machine? Relive all those moments with your partner with this gumball machine, minus the waiting time.

18. Fondue set

Fondue set

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This 70s cooking style can help you make your anniversary night romantic. Gift your partner a fondue set, take a step forward and melt some chocolate/caramel and dip some strawberries and enjoy with your partner.

19. A visit to a local fair or amusement park

A visit to a local fair or amusement park

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This can be a fun and casual outing to mark your sixth anniversary. Head out to a local fair or an amusement park and indulge in cotton candy, penny candies, get on rides and have a wild fun time with your partner.

20. Turquoise jewelry

Turquoise jewelry

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This stone also symbolizes the sixth anniversary. Gift your partner an entire set of matching earrings, a necklace, and bracelet made out of Turquoise jewelry. Or, buy matching rings that you can both don.

Iron Wedding Anniversary Gift

Iron symbolizes strength and durability, which is why gifting iron is a tradition for 6th anniversaries. Here are a few thoughtful gifts which can help you keep up the tradition as well as make the gift exciting.

21. Iron candleholders

Iron candleholders

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Candles make excellent home decor; they help to set the mood. So, on this special anniversary, gift your partner a designer iron candleholder. They come in many sizes and designs, so pick what she may like. To make it extra special for her, light up the room with some candles and arrange a candlelight dinner for just the two of you.

22. Horseshoe


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This makes a good iron wedding anniversary gift; you can have your initials engraved and also the six-year mark. Also, putting up a horseshoe above the door of your home is considered to bring good luck.

23. Cast iron skillet

Cast iron skillet

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If your partner enjoys cooking, then gift them a cast-iron skillet. It is a healthy alternative to the chemical-coated nonstick pans.

24. Golf clubs

Golf clubs

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If your man is into golf, then gift him a pair of golf clubs or the full kit. Either way, he will be happy to know that you are encouraging him to pursue his passion.

25. Garden tools

Garden tools

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If your partner takes pride in their garden and could spend hours perfecting it, then they would appreciate this gift of garden tools. Gift them a brand new set of garden tools for your sixth anniversary and make them smile wider.

26. Iron sculpture

These are long-lasting and make good traditional gifts for your sixth anniversary. Gift your partner a miniature Eiffel tower, a puppy or a sculpture of a couple to mark the completion of six glorious years together.

Iron sculpture

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Giving your partner a wedding anniversary gift is not just a formality that must be met. A gift to your loved one, no matter how many years you’ve been together, should be an expression of your love. Put all your heart, thought, and love into selecting a gift that will make them happy for sure. We guarantee that your heart will fill with joy when you see their face light up as they open the present.