7 Reasons You Want A Girl. And 7 Reasons You Want A Boy

7 Reasons You Want A Girl. And 7 Reasons You Want A Boy

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If you’re a soon-to-be mommy who is yet to discover the gender of her child, then you and your partner have probably fantasized about whom it is y’all want. Maybe he wants a daddy’s little princess while you’re dreaming of an adorable baby boy to play catch with. Whatever the case, here are seven reasons why you should root for a girl. Or a boy. Psst, gender equality people!

7 Reasons You Want A Baby Girl

7 Reasons You Want A Baby Girl

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1. Hello, the clothes!

All those adorable dresses with the lace. And ruffles. And frills. It’s like possessing a real life doll!

2. The beautiful hair

She may start out, well, bald but once she has a full head of hair, you won’t be able to resist styling it with braids, pigtails, oversized hair bows and glittery barrettes.

3. The opportunity to relive your childhood

The pro to being a mommy to a girl versus a boy is that you have a treasure trove of childhood memories that can guide you in creating activities for her that you know she’d enjoy.

4. All the talking

Baby girls usually start talking much earlier than boys and after nearly 18 months of suffering one-sided talks, you’re going to embrace the verbosity.

5. Chance to be her role model

All baby girls aspire to grow up and be exactly like their mommies! She will always love and admire you more. Isn’t that just adorable?

6. The diaper changes

Admit it – changing her diaper is simply less challenging. You never have to fear her aiming at you!

7. The hand-me-downs

Since new parents love purchasing baby girl clothes (can you blame them?), it isn’t that unusual for you to discover brand new baby-girl clothing with the tags still on- sweet!

7 Reasons You Want A Baby Boy

7 Reasons You Want A Baby Boy

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1. Less clothes

Fine, baby girl clothing is cuter. However, baby boys have fewer, much simpler clothes, which makes your life, mamma, a lot easier.

2. His awesome energy

Baby boys are just brimming with super fun energy, which makes it a pleasure to see as they stumble upon the world.

3. The easy-breezy hair

When it comes to his hair, it’s most probably going to be very low maintenance. Saves you watching all those YouTube tutorials on how to braid.

4. Boys love their mommies

Some may label it Oedipus complex or some other esoteric phrase – the phenomenon is undeniable. Baby boys simply possess this extra-special bond and love when it comes to their mommies. Admit it; you’ve seen it in your man too- isn’t it just precious?

5. Less pressure

It’s more likely he wants to marry someone like his momma than grow up to be like his mommy. At the end of the day, if you’re raising a baby girl, the onus of showing her how to become a woman falls upon you. With a baby boy- the pressure is all on your man. (Cue evil laughter.)

6. Chance to glimpse your man’s childhood

Your mother-in-law must have told you some tales from his childhood, but the best way to catch a glimpse of what your man was like as a baby boy is through your own precious son.

7. No cycle madness

Being a woman is awesome, but the puberty and hormones? Not so much. Now a boy isn’t immune to teenage mood swings, but at least you won’t ever have to worry about synced cycles (read: double the hormonal craziness!).

After reading this you may have arrived at the same conclusion as us. Baby boys and baby girls each have their own sets of pros and cons, but no matter which precious bundle you are blessed with, the fact remains- you’re blessed.

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