15 Unique 7-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas

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Are you looking for some unique and happening 7-year-old birthday ideas? We bring you a long list that includes cakes and candies, balloons and pinata, decor and games, and a lot more. It’s not easy for parents to come up with an epic idea every year for their little ones. That’s why we bring you plenty of ideas related to invites, food, decor, and more that can make your munchkin’s birthday party memorable.

15 Unique 7 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Here is a unique collection of birthday party ideas for a 7-year-old boy or girl. Choose the one that best suits the vibe of your child.

7-Year-Old Boy Birthday Party Ideas

Have a look at our curated list for some fun ideas before you start planning the party.

1. Superhero birthday party

Superheroes are immensely popular among the boys so, it would be a great idea to introduce this idea to your boy’s birthday party. Ask your invitees to come dressed in their favorite superhero costume. They may also dress up as their favorite comic character. Get superhero props, party food and popular games that relate to your child’s favorite character.

2. Pirate birthday party

This is a magical adventurous idea where every guest may come dressed as pirates. You can decorate the venue as a pirate ship and a treasure island. If you have a pool then place a plank to walk over it. Add pirate flags, treasure chest and chocolate coins to enhance the look. Include some gifts and treats to surprise kids.

3. Video game birthday party

Most children enjoy playing video games. If your boy likes it too, then try this theme. Surprise him by throwing a video game themed birthday party and including all his favorite video games. You may introduce some of your favorite games too.

7-Year-Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas

Want to surprise your princess on her birthday? Try out these birthday ideas for a 7-year-old girl.

4. Barbie fashionista birthday party

If your girl adores Barbie and is a fashionista herself, then try this idea without second thoughts. Dress her up like a Barbie doll and ask your guests to dress up too. Decorate the space with lots of pink props such as balloons, dolls, centerpieces, candles and more. have a Barbie make-up station to double the fun.

5. Art and craft birthday party

Does your girl enjoy crafts? Organize an artsy party where your child can show her skills and enjoy with friends as well. This idea is fun yet budget-friendly. You may also include a variety of craft items, colors, and accessories.

6. Under the sea birthday party

Throw a mesmerizing birthday celebration for your daughter with this ‘under the sea’ idea. If she is fond of sea creatures then decorate the entire venue with blue waves, sea horses, beautiful mermaids, adorable lobsters and many more. Bring beautiful sea vibes by adding shades of blue and white glitters.

7-Year-Old Birthday Party Games

Birthday parties for 7-year-old are incomplete without any games and activities. Take the party to whole new level by including some fun and entertaining games.

7. Treasure hunt game

This is a classic game for kids who cannot stay still. You can make a series of clues that leads them to spot one treasure after another and finally to the destination where you have hidden the mega prize .

8. Silly racing game

This includes fun racing games that are sure to keep everyone engaged and entertained. Form some teams to play games such as holding a blown-up balloon between the knees, holding a blown-up balloon between the heads of two team members, balancing a book on the head, jumping the rope while singing happy birthday, or something even more exciting..

9. Telephone game

Make all the children sit in a circle. You may begin the game with birthday child whispering something fun but confusing into the ears of their neighbor. This person then whispers to the next and the game continues. After the completion of one round, the last person to hear have to speak it our aloud. Then the birthday child has to reveal the original words. Try this game to see how everyone bursts into laughter.

7-Year-Old Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Here are some creative, budget-friendly party themes that you may try for your child’s epic celebration.

10. Camping theme

Kids enjoy playing outdoors. Don’t they? Host a camping themed birthday party for your adventurous little one and their friends. Set up tents, bonfire and organize interesting games. Don’t forget to demarcate boundaries for kids to ensure their safety.

11. Dance theme

Dance party theme is quite energetic, lively and musical that goes well with a spacious indoor venue. Ask your guests to come dressed in their favorite outfits to show their rocking moves. Have some dance party playlists ready where everyone gets a chance to tap their feet. Add some party favors such as glasses, glow-in-the-dark jewelry, bands, and other accessories to make the celebrations a lot more fun.

12. Monster mash party theme

Merge glimpses of Halloween to your celebration by throwing a monster mash birthday party. This theme can turn into being super scary or turn it entertaining depending on guest preferences. For a bit of entertainment, you can play some scary yet fun games such as wrapping mummies with toilet paper rolls. Maybe, get monster tattoos for everyone.

7-Year-Old Birthday Party Food Ideas

Choosing the right menu for children might be tricky. Serve foods that are simple and delicious for the kids and their parents as well.

13. Chocolate fountain

What could be more delightful than a chocolate fountain! Have an arrangement of long toothpicks and flavorful bowls of fruit, strawberries, marshmallows, graham crackers, rice krispies and twinkies to get dipped in chocolate. This party idea is sure to add fun and festive vibes to your celebration.

14. Pizzas

Let children try out their hands to bake pizzas. Keep everything ready from pizza bases to sauces and toppings that they love such as cheese, mushrooms, ham, pepperoni, sausage etc. Sprinkle some extra fun by giving them aprons and chef hats.

15. Cold cuts

Have cold cuts with cookie cutters. Let children make their sandwiches by cutting the bread into fun shapes by using cookie cutters that match the party theme. Provide them with all the fillings they like to eat. They are sure to enjoy this mouth watering party idea.

Now you have plenty of fantastic birthday party ideas for your 7-year-old. While selecting a party them don’t forget to include some engaging games and delicious snacks to keep children excited, happy and joyous. Let your creativity add some uniqueness to your child’s party and make it a memorable one.

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