70-Year-Olds Become First Time Parents Through IVF

It’s never too old to be a mother – so proves this woman from India who has become a mother at the age of 72!

Daljinder Kaur and her husband Mohinder Singh Gill became parents as septuagenarians. Their wish of becoming parents took 46 years to become a reality.

After two years of in vitro fertilization or IVF treatment at a fertility clinic in Hisar, in the state of Haryana, Daljinder finally had her male child on April 19 this year. The couple named him Arman meaning desire. They employed their own egg and sperm for fertilization. The newborn weighed 2kg at birth. It took a C-section to deliver her child.

The mother said that while everybody had been asking her to adopt a child, she knew in her heart the Almighty would bless her with her own child one day. She says that she is grateful to ‘Waheguru’ for answering her prayers.

The couple got married in Gilwali village on October 7, 1970. While they were not blessed with children for most of their life, they never lost hope. Daljinder says that there were two unsuccessful attempts previously to have a baby. Her husband, an agriculturist, has leased out his land in Kharar and lives in Amritsar.

Regarding Arman, the couple is elated. They are excited about their son’s future. While bringing up a child at the ripe age might be daunting, the couple has faith that their son will be fine and that they would like to see him get a good schooling.

Daljinder advises other issueless women not to lose hope and turn to specialists.

This is not the first time when a woman could bear a child at an old age. A woman named Rajo Devi from Haryana became the oldest mother in the world when she birthed a girlchild in 2008 at the age of 70.

While the mother and the child are safe, several practitioners have to say that bearing a child at the age of 70 could be quite a complication for both the mother and the child. Not to forget Janet Jackson’s recent pregnancy announcement at 50 which pretty much is weighed out by a septuagenarian. Dr. Timothy Hickman of Houston IVF in Memorial Hermann at Memorial City has to say that women over 55 should never attempt IVF through donor eggs because they might cause injury to the child. So the seniors out there who think they could still stand a chance, might have to think over a hundred times!

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