75 Best And Funny 70th Birthday Wishes And Messages

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70th birthday is an important milestone. A 70-year-old has experienced rain and shine in life. So, celebrate the occasion by sending 70th birthday wishes, and make the septuagenarian feel special. At this age, they have experienced joy, success, love, failure, pain, and most importantly, an eventful life. Hence, it marks a special occasion for the person and everyone close to them. So, take the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate their wise words and valuable company by sending these thoughtful and heartfelt birthday wishes.

70th Birthday Wishes

Celebrate the 70th birthday of your dear one by creating lots of memories. Throw a surprise birthday party, let all their dear ones share their birthday greetings.

  1. Happy 70th birthday to the sweetest person I know. Hope your today is full of happiness and joy.
  1. Wishing you a happy and wonderful 70th. Let’s pray together and celebrate your amazing life.
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  1. Mixed feelings on your 70th birthday. How come the years got completed so soon. Here’s wishing and praying that you reach the magic figure 100.
  1. Sending you lots of hugs and kisses on this special day! Happy 70th birthday to my amazing aunt!
  1. Happy 70th birthday uncle. You prove that age is in the mind. Have the best time of your life today.
  1. It’s your birthday, we are going to celebrate the day! Hope it’s filled with happiness and plenty of love.
  1. On the special occasion of your 70th birthday, you deserve to enjoy every special moment of it. Let’s make it wonderful together!
  1. I pray to the Lord that 24 hours of your 70th birthday become as memorable as the last 70 years of your life.
  1. Celebrate your birthday like a Rockstar! Exactly like you’ve celebrated your eventful life — with enthusiasm, excitement, and thrill. Happy 70th birthday.
  1. Happy 70th birthday! If we go by looks, you don’t look a day above50. That’s just awesome.
  1. Wishing you the best for the coming years! I pray for your good health and long life on your 70th birthday.
  1. Happy birthday! 70 years passed away so silently! You are still so young and muscular! Proud of you my oldie goldie!
  1. Have an amazing 70th birthday. Wish you’ll always be this happy forever.
  1. 70 may be a wonderful number, but not as awesome as you! Hope you have an awesome 70th!
  1. Happy 70th birthday! You deserve all the happiness and joy! You’ve won many people’s hearts in these 70 years! Now, it’s time for you to cherish the best wishes received from loved ones!
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  1. Happy 70th birthday! May you always stay happy and healthy!
  1. Happy 70th birthday to the cutest woman, who still looks like a 40-year-old.
  1. A very good soulis turning 70. You are simply the best, I feel overwhelmed to be part of your life.
  1. Happy 70th birthday! Now, you can happily enjoy your achievements, it’s time for you to relax and watch your kids hustle hard.
  1. Life is really awesome at 70. All you need to do is just relax and enjoy every moment on your special day.
  1. Happy birthday to someone special I have known for the past 70 years. The one that has experienced different shades of life with me! Happy 70th birthday!
  1. Best wishes to my role model, keep inspiring us in your 70s as you did all your life!
  1. 70 years old, but not a single wrinkle yet! You’re truly an Icon.
  1. Happy birthday! Congrats for completing 70 years and keep rocking as always.

 Funny 70th Birthday Wishes

Bring some chuckle to the party! Bring a smile to their face with a funny 70th birthday wish, make your oldie goldie laugh like mad.

  1. Attractive, dashing, sweet, amazing, intelligent, friendly, charming, cheerful, hilarious, and witty… well that’s all about me… Happy 70th Birthday!
  1. 70 is 21 in Celsius! Happy 21st birthday!!
  1. You can do a rain dance if you wish to, seventy is still a young age to fulfill desires.
Senior men dancing in the rain

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  1. We thought we would only get 70 candles to put on your cake this year, and you would blow each candle one by one. Happy Birthday!
  1. Here is a bug! Oh, sorry a hug! Happy birthday! PS: 70’s joke!
  1. Congratulations, you were born many years ago. You created history!
  1. Happy birthday, you’re closer to seeing another century pass.
  1. A star was born 70 years ago, that is the best thing that ever happened. It’s your birthday, happy 70 years of stardom.
  1. Once you turn 70, you can again start wearing diapers. Growing old is a gift to enjoy childhood again. Do what you enjoy the most.
  1. The secret to a great birthday is not remembering what happened that day. Just don’t wake up in jail.
  1. Your wrinkles point to a great life and strong teeth, so what happened to your teeth?
  1. Playing with every kid in your family told me that you are close to 70. Happy Birthday, Senior Kid!
  1. Nothing is sweeter than you, so we don’t need a cake for your 70th birthday.
  1. Happy 70th B-Day! Let me post a selfie with my youngest friend.
  1. Happy 70th birthday, what you need is some amazing time, and just enjoy your sugar-free birthday cake.
  1. 70 really looks great on you, dear senior citizen! Happy B’day!
  1. Happy late 70th birthday greeting! Sending you a bucket full of love.
  1. Let’s go out and show the world that age 70 is the new 30. Let’s rock the party! Happy 70th Birthday!
  1. You’re a grown-up. You’re smart. You’re classy. You’re far too open-minded to be minding a present from me. Happy birthday!

70th Birthday Wishes For Dad

Dad’s place in our life is unparalleled, as we always look up to him. Celebrate his special day with love and laughter.

  1. Happy 70th birthday, Dad! You have simply been the awesome caretaker. You taught me how to make life special! I am excited to celebrate this milestone with you.
  1. Wishing you a happy 70th birthday, dearest Father! Thank you for showering all your love on me. Love you for the support and advice that have helped in achieving success.
  1. Dear Daddy, I pray to the Lord that you have happiness, joy, and serenity in your life. Happy 70th birthday celebration!
  1. Dear Dad, you deserve all happiness in this world. You are like a divine gift of God for me. Wishing you a healthy 70th birthday!
  1. Congrats for completing 70 years in this beautiful world. This is a really astonishing moment and I must confess that you receive all the energy and good health! Happy birthday, Dad!
Father celebrating birthday with son and daughter

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  1. 70 years old, for me its70 years of success. Dad, you are the best person I know and you should be appreciated just for what you are. Happy 70th my hero! I wish you find health and happiness all your day.
  1. Happy 70th birthday to the most influential man of my life. You have always guided me in my way. You’re a wonderful father.
  1. It doesn’t matter you turned seventy or eighty; you will always be my first and only hero,Dad!
  1. On your 70th birthday, I just wish to enjoy every single moment. I can’t thank you enough for what all you’ve done for us. Proud to be your son, dad. Love you and have a great day!!

70th Birthday Wishes For Mom

Everything is awesome about mothers, their food, fashion, style, and also gossips. Celebrate their life as they complete seven decades and thank them for being the best ever!

  1. Dear mother, as you reach this milestone of completing 70 years, I want to thank you for being the best ever. I wish that God rewards you with many exciting surprises in the coming years. Happy 70thbirthday mom!
  1. Happy birthday to the adorable and sweetest 70-year-old in the world! You have been outstanding in every phase of my life. I feel proud that I am the luckiest child.
  1. Your love, coziness, and guidance are all awesome, just like your amazing nature. I can’t imagine my world without you. Happy 70th anniversary to the bestesttmom!
  1. Mom, on your 70th birthday today, I wish you lots of happiness, joy, love, and good health. I pray that these gifts lead you to a happy life in the coming years. God is great and he will make my wishes come true.
  1. Happy 70th birthday! Words fail me when I want to express my love towards you.You are an amazing and my only role model in life.
  1. My sweet mother, you spent your entire life filling my life with joy and happiness. You deserve every blessing of God on this special day. Congratulations on turning 70!
  1. Mom, I just wonder how you still look impeccable at 70. You’re awesome. I wish to be just like you when I celebrate my 70th birthday.
  1. Happy 70th birthday to an angel. I always appreciate your love, care, and sacrifices, mom.
  1. Seventy years have passed and you still look so young, mom. That’s amazing! Love you always!
  1. You are the angel that taught me the importance of being kind. Your life is an inspiration for everyone around you. Let’s welcome your 70th together!
  1. An outstanding woman deserves countless praises. May God bless always with health and happiness mom! Happy 70th birthday!
  1. You have blessed my life. The best gift I received from God is being born as your daughter. The only way I can pay you back is by living upto your name mom. Here’s wishing you a Happy 70th birthday mom!!
  1. As you board this new age, may you find the journey fulfilling. May you witness love like never before. Happy 70th birthday, my dearest mom.
  1. Today, I will tell the world how beautiful, gorgeous, and virtuous you are. Your humility is one to be envied. Your sacrifice cannot be measured. You are the best gift I ever received. Happy 70th birthday my loving mother.
  1. Have I ever told you how amazing you are? Mom, you are the best gift of God. I wish you good health and long life. Happy 70th birthday.
  1. Happy 70th birthday to the greatest mother, woman, and beauty of beauties. Your soul is as beautiful as mother nature. Happy birthday to my precious!
  1. Happy 70th birthday. Praying day and night for your good health and long life! Keep me blessed with your love!
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  1. Happy 70th birthday. I took a day off from work to celebrate you, mother. You mean the world to me!
  1. Sun shines brighter this morning. The weather is awesome, it’s the 70th birthday of my dearest mom. The stars will brighten the evening. And the moon will bring charm to the night. Happy 70th birthday.
  1. As you enter a new chapter of life, I pray for your long life. I also pray to God to shower you with joy and peace. Happy birthday Mommy!!
  1. Happy birthday to you, mother. You are an inspiration for me. I appreciate your hard work and efforts that made me who I am. Love you lots! Happy 70th birthday!
  1. You rock my world mom! Celebrating your 70th birthday gives me immense pleasure. I pray to God to always keep showering his blessings on our family. Keep shining, love you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a 70th birthday called?

A 70th birthday is called a platinum jubilee. Platinum is the color that represents the 70th birthday, whereas a jubilee is a word used to mark a celebratory occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary. When an individual turns 70, they are called a septuagenarian.

2. What are the benefits of turning 70?

Individuals at this age have plenty of time to indulge in activities or hobbies they had been postponing to rear their children. Now, they can spend time with family and friends and travel to locations that had always been on their bucket lists. It’s the time they can relax and reflect on the wonderful life they have spent with their loved ones. They can also spend time with their grandchildren and contribute to their positive growth and development.

Plan an epic 70th birthday party and surprise father, mother, uncle, or aunt. Make their special day full of surprises and family speeches. Share 70th birthday greetings and bless them with good health and long life.

Infographic: Funny 70th Birthday Wishes

It is a momentous milestone when someone is nearing their 70th birthday. So whether you wish them with a greeting card or share amusing words with them directly, this infographic can help you convey your thoughts in a humor-filled manner to leave them giggling.

70th birthday wishes [infographic]
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