70+ Fabulous 75th Birthday Wishes, Quotes, And Poems

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Like every birthday wish, 75th birthday wishes need to be special too. Birthdays are occasions to remember your blessings and be grateful for them. Irrespective of whether someone turns sweet 16 or 75, birthdays remain equally important.

Brighten up the day of a near and dear one celebrating their 75th birthday by sending them gifts and wishes. You could express your feelings for them by writing something nice. It does not matter if you are not great with words; it is the effort and your loving thoughts for the person that matter.

In this post, we bring you a collection of 75th birthday wishes, quotes, poems, and sayings to let you wish your loved one in the best possible way.

71 Happy 75th Birthday Wishes, Quotes, And Sayings

Check out these wonderful 75th birthday wishes, quotes, and sayings for the person you love. It will definitely help to brighten up their B-day.

75th Birthday Wishes For Dad

Make your dad’s day special by greeting him in a unique way.

  1. Happy birthday to my wonderful father. As you turn 75 years today, may all your desires find the path to fulfillment.
  1. Dad, thanks for your guidance, protection, and blessings for decades in my life. Happy 75th birthday.
  1. Wish you a grand 75th birthday to the sweetest father. I love you, Dad.
  1. Dad, I thank you on this special occasion for bringing me to this world and blessing me with precious things. Happy 75th birthday.
  1. Happy birthday to the great influential person in my world. I am proud of you, Dad. May God bless you on your 75th birthday.
  1. Dad, I will be grateful to you forever as you are the reason for my existence. Have a blessed 75th anniversary.
  1. Dear Dad, you showed me the right path to follow. Words are not enough to wish you on your milestone day. I wish you a peaceful 75th birthday.
  1. Daddy, I am blessed to have you in my life, and I wish it to stay for eternity. May God give you abundant blessings on your 75th birthday.
  1. Dear father, this lovely occasion is an amazing opportunity for me to appreciate you for giving me innumerable priceless things. May you have endless joy on your 75th birthday.
  1. It is really pleasurable to know that my daddy has turned 75 years old today. May joy and happiness never depart from your life.
  1. I see you as the most knowledgeable man, a devoted teacher, a great counselor, and my best friend. May the divine Lord bless you on this 75th birthday celebration!

75th Birthday Wishes For Mom

Wish your mom this happy 75th birthday wishes to let her feel at the top of the world.

  1. Dear Mom, as long as the sun keeps rising from the east and set in the west, I will love you from the bottom of my heart. I wish a jolly 75th birthday to the wonderful woman in my life.
  1. My universe turned beautiful the day I got you as my mother, and I will love you unconditionally till the end of my life. Happy 75th birthday to my dearest mother.
  1. I wish a fabulous 75th birthday to my fabulous mother and pray for an even more fabulous life. Happy birthday.
  1. My dearest Mumma, I wish you all the happiness and joy your caring heart can contain. Happy 75th birthday.
  1. Mom, I want you to know on this milestone in your life that my love for you is more precious than the real diamond. Happy 75th birthday.
  1. Happy 75th birthday to my cutest mom! I appreciate all your sacrifices to bring a smile to my face. May the Divine Lord bless you with peace, good health, and happiness.
  1. Dear mummy, by the grace of God, you are really performing your duties with all your heart. As you turn 75 years today, I wish you to be the best mom in the universe.
  1. Mom, you are a true legend to me. You have succeeded in every phase of your life, whether it’s your childhood, adulthood, or motherhood. Your 75th anniversary must be celebrated in a grand way!
  1. Dear Mom, I don’t say it often, but I use this special occasion to say how much I appreciate you for your every bit of sacrifice. Happy 75th anniversary!
  1. Dearest Mother, you always lead the list of exceptional mothers. You are the perfect inspiration for young mothers. I wish you a blissful and healthy 75th birthday.
  1. Dear Mom, may your life always be filled with joy, excitement, and good health in abundance. Happy 75th birthday!
  1. Wishing you a remarkable 75th birthday, dearest Mother! I value the unimaginable and unconditional love you shower on my life. I am blessed to be your son/daughter.

75th Birthday Wishes For Sister

Have these adorable messages for your lovely sister.

  1. Wishing you a glamorous 75th birthday, sweet sister! May God bless you with true excitement, love, happiness, and good health without end.
  1. Wish you a very 75th happy birthday,dear sis. May your smile spread positivity as always.
  1. With each passing year, may your wisdom and experiences get added to your life’s book. You are our real treasure. Cheers to another 75!
  1. May this 75th year be as cheerful and exciting as the last 74 years of yours. As every year passes, it makes you younger. Happy 75th birthday dear!
  1. To my dearest sister, age is just a number. On your 75th birthday, you still look gorgeous. Happy diamond jubilee!
  1. Many happy returns of the day to my lovely sister. May this day fulfill all your birthday wishes.

75th Birthday Wishes For Brother

Wish your rockstar bro, and enjoy his birthday to the fullest.

  1. You are a father figure for me. Dear brother, I pray to the Lord to bless you a life full of happiness and good health. Happy birthday to you.
  1. I am blessed to have you as my guide in every step of my life. Happy 75th Birthday.
  1. My dearest brother, I’m proud to be a part of your wonderful life. I wish you a Happy 75th, Rockstar.
  1. Congratulations to the most caring brother in the world. I wish you for completing 75 years of your life. Happy Birthday.
  1. Brother, may this birthday keep you healthy, wealthy, and wise. Happy another year!
  1. Happy birthday brother! May you get all the wonderful things you deserve in life.

75th Birthday Wishes For Aunt

Aunts share a special place in a family, so you can wish her by using these amazing messages.

  1. Happy 75th birthday, my dearest aunt! May the Lord bless you to be an absolute loving aunt forever.
  1. I wish this year brings you fine health and a heart that brims with happiness! Happy 75th birthday, my sweet aunt.
  1. Dear aunt, you have furnished my world with amazing and fabulous memories. Even words are not enough to express how grateful I am to you. Wishing you a fabulously beautiful 75th birthday.
  1. As the years pass by, you are growing much stronger and more beautiful. Wishing a blissful 75th birthday to my amazing aunt!
  1. Congratulations, dearest Auntie! I am excited and proud enough to know that you are 7.5 decades old today. May the sense of happiness and good health remain throughout your life.
  1. Wishing the most fantastic auntie on this planet a cheerful 75th anniversary! Hope your days are filled with joy and happiness.
  1. Dear aunt, you are a true blessing for me from the Almighty. Have a blessed 75th birthday!

75th Birthday Wishes For Uncle

Do not forget your favorite uncle, and greet hiin a remarkable way.

  1. You are an astounding uncle to me. For you, the sky is the limit. Wish you more happiness and blessed life. Happy 75th birthday to my dearest uncle.
  1. Happy birthday, dear uncle. I hope the coming year brings lots of amazing gifts for you. Always be in good health and wear a gigantic smile on such a handsome face.
  1. My heartiest wishes to the most dashing uncle on the planet! May the rich blessings of the Lord forever keep you happy.
  1. Wishing you a divine 75th birthday, sweet uncle. May this new chapter bring you good health and happiness without end.

75th Birthday Wishes For Friend

Don’t miss your friend’s 75th birthday. Have these texts to wish them.

  1. 75 years of grandeur on this earth is truly an incredible achievement, dear friend. I wish you excellent health and joy on this Big Day!
  1. Congratulations on your 75th today. I pray to the Lord to give you enough strength to blow out all the candles of your tiny cake.
  1. Happy 75th birthday to the great friend whose presence makes the planet a more beautiful place. Thanks for the happiness you included in my life.
  1. Another terrific milestone, my dear friend! May your celebration be filled with enormous love and peace. Happy 75th birthday!
  1. Good friends remember your age rather than your birthday. Being a true friend of yours, I remember only your birthday. Have a 75th birthday bash.
  1. Congrats buddy for completing seven and a half decades on this planet! I wish you to celebrate this remarkable day with great radiance.
  1. Dear friend, as you celebrate your diamond jubilee today, I pray that your life overflows with good health and peace.
  1. Dear friend, may you always be surrounded by joy, happiness, and peace. This special occasion marks your 75 years of existence on earth. Happy 75th birthday!
  1. On this great occasion, I pray for unfailing love in your life. Have a fabulous 75th birthday, dear friend!
  1. You are the perfect person to be a good friend. On this special day, I wish you get everything that is perfect for you as you celebrate this B-day.
  1. Beloved friend, I pray to God to fill your life with special moments and spectacular things. Enjoy this 75th birthday celebration to the fullest.
  1. May these 75 years of your existence become a cheerful one for you. Thanks for being a wonderful friend to me.
  1. Sending you a hearty 75th birthday, my friend! I pray to God to bless you with more happiness, peace, and joy than this universe can contain.

Funny 75th Birthday Wishes

Add a touch of humor to greet the birthday person through these funny birthday wishes.

  1. May all your wishes come true to this special day, and your wife (or husband) may not find it out.
  1. Happy 75th birthday. May your value increase year after year, just like fine wine.
  1. Happy birthday to you. May God give you the strength to blow out 75 candles.
  1. Birthdays are healthy. The more birthdays you have, the longer you will live.

Happy 75th Birthday Quotes

75th birthday quotes would be great to celebrate a golden jubilee.

  1. “Too many people, when they get old, think that they have to live by the calendar.” – John Glenn
  1. “The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” – Lucille Ball
  1. “Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” – Jack Benny
  1. “When I was young I was called a rugged individualist. When I was in my fifties I was considered eccentric. Here I am doing and saying the same things I did then and I’m labeled senile.” – George Burns
  1. “I’m at an age when my back goes out more than I do.” – Phyllis Diller
  1. “You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.” – Bob Hope
  1. “At my age, flowers scare me.” – George Burns
  1. “There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.” – Sophia Loren

Choose words and phrases that come straight from the bottom of your heart when sending happy 75th birthday wishes, quotes, and sayings to the loved ones in your life.  You can pick the best one from the above list to bring a lovely smile to your beloved recipient.

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