7th Month Pregnancy Care – What To Expect, Do’s & Dont’s

7th month pregnancy care what to expect, do’s & dont’s

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Welcome to the grand finale of pregnancy!

The third trimester is the last three months of pregnancy filled with some great moments to cherish!

Month seven marks your entry into the third trimester. Starting week 29 through 32, you tend to feel extremely special. There will be more discomfort than before and you will find it difficult to walk now, but soon your body adapts to the center of gravity. You will feel pressure setting on your legs, bladder and your belly.

You will also be treated like a queen in this last trimester starting month seven. Make the most of it while it lasts.

7th Month Pregnancy Care – What to Expect?

With a huge weight on your front, expect the discomfort to last a little longer. You should be able to manage it well enough:

  • Your back will hurt more than before, as the growing bump in the front puts pressure on your spine.
  • Watch your weight as this plays an important role in maintaining your back issues
  • You will start to actually waddle like a pregnant woman from now on.
  • Your feet will automatically part as you walk, to support the bump
  • Get ready for a roller coaster ride with your mood swings. You will weep, laugh, cry and sigh at the drop of a hat. There is no escaping this part.
  • By the end of month seven, you will feel more settled than before. Wait for the moment to happen naturally.
  • Abdominal discomfort and false contractions become a part of the routine. Learn to identify your pattern.
  • You will find yourself running around with anxious shopping. Too many agendas fill your brain with respect to your baby’s crib, the basic necessities and painting the nursery.

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Changes In Your Body:

Plenty of changes this month! You will feel larger than before. Make sure you understand what is happening within and outside of you :

  • You will feel more swollen and puffy than before, thanks to all the extra blood being circulated all through your body. Your body, hands and feet will all look bigger.
  • Hot flashes become a normal thing now. You will feel excessively hot in all weather conditions due to the changes inside.
  • Your breasts will be denser and heavier than before. The veins on your breasts will be seen more clearly and your nipples darken in color.
  • You will not be able to bend anymore.
  • Your baby is shifting down as growth happens. Due to this you will feel the urge to urinate frequently.
  • The fatigue and tiredness increase as you go on dealing with sleep issues at night time
  • There is a possibility of varicose veins on your legs and vulva more now.
  • Your tummy continues to expand more rapidly than before, making it impossible to move faster
  • There will be a sharp weight gain from the middle of the month. Make sure you watch your diet.
  • Shortness of breath will be more prominently felt in the last week of the month.
  • Your breasts will leak colostrum, clear yellowish early milk which is vital for your baby and is rich in nutrients.
  • More intake of iron is recommended as there will be steep decline in the levels of hemoglobin. Eating foods rich in iron is important as consuming the supplements. Makes sure this is taken with equal amounts of Vitamin C for quicker and effective absorption.
  • Do not blame yourself for those terrible, unmanageable mood swings. Your body is gearing up for child birth that has hormones involved working overtime.
  • You will connect more with your baby inside the womb than before. You will absolutely love this feel which will be remembered forever
  • Anxiety pangs are very common. Brace yourself.
  • False contractions, also called as Braxton Hicks will be more frequent. You will have mastered the art of identifying a false contraction from an actual one by this time.

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Changes In Your Baby:

Your baby is getting longer and gaining more weight each passing day.

  • By the end of this month your baby will measuring approximately 46 centimeters. Your doctor will now keep a close watch on both the weight and height during the ante-natal appointments.
  • It’s the sleep time for the little one inside. Your baby will spend more time doing REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Researchers state that this is an important sleep pattern for humans.
  • Lot of neural and cognitive development this month for your baby. Millions of neurons are fast forming in your baby’s brain. Hence it is no wonder that your baby will now react sharply to various sounds, smells, music and jerky movements.
  • Your baby’s body is well formed by this time. The transition will now happen to month 8 where weight gain and fat accumulation happens within the skin.
  • The respiratory system is now fully functional. Any case of unforeseen premature birth after this month is not very threatening to your baby.

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Precautions During 7th Month Of Pregnancy:

You need to be more vigilant and careful each day as you undertake your routine activities. Here are some important 7th month of pregnancy precautions to get through the month smoothly:


1. Food and Diet:

Stock up on foods that are rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

  • Your baby is fast progressing with cognitive and visual development and these foods will enhance the process. Fish, walnuts and sea foods are some rich sources of Omega – 3
  • Caution: You may be allergic to certain sea foods. Make sure you discuss the same in detail with your doctor before incorporating in your diet.

2. Frequent Walks:

Taking those occasional breaks to take a walk is a must.

  • Do not be stuck to one position or posture for long periods.
  • Keep your body mobile and flexible as clumsiness can only cause more discomfort.

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3. Exercise and Fitness:

Do basic stretches as instructed by tour fitness trainer. You need to be active and not lethargic during labor. Good habits start early.

4. Ante- Natal Appointments:

Pay close attention to your appointments with your gynecologist.

  • There will be close progress noted via scan regarding your baby’s weight and height.
  • In case your baby’s weight is not up to the mark, it is your responsibility to note the same and improve your diet.
  • Every passing week is significant for your baby way forward.

5. Blood Tests:

Monitor the hemoglobin levels closely.

  • If you belong to a Rhesus Negative blood group, your doctor will perform more tests to ensure that you have not developed any antibodies.
  • Make note of every single detail with respect to your blood picture.

6. Iron Supplements:

Eat plenty of Red meat, eggs, legumes, cereals, fruits, vegetables and Vitamin C this month. Intake of iron through natural sources is as necessary as those iron supplements prescribed by the doctor.

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7. Breathing Exercises and Meditation:

Contrary to all your other notions, try and invest time in breathing exercises and meditation. Keeping a calm mind is crucial. This can be achieved with meditation and patterned breathing.

8. Develop A Useful Hobby:

A great hobby is very important to stay calm and focused.

  • Engage in simple and stimulating activities like watering plants, reading a book, knitting or listening to soulful music.
  • Hobbies keep you channeled, and you would want to be more streamlined in your thoughts during the hormone rage that is taking a toll on your mind.


1. Smoking and Alcohol:

These are a complete no from here on. Make sure you do not stay in the company of smokers either.

2. Slouching:

This is an absolute no. You will anyways find it harder to bend due to the full grown bump in between.

3. Lifting Weights:

Understand that you need to delegate work to the inmates in your house from now on. Taking complete responsibility of the household chores is completely unnecessary. Learn to relax!

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4. Sleeping Posture:

Sleeping on your left side should have become a practice for you by this time. Continue to maintain the same till the last week of pregnancy.


Here are few seventh month pregnancy care tips you should keep in mind to avoid complications in future.

  • Feeling emotional, shaky and scared is a part of being pregnant. You are prone to experience these feelings intensely during the last trimester.
  • Understand that this is very natural and happens to all mothers to be.
  • Discussing even the smallest of fears with your partner matters. This will not only ease out your burden but also lighten you up in a way. You will be more unnerved in the presence of great company and lovely ambiance.
  • Make sure you do a great weekend getaway at a local resort with your partner during this time. This will help you divert your mind with a fresh perspective.

The last trimester of pregnancy is about excitement, worry, hope and joy. With so many emotions thrown at you at one go it is but natural to feel fuzzy. Follow the above precautions during 7th month pregnancy and try to be happy.

Don’t forget to share your experiences on 7th month pregnancy care with us.

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