70+ Birthday Party Ideas For 8-Year-Old Boys And Girls

Your little one is turning eight, and it’s an occasion to celebrate. If you want to give your child the best birthday of their life, here are some amazing eight-year-old birthday party ideas. Organizing a birthday party is a huge task that requires a lot of creativity, planning, and attention. In every aspect of organizing a birthday party, from themes, guest lists, games, music, presents, and food to refreshments, you have to plan everything to perfection. In this post, we bring you some amazing ideas to help you throw an unforgettable party for your eight-year-old. Also, make sure you talk to your child and incorporate their ideas too before planning the big event.

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8th Birthday Party Guest Invite

Make an invitee list. Your guests need to be in synchronization with the party theme. For example, if you’re having a Lego-themed party, make a Lego pop-up card. For a mermaid-themed party, make invites with mermaid tail templates that you can easily find on the internet. You can even ask the guests to wear a particular color related to the theme.

To plan well, have a clear idea of how many of your child’s friends will attend the party. Consider adding a cute RSVP line on the card, like this one: ‘Please RSVP so we can keep enough return-goodies for you.’

Birthday Party Games And Activity Ideas For Eight-Year-Olds

One thing children look forward to at a birthday party is games and activities. So, here’s a list of things you can easily organize at home or in your backyard.

1. Bull’s eye balloon poppers

Stick 10 to 12 balloons together in a circle with the smallest in the center and get the children to pop them by flinging colored candy sticks from a distance. Whoever gets the middle one multiple times is the winner.

2. Birthday bingo

Host a game of good old bingo and make it interesting with your own rules.

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3. Cupcake terrarium

Make cupcake terrariums with frostings of greens and blues and other different colors. You can even make marzipan shavings for them to use as fillers in their terrariums.

4. Colorful kite-making

It is another amazing way to keep children busy. A little background work by watching videos of kite-making tutorials should prepare you for this fun activity.

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5. Pictionary

If you want the children to have a great laugh, organize a game of Pictionary. It will also help get their word creativity going.

6. Musical chairs

Also known as Revolving Doors or Marching to Jerusalem, this high-energy game needs some music and a bunch of chairs.

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7. Draw the picture

This game requires participants to take turns drawing a shape on a piece of paper before passing it to the next person. Each participant modifies the drawing with their artistic flair. This process continues until the last player is reached, resulting in a humorous or artistic creation.

8. Hot potato

It’s a classic children’s game that keeps children engaged and entertained. Let them pass an object (hot potato) to one another as quickly as possible until the music stops while laughing their hearts out.

Hot potato
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9. Simon says

You may play a game like Simon Says whenever and wherever you want without purchasing anything. Just replace the name ‘Simon’ with anything that fits your party theme to add a personal touch to this popular birthday game.

10. Water balloon game

This birthday party activity is best enjoyed on sunny days and requires an outdoor environment. Guests can be divided into teams and challenged to keep a water-filled balloon intact, saving it from others who might burst it.

Water balloon game
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11. Lava floor

It’s a fantastic party game inspired by a popular show. The challenge is to see how many players can safely reach the final destination without touching the lava on the floor.

12. Minute-to-win-it games

Minute-to-win-it games are short, engaging, and challenging games. These are ideal for birthday parties because everyone, or just a few, can participate and can have great fun. Cup stack, tower test, cookie face, and tall ball drop are some minute-to-win games you can add to your birthday party games list.

Minute-to-win-it games
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13. Balance the egg

This birthday party activity can lead to a bit of a mess, but that’s part of the enjoyment! Ask all the guests to place one hand behind their back and use the other hand to hold a spoon containing an egg. Challenge them to race to the finish line while saving their egg from falling.

Theme Birthday Party Ideas For Eight-Year-Olds

Here are some mind-blowing birthday party theme ideas for 8-year-old boys and girls to make things even better.

14. Cozy movie night party

Rent a projector and screen if you don’t have one. This could also make for a fun birthday gift for your eight-year-old. For the birthday party, load your child’s favorite movie on a USB stick. Throw beanbags around, fluff up the pillows on the couch, place some quilts, and put fairy lights up, and voila!

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15. Nerf war party

All you need is a few Nerf guns, foam pellet holders, and a scoreboard. Your children can play the game at your local park or in your backyard. You can make targets like spin wheels, hoops, and place them at a distance or create ‘floating targets’ if you’re having a pool party.

16. Candy crush theme

One of the most exciting and colorful themed parties, think pinatas full of candy to burst open on the children, photo-ops, bubble machines, sweet trays with striped candy, candy bombs, hard candy, and lots more.

17. Harry Potter theme

Recreate the Hogwarts experience with elements including a ‘Platform 9 and ¾’ Entry arch, wizard dress code, sorting hats, wands for the kids, and Marauder’s Map treasure hunt game.

Mother of two and a freelance writer, Sue Jackson fondly recalls one of her son’s Harry Potter-themed eighth birthday party. She says, “Our best party ever, though, the one that friends and family still talk about, was my oldest son’s 8th birthday (15 years ago!) when we planned a Harry Potter party and transformed our house into Hogwarts!” She had included several aspects of the Harry Potter universe, including the professors in the Great Hall, the Diagon Alley, Olivander’s Wand Shop, where the guests got measured for their wands, and even a Quidditch game. Jackson shares a few pictures of the party, “As you can see, this was a group effort! Friends and family pitched in to fill in the Hogwarts staff, and I think we had as much fun as the kids (i).”

protip_icon Quick tip
You can also keep chocolate frogs, (chocolate in the shape of a frog) that Hermione and Ron had given Harry Potter, as a refreshment.

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18. Disney theme

Pick your child’s favorite Disney characters and make photo-ops. Get a custom-made cake that looks like a Disney character your child really loves.

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19. Art theme

Bring out the inner Picasso of children with an art-themed birthday. Get a large canvas, colors, sparkles, and other props, and let the children get down and messy.

20. Alice in Wonderland theme

Get the children to dress up as different characters from this fantastic folklore and create little areas with faux door frames of various sizes. The star attractions of this theme can be the Tea Table and cakes with ‘Eat Me’ frosting.

21. Superhero theme

Be it the Marvel or DC universe, most children have a favorite superhero. You can theme the party around their favorite superhero or supervillain.

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22. Game theme

Recreate the game in different colors and structures. You could also get your child’s favorite baker to make a Lego or Minecraft-themed cake, which will be a great surprise.

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23. The Little Mermaid theme or ocean themed party

Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, and The Little Mermaid are all some of the examples on which you can base the party’s theme. Add a puppet show and set an ocean-themed costume party to entertain your guests.

24. Island themed or beach themed birthday

It can be the best birthday party theme for your eight-year-old boy or girl if you live close to the beach. You can get sand down in large containers and create little islands for the children to spread their little sheets and sit on. You can even throw in a few tents.

25. Nature theme

If you want to design your child’s party themed around an environmental cause, incorporate the nature theme smartly. Create photo-ops with fun but thoughtful messages on conservation. Include activities such as planting saplings, arranging flowers, and making nature-themed paintings. You could also give away little planters as a return gift.

26. Trampoline and bouncy house park theme

Trampolines are so much fun and the best way to keep children occupied at a party. Bounce houses are also another super-easy way to set up a little park in your backyard for your eight-year-old’s birthday.

27. The little chef theme

Children like to indulge in baking and cooking sessions with their friends. You can help them improve their knife skills by helping them out making sweet delicacies.

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28. Airplane theme

Let the dress code be a pilot’s overalls and then make backdrops and photo-ops with different aircraft that your child loves and get an airplane-themed birthday cake for some extra yummy joy.

29. Karaoke night

A Karaoke night is a hit among children. Get a good Karaoke player, which has over 2000 songs loaded and a couple of microphones. Add a funky backdrop with some disco balls hanging for an authentic singing atmosphere. Guests can join in for dancing to make it lively.

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30. Paint and sip

Make a large supply of mixed fruit juice to keep it flowing through the day. For the painting activity, you can create an individual activity station for every little guest. Things you’ll need for this include lots of paints, paintbrushes, paper cards and sheets, water bowls for dipping their paintbrushes, napkins, and activity paper.

31. Camp out themed party

In order to make this indoor camping, make Teepee tents in your backyard in a circular arrangement and throw in some fun activities like air Pictionary or charades to spruce up the picnic party experience.

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32. Pool party

If you have a pool at home, spruce it up with super amazing pool floats, slip and slide, and organize games such as swimming, Marco Polo, play buckets with the children’s names on them, and colorful photo-ops. You can even organize a super cool floating movie night for the evening. This is one of the popular activities enjoyed during friends and family gatherings.

33. Basketball themed party

Lakers or Warriors or any of the top NBA team fans? Whichever is your child’s favorite, making a ball-themed party will be real fun. You could even organize a little half-court match between the kiddie teams to make it more interesting.

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34. The little magician themed party

Get your child to learn a few cool magic tricks to flaunt at the party. Dress your child up as a magician with a hat, a wand, and the works for the party. The other children can also dress up as magicians and showcase their talents.

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35. Neon-themed party

Make your child’s birthday extra special by throwing a vibrant neon-themed party. Decorate the venue with neon-colored balloons, banners, and soft neon lights. Play some upbeat music to liven up the environment.

36. Space adventure-theme

A space-themed birthday will launch you into a universe of amazement. You can decorate the venue with sparkling planets, stars, and astronaut gear. Plan enjoyable activities such as rocket launch experiments and stargazing with telescopes to keep the children entertained.

Space adventure-theme
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37. LEGO-themed party

Throw a LEGO-themed birthday party where creativity runs wild. Decorate the party venue with large LEGO bricks, LEGO-themed balloons, and banners. Keep loads of LEGO blocks ready to let children indulge in building challenges and activities.

38. Costume party

Celebrate your eight-year-old’s birthday with a memorable costume party. Pick a theme and request guests to wear theme-appropriate attire. Decorate the party venue and arrange simple games and low-key costume contests to engage children and adults.

39. Bake and decorate theme party

Host a bake and decorate birthday party for young bakers. Provide children with ingredients and instructions to make muffins. Bake the muffins and ask the children to decorate them with sprinkles, frosting, and other edible decorations.

Bake and decorate theme party
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40. Science laboratory theme party

If your child is a science enthusiast, plan a fun birthday bash with a science theme. Decorate the space with lab coats, beakers, and scientific tools. Plan science-themed games and quizzes, and give guests science-themed favors, such as mini experimentation kits or kaleidoscopes, to make the party memorable for everyone.

41. Winnie the Pooh theme party

Host a whimsical picnic with a Winnie the Pooh-themed party. Choose a serene outdoor location or a party hall and decorate it with stuffed animals, honey pots, and character-themed Mylar balloons. Arrange fun games, activities, and kid-friendly snacks to set the party mood.

Birthday Party Ideas For Eight-Year-Old Boys

We have a few ideas to plan a birthday boy’s birthday. But if your girl likes any of them, you can pick it up.

42. Circus party

Make your little one’s birthday super memorable with a circus theme. Set up your space with everything from a tent to fun games to colorful decorations to popcorn and more for an exciting time.

protip_icon Point to consider
Some kids have a phobia of clowns known as “Coulrophobia.” If your child or any of his friends has this phobia, it is best to avoid this theme.

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43. Soccer bash

From soccer-themed invitations to a football cake to helium balloons resembling soccer and even a small soccer game setup, get your children’s inner Ronaldo out on their special day.

44. Treasure hunt

Every child loves hunting for treasure, and the good old treasure hunt theme is an excellent way to keep your budget low. Ensure every child has a blast at the unique party. If you have the bandwidth, you can even organize a scavenger hunt for the adults.

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45. Game night party

You can host a fun game night to celebrate your child’s birthday. Invite his friends for a laid-back evening of board games, card games, and trivia. You can even enjoy exciting video games such as Minecraft or car racing. Create a comfortable space with easy snacks and comfy seating for a perfect evening.

46. Escape room party

An escape room birthday party is fun for children and their parents. Decorate the venue like an escape room. Give guests age-appropriate riddles and challenges to add a sense of adventure to the celebrations.

Escape room party
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47. Ninja warrior party

If spycraft intrigues your child, a ninja warrior-themed birthday party is suitable for celebrating their special day. Set up balance beams, cargo nets, and climbing walls in your backyard and transform it into an obstacle course. Let children dress like ninjas and participate in agility and strength tests while navigating the course like their favorite ninjas.

48. Pirate party

Decorate the venue with pirate-themed banners, balloons, and paper flags. Use props like ships, barrels, wooden crates, pirate flags, and ropes to amplify the pirate feel. Arrange exciting treasure hunt activities and pirate-theme games to keep the guests entertained.

Pirate party
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49. Star Wars party

Ask children to dress up as their favorite Star Wars characters. Encourage them to participate in games such as obstacle courses and starship races. Play Star Wars soundtracks in the background and serve Star Wars-themed treats to make your child’s birthday bash memorable.

50. Cricket party

If your child loves cricket, consider throwing a cricket-themed party. Ask guests to dress in cricket-themed attire. Decorate the venue like a cricket stadium and arrange a cricket-themed cake and treats. Give guests personalized cricket-themed favors, such as small bats or balls with a unique number.

51. Dinosaur party

If your eight-year-old is a dinosaur lover, consider hosting a dinosaur-themed party. Decorate the venue with dinosaur-themed decorations to elevate the vibe. Set up a colorful dessert table with dino-themed treats and arrange dinosaur-inspired activities to make the party more fun.

Dinosaur party
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Birthday Party Ideas For Eight-Year-Old Girls

These are some fun themes for a girl’s birthday, but you can use them for a boy’s party too.

52. Princess theme

It is a big hit birthday party idea for eight-year-old girls. You can theme the party around characters like Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Princess Elsa of Frozen, whom your little girl loves. You can add matching toys to make it entertaining.

protip_icon Quick tip
You can keep toy crowns and a sparkly wand as a party favor for your little guests.

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53. Slumber birthday party

Slumber parties are a girl’s favorite. Set up a sleepover party by having your children’s sleeping bags, then turn up their favorite movie, set up snacks like popcorn and food like pizza, and you’re good to go.

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54. One Party

Pick your girl’s favorite color and arrange everything in that color. For example, if you choose blue, choose a pretty blue frock, blue decorations, blue streamers, and blue cupcakes, and make your little one’s blue dream come true.

One Party
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55. Jewelry-making party

If your adorable princess loves crafting unique jewelry, organize a jewelry-making party for family and friends. Arrange a crafting station equipped with beads, charms, and strings. Encourage guests to unleash their creativity and craft accessories like necklaces and bracelets. Add a treasure chest filled with trinkets to accentuate joy in the celebration.

56. Fashion show party

Pick a theme, decorate your party space accordingly, and encourage guests to dress up. You can also set up a space for getting ready and have an awesome playlist prepared for the runway. Invite everyone to shine on the runway and unleash their inner fashionista with elegance.

Fashion show party
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57. Princess ball party

Transform your venue into a royal palace with princess-themed decorations. Invite young guests to dress as their favorite princesses to create a magical ambiance. Play princess music and encourage children to participate in ball dance. Crown the birthday girl as ‘princess of the day’ to set the party vibe. Complete the party with princess-themed treats and favors.

58. Glitter party

Bring some bling to the party with this sparkling idea. Get glitter curtains, balloons, banners, and other decorations to adorn the venue. Set up a sparkling photo booth to let guests click memorable pictures. Play light music and serve shiny treats to liven up the party environment.

Glitter party
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59. Tea party

Create a royal tea room in your home with kid-friendly teacups, flowers, and suitable decorations. Ask children to dress up and wear tiaras. Serve your princess and her friends mini sandwiches, cakes, and iced tea (or juice), and let them chit-chat and enjoy an all-kids party.

60. Garden picnic party

Make an enchanting garden ambiance with fairy lights, flowers, and picnic blankets. Arrange sandwiches, finger foods, and various desserts to keep children satiated. Organize garden-themed activities and games to make for added enjoyment.

Garden picnic party
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61. Ice cream party

An ice cream party is a refreshing celebration idea perfect for summer birthdays. Set up an ice cream station. Keep ice creams of various flavors with toppings and fruit sauces. Decorate the party area with pastel-colored balloons and banners to create a sweet environment.

Birthday Party Food And Snack Ideas For Eight-Year-Olds

As it’s a children’s birthday party, you would want easy-to-make snacks and food that children love.

62. Sliders

Sloppy Joes, sandwiches, juicy cheeseburgers, and crispy chicken strips—such foods are delicious, easy to eat, and every child would love them.

63. Jazz it up

If there are few foods children won’t look away from, then it’s mac and cheese pizzas, spaghetti, meatballs, and ice cream tacos. You know, after a long day of games and activities, they’ll devourer every bite.

Jazz it up
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64. Kiddie sweets

A party is incomplete without desserts. Pick sweets, which children always enjoy, such as Oreo rice krispies, ice cream sandwiches, marshmallow fruit dip, and princess toast.

65. Mini sandwiches

Make mini sandwiches with fillings such as peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, or turkey and avocado, which are easy to consume. They are a perfect treat to keep children healthily satiated.

Mini sandwiches
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66. Ice cream tacos

Ice cream tacos resemble traditional tacos, but they’re filled with creamy chocolate ice cream and topped with cherries and coconut instead of the usual tomatoes and lettuce. Crafting these treats is just as enjoyable as indulging in them. Children will relish them and will surely ask for more!

67. Slushy fruit salad

A slushy fruit salad is a pleasant and colorful addition to any birthday party. It’s a healthful treat for children and guests of all ages to enjoy while beating the party heat. Combine a range of frozen fruits with a dash of sweetness using honey to create delicious health beverages children will love!

Slushy fruit salad
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68. Pizza

Pizza is a popular choice for birthday parties. Like adults, many children also love to savor pizzas. So, serve single-slice pizza with a range of healthy toppings, cheese, and fresh seasoning to give your little guest a flavor blast.

69. Creamy cookies

From traditional chocolate chips to finely crafted sugar cookies, these delectable treats are a party favorite because they bring warmth and sweetness to any occasion. So, set your creativity free and bake different cookies for your guests. You can pack some and also give them as favors.

Creamy cookies
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70. Spicy nachos

Nachos are a fantastic option for birthday celebrations. With crunchy tortilla chips topped with melted cheese, guacamole, salsa, and sour cream, these savory treats entice adults and children alike. Above all, it’s easy to prepare, which means you can save a lot of time for other birthday preparations.

71. Fruit Kabob

Fruit kabobs make up for a great birthday party snack as they are simple, healthy, and delicious. You just need skewers and fresh fruits like strawberries, melon, pineapple, and grapes for a tasty treat that suits different preferences and adds an element of freshness to the celebration.

Fruit Kabob
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long should an eight-year-old’s birthday party last?

An eight-year-old can have a two or three-hour party in the early afternoon. You can plan a shorter birthday party if you feel your child will be uncomfortable with longer hours.

2. How far in advance should I send out birthday party invites?

You should send out invitations at least two weeks before the birthday party. It gives time for the guests to rearrange their plans. You can send out a reminder a couple of days before the party.

3. Should children have birthday parties?

Yes, children love celebrating birthdays with their friends. It can be a day of enjoyment with friends and family, and they get all the attention from others. Some also find it easier to adapt to the age-related changes when they celebrate birthdays.

4. Are parents supposed to stay at birthday parties?

It depends on the type of party you are planning to host. If the venue is home, you may leave the eight-year-olds alone to have fun. However, keep an eye once every 30 minutes to see if everything is going smoothly. If you are hosting the party outside, in a restaurant, or a gaming area, it is better to be there with them all the while.

Pre-planning the birthday theme, decor, menu, and return gifts can help you save some money and a lot of effort. Keep looking for discounts and deals to make your little one’s party special without burning a hole in your pocket. You can either choose our 8-year-old birthday party ideas or may design your ideas based on your preferences and finalize a theme and other activities for the party to make your little one’s birthday a great success.

Infographic: Birthday Party Games And Activity Ideas For Eight-Year-Olds

Birthday parties are incomplete without fun games and activities. Thus, to ensure you do not run short of game ideas for your little one’s party, we have prepared the following infographic with an extended list of games and activities you can include for the day and ensure that all the children have loads of fun.

games and activities ideas for eight year old (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get the high-quality PDF version of this infographic.

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Key Pointers

  • List out the tasks a few weeks before the birthday party to avoid confusion.
  • Plan a theme and activities accordingly to keep your eight-year-old and the guests entertained.
  • List out the goodies, and you can even customize the food items as per the theme.
8 year old birthday party ideas_illustration

Image: Dall·E/MomJunction Design Team

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