31 Best And Fun Birthday Party Ideas For 9-Year-Olds

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Are you brainstorming for your nine-year-old’s birthday party ideas? We have got you covered. We bring you some unique and interesting birthday party ideas for them to make their special day even more memorable as this day only comes once a year. It is also the time when you shower them with all your love and gifts and pamper them. But, if you have fallen short of ideas for their birthday party, we have brought you a special list of birthday party ideas for your nine-year-old. Read on and choose the one which your little munchkin will like the most.

31 Best & Fun Nine-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas

It can sometimes be exhausting thinking about ideas for planning a kids’ birthday, so here are the best and fun-filled ideas for a nine-year-old birthday party.

Nine-Year-Old Boy Birthday Party Ideas

Here are a few unique party ideas for children. You may pick any idea for your little girl as well.

1. Character party

Get everyone ready as their favorite character, and play related games. Themed decorations, food, and games make it extra special.

2. Movie night party

Pick your child’s favorite movie. Arrange popcorn, blankets, or forts, and also try printing out tickets to give it a theatre effect.

3. Soccer party

Invite as many of your nine-year-old kids’ friends as possible and divide them into two teams. Let them play a game of soccer and give away special goodies to the winning team. Also, try adding a soccer ball cake to make.

4. Minecraft party

Your boy and his gang will love this party idea. The players should use water and a plastic solo cup. The fun part is punching holes at the bottom of the cup so that the water leaks out of the player’s cup while trying to fill the bucket.

5. LEGO party

For your Rockstar’s ninth birthday party, LEGO NINJAGO party would be perfect. Spaceships, Laser Beams, and LEGO masks are some of the DIY ideas that can be prepared by your kids to make the party fun and interesting.

Nine-Year-Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas

Check out some interesting party ideas for girls here. However, if your boy likes any of these ideas, you may go for it.

6. Artist’s party

For the ninth birthday party, get the girls dress up as their favorite artists. One of the favorite games is the portrait game, in which the players need to draw their partner’s picture with few restrictions, such as using one hand or closing their eyes.

7. Spa party

Your little princess and her friends will love this idea. Drop a few cucumber slices in water, offer the kids soft and cozy robes and slippers. Twirl their hair up in a towel for a pampering routine which includes manicures, pedicures, and facial masks prepared at home.

8. Animal party

Take your kid to the zoo or farm for animal feeding, stroking, and some fresh air. Some places also have advanced and special bookings for birthday parties or picnics.

9. Princess party

Send invitations to your little girl’s friends to dress up as their favorite princess, and your daughter can also do it. One of the party games that can be tried is ‘Tangled Rapunzel,’ where your partner would be tangled in yellow crepe paper and has to escape from it.

10. Unicorn party

The unicorn theme party will be great for your little princess. Add a DIY unicorn headband for the kids, which would be an absolute delight for the little guests.

11. Mermaids party

A mermaid party would be interesting, so try adding a colorful cake plate for some adorable under-the-sea effect, including mermaid muddy buddies for extra fun.

Nine-Year-Old Birthday Party Games

12. Beach ball game

In this game, players sit in a circle, and one player is given the first beach ball. The first player would call another player’s name and throw the ball to that person. Let this go on for a few rounds. Start adding one ball at a time, and the kids will have a blast.

13. Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt can be fun and played in different ways. The main idea of the game is to divide the team and ask them to find the items that are on the list.

14. Hula hoopla game

For a nine-year-old birthday party, divide the guest into two teams. Have these teams line up next to each other and ask them to hold their hands. Start the hula hoopla game at one end of the line, and it must move through the line with each player receiving it.

15. Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt can be a fun-filled birthday party game. The main idea in this game is to have the kids hunt hidden treasure by using the clues given.

16. Water relay game

This nine-year-old birthday party idea is to make the teams move water from one side of the playing field using spoons or cups with holes at the bottom. Kids run to their tub, get water and carry it to fill the containers which are at the other end.

Nine-Year-Old Birthday Party Themes

17. Dinosaur birthday theme

In the dinosaur party theme, many fun activities such as digging dinosaurs’ bones can be included. An awesome dinosaur birthday cake decorated with ‘fossil’ can be made with sugar cookies.

18. Mickey mouse birthday theme

This can be planned for your nine-year-old’s birthday party, if they are Disney fans. Color combinations for the party should be in a classic style. Try incorporating foods and wearables like mouse ears, Mickey-shaped sandwiches, and desserts.

19. Harry potter birthday theme

The Harry Potter theme is one of the best themes for the kids as they love the magical ways of Hogwarts. Try to use transparent threads to hang the banners and balloons to make it magical for the kids.

20. Science fiction birthday theme

For the ninth birthday party idea, try the famous Star Wars fiction show theme. Get all the kids to dress up as their favorite characters from the movie. Try adding the famous Star Wars Blue milk drink. All you need is coconut milk, food coloring, blueberries, and your favorite juice.

21. Camp out themed party

For this ninth birthday idea, grill up some hot dogs, serve s’mores for dessert, and a nature scavenger hunt would make it more fun.

22. Despicable me theme

Try decorating eggs to look like minions. Pair the guests with partners and ask each pair to toss their minions to their partners. The last team left tossing would win the game!

23. Space themed party

Decorate your kid’s birthday with budding astronaut ideas such as galactic decor, space-themed activities, cosmic cookies, and wonderful spacecraft cake, which would attract the kids to the party.

24. Detective Pikachu theme

Incorporate a Detective Pikachu theme for your nine-year-old’s birthday party. Add the pokemon balls, and treat bags to make it fun. Decorate everything with yellow, red, and white shades.

25. Ice-cream themed party

For the ninth birthday party, try getting an ice cream maker, and the kids would be interested in making different flavors using this maker. You can try getting the local ice cream van to come along for extra help.

26. Bubbles and brunch

One of the best party ideas is a morning brunch with their favorite bubbles. Make egg muffins, scones, fruit, and other goodies that are fun for the kids. Make bubble lab experiments to add excitement.

Nine-Year-Old Birthday Party Decorations

27. Art party decorations

Place a white sheet and provide crayons, paints, pencils, and markers to the kids. Ask them to color these. Buy many different packages of solid color plates, cups, napkins, and flatware.

28. Despicable me decorations

Blow a few yellow balloons and attach the printouts of minions to them. Gluing googly eyes onto yellow cups makes it more attractive and entertaining for the kid. This decoration adds color to the party.

29. Minecraft decorations

For extra excitement at the ninth birthday party, cover the tables with green plastic tablecloths. Add Creeper faces on the green party cups. Cover large boxes with colored butcher or construction paper and create huge Minecraft characters.

30. Jurassic world decoration

Add dinosaurs all over the place and try adding grass and trees for the forest feel. The cake can be prepared like a floating volcano, which can be fun for the kids.

31. Superhero decoration

Batman can be your go-to nine-year-old birthday party idea. The kids can wear a cape and mask. Cover the chair and table with a Batman mask for extra amusement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I entertain a nine-year-old at a party?

Entertainment is the crux of any birthday party. Here are some fun ideas you may explore- hiring a magician, organizing a karaoke party, games and activities that are challenging and fun, art and crafts, having Minute to Win It style games, or playing Disney movies.

2. What can I do instead of throwing a birthday party for my child?

Pamper your children by spending quality time with them. You can take your child on a shopping spree, visit a farm, take them to a museum, go on a trip to Disneyland, head on an adventurous road trip, spoil them with gifts, adopt a pet, or bake a cake together.

Birthdays play an important role in each person’s life. Nine-year-old birthday party ideas are mentioned above to make your kid’s birthday special and memorable. Make your kid will feel happy and loved during this day. Also, make the party fun with these ideas!

Key Pointers

  • Pick birthday party ideas based on your child’s likes and interests.
  • Select a party theme, such as the famous Star Wars show, and plan your child’s outfit, cake, and decorations accordingly.
  • Scavenger hunt and water relay are some interesting games to make your nine-year-old’s birthday fun and memorable.

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