A Cartoonist Illustrated Her Birth Story And It Is Both Charming And Alarming

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Based out of Arizona, Yasmine Surovec, a cartoonist and an author of children’s book, gave birth to her child in the late 30s. Most expecting mothers love to envision how their childbirth would look like. The artist tried for over a year to get pregnant and had built an idea around how actual childbirth is going to be. But like most things in life, the birth stories also do not go as per the plan.

Yasmine too realized this during her pregnancy. After her childbirth, she decided to pen down the experience in these very real cartoon illustrations. In her own words, she mentions how most of it was just medical jargon. These cartoons speak for themselves. They pretty much give you a gist of how surreal the experience is.

Medical Jargon Can Give You Chills

Yasmine was suffering from this medical condition called placenta previa. Also, as per her blood pressure reading, it was assumed that she might also be preeclamptic. The day that she was supposed to go for just another routine checkup, she was scheduled for delivery. This meant that she was going to give birth at only 36 weeks, which was six days earlier than expected. Since her placenta had barely moved, she was sort of expecting this news.

Oh, Those Needles!

Yasmine shares how needles have always been her pet peeves! Primarily because most medical personnel found it a task to insert needles in her vein. Even the ‘needle insertion’ experts used to fail in front of her! As per the nurses and doctors at her hospital, she had set a record for having the tiniest veins ever.

Paper Cuts On Eyeball

Yasmine couldn’t figure out what was nastier and unpleasant: someone inserting a catheter into your pee hole or that paper cut on the eyeball!

Nervous Or Not

The jitters in the stomach were quite obvious. Yasmine doesn’t quite remember whether she was nervous, but she did think of a woman who had to stay in the hospital for a month after the delivery. The woman too was preeclamptic and suffered a seizure during the delivery. More than Yasmine herself, her husband was nervous. She only hoped that the baby would be alright.

Soon, she was taken to the O.R., where she was given either the epidural or the spinal block. This numbed her lower half moments after it was induced.

Your Companion By Your Side

Yasmine’s husband stayed by her side throughout. He comforted her and kept caressing her head. She even let her know that she has peed quite a bit after having a look at her catheter bag!

That Moment… Finally!

The doctor kept warning her about this strange sensation called ‘tugging’. But, Yasmine couldn’t feel it at all until the effect of the anesthesia wore off. And suddenly, it felt like someone was ripping off her entire bottom! Yasmine finally gave birth to a wonderful, red-headed boy. Although neither of the two was red-headed, she wasn’t surprised, as genetics works in mysterious ways.

The Constant Stress

Yasmine’s stress was, however, more to do with the blood pressure not going down. She had to stay for a while longer and was given doses of medications to ensure everything was normal.

Not Enough Milk

Neither did her son latch on to her nor did she produce enough milk. Either way, this gave Yasmine moments of inadequacy.

Lonely Nights

Nights would become a bit lonely in the hospital, despite the nurses coming in constantly to check on her.

Nurses Were Every Bit Helpful

Yasmine developed a strong affection for all her nurses, given how much they took care of her needs.

Time To Bid Goodbye

Leaving the hospital was a bitter-sweet memory for Yasmine as she had made some real friends there.

Welcome Home, Son!

But, then the joy of bringing her son home for the first time overpowered it all!

Cat’s New Friend

And, Yasmine’s cat also found a tiny new friend to play with.

Aren’t these illustrations real yet heartwarming? Do share with us in the comments below.

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