10 Best Acne Products For Pregnant Women

Acne Products For Pregnant Women

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Are you pregnant and suffering from acne? Has the pregnancy hormone brought about a smattering of breakout on your skin?

If you are looking for acne products that can be safely used while you are pregnant, you are at the right place. Read on to check out our recommendations now. These are safe acne products during pregnancy.

Top 10 Pregnancy Safe Acne Products:

Here are the top ten pregnancy acne products that you can use while you are pregnant:

1. Biotique Botanicals Bio Winter Green Spot Correcting Anti-Acne Cream:

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It contains daru haldi, gandhpura, choti dudhi, neem and winter green oil that soothe the skin and prevent breakouts.

  • It is a spot correcting and soothing cream that decreases the size of the acne breakout and gradually removes it.

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2. Garnier Skin Naturals Pimple Control Pen:

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  • It contains zinc and eucalyptus oil as active agents.
  • The product helps to dry out pimples.

3. Khadi Neem, Basil And Mint (Anti Acne) Herbal Face Mask:

Buy Khadi Neem and Mint Herbal Face Mask @ www.amazon.in/khadi-neem-and-mint-herbal-face-mask

It is a completely herbal product that will not dry out your skin.

  • You can mix the product with rose water, plain water or milk.
  • It prevents the appearance of acne and works on present acne. Regular usage will give you glowing and fresh looking skin.
  • The ingredients in the face mask help to remove the buildup of toxins from underneath your skin’s layer and remove acne. It also helps remove any bacteria.

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4. Lotus Herbals Acnegel Tea Tree Anti Pimple And Acne Gel:

Buy Lotus Herbals Acnegel For ₹ 2,284.00 @ www.amazon.in/lotus-herbals-acnegel

It contains tea tree oil that has antimicrobial, anti-acne and antioxidant properties.

  • The product regulates the glands that produce oil. It helps to control pimples, acne and blemishes.
  • You can apply it all over your face or the spots where you experience acne breakout. Leave it on and let it dry. For effective results, reapply after every three hours.

5. Himalaya Herbals Acne N Pimple Cream:

Buy Himalaya Herbals Acne N Pimple Cream For ₹ 225.00 @ www.amazon.in/himalaya-herbals-acne-n-pimple-cream

  • The product is made of raw and pure herbal materials to ensure your skin does not face any side effects upon usage.
  • The cream has astringent, styptic and cooling properties that help to effectively treat your acne and pimple.
  • Regular use of the product will help to remove acne scars and make your skin smooth and even.

6. Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System:

Buy Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System For ₹ 2,304.09 @ www.amazon.in/neutrogena-complete-acne-therapy-system

  • The acne therapy pack contains the following – one bottle of salicylic acid acne treatment cleanser, one bottle of SPF 15 lotion, one bottle of benzoyl peroxide lotion.
  • It is a breakthrough combination of therapies that helps to treat skin that is prone to acne.
  • It also helps to reduce redness and irritation that is associated with acne and breakouts.
  • The salicylic acid and microfine beads help to exfoliate your pore clogging skin cells and calm your skin.

7. Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Wash Tea Tree And Cinnamon Anti-Acne Oil Control Face Wash:

Buy Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Wash For ₹ 120.00 @ www.amazon.in/lotus-herbals-tea-tree-wash

  • The product contains tea tree oil which is a powerful anti-microbial, anti-acne and antioxidant.
  • It helps to fight various skin infections in addition to acne.
  • The cinnamon in the product contains antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.
  • Oak bark contained in the product has various astringent and healing properties.

8. Biotique Botanicals Bio Clove Purifying Anti-Blemish Face Pack For Oily And Acne Prone Skin:

Buy Biotique Botanicals Bio Clove Purifying Face Pack For ₹ 176.00 @ www.amazon.in/biotique-botanicals-bio-clove-purifying-face-pack

  • It contains pure clove and wild turmeric that help to control acne.
  • The product absorbs excess oil and other impurities that can cause acne.

9. Vedantika Herbals Anti Acne Mask:

Buy Vedantika Herbals Anti Acne Mask For ₹ 172.00 @ www.amazon.in/vedantika-herbals-anti-acne-mask

  • It contains various rare Ayurvedic herbs that help to control acne and make your face blemish-free.
  • It does not dry your skin and leaves it feeling soft.

10. Tea Tree Oil Pore Minimizer:

Buy Tea Tree Oil Pore Minimizer For ₹ 1,960.44 @ www.amazon.in/tea-tree-oil-pore-minimizer

  • It contains Community Fair Trade Organic Tea Tree Oil From Kenya.
  • The product with real tea tree oil works to reduce the enlarged and congested pores.
  • It works as an ideal base for makeup and leaves the skin fresh and pure.

The 10 acne products mentioned here are mostly ayurvedic and will not cause any side effects. Do discontinue use if you feel any discomfort or notice any side effects.These are acne products safe for pregnancy and for topical use.Most of these pregnancy acne products are herbal and does not have harmful chemicals in it.

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