5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Consuming Activia During Pregnancy

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Activia is a yogurt brand owned by the French Groupe Danone. This yogurt is high in Bifidobacterium lactis, a probiotic culture that helps regulate the digestive system’s function. If you are craving yogurt, you might be wondering if it’s safe to consume Activia in pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a critical time in your life when you have to take care of your health and that of your unborn child. Therefore, you should be particularly cautious about healthy eating and your prenatal nutrition, including the consumption of probiotic yogurt such as Activia.

Read on to learn more about the safety and health benefits of consuming Activia in pregnancy.

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What Is Activia?

Consuming Activia in pregnancy

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Dannon Activia is a popular brand of yogurt that contains the goodness of probioticsiXSubstances containing live microorganisms that provide health benefits to the body . It is replete with the Bifidus Regularis bacteria and can prevent bloating, gas, discomfort, and rumbling along with other symptoms of indigestion. A regular intake of this super food can even safeguard you against health issues like bacterial vaginosisiXDisease caused by an imbalance of beneficial and harmful bacteria in the vagina during pregnancy and promote digestive health.

Health Benefits Of Consuming Activia During Pregnancy

Eating Activia yogurt during pregnancy can work wonders for your health in the following ways:

1. Boosts digestion

Bacteria present in the human intestine aids in boosting metabolism and improving digestion. Eating Activia, which comprises probiotics, aids in increasing the levels of healthy bacteria in your intestine during pregnancy. The increasing population of healthy bacteria prevents harmful microbes from thriving in your digestive system and causing stomach infection, gas, constipation and bloating. Thus, it prevents the risk of indigestion during pregnancy and helps cure constipation, atopic eczema, etc. Probiotic bacteria aid in breaking and processing the ingested food in the intestine and support the synthesis of certain fatty acids, which help minimize inflammation and promote good health during pregnancy. (1).

2. Helps prevent complications during pregnancy

Eating probiotic food like Activia while pregnant helps to prevent the occurrence of bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis is a harmful health condition caused by the harmful bacteria that thrive in your vagina. Even though females suffering from bacterial vaginosis do not exhibit any symptoms, they are more susceptible to many health complications during their pregnancy. They are likely to suffer from preterm labor and postpartum endometriosisiXCondition in which tissue that lines a female uterus begins to develop outside the organ leading to pelvic pain and bleeding . Eating Activia helps eliminate the harmful bacteria from your vagina, improve your immunity, and minimize the risk of various complications during pregnancy (1).

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Activia products are available in “full-fat/ low-fat” and “with added sugar/no added sugar” variants. Read the labels carefully before choosing a product that suits your needs (3).

3. Improves immunity

Yogurt helps improve immunity during pregnancy.

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Eating Activia helps in strengthening your immune system, regulates bowel movement and minimizes inflammation in the digestive system. The probiotic food provides relief to individuals suffering from irritable bowel syndromeiXA gastrointestinal disorder characterized by abdominal cramping, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating and ulcerative colitisiXA chronic autoimmune disorder that causes pain, inflammation, and bleeding in the rectal region . Activia contains omega-3 fatty acids that improve heart health. It also increases your immunity during pregnancy and prevents diarrhea.

4. Promotes bone health

You need to have strong and healthy bones during your pregnancy. Activia contains good amounts of calcium, a mineral that is essential for bone health. Eating Activia yogurt while pregnant helps you enjoy good bone health, fights the mineral loss, and aids your muscles and nerves to function effectively (3).

5. Offers low-fat proteins

Activia is a good option to have as a light yet healthy snack. The yogurt contains a good amount of proteins that you need to consume to have healthy muscles and a good metabolism. Activia Greek claims to offer you double the protein content than regular low-fat yogurt. Activia Fiber can help increase your intake of dietary fiber in a delicious way.

Is It Safe To Eat Activia Yogurt While Pregnant?

Yes, it is safe to eat Activia yogurt during pregnancy, but make sure you eat it in moderate quantities (2). Eating anything in excess can spell danger for you while expecting. Remember, it is advisable to consult your doctor before you add Activia to your pregnancy diet.

protip_icon Caution
Activia products, such as Activia Breakfast Pots and Activia Grains and Nuts, will contain gluten. Pregnant women with gluten intolerance or allergy should be careful when picking Activia products (3).

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Consuming Activia During Pregnancy

Health Benefits Of Consuming Activia During Pregnancy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Activia yogurt pasteurized?

Yes, Activa is made with pasteurized milk (3). The probiotic is added to the milk after the pasteurization process to ensure that the bacteria is alive and active.

2. When should I not eat Activia when pregnant?

Since it is pasteurized, Activia is generally considered safe for pregnant women. However, it might be unsuitable for those with dairy allergy or lactose intolerance. Speak to your healthcare provider to ensure Activia’s safety for you (3).

3. How long does Activia take to work?

Manufacturer claims that regular consumption of Activia for approximately two weeks is needed to show conclusive results (3).

4. When is the best time to take Activia probiotic yogurt?

The best time to take Activia may vary depending on the individual and their specific needs. For instance, taking Activia with a meal or shortly after a meal is often advised, as the probiotics in the yogurt may have better survival rates when taken with food. However, you may also take it on an empty stomach to eliminate unwanted bacteria, allowing the probiotics to better colonize the gut.

Consuming Activia during pregnancy can help with digestive problems and provide nutritional benefits and also contribute to your dietary requirements. It is a brand of yogurt that improves immunity and bone health. It is a low-fat protein, enriched with minerals and vitamins and can be an excellent snack whenever you have any food cravings. Therefore, it is safe to consume Activia provided you take it in a moderate quantity. However, if you are not comfortable consuming something that hasn’t been mentioned in your diet, you may consult your doctor.

Infographic: Benefits Of Eating Activia During Pregnancy

Probiotic yogurts such as Activia are generally safe for expecting mothers; they are health-benefiting and can potentially reduce certain pregnancy-related complications. The infographic below presents the advantages of this yogurt. However, it is ideal to consult a healthcare provider before starting a new dietary regimen during pregnancy.

benefits of eating activia during pregnancy (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • Activia is a brand of probiotic yogurt high in active Bifidobacterium lactis, a probiotic bacteria.
  • It can be a great snack option as it provides fiber and low-fat proteins.
  • Moderate consumption of Activia helps with digestion, improves immunity and bone health, and prevents complications in expectant mothers.
  • Pregnant women should be mindful of the ingredients and check if the yogurt contains any allergen before consuming it.


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