61 Fun And Interesting Activities For Couples To Do Together

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Couple activities can help bond with your partner in exciting ways. Dinner dates or movie nights are quite passe. Try some kickass activities for couples to break the monotony. Head out and try out something unique to keep the spark alive between you two.

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Couple activities allow partners to spend quality time together and strengthen their bond. Laughing and having fun together can improve emotional bonding, communication, and conflict-resolution skills, which helps enhance marital satisfaction (1).

There is no dearth of ideas when you look forward to spending some quality time with your partner. You can make use of some leisure time when your child is asleep, you have a day off, or an extended weekend is coming up. So read on as we share a list of interesting couple activities to rekindle your love.
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61 Fun Activities For Couples

Let’s look at some fun things for couples to do:

1. Bicycle around your city

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Explore a new street in your locality or go a little farther. Biking together will help to strengthen your relationship in ways that you had never imagined. This exercise will boost your mood, bring you both closer and is good for your health too. You can even carry a picnic lunch with you.

Tim and Het, a couple who share their mutual love for biking, believe that the activity is an excellent fun activity for couples that provides many life lessons. Tim says, “And with the end of the riding in Scotland, we felt the road slowly dissipate, as we gently realized that our nomadic way of living was, for the time being, coming to an end. There are so many things that life on the road gave to us. So many lessons it imparted to us, sometimes forceful, sometimes gentle, but always constant (i).”

2. Take a Waltz Lesson

Waltz dance is one such bonding activity that couples can try when they want to grow their personal intimacy. This dance is for star-crossed lovers, who believe in powerful connections beyond the ordinary norms. The closeness required for dancing the waltz encourages flirting which in turn brings you closer to each other.

3. Read a Book Together

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Reading a book is like traveling back in time. Books are mystical and some are filled with stories of an age-old romance. Choose a book that both of you like, cozy up in a blanket with your partner and read it together. It’s not only romantic but also a refreshing experience.

4. Join a Pilates class

Sweat and get fit together. The craze for Pilates fitness routine is catching on like wildfire and why should you be left behind?

5. Do charity

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Organizing a charity event or just being a part of one is fulfilling. Involving in a noble cause makes you feel satisfied with the way you spent your time together. Although it’s an unusual couples activity, it’s worth all the time and effort to share your happiness with some useful work.

6. Bar hopping

If you two like to drink together, then you may try bar hopping. Select some of your favorite bars in the city, pay a nominal cover charge and enjoy the complimentary drinks in each bar. Then, hop to the next. If you are a teetotaler, you can visit bowling alleys and cafes.

7. Learn to play a musical instrument

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This activity is for couples who love music. Playing a new musical instrument or singing together uplifts your mood and brings you closer. Anytime you learn something new with your partner, you will grow closer together. It will create a deeper emotional bond between you. If you are interested, you can attend concerts together too.

8. Volunteer at an animal shelter

Believe it or not, helping the animals and spending time at a shelter makes you feel happy. It’s a great stressbuster and teaches you to be grateful for the blessings in life. This is an amazing way to bring about a change in the community.

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A study found that couples who own pets tend to be closer, more content in their marriages, and better at handling stress compared to those who do not have pets (2).

9. Go for a couple’s massage

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Spa dates are a passé, but couple’s massage is not. Give a steamy massage to your partner or make them feel relaxed with your massage strokes. You will not only receive appreciation but also lots of love from your partner.

10. Play Sudoku

Solving a crossword puzzle or Sudoku together is a great bonding exercise for couples. Take it up as a challenge or keep it entertaining, either way, it is a delightful experience.

11. Learn a foreign language

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The process of experimenting, learning, and understanding a new language is fascinating. Choose a language, hire a teacher or enroll for online classes and you are ready to roll. It is a delight to spend creative and learning time with your partner.

12. Go to a museum

Visiting a local museum with your partner and appreciating the pieces of art on display, can be romantic. If you both believe in old-school romance, then try this for sure. If you love shopping, you can visit the museum shop too!

13. Bake cupcakes

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Grab an apron, flour, and a big bowl, and get on the job. What can be better than getting messy with your partner while preparing something sweet and super delicious? Baking cupcakes is one of the sweetest couple activities to do at home.

14. Binge watch a show

This is an absolute favorite among couples. When you are lazy to do anything else, watch a show which is so captivating that the marathon doesn’t end until your eyeballs are drained. Just be cautious and make sure you don’t get addicted to it.

15. Go on a mystery trip

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Let the world map surprise you. Don’t plan or pre-book anything; just set out on an adventure and be amazed by everything that a mystery trip can offer you. This is one of the best relationship building activities for couples as you two get to spend time doing things which were never on your mind. Make sure you click a lot of photos.

16. Watch a Play

Even if you are not a fan of theater, go watch a play. Do something new, and you will see the change such little things can bring in your relationship. It helps in connecting with your partner.

17. Have a double date

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Invite your friends who are also a couple. Try some indoor activities like watching movies, playing card games, cooking and eating together or even just gossiping about everything in the world. It’s therapeutic and pleasant.

18. Couples monogram

Have your initials designed into a beautiful monogram and hang it in your living room. You can hire a designer or do it yourself. Also, you can get the monogram inked as a couple tattoo.

19. Karaoke with your partner

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Go to a local club which has a karaoke night or set up your own karaoke party at home. List down your favorite songs, find these songs with lyrics on YouTube and sing them out loud.

20. Prepare for a marathon

This requires continuous training and preparation as running a marathon is not an easy task. Involve your partner and prepare together for a marathon. It is also a powerful way to nourish your relationship by engaging in hiking, running, dieting and resting together.

21. Solve a puzzle

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Buy a huge puzzle, grab something to drink and snack upon. For special effects, play soothing music in the background. Finding the right pieces to solve the puzzle is a beautiful way to hang out and spend quality time with your partner.

22. Side hustle

Build something new with your partner. There is no better person than your partner to start a new venture. Take your entrepreneurial skills to a new level and find ways to earn some extra income. Starting anything from scratch requires a lot of enthusiasm, motivation, and courage, so why don’t you make your partner to be your biggest support system?

23. Meditate

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Life is busy and chaotic with several responsibilities to meet. Try mediation together to relax and unwind. This will bring calm and peace into your life, and also be a step toward a balanced lifestyle.

24. Doodle

Sketching and being artsy are some of the coolest things couples can do at home. If the creative genius inside you is hesitant, then just doodle and scribble anything on a canvas. Doodle about your first date, favorite things in the world or just anything.

25. Cosplay

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Revive the romance in your marriage by trying cosplay. It doesn’t matter if your outfits are fancy or boring. You can experiment with cosplay even with a change in the tone and expression. Rest is all left up to your imagination.

protip_icon Quick fact
According to research, the likelihood of cosplayers dating may depend on their assertiveness and how they blend their character and personal traits. However, the decision to stay in a relationship may be more influenced by the duration of the impact and other factors (3).

26. Couple’s podcast

After spending so much time together, you might have learned a lot about your partner, relationship and more. Why don’t you share your experiences and information with the world by starting a podcast? While recording a podcast, you not only get to spend a good time with your partner but also have a chance of becoming an influential couple.

27. Babysit for someone

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If you and your partner are planning to have babies sometime soon, then get the firsthand experience by babysitting your friends’ babies. This is a unique activity for couples to try when you are looking for something new and extraordinary.

28. Write down a couples bucket list

Jot down things that you want to do with your partner at some point in your life. Set target dates and achieving those bucket list items might get a bit easier. Do this once a year – either on your anniversary or around the turn of each new year. The items on the list can range from an exotic vacation to camping to exploring a favorite location together.

29. Stargaze

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Drive away from the city’s hustle bustle. Carry a couple of blankets along and find a calm spot in the countryside, a beach or at a hilltop around your city. Stargazing is a calming activity. Look at the skies till you get tired and fall asleep in each other’s arms. When the magical sky lights up for just you two, that’s a special feeling worth cherishing forever. If you are lucky, you might catch some shooting stars.

30. Declutter

Sounds weird? It won’t once you start doing it. Put on your favorite music, distribute the work, and get on to it. You won’t feel tired as you find it romantic to clear the house, with support from your partner. This way, you can spend time together and also get rid of all the unwanted things at home.

31. Have a bubble bath

Have a bubble bath
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Just do nothing. Get soaked with your partner and enjoy a bubble bath with some aromatic candles and soothing music.

Ideally, couples need three lives: One for him, One for her and One for them together. – Jacqueline Bisset. Be together and make the most of the time you get to spend as a couple.

32. Engage in DIY activities

Select a home enhancement project or artistic endeavor that helps you indulge in some artwork together. From painting a room to creating personalized wall decorations, you can explore many options of mutual interest and liking.

33. Embark on a nature trail

Opt for a nearby trail or nature sanctuary for a refreshing hike or leisurely stroll. Revel in the natural splendor, engage in meaningful dialogues, and perhaps even encounter some wildlife. Focus on spending quality time together, as it will help strengthen your connection.

34. Try sculpting or pottery

Roll up your sleeves and immerse in a sculpture or pottery craft. Set your imagination free and craft distinctive artwork that speaks volumes of your mutual efforts.

35. Go underwater

Plunge into the wonders of water through collaborative snorkeling or scuba diving escapades. Hold your breath and explore underwater ecosystems, including vibrant marine life and enchanting coral reefs, creating cherishable memories.

36. Take a hot air balloon journey

Ascend into the skies with a romantic hot air balloon expedition, soaking in awe-inspiring panoramic views alongside your partner. Hold hands and enjoy the scenic beauty while vowing to never leave each other’s side in this life. Isn’t this the most romantic thing to imagine?

37. Try indoor skydiving

Encounter the sensation of weightlessness without leaping from an aircraft. Relish the adventure of indoor skydiving within a vertical wind tunnel. As you both fall free and fly, enjoy the shared experience to the fullest and create beautiful memories.

38. Enjoy trampoline

Visit a trampoline park and partake in lively and spirited bouncing, flipping, and jumping on trampolines. Hold hands or hug each other and share moments of laughter and excitement.

39. Go outdoor camping

Ditch your routine and go camping in nature instead. Set up a tent, toast marshmallows over the fire, and gaze at the stars. Talk your hearts out and let your souls soak in the eternal bliss of togetherness.

40. Exchange love letters

Reignite the romance by expressing your adoration for each other through writing. Pour your feelings, thoughts, and dreams into these handwritten notes, creating cherished keepsakes of your connection.

41. Do a candid photoshoot

Go on a date, a walk, or some scenic location that you both adore. Hire a photographer or click selfies to capture your golden moments together and create timeless memories.

42. Indulge in thrift shopping

Go on a shopping adventure to thrift stores or vintage shops. Look for unique clothes, accessories, and things you might not find elsewhere. Buy a few things that you both like and adorn your shared dwelling.

43. Enjoy ice skating

Embrace the winter season with a joint ice skating adventure. Whether a pro or a beginner, you will have a blast of laughter and playful moments.

44. Gardening

Embark on a shared gardening project. Grow flowers, herbs, or veggies and nurture the plants together. See your combined efforts come to fruition and enjoy the happiness of shared accomplishment.

45. Watch sports

If sports interest both of you, attend a game for an exhilarating experience. Root for your team, savor stadium snacks, and soak in the lively atmosphere. Click loads of selfies together and create a memory album as a keepsake of your cherished moments.

46. Soak in the sunrise

Start your day early and find a scenic location to watch the sunrise. It’s an intimate and serene way to appreciate the beauty of nature together.

47. Witness the setting sun

Unwind your senses by watching the sunset together. Snuggle up with a blanket, bask in the mesmerizing colors, and revel in the tranquility. Share how the evening makes you feel, and encourage your partner to express their feelings.

48. Scrapbooking

Preserve your cherished moments, ticket stubs, and photos in a shared scrapbook. This creative endeavor lets you relive your adventures and milestones.

49. Play truth or dare

Deepen your connection with a game of truth or dare. Laughter and genuine conversations can stem from this lighthearted activity.

50. Make personal confessions

Share your innermost thoughts during a confession night and foster intimacy. Create a comfortable space to openly discuss dreams, fears, and aspirations.

51. Ditch the schedule

Amid busy schedules, take moments to unwind together. Whether reading, meditating, or enjoying tea, these serene pauses can be incredibly revitalizing.

52. Hobby swap

Each of you teaches the other your favorite hobby. It could lead to some amusing and unexpected experiences.

53. Historical exploration

Visit historical sites or landmarks in your area. You can even turn it into a mini history lesson by researching the places before you go.

54. Write stories

Collaboratively build a brief story, alternating turns to contribute sentences or paragraphs, allowing creativity to flow freely and create a distinct tale.

55. Go to local events

Dive into nearby event listings to uncover concerts, markets, fairs, and other gatherings occurring in your vicinity.

56. Try random clicks

Armed with cameras or smartphones, embark on a visual journey. Capture captivating scenes, intriguing textures, and the scenic beauty of your surroundings. Print these pictures and create a photo collage or scrapbook to display your master art.

57. Relive your first meeting

Step back in time by recreating your first meeting. Return to the same locations, don similar attire, and reminisce about the origins of your relationship.

58. Discover your roots

Embark on a trip to each other’s hometowns to unearth more about your backgrounds. It can spark enriching conversations about your ancestral history and origins.

59. Go to a comedy show

Enhance your time together by attending a comedy show where comedians bring forth laughter. Mutual amusement can deepen your bond.

60. Consider pet adoption

If you both have an affinity for animals, contemplate bringing a pet into your lives. A furry companion can introduce happiness, companionship, and numerous delightful moments.

61. Try the outdoor adventure park

Enjoy the thrill of amusement parks with rides, treats, and games. Forge lasting memories as you navigate the attractions and enjoy the shared excitement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is working out together good for a relationship?

There are several benefits of couples working out together, including:

  • Spending quality time together
  • Helps build trust
  • Helps motivate each other
  • Motivates you to challenge one another and aim toward accomplishing better

2. Should couples do everything together?

Doing things together in a relationship is essential as it lets you spend time with your partner and get to know each other better. However, it is also vital that you do not become dependent on each other for everything. A healthy relationship also includes giving each other enough space and time and concentrating on your own stuff.

3. How can couples plan activities that are both fun and meaningful?

Couples can plan enjoyable and meaningful activities by thinking about the things they both like and care about, trying out new adventures together, and creating photo albums of past activities to reminisce, get closer, and strengthen their relationship.

4. How can couples make time for activities in their busy schedules?

Couples can find time for activities by keeping a dedicated day for quality time together, planning virtual dates and games, and sharing responsibilities to reduce the burden on one person and make more time for fun.

5. What are some virtual activities for couples to do together?

Couples can enjoy virtual activities such as watching movies using different online platforms, playing games, joining virtual cooking or dance classes, and taking virtual tours of places for their next vacation.

6. How can couples balance their individual hobbies with shared activities?

To ensure they have their own hobbies while enjoying doing things together, they can set aside specific times for both, find activities they both like and support, and accompany each other’s individual interests to balance personal growth and shared experiences.

Infographic: Fun Activities For Couples To Try

Spending quality time and investing in activities together is essential for a couple to strengthen their relationship and know more about each other. It will also create precious memories and build good bonding and coordination between the couple. Check out the infographic below for some activities you can explore together as a couple.

interesting and fun things to do as a couple (infographic)

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Engaging in couple activities that your partner finds interesting will allow you to spend time together, help you understand one another better, and build your relationship. These activities may include going on long walks, biking, doing charity work, getting a massage, or taking yoga or musical classes together. However, ensure that your spouse is comfortable participating in the activities you enjoy. As your partner tries out new activities, they may even discover they have an affinity for some of these hobbies and may thank you for introducing them to these activities.

Infographic: Board Games To Play With Your Partner

Check out this infographic on board game ideas that you can play with your partner and have a good time bonding over it. Also, do not forget to save it and pin it on your fridge so that you can add it to your next shopping list.

Board Games To Play With Your Partner (infographic)

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Which of these couple activities is on your agenda next? Let us know in the comments section below.

Key Pointers

  • Spending quality time together can make your relationship more special.
  • Couple activities can help improve your sync and coordination and let you explore each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Learning a new dance form, doing charity, or playing music together can give you memories for a lifetime and beyond.
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Couples, check out this video for 11 super exciting activities you can enjoy right from the comfort of your own home! From cooking together to playing board games, there’s something for everyone.

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