3 Activities That Will Bring Your Child's Senses To Life

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For children, the entire world and everything it contains is a new discovery. Though most of the activities that kids do are in some way related to their senses, it is equally important for you as a parent, to find an objective behind every play session.

Why Sensory Activities Are Required?

A typical toddler is raring to see, touch, feel and taste everything within his or her reach. Here are few reasons why it is essential to teach sensory activities for kids and will also help you bring your child’s senses to life

  • Exposing toddlers to well planned sensory activities will ensure that they learn about things in a safe environment.
  • It will help develop motor control and balance.
  • During group activities, your tot can learn about coordination and collaboration.
  • It gives a sense of freedom and exploration to toddlers.

Learning With Fun Sensory Activities For Toddlers:

Here is a bucket of kids sensory activities that you can teach them in early childhood.

1. Visual Activities:

Painting and similar handcraft art are great activities that will teach your toddler about shape, texture and visual creativity. This way, they will get a feel of different materials and learn how to handle them:

a. Sponge Painting: Cut out pieces of sponge in various shapes and sizes to add variety to the activity. See how your tot smashes the sponge all over and create all sorts of cute designs.

b. Draw With Sand:For this one, you will need a drawing board with some glue spread over it. Help your darling to pour sand on the board and create shapes, alphabets or numbers.

c. Finger Painting: This is the simplest one of all, as toddlers love using their hands to paint. Make sure that the paint in use is non toxic and natural; in case they want to taste some!

d. Art With Ice: A perfect activity for hot days. You can make ice paint by adding some colored water in the ice tray. If you want to make it edible, freeze different colored juices mixed with water. When the ice cubes melts, on the paper or paint board, see how beautiful and creative shapes emerges.

2. Tasting Activities:

Sense of taste can be developed by blindfolding your tot and then having him taste different things from small bowls. Let him guess what he is eating. Food helps develop senses in following ways:

a. Crunchy food or something with nuts or a grainy feeling will make your child alert towards his food and make him feel the texture. Try cereal bars, popcorn, cheese sticks, crackers, etc.

b. Sipping from a straw helps children in maintaining a certain flow of breath and makes them disciplined.

c. Fresh fruits are not just healthy; but also enhance the senses of different colors and understanding the texture in toddlers.

d. You can use different materials like pasta, paper cuttings, ice cubes or cloth pieces for giving a new experience to the Visual activities listed above.

3. Water Activities:

A small tub can be a great play area for toddlers. Here are some ideas for tub based sensory activities:

a. Water Beads: Fill the tub with water beads of different colors. Then ask your tot to find out beads of a certain color. This is fun and helps to learn about colors and develops the sense of sight.

b. Farm Frenzy: Create a farm by filling the tub with grains of different sorts. Then hide plastic animals in the grains and shuffle them. Your toddler will learn animals’ names while finding the hidden toys.

c. Sound Off: You can add to the previous game by telling your tot what sound each animal makes. This will develop not just motor skills, but also speech and auditory senses, while adding to his or her vocabulary.

d. Bubble Tub: Fill the tub with water and put in a little soap. Let your tot splash in the water and make foam. This can get messy though.

Playing with dough and clay are also great to develop fine motor skills, so do stock these materials in your toddler’s Play Box. It should always be fun while sharpening various senses.

Do share your favorite sensory activity for toddlers in the section below!

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