6 Super Exciting Activities That Will Surely Keep Your Kid's Boredom At Bay!

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You can tell when your kids get bored. Unusually long trailing questions, crankiness, coercive demands, being fidgety for no reason and the crazy croc moans are the ultimate symptoms of their boredom. What do you usually do to handle their boredom pangs? Here are some of our recommended boredom busters for your children:

1. Banana-Chocolate Dessert:

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This sounds so yum! And it’s quick to make. Your kids can handle this safely. All you need is:

  • Bananas (We recommend ripe bananas)
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Ice cream sticks
  • Hazel nut or Icing bits for topping
  • A tray

Peel and slice the bananas. Hook them with ice-cream sticks. Dip the bananas in chocolate syrup. Place the chocolate dipped bananas on a tray. Sprinkle hazelnuts or icing chunks on the top. You could go creative with the icing bits. Now pop the tray into the freezer. Use a toothpick to check if the dessert is frozen. Kids will love making this yummy delight! (Some prefer non-frozen chocolate dipped bananas. You could have them either way.)

2. Engine Engine Number 9…:

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Pull out the chairs and arrange them one behind the other. Then get set go on a train game. Kids will love playacting passengers and crew.

3. Plastic-plate goes Oink-Oink:

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Make a little piggy out of plastic or disposable plates. Needless to say, you will need:

  • Plates
  • A color paper of your choice
  • Glue, marker-pen
  • Cello tape
  • A stick

Wrap the plate on all sides with a color paper with the help of glue. Once it dries off, draw out the eyes and snout of the little piggy. Cut out triangular chunks from the color paper for the ears. Paste them as well on the hind side jutting over the head.  Support the whole structure with the help of a stick. You could use a cello tape to attach the stick. Now you can host a mini puppet show for your kids!

4. Dazzle the window-panes:

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If it’s cleaning time, get your child to make the sheer windows dazzle a bit more. They will scrub it, wash it, wipe it with water and vinegar and make the window panes look like they are brand new  Just make sure you keep the chemical based sprays out of her reach. And no screeching with coir, please. A silent sponge work must do it.

5. Matchbox fun:

A. Making national flags:

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If you have a matchbox book, you might want to do this. Paint the matches in colors of a national flag. Make an assortment of such matchbox book flags. Or paint a troop of soldiers or the British Royal Guard. It will be quite a fun way to educate your children.

B. Making a thatched cottage:

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Use the match sticks to create a thatched cottage! Simply draw a cottage or a hut with a pencil or a marker pen on paper. Cut it out. Now use the match sticks to paste them over to make it look like a thatched hut.

C. Your Jack In The Box:

Take an empty match-box. If you have a thumb size stuffed or dangling toy, then a matchbox could make its perfect house. Stuff the matchbox with cotton to make it cushiony for the little guest. Prop up satin or velvet bits along the edges for the little guest to sit and relax. Each time you close and plop open the box, the little Jack springs out. Doesn’t this sound sheer fun?

D. Your Matchbox Letter:

You will need a long narrow piece of paper…I mean really, really long and narrow piece of paper. If you can’t find one, you must stick many bits of papers together to give a long rectangular scroll. Leave some space towards one end so that you can paste this part into the match box. Before you paste it, fold this scroll in pleats like that of an accordion. Now write your most valuable letters or stories on the scroll. Fold it back and paste the loose edge of the letter inside. When the recipient opens the box, your most cherished greetings will pop up!

6. Cardboard fun:

A. Make A Maze:

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Yes, this one will involve a lot of giggles trying to spot the playmate in a maze of cardboard boxes. You will need loads of cardboard boxes, mostly of the same size. Each wall of the box must have an entry doorway cut out. Many such boxes shall be pasted or clipped together on all sides making a huge square of boxes. The outermost boxes need not have the arches cut out unless you wish to (just to keep that element of hide-and-seek curiosity). Kids will be hopping and sneaking in around the maze while you will try to find them.

B. How About A Cardboard Castle?

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C. A Cardboard Car?

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D. A Cardboard Airplane?

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There are multiple ways to snap boredom of your kids. While you could try out the above, we would also love to hear from you as to what gets your kids jump in both feet!

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