10 Activity Sheets To Keep Your Preschoolers Engaged

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Your little one has grown a little more, and she is unstoppable. You need to keep her always entertained, play with her, pamper her, tolerate her mischief but try to teach her something useful, she is not ready. Introducing your preschooler to the first steps of learning is not easy as it is something very different from what she was doing until then.

You cannot let her go just because she is not ready. You need to prepare her for the learning through some engaging means. We will tell you how you can do that with the help of some activity sheets. They are easily doable for your child and keeps her busy through the day.

10 Interesting Activity Sheets For Preschoolers:

1. Connect The Dots For An Image Activity Sheet:

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Connect-the-dots-to-get-a-picture is one of the simplest and easiest activity sheets that your preschooler will enjoy solving in no time. It comprises lots of dots with each dot associated with a number. All your kid needs to do is use a pencil and join the dots in the numerical sequence to get an image. For instance, in the above sheet if your preschooler connects the numbers 1, 2, 3, and so on then she completes a snowman’s image. This preschool activity sheets helps them to learn and identify numbers and numerical sequence in a fun way.

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2. Santa’s Maze Activity Sheet For Kids:

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Maze activity sheet is one of the entertaining puzzles for children. The maze comprises several paths leading from the entrance to the destination, but not all tracks lead to the goal. Your preschooler needs to find out the right route that takes her from the source to the destination. In the above sheet, your little learner needs to figure out the right path that will take Santa to Christmas tree to deliver Xmas gifts. Such maze kids activity sheets enhance their problem solving and rational thinking skills.

3. Find-10-Differences Activity Sheet:

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Another enjoyable activity for preschoolers is finding differences between two almost identical images. The differences are minute and not easily detectable. Your preschooler needs to concentrate on the details of both the pictures and come up with the relevant differences in them. The above activity sheet displays two deer drinking a cup of tea, and your kid needs to figure out ten differences in the two images. Such a ‘find the differences’ activity sheet helps boost your preschooler’s concentration abilities, critical thinking, and observation skills.

4. Find-The-Mirror-Image Activity Sheet:

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Finding the mirror image activity is an excellent activity for preschoolers to improve their observation, logical thinking, and concentration skills. Kids need to identify the perfect mirror image of the given image from a group of pictures. For instance, in the above sheet, you preschooler needs to find out the mirror image of each row of skating penguins from the rest of five rows.

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5. Picture Sudoku Activity Sheet:

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Introducing Sudoku activity sheet to preschoolers is an excellent fun way to promote learning. Sudoku helps develop child’s problem-solving skills, critical thinking, English learning, and memory. This activity stimulates your preschooler’s cognitive abilities significantly. Kids need to fill in numbers, letters, or images in the black spaces to satisfy the mentioned condition. In the above sheet, kids need to fill in the blank circles with one of the pictures in the first row such that no row contains two similar images. This is the best activity sheets for kids.

6. Find-Two-Identical-Images Activity Sheet:

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Recognizing two identical images is another intellectual activity for preschoolers where they need to focus on the given images to find the minute details and figure out which two pictures are identical in all aspects. This activity helps improve your kid’s concentration, observation skills, and critical thinking, and challenges her IQ abilities. In the above sheet, your child needs to observe all 13 pumpkins carefully and find out which two pumpkins are identical.

7. Tell-The-Time Activity Sheet:

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Identifying the time is one of the essential learning activities for your preschooler, and ‘tell the time’ activity sheet helps preschoolers learn, understand, and display a particular time accurately. The sheet contains nine images of a clock with a particular time present at the bottom of each image. Your preschooler needs to read the written time and draw hour and minute hands on the clock image above it displaying the mentioned time.

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8. Recognize-The-Color Activity Sheet:

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Identification of colors is another crucial part of your preschooler’s learning. So, first teach your child different colors, their names, and introduce ‘Recognizing colors’ activity sheet to test them. The sheet contains two columns, left column displays colorful birds, fruits, flowers, and leaves, and the right shows strips of various colors that relate to the colors of the objects in the left column. Tell your kid to identify the color of each object and match it with the strips of colors on the right.

9. Back-To-School-Word-Search Activity Sheet:

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Searching a word from random groups of letters is another exciting activity that challenges your kid’s cognitive and English learning skills. ‘Back to School’ word search activity sheet displays letters from the English alphabet in several boxes and list of names below them. Your preschooler needs to find out each word present in the list by connecting various blocks above and figure out the word.

10. Counting-The-Shapes Activity Sheet:

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Counting the numbers and recognizing the shapes are some of the important activities that your preschooler learns by solving this activity sheet. The sheet contains two columns, left column displaying numbers and the right shapes in each row. Your child needs to count the number of a form in a row and match it with the figure present in the left column by using a pencil.

What tricks did you employ to engage your preschooler? Were they successful? Did you give them activity worksheets and which is your kid’s favorite? Let us know by writing in the comment section.

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