Adorable Halloween Costumes For Baby-Wearing Parents


Halloween is finally here, and just like every other year on October 31st, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to showcase your creative talent this year too! And if this is your baby’s first Halloween, it’s all the more important to pull out all the stops to make it a super special one. After all the memories and photos you will take on this occasion will stay with you to look back in fondness.

For many new mothers, it’s common to give the Halloween celebrations a skip this year. This is totally understandable since taking care of the child, nursing, and feeding them occupy most of their time. Having too much on our plate can always drive us nuts. But we’d say: use it as a greater excuse to rock a stunning ensemble that shows how much you adore and celebrate them! You can creatively nail a family Halloween costume as you tote your baby and deck up together! Yes, having a baby doesn’t necessarily have to get in the way of your Halloween party, and we’ll show you how!

So, get into the holiday spirit and buckle up to be inspired by some super-fun family Halloween getups we’ve compiled below. As you’ll see, dressing up for Halloween doesn’t have to be a spectacular show (or maybe yes, if you are sold on the idea). You can still win hearts with adorable family Halloween costumes — carrying them around in a sling, baby carrier, or just your arms! Check these out, and you’ll be tempted to enjoy the festivities with your little munchkin, all decked up.

1. The Cowboy Halloween Look / Instagram

The cowboy costume is a killer inspiration for your baby and you! It’s simple — just a few accessories, and you’re sorted for Halloween! Don an orange dress for the Jack-O-Lantern vibe with your baby in a front-facing carrier. Don’t forget the cowboy hat for yourself and style your baby with a simple bow-knot headband for an extra dose of cuteness. Your Halloween costume is ready for the runway!

2. The Lion King Sunset-Scene Halloween Costume / Instagram

If you’re a Disney fan, this clever costume inspired by the Pixar film’s beloved characters is one we can’t get enough of! The perfect emulation of an iconic sunset scene fromThe Lion King, it’s a mind-blowing Halloween costume for the party! As the proud mommy of your precious one, present your king (or queen) to the world when you make your first appearance with your baby this Halloween. Replicate this awesomeness if you’ve got the time to work out the fun face paint details. You’d agree with us: it’s one heck of practical inspiration for incorporating that baby carrier in your Halloween costume.

3. The Sea Pirates Halloween Costume

sarahstage / Instagram

This mother-son duo has perfectly recreated the incredibly classic Disney-inspired Halloween costume from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. It would be hard to find a person who didn’t enjoy the seafaring pirate Jack Sparrow who has caught on to the fancy of Halloween dress themes ever since. The drunk pirate anti-hero is not the most ideal person anyone would look up to but we also can’t deny that his charm and wit are out of this world! Also, we’ve got to agree that it’s straight out of the silver screen! If you want to give people that fright, some gory elements like opaque lenses and spooky makeup details will get you there, but you might want to keep it simple without frightening your baby. Also, for a day party, add chic sunglasses for a glam look. After all, when you’re a team, you’ve got to keep it sassy and trendy.

4. The Sushi-Baby Halloween Costume

jeanwang / Instagram

Sushi, anyone? If you’re a Sushi fan, this Halloween family costume will delight you. While Sushi isn’t frightening or a folkloric being, whoever stopped you from getting carried away with your Halloween costume? It’s elegant and fun, especially if you’re a self-proclaimed food enthusiast (or a chef, maybe?). Improvise this look with a salmon-colored dress (or an orange pillow attached to the back) for your baby (for the shrimp sashimi). And, you could turn yourself into a soy sauce bottle (what’s Sushi without it) or wear a black dress with soy sauce written on it (cut out from gold foil sheets). Add condiment headpieces of wasabi, ginger, or whatever you please to complete the look. You’re daintily put together for Halloween!

5. The Butterfly-Fairy Halloween Costume

kyliejenner / Instagram

Looking for out-of-the-box Halloween fashion inspiration? Let’s face it: the Kardashian squad never disappoints! This lovely celebrity mommy-baby Halloween costume is for the kill. An adorably epic look from 2018 Halloween, when Stormi wore a pink onesie and Kylie dressed up in a pink bodysuit with high heels. Both donned a giant set of butterfly wings that made this look all the more enchanting. With an Instagram-worthy Halloween costume like this one, your baby and you will set the floor on fire!

6. The Dino-Family Halloween Costume

jessetyler / Instagram

If you’re a Godzilla or a dinosaur fan, you gotta give this costume a shot. Dress yourself up as a T-Rex and your munchkin as a hatching baby dino, such as the image here. It’s an adorable and funny costume to imitate on this year’s Halloween. A fantabulous choice for parents who won’t leave any stone unturned to win the best-dressed Halloween family costume award, and even if you don’t: you’ll surely spread some laughter amidst the spine-chilling, spooky vibe around. And what’s more, even in this monstrous form, you still play mother and child which is just so adorable!

You don’t need to be a Hollywood star to nail a Halloween costume, but you can draw some inspiration from brilliant costume ideas flooding the internet. And, aren’t mommy-baby matching Halloween outfits too cute for words? Indeed, they are! If you didn’t already give it a thought, getting ready with your baby for a fun Halloween night will create a different kind of bond altogether. Pay attention to their comfort (and yours too), and they’ll be overjoyed! Which among these Halloween costumes are your favorites? Do share with us in the comments below!

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