5 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sending Your Child To Preschool

5 advantages and disadvantages of sending your child to preschool

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Are you thinking of admitting your child in a preschool before he or she joins kindergarten? Then it’s a right decision both for you and your toddler.

Pre-schools often have specialized curriculum and approach to education and also offer a lot of advantages, especially to working Moms. On the other hand, your toddler can benefit from staying at home during these developmental years as well.

Confused which one is better? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of preschool education.

Advantages/ Benefits Of Sending Your Child To Preschool:

Social interaction is the greatest skill your child can learn at such an early age, for it will determine how he behaves with other people for the rest of his life. When you send your toddler to a preschool at an early age, he will learn how to interact with people. Here are some other similar advantages:

  1. Preschool will help your toddler develop important skills, such as taking turns, listening to others, helping one another, etc. Interacting with other children of the same age can teach your child to communicate better.
  2. A preschool program can provide your child with all the necessary literacy skills. The child will get basic knowledge of the alphabet, mathematical skills, and other fundamental knowledge as well.
  3. Preschool will prepare your kid for a better time during school, for the kid will know what to expect in a classroom environment.
  4. Since preschool provides children with a space where they can learn appropriate classroom behavior at a young age, it can help your child develop a sense of self and independence. Your child will not have to waste time trying to get adjusted to other children, the classroom environment and the lessons he is supposed to learn after he has joined the school.
  1. Of course, preschools make sure that your toddler has a lot of fun, so your darling will remain active for the entire time he is there. You, as a parent, will finally have some time to yourself, when your child is off at school. You will certainly come to cherish this little bit of independence and free time, after all!

Disadvantages Of Sending Your Child To Preschool:

There are some disadvantages of sending your child to school at such a young age. If the school you are sending your child to is not good enough, it can hamper your child’s growth.

  1. The preschool program needs to be expertly drafted, so that your child learns all the right things.
  2. The schools should have experienced teachers who are aware of the unique condition children going through at this particular period.
  3. If the curriculum is not good, it can damage your child’s learning process, attention span and attitude towards classes. If the program, or the teacher, is not good enough, your child’s learning and experiential knowledge will be hampered.
  4. If the children in the school are not closely monitored, they might take to negative habits. This is the period when your child learns of the world around him. If he is exposed to bullying or fighting at this age, it will carry on to the future as well.
  5. Some traditional belief systems think that children can learn a lot more about the world, social interactions, manners, etc. by staying at home, with his family. There is some truth in this saying, according to popular census.

A bad preschool can damage your child’s ability to relate to his peers or teachers, or worse, destroy his curiosity for learning. Only after you are perfectly sure the preschool you have chosen employs only the best teachers and has the best teaching program, you should consider sending your child to that preschool.

We hope our post on benefits of sending your child to preschool endeavor helps you in your thought process while selecting a preschool for you darling. Don’t forget to share your views.

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