65 Fierce Adventurous And Outdoorsy Baby Names For Girls And Boys

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Are you somebody who spends your weekends either exploring the unexplored or watching epic adventure films, even during pregnancy? Well, then how about picking an adventurous or outdoorsy name for your soon-to-come baby?

Giving adventurous and outdoorsy baby names, inspired by people who pushed their limits and dared to explore the uncharted areas through time and space, is the best way to pass on the thrill-seeking spirit on to your child. MomJunction has 65 such names for your little adventurer.

Famous Adventurer Baby Names For Boys:

1. Aaron:

Aaron Burr was the US Senator who went on a mysterious expedition, which he undertook perhaps to capture Mexico. The name Aaron means ‘high mountain’.

2. Bear:

This name is surprisingly rising in popularity, probably because of Bear Grylls, the most daring adventurer of our time. Even Jamie Oliver used it for his son.

3. Bertrand:

Bertrand Piccard, belonging to the family of adventurers, gained notoriety when he flew a balloon nonstop around the world. This name means ‘magnificent crow’.

4. Christopher:

Honor the saint of travelers by naming your son Christopher as its famous bearer was Christopher Columbus. This Greek name means ‘bearer of Christ’.

5. Ed:

Ed Viesturs was the mountaineer who wasn’t afraid to make a summit. He climbed the Mount Everest in his first attempt. Ed is a diminutive of Edward and means ‘wealthy’.

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6. Edmund:

Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb Mount Everest, is still an inspiration for many mountaineers. This sophisticated English name means ‘fortunate protector’.

7. Emin:

Emin Pasha of Germany is recognized as one of the greatest adventurers of the Ottoman Empire.

8. Giacomo:

Giacomo Casanova was a Venetian adventurer, traveler and a spy. His name is the Italian variation of James and means ‘supplanter’.

9. Henry:

Henry Hudson was the English explorer after whom the Hudson River and Hudson Bay are named. This German name means ‘estate ruler’.

10. Marco:

Marco Polo was the Venetian merchant and traveler whose journey is recorded in Livres des Merveilles du monde. Marco is the Spanish and Italian form of Mark and means ‘warlike’.

11. Ranulph:

Ranulph Fiennes gained popularity when he and his friends traveled around the world on a polar axis using surface transportation. This rarely-heard name means ‘shield-wolf’.

12. Tom:

Tom Avery has the reputation of being the youngest Briton to reach the South Pole on foot. The meaning of this classic name is ‘twin’.

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Famous Adventurous Girl Names:

13. Alexandrine:

Dutch explorer Alexandrine Tinne is the first woman to cross the Sahara Desert. Alexandrine means ‘defender of mankind’.

14. Amelia:

This name is inspired by Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. It means ‘hard working’.

15. Delia:

Born at the time when women were not even allowed to leave the city, leave the alone country, Delia Akeley made expeditions to African to study ethnography of reclusive tribes. The Greek origin name refers to the island of Delos.

16. Freya:

Freya Stark dared to be the first woman from Europe to set her foot in Iran to fight racism. Her name originally belonged to the Norse goddess of love and fertility.

17. Gertrude:

Gertrude Bell, the English writer, archaeologist, and traveler explored the vast lands of Middle East in the 19th century. Her name may not be in vogue now, but we believe it will make a comeback soon. Gertrude means ‘strong spear’.

18. Hester:

This British woman led a serious adventurous life. She cruised to Athens and traveled to Egypt in men’s attire. Her name might be obscure, but has an air of aristocracy, which might appeal to traditional parents. It means ‘star’ or myrtle leaf’.

19. Isabella:

Isabella Bird, the first woman to be accepted into the Royal Geographical Society, became a celebrity after her explorations to Korea, China, and Morocco. This name means ‘devoted to God’.

20. Jane:

Jane Goodall was a famous adventurer and a primatologist. The meaning of Jane is ‘God is gracious’.

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21. Junko:

This old-fashioned name is inspired by Junko Tabei, the first female to touch the summit of the Mount Everest. This moniker isn’t much used beyond its territories. So pick this name if you want something uncommon for your daughter. Junko means ‘pure, child’.

22. Louise:

This moniker is tied with the first female to reach the North Pole. Louise was one of the top 1000 names for over 100 years, before it dropped off in 1992. The meaning of Louise is ‘renowned fighter’.

23. Mae:

Mae Jemison was the first African-American to travel to space. This sweet and spunky name, meaning ‘May’, has begun attracting attention lately, especially as the middle name.

24. Nellie:

The name refers to the groundbreaking journalist Nellie Bly, who took a trip around the world. You can pick Nellie as a pet name for Eleanor or Helen. It means ‘shining light’.

25. Octavie:

Octavie Coudreau was the French writer and explorer who explored Amazon at the beginning of the last century. Octavie is the French form of Octavia and means ‘eighth’.

26. Osa:

If you want something short and sweet for your daughter, pick Osa, after Osa Johnson, an American adventurer, photographer, and writer. This cute outdoorsy baby name means ‘godlike’.

27. Sojourner:

This outdoorsy baby name is tied to Sojourner Truth, the African-American women’s rights activist. She adopted this name when she began traveling. This name means ‘traveler’.

28. Valentina:

Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman to travel into space. This exotic name entered the top 1000 list in 1994 and was even picked by Salma Hayek for her little girl. Valentina means ‘healthy’.

Fictional Adventurous Baby Boy Names:

29. Bilbo:

There’s no way we could leave him out. Bilbo did not just go on an adventure, but also slew a fire-breathing dragon. It is a Tolkien name.

30. Dirk:

Dirk Pitt, the treasure hunter from Clive Cussler’s novel, has a name that can never go unnoticed. His name is a contracted form of Derek and means ‘people’s ruler’.

31. Don:

Every traveler or adventurer has its inspiration in Don Quixote, who embarked on one of the most famous adventures ever. The meaning of Don is ‘proud chief’.

32. Fox:

If you still find yourself humming to the song “What does the Fox say?” this name might interest you. It’s sleek, simple and of course, wild. This name was further popularized by Fox Mulder from X-Files.

33. Huck:

Huck, the main character of Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, deserves a place on this list. This adorable short form of literary name Huckleberry has a hipster feel to it, isn’t it?

34. Indiana:

We wouldn’t be wrong to say that Indiana Jones is every child’s favorite adventure film. The name was recently chosen by the superstar couple Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix. In Latin, Indiana means ‘divine’.

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35. Nemo:

Nope, we’re not talking about the fish from Finding Nemo, but the captain from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Nemo means ‘from the Glen’.

36. Phileas:

Phileas Fogg was Jules Verne’s hero who circumnavigated the world in just 80 days. It’s also the name of a Greek saint. Phileas means ‘who loves’.

37. Rocket:

This word name is for the child who aspires to go on a space adventure. If you feel it’s too supercharged for real life, use it in the middle.

38. Sawyer:

If you are a fan of the adventurous and bold movie ‘Lost’, Sawyer might be a fitting name for you. It’s also the name of the leading character of Mark Twain’s novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Sawyer mean ‘timber cutter’.

Fictional Adventurous Baby Girl Names:

39. Alice:

Perhaps, the adventurer role model of every child is Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Alice means ‘noble.’

40. Dora:

Dora from Dora the Explorer is a terrific role model for children. This prim and proper name means ‘gift’.

41. Lara:

Lara Croft is the female lead of the video game series and film Tomb Raider. And in the mythology, Lara was the nymph known for her beauty. The name means ‘famous’.

42. Lyra:

We’re referring to Lyra Belacqua, the heroine of Philip Pullman’s trilogy, His Dark Materials. Lyra is a constellation name, meaning ‘lyre’.

43. Merida:

Merida is the name of the strong-willed character in Disney’s movie Brave. Just like the character, even your daughter will be independent, feisty and athletic. Merida means ‘the one who has achieved a place of honor’.

44. Wendy:

Wendy, the absolute ‘Darling’, was Peter Pan’s friend who accompanied him on his trip to Neverland. This name, meaning ‘literary’, currently sits at the 936th spot.

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Adventurous Boy Names:

45. Ash:

We love the brevity of this moniker, which comes from the ash tree. Use it as it is or as a short form for Ashley, Ashton or Asher.

46. Cliff:

This one is for the little mountaineer in your house. This name has never been too popular, yet it’s widely known. It will work as a short form for Clifton and Clifford as well! Cliff means ‘river ford near a cliff’.

47. Everest:

It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that any child named Everest, after the tallest mountain in the world, is destined to be an adventurer. George Lucas used this name for his baby girl, but it can be used for boys as well. Everest means ‘courageous like a boar’.

48. Hunter:

Another ideal adventurous name, this moniker belongs to the band of macho names, Harley, Austin, and Hunter. It’s currently in the 41st spot, which isn’t bad at all.

49. Jack:

Got a lumberjack on hands? Then what better than naming him, Jack, which means ‘man’. This cheery form of John has been chosen by countless celebs, including Meg Ryan, Luke Perry, and Matt Lauer.

50. Lynx:

Here’s another name for wildlife lovers. This fierce name, with the wildcat as its namesake, is fresh and relatively underused.

51. Roan:

Roan, meaning ‘red head’, is a term used to describe coats of the main color interspersed with hairs of another shade like chestnut or bay. A fitting name for wildlife explorers.

52. West:

We personally love it, and is one of the best outdoorsy baby boy names. It sounds like it was coined for a brave and adventurous soul. And West is considered one of the most fashionable direction names as well.

53. Wilder:

This name has adventure written all over it. It sounds like someone who would love to climb mountains. Wider is the name of an American actor as well. It means ‘wild’.

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Adventurous Sounding Names For Girls:

54. Beatrix:

The name Beatrix is probably derived from the Latin name Viator, which means ‘voyager’. The final ‘x’ adds a playful note to this name. Trixie would make an adorable nickname for Beatrix.

55. Brave:

Why not name your daughter after the powerful word Brave itself? It will pay tribute to Disney’s film ‘Brave’ as well.

56. Journey:

This word name would appeal to parents who like voyaging. This name jumped 500 places in a decade and is currently sitting at 274th spot. You can also opt for its spelling variation Journee.

57. Kelby:

The name Kelby draws inspiration from the greatest source of life, water. In English, Kelby means ‘dweller at the farm near the stream’ and in Irish, it means ‘place by a flowing water’.

58. Kestrel:

We are nearly obsessed with this name, which is a term for American falcon. It sounds like the name of someone with an engaging personality. Kestrel means ‘rattle’.

59. Lake:

The name Lake has been growing in popularity for both girls and boys, but we’d suggest this for your daughter. It came into the mainstream via American actress Lake Bell and was further popularized when Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen used it for their daughter.

60. Marlow:

Is there anything more outdoorsy than naming your child after natural elements? Marlow, meaning ‘driftwood’, could be an excellent choice for you.

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61. Ollie:

Paging surfers, rejoice! Ollie is a move that a surfer pulls while surfing. This name also harkens Olli’s Point, one of the most popular surfing spots in the world. Technically, Ollie is a variation of ‘olive’.

62. Rainier:

If you are choosing Everest for your son, you can pick Rainier for your daughter, after Mount Rainier. This Washington mountain would make an original namesake.

63. River:

River is a perfect name for your little explorer. The name evokes feelings of tranquility and calm, just like the glossy surface of the river.

64. Sloane:

This sleek and sophisticated surname, meaning ‘raider’, is moving up the list with every passing year. Its association with Sloane Square of London makes it even more outdoorsy.

65. Vale:

This one is truly poetic. Vale, meaning ‘valley’, is the 21st-century replacement for Brooke. It feels substantial and interesting. Savannah Guthrie recently picked this name for her daughter. So what are you waiting for?

We believe you must have found a worthy name by now. Let us know your choice by commenting below!

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