200 Cheerful Afrikaans Baby Names For Boys And Girls

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Afrikaans is a West-Germanic language spoken mostly in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. Although the language has Dutch origins, the language has evolved over the time. It is also inspired by Malay, Bantu, and Portuguese, which is why the Afrikaans baby names may include Spanish, French, English, and American names. Keep reading to find the right Afrikaan name for your baby that not only depicts their personality but also has an African-European touch to it. If you go through this list, you will have a fun time figuring out the origins of each name.

Afrikaans Boys Names With Meanings

1. Ade:

Ade, meaning ‘royal’, falls in line with popular American names such as Jade.

2. Adem:

Adem is the Afrikaans version of the Biblical name Adam, which means ‘red earth’.

3. Adiel:

Parents looking for a unique animal inspired name can go for Adiel, which means ‘goat’. It’s entirely unheard of in America.

4. Adonis:

A name with true blue masculine beauty, Adonis means ‘God of peace and love’.

5. Adriaan:

Adriaan, meaning ‘from Adria’, is definitely a winning choice.

6. Aitan:

Aitan is technically a variant of the Biblical name Ethan and means ‘strong or fights of possession’.

7. Ajani:

Ajani, meaning ‘he who wins the struggle’, is one of the most inspiring names we’ve heard in recent times.

8. Ajayi:

Afrikaans baby boy name Ajayi, meaning ‘born face down’, is generally given to baby boys who are born face down.

9. Alake:

Alake, meaning ‘one to be honored’, is one of the coolest Afrikaans boy names in our opinion.

10. Amiri:

Amiri, meaning ‘prince’, would make an excellent alternative to the common name, Amir.

11. André:

This international form of Andrew has been familiar in Africa for decades. It means ‘man’.

12. Arno:

Arno is a modern sounding Afrikaans name, meaning ‘eagle’.

13. Barke:

Barke is classic, serious, cheery, fashionable, and sensitive, all at the same time. It means ‘blessings’.

14. Bash:

Bash is an Afrikaans name, meaning ‘forerunner’. But it’s highly unlikely that American parents would pick it for their son because of its English meaning.

15. Bast:

A name with great jazz, Bast means ‘of the city of Bubastis’.

16. Bayode:

Bayode is a thoroughly positive and shining name, meaning ‘he comes with joy’.

17. Belay:

Belay is a cool, windswept name, meaning ‘above or superior’.

18. Ben:

Ben is usually used as a short form of Benedict and Benjamin, but stands strong on its own too. It means ‘son of’.

19. Bern:

Apart from being a Swiss place name and a short form of Bernard, Bern also means ‘peace’ in the Afrikaans language.

20. Bokamoso:

Bokamoso, meaning ‘the future’, is on the rise in South Africa and its nearby regions.

21. Christiaan:

This Dutch variant of Christian makes a bold statement of faith.

22. Christo:

Christo is the Afrikaans short form of Christian or Christopher and means ‘follower of Christ’.

23. Daniël:

A perennial favorite in South Africa, Daniël means ‘God is my judge’.

24. Danté:

Also associated with famous poet Dante Alighieri, Danté means ‘enduring’.

25. Dawie:

The name Dawie is related to Hebrew name David and means ’beloved’.

26. Dian:

Dian is a feminine name, meaning ‘divine’, but is used for boys by Afrikaners.

27. Fabunni:

Fabunni is a sophisticated Afrikaans name, meaning ‘God has given me this’.

28. Francois:

Francois is an Afrikaans form of Francis and means ‘free man’.

29. Frederich:

Dashing name Frederich is the Afrikaans of Friedrich and means ‘peaceful ruler’.

30. Gazali:

Beautiful and uncommon name Gazali has its origin in the Arabic name Gazal and means ‘mystic’.

31. Gerhardus:

Gerhardus, a variant of Gerard, may seem as a grandpa name, but it’s still preferred by several Afrikaners.

32. Gidea:

Gidea is a form of Gideon, a Hebrew name which means ‘was neglected for long, but has started to climb now.

33. Hansie:

Hansie has to be the coolest version of Johannes. It means ‘God is gracious’.

34. Heinrich:

This traditional German name has now moved into the Afrikaans name pool. It means ‘home of the king’.

35. Helouise:

Helouise is an ancient name with unclear derivation. It means ‘healthy or wide’.

36. Henrico:

This appealing Afrikaans name can easily cross boundaries. It means ‘state ruler’.

37. Imka:

Imka is an Afrikaans baby name meaning water

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Imka, the Afrikaans form of Ime, sounds like a continental classic. It means ‘water’.

38. Isabeau:

Isabeau, a variant of Isabel, is renowned for its bearer Isabeau of Bavaria. It means ‘pledged to God’.

39. Jaco:

This interesting twist of Jacob means ‘supplanter’.

40. Jacques:

Jacques is a completely non-pretentious name, meaning ‘supplanter’.

41. Jaivyn:

Jaivyn is a cheerful and friendly Afrikaans name, meaning ‘light spirit’.

42. Janco:

Janco is the Dutch-Hungarian form of John and means ‘Jehovah has been gracious’.

43. Jaquan:

Jaquan, meaning ‘loving or good spirit’, also happens to be a Hebrew name, meaning ‘raised by Yahweh’.

44. Jengo:

Jengo is an Afrikaans name, meaning ‘one with a reddish complexion’.

45. Johan:

Johan, pronounced as ‘yo-Han’, means ‘God is gracious’.

46. Junior:

While the rest of the world uses Junior as the nickname, South Africans prefer it as a first name. It means ‘young’.

47. Kabili:

Kabili, meaning ‘possession’, will definitely get loads of attention once it surfaces into mainstream.

48. Kai:

If you have a water sign baby, name him Kai, which means ‘sea’.

49. Kaikara:

Kaikara, originating in Ugandan language, is the traditional name of a God.

50. Kaikura:

Kaikura is actually an Afrikaans word for ‘ground squirrel’, but is used as a baby name too.

51. Kamogelo:

Kamogelo is a soft and sensitive name heard widely in Africa. It means ‘acceptance’.

52. Kian:

Kian is a friendly version of the name Cian, meaning ‘ancient’.

53. Kores:

This form of Cyrus has a down-home image, which makes it stand out from other names. It means ‘throne’.

54. Lateef:

Parents who want their children to grow up into mature and civilized adults can consider the name Lateef, which means ‘civilized’.

55. Leeto:

For travel loving parents, Leeto, meaning ‘journey’, would be perfect.

56. Lencho:

If you’re looking for an alternative to Leo, you can consider Lencho, which means ‘lion’.

57. Lethabo:

Lethabo, meaning ‘joy’, will definitely fill your son’s life with happiness.

58. Lodewikus:

This spelling of Lodewikus, the Afrikaans form of Ludovicus, is inspired by the Dutch spelling Lodewijk. It means ‘war or battle’.

59. Lolonyo:

The meaning of Lolonyo is ‘love is beautiful’. And, this is indeed beautiful.

60. Louw:

This nickname of Lodewikus, meaning ‘war or battle’, is also used as a first name by the Afrikaners.

61. Luan:

The name Luan means ‘lion’ in Afrikaans and ‘justice, fair, transparent’ in Vietnamese.

62. Luca:

Luca is a charming and venerable name, meaning ‘man from Lucania’.

63. Maghiel:

Maghiel is derived from Machiel, the Dutch form of Michael, meaning ‘Who is like God?’

64. Mattys:

Mattys, a form of Matthis, has survived the modern times solely because of Afrikaners.

65. Mpho:

Cutting edge parents are sure to love this name, meaning ‘gift’.

66. Nelius:

Nelius is the Afrikaans form of Cornelius and means ‘horn’.

67. Philippus:

If you’ve always wanted an uncommon form of Philip, you can go for Philippus, meaning ‘lover of horse’.

68. Ricus:

The name Ricus is an English name meaning ‘sovereign ruler’.

69. Ruan:

Ruan is believed to be either a combination of Rudolf and Johan or a form of Ruadhan.

70. Ruben:

This variation of Rueben is way more popular than original. It means ‘behold, a son’.

71. Rylond:

Rylond is Afrikaans spelling for Reynold and means ‘counselor or ruler’.

72. Sebastian:

One of the most used names in South Africa, Sebastian means ‘person from the ancient city of Sebasta’.

73. Shakir:

Shakir is an Arabic origin name, meaning ‘grateful’.

74. Thys:

Thys is equivalent to the name Thijs, which means ‘gift of Yahweh’.

75. Tinus:

Tinus is used as a short form for names such as Martinus and Constantinus.

76. Tjaart:

Tjaart is a variant of Tjaard and means ‘people watcher’. A famous bearer of this name is the South African professional golfer Tjaart van der Walt.

77. Tyrese:

A famous Afrikaans name, Tyrese means ‘talented leader of the well-being’.

78. Unys:

This moniker comes from the word Denuys.

79. Upendo:

Upendo is an Afrikaans baby name meaning love

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This Afrikaans moniker signifies the most powerful emotion in the world – ‘love’.

80. Wasaki:

If you’re cool with strong meaning names, go for Wasaki, which means ‘the enemy’.

81. Wikus:

This name is generally used as a nickname for Lodewikus.

82. Yaro:

Yaro, meaning ‘son’, is used extensively for baby boys by Afrikaners.

83. Yerodin:

Parents who want their children to be academically brilliant can name them Yerodin, which means ‘studious’.

84. Zander:

Zander, a diminutive of Alexander, has been on the rise as a standalone name. It means ‘defending men’.

85. Zayden:

Zayden, a modern invented moniker, is one of the fastest climbing names.

86. Zea:

Derived from Hebrew, Zea is an ancient male name, meaning ‘light’.

Afrikaans Girl Names And Their Meanings

87. Aba:

Aba is an Afrikaans baby girl name given to ‘girls born on Thursday’.

88. Abebi:

Abebi is a traditional Afrikaans name, meaning ‘we asked and got her’.

89. Abina:

The name Abina means ‘born on Tuesday’.

90. Adelheid:

Adelheid is the Dutch form of Adelaide and means ‘nobility’.

91. Adowa:

Afrikaans name Adowa is equivalent to English name Adelaide. It means ‘noble’.

92. Agetha:

Agetha is the Dutch form of Agatha and means ‘good woman’.

93. Aia:

Aia could be a diminutive of several names, but it’s a legit name of the Afrikaans and means ‘eternal mother’.

94. Akpena:

The name Akpena, meaning ‘thanks to God’, is chosen by parents to thank the Almighty for their baby girl.

95. Aletta:

Aletta is the Afrikaans form of the Greek name Alethea and means ‘truth’.

96. Alizea:

This distinct moniker is originally a form of Hebrew name Aliza, meaning ‘joyful’.

97. Amahle:

Honor your ancestors by naming your daughter Amahle, which means ‘the ancestors are here’.

98. Amogelang:

If you want your daughter to be a welcoming woman, name her Amogelang, which means ‘welcoming.

99. Amore:

A romantic name in the truest sense, Amore means ‘love’.

100. Andrietta:

If you want a long and elegant name for your daughter, pick Andrietta, a variant of Andrea, which means ‘strong and manly’.

101. Aneke:

This graceful moniker is the Dutch and Afrikaans diminutive of Anna and means ‘grace’.

102. Anika:

Anika, meaning ‘sweet-faced’, is a sweet name too.

103. Anja:

Anja is the Afrikaans variant of Anne and means ‘grace’.

104. Annalie:

The musical and slightly unusual form of Hanna means ‘grace’.

105. Anneline:

Anneline is the diminutive of Anne, which was once common in the French territory, but is now an Afrikaans name.

106. Arabella:

This flighty and happy go lucky name will add a bright aura to any girl’s day. It means ‘yielding to prayer’.

107. Ava:

The simplicity and charm of Ava are just hard to overlook. It means ‘life’.

108. Azelle:

Azelle is the feminine form of the Hebrew name Azel and means ‘reserved’.

109. Aziza:

Aziza is the female form of the Arabic name Aziz and means ‘precious’.

110. Behati:

Behati Prinsloo, the Namibian supermodel, introduced this Afrikaans variation of Beatrice to the world. It means ‘she who brings happiness’.

111. Berhane:

Berhane is a lilting and rhythmic Afrikaans name, meaning ‘my light’.

112. Betje:

Betje is a Biblical name, meaning ‘devoted to God’.

113. Bibi:

The name Bibi is often reserved for the daughter of the king. It means ‘lady or grandmother’.

114. Brunelda:

Brunelda, the Afrikaans form of Brunilda, is frequently used in South Africa. It means ‘armor or protection’.

115. Cazimira:

Cazimira is the feminization of Casimir and means ‘destroyer of peace’. That’s a pretty harsh meaning.

116. Cezanne:

Cezanne is often used as a female name by Afrikaners because of its similarity to Suzanne. It means ‘big flower’.

117. Christien:

Christien, the Dutch form of Christine, has a spelling which is more or less phonetical in nature. It means ‘follower of Christ’.

118. Collien:

Cute and adorable Collein is possibly a variant of the English name Colleen and means ‘girl’.

119. Corli:

Corli means horns

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Corli is the Afrikaans diminutive of Cornelia and means ‘horn’.

120. Dane:

Dane is a form of Danae, a word used by Homer to designate the Greeks.

121. Dolinde:

Dolinde is an archaic form of Adelinde, which is now heard occasionally in Netherlands and South America.

122. Elize:

A name that probably needs no introduction, Elize is Afrikaans form of Elise and means ‘consecrated to God’.

123. Elna:

Elna is either a form of Elin or a contracted form of Eleonora. It means ‘beloved’.

124. Elsabe:

Elsabe, the medieval Dutch form of the name Elizabeth, is considered a classic among Afrikaans. It means ‘consecrated to God’.

125. Elspeth:

Elspeth is also a variation of Elizabeth and means ‘consecrated to God’.

126. Elzebe:

Elzebe is one of the least common variants of Elizabeth, meaning ‘consecrated to God’.

127. Emmarentia:

Afrikaans baby name Emmarentia is influenced by the super popular name Emma, which means ‘universal’.

128. Erco:

Erco is a spelling variation of Erko, which in itself is a diminutive of Erk. It means ‘eternal ruler’.

129. Esca:

Esca is likely to be a form of Eska, an Inuit name, meaning ‘a creek’.

130. Estia:

This name throngs from Greek moniker Hestia, which is associated with the Greek goddess of home, heart, and chastity.

131. Estie:

Estie is the diminutive of Ester, which is the simplified spelling of Esther, meaning ‘star’.

132. Fleur:

Fleur is a delicate and generic floral name, meaning ‘flower’.

133. Genever:

Geneva is the Afrikaans form of Juniper and means ‘juniper tree’.

134. Gizelda:

A name with balletic, graceful, and gazelle like feel, Gizelda means ‘hostage’.

135. Hanneleen:

This Afrikaans name is basically a combination of Hanne and Leen.

136. Hanneli:

Hanneli is an elaborate version of Hannah and means ‘grace’.

137. Isebel:

Nope, Isebel isn’t derived from Isabel, but has its origin in Jezebel, which means ‘not exalted’.

138. Itha:

Itha is a stylish vowel name, meaning ‘industrious one’.

139. Izelle:

This moniker, with uncertain origin, would fit well with recent favorites such as Giselle and Isabelle.

140. Jacomie:

Jacomie, pronounced as ‘yah-ko-meeh’, is a feminine form of James and means ‘supplanter’.

141. Jadine:

Jadine is either an elaborate form of Jade or a feminine variant of Jaden.

142. Jan:

Jan is a short, sweet, and understated name, meaning ‘gift of God’.

143. Jeanique:

This moniker is a blend of Jeanne with the ending ‘ique’.

144. Johanika:

This version of Johanna, meaning ‘God is gracious’, is used mostly in South Africa.

145. Jozette:

This variant of Josette emigrated to South Africa in the last century and has already become one of the the popular Afrikaans names.

146. Juane:

Juane, meaning ‘Lord is gracious’, is ubiquitous everywhere in the Afrikaans speaking world.

147. Kayla:

A name with several pop culture references, Kayla means ‘crown or laurel’.

148. Kerina:

Kerina is the elaborate form of Keri, the feminine form of the name Kerry. It means ‘dark haired’.

149. Kesiah:

While Kezia is waiting for emancipation in America, it’s variant Kesiah is used in full force in Afrikaans speaking countries.

150. Klara:

Klara is the Afrikaans form of Clara and means ‘bright and clear’.

151. Landi:

This moniker, associated with South African model Landi Sanepoel, is a short form of Yolandi and means ‘violet’.

152. Laurienne:

This form of Lauriana is used widely in non-francophone countries, including South Africa.

153. Lesedi:

If you like the name Lucia, but cringe at the fact that it’s too common, you can consider Afrikaans name Lesedi, which means ‘light’.

154. Liandri:

The name Liandri, meaning ‘precious gift’, displays exactly what babies are to their parents.

155. Lieve:

Lieve is a delicate short form of the name Godelieve and means ‘loved by the gods’.

156. Lindia:

Lindia is the elaboration of the name Linda. It means ‘soft and tender’.

157. Loraina:

This sweet name, meaning ‘from the province of Lorraine’, is ripe for reconsideration.

158. Lorelei:

Lorelei is a German mythology name, associated with mermaids infamous for luring sailors, which led to their death.

159. Lou:

Lou is the short form of the name Louise and means ‘renowned warrior’.

160. Lusea:

Lusea means light

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This lovely name, generally given to babies born during the breaking of daylight, means ‘light’.

161. Maline:

This multicultural name, meaning ‘high tower or woman of Magdela’, is both simple and exotic.

162. Mardene:

Mardene is either a variant of Mardena or a combination of Martine and Mardi. Either way, it’s a really cool name.

163. Marelize:

Marelize is a modern invented name, created by using the Afrikaans suffix ‘ize’.

164. Maretha:

A name that’s traditional, quiet and tasteful, Maretha means ‘lady’.

165. Marieke:

Marieke is a form of Marie and means ‘bitter’.

166. Mariete:

One of the least used form of Marie, Mariete means ‘bitter’.

167. Marlize:

The moniker Marlize is a combination of Maria and Lies.

168. Melisse:

Melisse, meaning ‘honeybee’ originates as the name of a nymph in Greek mythology.

169. Merinda:

Merinda, meaning ‘admirable’, could be used as a short form of Rosmerinde.

170. Mia:

This multicultural name, meaning ‘bitter’, is enjoying a meteoric rise in South Africa too.

171. Miems:

If you’re picking Willemina for your daughter, use short and snappy Miems as the nickname. It means ‘helmet or protection’.

172. Minenhle:

Minenhle is a Zulu origin name, meaning ‘beautiful day’.

173. Minuit:

Minuit is an uncommon French name, meaning ‘midnight’. The nickname Minnie would be truly delightful.

174. Mischa:

Mischa, a form of Mikhail, was a true blue boy’s name until Mischa Barton of “The OC” appeared. It means ‘who is like God’.

175. Naemi:

If you want a soft and melodious Biblical name, pick Naemi, which means ‘pleasantness’.

176. Nelleke:

Nelleke is the sweetest way to get Nel in your daughter’s name. It means ‘a horn’.

177. Norne:

Norne is a form of Norna, a moniker used by Sir Walter Scott for his novel, “The Pirate”.

178. Ottoline:

Ottoline is the feminine form of the name Otto and means ‘wealth or fortune’.

179. Peta:

Peta is the Dutch feminine form of the name Peter and means ‘rock’.

180. Quintilla:

This Mexican name, meaning ‘fifth born’, is generally used for the fifth girl in the family.

181. Qume:

Qume is a combination of Quinton and Amy.

182. Rachela:

Rachela is a delicate and soft name, meaning ‘ewe’.

183. Rethabile:

Baby name Rethabile, meaning ‘we are glad’, has its origin in Sotho, Setswana, and Sepedi language.

184. Riana:

Riana is the feminine form of Rian and means ‘little king’, but is used by girls as well.

185. Rosalie:

Rosalie, meaning ‘rose’, is one of the neatest ways to get a Rose inspired name.

186. Ruandi:

This Afrikaans female name is likely to be a combination of Ruan and Yolandi.

187. Saartjie:

Saartjie derives from the Hebrew name Sarah, meaning ‘princess’.

188. Saskia:

Saskia is a cute and unique name, meaning ‘Saxon woman’.

189. Simone:

This elegant name is the feminization of Simon and means ‘the listener’.

190. Skylar:

Skylar, a name with a hippie flair, means ‘fugitive’.

191. Sybella:

Sybella is a unique Afrikaans name, meaning ‘oracle or prophetess’.

192. Thandolwethu:

There could be no better way to show your daughter how much you love her than by naming her Thandolwethu, which means ‘our love’.

193. Theolene:

Theolinde, meaning ‘people or soft’, has a long and honorable pedigree.

194. Trudene:

Trudene is a sincere and bright-eyed name, meaning ‘spear of strength’.

195. Tshegofatso:

Keep the blessing of the Almighty on your daughter forever by naming her Tshegofatso, which means ‘blessing’.

196. Violett:

Violett is an Afrikaans baby name meaning violet color

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Violett is the variant of English name Violet, meaning ‘violet color’.

197. Vivette:

Vivette is either a form of Vivienne or an independent name, meaning ‘alive’.

198. Wilhelmina:

Wilhelmina, meaning ‘helmet or protection’, will fit well in the category of longer and unique names.

199. Winnifred:

This spelling of Winifred is exclusive to the Afrikaners. It means ‘white or fair’.

200. Zonja:

Zonja is the Afrikaans form of Sophia and means ‘wisdom’.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which African name means king?

Some African names that mean “a king” are Malik, Oba, Eze, Sultan, Kgosi, and Mandlenkosi. Parents who want their children to be brave like a king or reach greater heights in life can choose any of these names for them.

2. Which African name means brave?

Jabari is an African name that means brave. It is a popular name of Egyptian origin and is usually given to boys. Another meaning of Jabari is ‘famous.’

3. Which African name means queen?

The name ‘Malika’ refers to a queen in Africa. If you are looking for a similar royal name, you may choose ‘Nkosazana,’ which refers to a princess.

Afrikaans baby names have been inspired by many cultures and origins that reflect in them. These names can be an exciting choice for your baby as they are uncommon and will make your baby’s name stand out from the rest. You could also pick out a few names from this list and suggest someone you know who is looking for the same. We are sure that this list will come in handy when required. So scroll through and choose a unique name for your little bundle of joy.

Infographic: Afrikaans Boys And Girls Names With Meanings

Afrikaan names are unique-sounding ones that are influenced by different cultures and countries. So if you are curious about their names, browse the infographic below to learn about them and their beautiful meanings. You may also find the best one for your baby.

beautiful names of the afrikaans language [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

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