100 Albanian Names For Baby Girls And Boys

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Albania is located in Southeastern Europe and is known for its rich heritage. This country also has many unique names. If you want to choose a moniker from this country, here is our list of Albanian names for babies. Albanian names are unique and apt for those parents who seek a novel name for their baby. These names are backed by the country’s history, which is also influenced by the neighboring countries’ religions, languages, and cultures. Read on to know more about the Albanian names and find the perfect title for your baby.

Albanian Baby Names For Girls

1. Afrodita:

Afrodita is an Albanian variation of the Greek name Aphrodite. This name is also used in Slavic, Spanish and Portuguese languages.

2. Agnesa:

Agnesa, meaning ‘pure’, is the Albanian version of the name Agnes. After being in obscurity for ages, this name is ready for a comeback.

3. Albana:

This moniker is inspired from the place name Albania and means ‘white, blonde, fair’. It’ll go well with the current trend of names starting and ending with vowels.

4. Ajkuna:

Ajukuna is an Albanian name meaning mother

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Ajkuna is an Albanian name, meaning ‘great mother’. This name is derived from the Proto-Indo-European element akkā, which means ‘mother’.

5. Ajola:

Ajola, the Albanian form of the Illyrian name Aiola, is a super popular name in this country. It has slowly but steadily begun to catch up with the Americans.

6. Antigona:

Antigona is the Albanian variation of the Greek name Antigone. The name has been around for decades but saw a meteoric rise in the last two years.

7. Bardhana:

This Albanian name, meaning ‘white moon’, comes from the elements bardhe, which means ‘white’ and hene, which means ‘moon’.

8. Besjana:

The name Besjana derives from Besiana, the Albanian name of Podujeva, a city in northeastern Kosovo. The name also comes from the Albanian word ‘bese’, which means ‘faith, believe and promise’.

9. Blerta:

Blerta, a feminine version of the Albanian male name ‘Blerma’, is back in the top 100 Albanian baby names after nearly a decade. It means ‘green, meadow’.

10. Blinera:

This moniker comes from the Albanian word Bli or Blri, which is English for linden tree. Era means ‘smell’. Therefore, Blinera means ‘smell of linden tree’.

11. Bukuroshe:

Here is a beautiful name for your beautiful daughter. The name comes from Albanian work ‘bukuri’, which means ‘beauty’. It is one of the few Albanian baby girl names to boast of a refreshing and lively ‘e’ ending.

12. Debora:

Debora is the Albanian version of the name Deborah. Debora Rodrigues, the participant of “Real Housewives” of Brazil, is its namesake.

13. Diellza:

This lovely and refined name, meaning ‘sun’ conjures up the image of the royal women of Albania. You have to pronounce the name as ‘Di-Yeh-Zah’.

14. Doruntina:

Doruntina was the name of a character in ‘Konstandini dhe Doruntina’, an Albanian ballad. Since it’s an uncommon name, it is unlikely that your daughter will share it with any of her schoolmates.

15. Drita:

Drita comes from the Albanian word drite, which means ‘light’. The most famous bearer of this name is Drita D’Avanzo, the participant of American reality series Mob Wives.

16. Elira:

Elira is a sweet name, ripe with vowel sounds. It is used quite often in Albania, primarily because of its meaning ‘the free one’.

17. Erblina:

This ultra-feminine Albanian name comes from the element ‘er’, which means ‘scent’ and bli, which means ‘lime tree’.

18. Emina:

This name of the Albanian supermodel (Emina Cunmulaj) is considered a short form of many Slavic names. But we think it originated as a variation of Amina.

19. Enkeleida:

This joyful sounding name would make an original option for your daughter. It is obtained from Enchelei, the name of an Illyrian tribe.

20. Fatmire:

Fatmire is a lovely baby name that is currently on the rise. It sounds more refreshing than its variation Fatma. The name means ‘goof fortune’.

21. Flutura:

Flutura is a nature-inspired Albanian baby girl name

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If you are looking for nature inspired name for your baby, then go for Flutura. Flutura is a famous Albanian name, coming from the word ‘flutter’. This name means ‘butterfly’.

22. Lendina:

This moniker is taken directly from the Albanian word lendina, which means ‘meadow’. So you have an uncommon nature inspired name for your daughter.

23. Luljeta:

We love this Albanian name, meaning ‘flower of life’. The correct pronunciation of this name is either loo-lee-yeta or loo-lyeta.

24. Luriana:

Luriana is the name of a mountain in Albania. But it may also be related to lurtime, which means ‘flattery or adulation’.

25. Majlinda:

This one’s for baby girls born in the month of May. Maj, the first element of the name Majlinda, means ‘May’ and the second element lind, means ‘give birth to’.

26. Manjola:

Don’t you think Manjola sounds melodic? It is a quintessential Albanian name coming from the word ‘manjolia’ and means the flower ‘magnolia’.

27. Marsela:

If your due date is the month of March, pick Marsela for your daughter, which means ‘the month of March’. Yes, you guessed that right! Mars means ‘March’ in Albania.

28. Ndrita:

This one is derived from the Albanian word ndrit, which means ‘to twinkle and shine’. Just like this name, we hope even your daughter twinkles and shines in every endeavor she undertakes.

29. Nora:

This refined and elegant name brings to mind Nora Istrefi, the Albanian Kosovar singer. Nora is actually a diminutive of Greek name Honora, but it’s used widely in Albania as a standalone name.

30. Rovena:

Rovena is the Albanian form of Rowena. This moniker has an old-fashioned charm, which might appeal to traditional parents.

31. Roze:

Your daughter will love you for this name. Roze means pink in the Albanian language. And it looks and sounds very different from the traditional Rose.

32. Ruensa:

Ruensa is the birth name of the renowned Albanian singer, Enca Haxhia. This name has a quiet and subtle appeal, which makes it extremely popular with the Albanians.

33. Saemira:

Saemira is an intriguing Albanian name meaning ‘good’. This moniker is much more distinctive than its cousins Samira and Samara.

34. Saranda:

Here is an interesting Albanian name for girls derived from the name of a city. Saranda comes from the Greek word ‘Agioi Saranda’, which means ‘Forty Saints’. The name honors the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste.

35. Sihana:

Sihana is a beautiful Albanian name and means ‘moon’.

36. Sindi:

Sindi is the Albanian spelling for the popular name Cindy. So if you like the name Cindy, but don’t want to keep it because it is too common, then you can go for Sindi.

37. Sumejja:

Sumejja is the Bosnian and Albanian form of the famous Turkish name Sumeyya. It means ‘high above or exalted’. Sumeyya was the name of the first martyr for Islam. So it will make a perfect pick for parents looking for a traditional name.

38. Tirana:

The name Tirana, derived from the capital of Albania, is originally Greek or Latin in origin. Obtained from the word Theranda, this moniker denotes stability, strength and vastness.

39. Valbona:

Volbona, the name of a river in Albania, would sound great on a baby girl. With this name, you wee one will feel closer to Mother Nature.

40. Valmira:

Valmira is lighter and more usable than most of the Albanian names. It is obtained from the Albanian term vale, which means ‘wave’ and mire, which means ‘good’.

41. Vetone:

Vetone is a strong and powerful name for babies

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Vetone is a strong and powerful Albanian name to consider for your little angel. It means ‘an ancient warrior’. We’re sure you would want your daughter to become as strong as a warrior when she grows up.

42. Vlora:

Names inspired by countries and region are making a strong comeback. So if you are intrigued by the same, pick Vlora, a city in Albania. This name has been used by the royals since the 11th century.

43. Xevahire:

Xevahire derives from the Turkish word ‘cevahir’, which means ‘gem’. This soft and sweet name will sound great on your darling daughter.

44. Xhesika:

Are you looking for an uncommon variation of the name Jessica? Then you can go for Xhesika. It means ‘to behold’.

45. Xhyljeta:

Xhyljeta is the Albanian form of Juliette. The name has been common since the early 20th century, and we do not see its popularity fading anytime soon.

46. Xixellore:

Xixellore is a feminine Albanian name of modern coinage. It originates from the verb xixellon, which means ‘to twinkle’.

47. Yeta:

The lovely and elegant name Yeta is famous all over the Balkan Peninsula. The name Beta means ‘life’. If you notice closely, you’ll find that Yeti has a mid-century feel to it.

48. Ylbere:

The meaning of Ylbere is as beautiful as its name. It means ‘rainbow’. It has a delicate and distinctive appeal to it, just like your little daughter.

49. Zerina:

This Albanian name will fit very well on your little czarina.

50. Zjarrta:

Zjarrta is a long-running favorite Albanian name. It comes from the adjective zjarrtë, which means ‘fiery’.

Albanian Baby Names For Boys

51. Abdyl:

Abdyl, the modern form of Abdullah, is a name with enormous charm and energy. Its newfound popularity stems from its association with Albanian politician Abdyl Kellezi.

52. Agron:

This name of the Illyrian king and the husband of Tueta is used extensively for boys in Albania.

53. Altin:

Altin is a strong and friendly name that is very popular with the Albanians. It comes from Old Turkish word ‘altun’, which means ‘gold’.

54. Afrim:

The honest and sincere name Afrim is on the rise as a male Albanian name. The name derives from the word afrim, which means ‘approach’. It is a common Albanian name and is shared by countless entertainers and writers.

55. Arber:

The name Arber represents the demonym of Albania. It is also the toponym of the Illyrian tribe of ‘Abri’. The Abri people inhabited a part of the modern day Albania. The name Arber means ‘field, cropland’.

56. Arben:

Arben, the collective name of the citizens of the Illyrian principality, is quite popular in Albania. The name means ‘brave’, a virtue to bestow on your little boy.

57. Arbnor:

Arber is one of the highly recommended Albanian baby boy names in our list. It is inspired by the tribal name Arber or Arbereshe.

58. Ardian:

This moniker originates from the name of an Illyrian tribe of Ardiaei. This name is used by the modern Albanians as they consider themselves to be the descendants of the ancient Illyrians.

59. Arlind:

Arlind is a perfect option if you are looking for a formal name starting with ‘A’. This lovely name means ‘born from gold’ in the Albanian language.

60. Armend:

Armend is a masculine Albanian name meaning ‘golden mind’. The name comes from the elements ar, which means ‘golden’, and mend, which means ‘mind’. Parents choose this name for its statesmanlike appeal.

61. Asti:

Asti was the Illyrian saint and the Christian martyr who is commemorated by the Albanian Christians every year on the 6th of July.

62. Bardhyll:

Bardhyll is a legendary name to consider for your kid. It comes from the name Bardyllis, which belonged to the ancient Illyrian king. The name means ‘white star’.

63. Besart:

This moniker is probably derived from the elements bes, which means ‘faith’ and arte, which means ‘golden’.

64. Bujar:

Bujar means ‘generosity’.

65. Burim:

This name got its oomph factor from Murim Myftiu, the Albanian-American photographer.

66. Dalmat:

This name is inspired by Dalmatae, the ancient Illyrian tribe residing in Dalmatia. Dalmat is enjoying a comeback, thanks to its cultural overtones.

67. Driton:

Driton is a variant of Dritan. Driton Tony Dovolani, an Albanian professional ballroom dancer, is a popular bearer of this name. This trendy name will go well with the current generation.

68. Dren:

Dren, meaning ‘deer’ in the Albanian language, is essentially a unisex name, but we’ve included this in the baby boy name list, as it’s a male name in Serbia and Croatia.

69. Edon:

Edon is both saucy and robust, a rare combination in Albanian names. It is derived from the word dua, and means ‘he loves’ in the Albanian language.

70. Elseid:

The super talented Albanian footballer Elseid Hysaj has given star power to his name.

71. En:

This ancient Illyrian is used in Albania as a short form for Enied. It would be quite risky to use En as a given name, unless you want your child’s name to look and even sound like an acronym.

72. Engjell:

Engjell is an Albanian name meaning angel

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If you are looking for an unusual name for your son, then you must go for ‘Engjell’. The name Engjell comes from the Albanian word engell, meaning ‘angel’. The name has seen a significant surge in the popularity, partly because of its association with an Albanian physicist Engjell Licaj.

73. Erag:

Erag, meaning ‘dawn wind’ or ‘scent’, is one of the most easily pronounced Albanian names. You can use Erag as a nickname for Eragim.

74. Erlblin:

Erlblin would make one of the most fashionable Albanian choices. It means ‘scent of linden tree’.

75. Erjon:

Smooth and sophisticated Erjon, meaning ‘our wind’, is also used as a surname in some parts of Albania.

76. Esad:

Esad is the Albanian form of the Arabic name Asad.

77. Fatbard:

Want to send some luck your child’s way? Then name him Fatbard, which means ‘fortunate’ in Albanian language.

78. Fatos:

This moniker would ring with familiarity amongst our Albanian readers. It has several notable bearers, including Fatos Arapi, the Albanian poet Fatos Daja, the Albanian footballer and Fatos Nano, the Albanian politician.

79. Fisnik:

The name Fisnik, meaning ‘noble or gallant’, got a boost as a prominent name over the years.

80. Flamur:

Flamur is an attractive name meaning ‘flag’. The name is symbolic of patriotism among the Albanians. Flamur is also the name of a famous Albanian footballer Flamur Kastrati.

81. Frenk:

Frenk is the Albanian variation of the good old English name Frank.

82. Genti:

Besides the last Illyrian king of the Ardiaen kingdom, many eminent Albanian personalities also share the name Genti.

83. Getoar:

The first two letters of this name refer to the clan groups of Albania. Ge is the short for Gheg living on the north side of the Albanian Islands. To is for the Tosk living on the south, and ar is for Arberesh, the Albanians residing in Greece and Italy. So your son will have the entire (well, almost) Albania in his name.

84. Gezim:

Gezim, meaning ‘happiness,’ is one of the most recommended Albanian names for baby boys.

85. Guzim:

Guzim is a relatively modern name, deriving from the Albanian word meaning ‘courage’.

86. Ilir:

Ilir is a charming Albanian name inspired by a tribe in southwestern Europe. The name means ‘freedom or free’. Ilir was also the son of Harmony and Cadmus in the Albanian mythology.

87. Jetmir:

Jetmir is one of the few names that sound classic yet modern. It means ‘good life’.

88. Kejsi:

Kejsi is the Albanian adopted form of the name Casey. One famous bearer of this name is Albanian singer Kejsi Tola.

89. Kreshnik:

Kreshnik is a rising star in the world of Albanian names. It comes from the Albanian word ‘kreshnik’, meaning ‘knight’. It is also the Albanian form of Serbo-Croatian Krajisnik. It means ‘man from Krajina’.

90. Lefter:

Lefter is probably derived from the Greek name Lefteris. Its famous bearers include Albanian footballer Lefter Millo and politician Lefter Koka.

91. Liridon:

The name Liridon means ‘desire for freedom’. The people of Albania regard it as a patriotic name.

92. Mergim:

The name Mergim has its origin in the Albanian language. It means ‘foreign’ or ‘stranger’. Don’t you think Mergim has an old world charm to it?

93. Meriton:

Meriton, meaning ‘dedicated to Mars,’ has a relaxed and friendly feel to it. The name also has references to Albanian history and culture. The correct pronunciation of this name is Meh-ri-ton.

94. Mirarber:

The Albanian name Mirarber is composed of two parts: mire, which means ‘good’ and arber, which refers to predecessors of Albanians. The name means ‘a good Arber’.

95. Mirlind:

Mirlind comes from the elements mire, which means ‘good, well’ and lind, which means ‘bring forth’. The name Mirlind means ‘well born’.

96. Nderim:

Nderim means ‘honor’, a virtue that every parent would want their child to have.

97. Qendrim:

Qendrim is hugely popular with Albanians living outside the country. This name is derived from the word qendrim, which means ‘stay’.

98. Saban:

Saban is an Albanian name of Arabic origin. It comes from the element sabban, which means ‘soap merchant’. The name sounds conventionally masculine, probably because it’s an occupational name.

99. Vjosa:

Vjosa is a powerful name referring to an Albanian river

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Your boy could be as powerful and strong as a gushing river. The name refers to a river flowing through Albania.

100. Zamir:

If you are looking for an interesting and usable Albanian name for your son, pick Zamir, which means ‘good voice’.

Albanian names for babies have rich historical origins. Our list consists of various novel and unique names inspired by religion, cultures, and languages. These names sound incredible and have meanings more profound than what has been mentioned. Such names will add a solid character to your child’s personality and make it sound impressionable. However, try to opt for a name that you think will be liked by the child. At times, children dislike their names as they are either too grand or funky. So hit a balance between elegance and substance to make a perfect choice.

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