15 Amazing Algerian Names For Girls And Boys With Meanings

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Algeria is a country in North Africa located along the Sahara Desert interior. It is an Islamic country, and if you need an exotic Muslim name, you must check out Algerian baby names. Influenced by the neighboring countries, the Algerian names are also diverse and have beautiful meanings. Its rich culture, diversity, and faith radiate through its names. Due to all these characteristics, we are certain that the following Albanian names would be descriptive about your baby. Check out the names below.

Popular Algerian Boy Names With Meanings:

1. Basem:

Basem is a rare name in Algeria but is sure to gain popularity soon. Basem has a beautiful meaning. It means ‘a person who smiles’. We hope this name fills your baby’s life with smiles and joy.

2. Khalil:

Spelled in many different ways, the name Khalil became famous due to American-Lebanese poet and writer Khalil Gibran, the author of “The Prophet”. Khalil means ‘honorable comrade’.

3. Said:

Said is an old and popular Algerian baby names. Said was the name of the slave whom Prophet Muhammad adopted as his son. The name Said means ‘Lord’.

4. Farid:

The trendy D ending name has a major presence in Algeria, and it seems that it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Farid is a distinctive Algerian boy name. The name Farid means ‘exceptional’, exactly what your son is.

5. Hakim:

Prophet Muhammad approved the 99 attributes of Allah as worthy names for baby names. Hakim is one of the most famous of these names. The name Hakim means ‘insightful’.

6. Sami:

Related to Sammer, Sami is an antiquated name that carries a modern appeal with it. Sami is the Algerian version of Christian name Samuel. Sami means ‘exalted’.

7. Mustafa:

Mustafa is also the epithet of Prophet Muhammad and holds special importance to Algerians. It is also the name of the four Sultans of Ottoman. The other spellings of Mustafa are Moustapha, Moustafa and Mostafa.

8. Zuthimalin:

Zuthimalin is a high-wire name that may appeal to intrepid parents. Zuthimalin is the name of a Sahabi in Islam. Like most of the Z starting names, Zuthimalin has an exotic charm to it.

Top Algerian Girl Names With Meanings:

9. Basira:

Don’t you think the name Basira has a choral feel to it? Basira means ‘sagacious and wise’. The name is gaining momentum in Algeria.

10. Samia:

This is one of the popular Algerian girl names. Samia is a widespread choice in Algeria. The name sounds remarkably distinctive and extremely simple. Samia means ‘high, exalted’. The other spelling for Samia is Samiah.

11. Gazala:

Gazala is a frequently used Algerian name. It sounds both exotic and rhythmic. The name Gazala means ‘charming, intelligent’.

12. Imane:

Imane is another strong Algerian name for baby girls. The name is famous not just in Algeria, but throughout the Muslim world. Imane means ‘faith or belief’. The name Imane is suitable for both boys and girls.

13. Maisah:

Unusual plus simple is a winning combination in the naming world. Maisah is a simple, yet unique name that you can consider for your baby. Maisah means ‘walking with pride’.

14. Aarfah:

If you are looking for an offbeat variation of Afra, then you can consider Aarfah. Aarfah is a lovely and delicate name meaning ‘pious, devout’.

15. Hamia:

Hamia means ‘sense of honor’. This simple name is perfectly suitable for your little angel. If Hamia is too simple for you, then you can go for Hamida. It is more traditional sounding than Hamia.

Parents have started exploring different cultures to find a perfect name for their little ones in recent times. So, if you have a fascination for unique names influenced by faith and tradition, explore the Algerian baby names. Names such as Basem and Kalil for boys and Basira and Samia for girls could be lovely choices. You will learn more about the names through their meanings and brief descriptions. Choose the one that resonates with you and provide a good identity for your child.

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