50 Alphabet Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love

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To make learning ‘fun’, associate it with something fun and then you can make your child master the most crucial blocks of his early learning life.

Have you ever wondered how even very young kids are able to hum their favorite songs or the title track of their favorite animation series? It’s because they want to remember them, and their desire has given them an incentive to associate these songs and tracks with something they like.

So, if you want to educate your child, then you have to mask it as edutainment(education + entertainment). While there may be a number of charts and games available these days online and offline, there can be nothing more fun than giving your child a pack of colors and some fun coloring sheets which they can sit with for hours.

Our Top 25 Alphabet Coloring Pages For Preschoolers

Are you trying too hard to get your kid to learn the letters? Is your child too playful for you to get him to concentrate on the alphabets? Here are our pick of top 25 alphabet coloring sheets that will make ABC your child’s best friends. Trust us when we say you will see your kid learn a lot more now, than what he would if you sat for hours trying to drill it down him.

1. Alphabet Parade:

Give this colorful printout to your kid and tell him how ABC are his new playmates who will open up a whole fun world for him. Get him to color up this sheet and cut out each of the characters and paste on top of ABC collage sheet. Fun characters and colors will soon make your kid want to go ahead and proceed from just ABC to A to Z.

2. My Own A To Z Chart:

Why buy charts from stores to teach alphabets? There is a better way to do that – get your child to create his own alphabet chart using this coloring sheet. Not only does he get introduced to characters from A to Z but will also learn associations like his favorite ice cream starts from the letter ‘I’. And yes, don’t be too embarrassed the next time you are at a grocery store and you hear your kid shout “mom, my O for orange!”

3. Guess The Alphabet:

Now that we have learnt alphabets coloring it’s time to revise. This alphabet coloring page would be a great tool to get your kid to strengthen his association power. How about a fun game, after your kid is done coloring all the objects in the coloring sheet, both mom and kid can play a fun guessing game of which alphabet belongs to which image. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

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4. Create Your Own Flash Cards:

Here is a super fun activity that you and your child both can do as a team. First print this coloring page and get your child to color it well. Take a pair of scissors and cut out 26 pieces of thick paper or cardboard, now cut each alphabet along the outline. Tell your child to stick them up on pieces of cardboard. This is a great activity for your kid to take back to school and feel super proud that he and his mom made his own set of first flash cards.

5. Small Letters:

Now that your kid has learnt capital letters, it is time to teach him how to write small alphabets. He can easily learn how to write lower case alphabets as he colors the images in each block and simultaneously colors the alphabet as well. This is also a great aid in making his own ABC chart. This chart can also help you teach phonetics to your child, with the help of the simple images used for each alphabet.

6. J Alphabet Card:

This is a great way for your child to understand different words that start with the letter J. Coloring this one alphabet sheet will surely want your child to learn other words starting with different alphabets. Kids alphabet coloring pages not only helps developing coloring skills, but is also a great way to improve your child’s vocabulary.

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7. All Aboard The Alphabet Train:

Which child doesn’t like to play with toy trains and what can be more fun than creating one on your own? Get your kid to color the alphabets on the train. Cut out these alphabets and stick them up on a hard surface something like thermocol sheets. You can make the train with small matchboxes and cut out small paper circles to show the wheels. Board the train with your little one reach the destination where learning meets fun.

8. Star Wars Alphabets:

Who doesn’t love Star Wars? This alphabet sheet is both for your child and his daddy, after all it is your hubby who has seen it maximum number of times, isn’t it? This sheet has all the star wars characters named from A to Z. Color the characters and the alphabets and your child can make his own star wars collage for his room.

9. Alphabet Mnemonics:

Like us, did you also think alphabets can’t look funny? Well, this coloring page proved us wrong. We bring to you these funny alphabet mnemonics which look like cute puppets for your kid to color and laugh as he fills in color for each of the letters. This is an interesting way under an alphabet peg system that helps the kids associate the letter with something that he can remember it with.

10. Alphabet Tree:

We all know trees are a man’s best friend for all the natural benefits they provide. But look what we found for your kid! A cute alphabet tree with its arms open towards your kid promising him a fun and learning time. Color the tree and its fruits, we mean the alphabets with bright and vibrant colors and cut it out and paste it on a bulletin board or your kid’s room door just for some fun. We wish you a great coloring and fun time with the alphabet tree.

It’s interesting to observe how kids put in a lot of effort into their coloring because they feel it is a great way for them to impress their parents and make them feel proud. So, do away with the old and boring styles of teaching alphabets to your kid and bring home the more fun, interactive and effective learning aids in the form of these interesting coloring pages.

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11. A for Acorn:


It is important to tell your child that the alphabet series starts with the letter A, so that he doesn’t make a mistake while singing ABCD. Here Elmo the Muppet introduces the letter A. He is holding on to acorns, an oak type nut, this nut has a single seed with a leathery shell. This nut looks unique because it is enclosed in a cup shaped cupule. Elmo is a furry red monster that appears in the children’s television series ‘Sesame Street’.  If your child loves to watch Elmo’s world, which is a fifteen minute segment which is aimed at toddlers, then she will love to color this page even more. In this series, even Elmo’s age is three and half a years old, he is tiny just like your little one.

12. Polka Dotted Z:

Your little one surely possess many polka dotted dress, she will be surprised to find polka dots on the letter Z also. She will probably color this Z like her favorite polka dotted dress. Tell her to pronounce the letter loudly as she colors this page.

13. Alphabet Soup:

Your child will be surprised to see a bowl of alphabet soup drawn in the picture. Ask him to use his imagination while coloring this picture, see what color soup he makes out of his imagination. You will definitely have a good laugh at the color of soup, if it is blue or pink. Correct him without rebuking that color of soup does vary from yellow to brown but is never pink. However, it is better not to find logic in what children do; after all they are small and innocent. In due time they will lean the correct things, so not to worry!

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14. Alphabets Inside Hearts:

Your child will have a great time coloring the letters inside the hearts. Guide him so that he colors each heart with a different color and repeat the letters as he colors each little heart. This will help him to remember all the alphabets in the correct order.

By coloring each heart with a different color, he or she will be able to associate all the letters with the particular color.  You must pin this coloring page where he studies, since by seeing the letters constantly in front of his eyes, he will remember them even better.

15. Know More About L:

Tell your little one that L not only stands for his favorite lollipop! Tell him the names of many other words that begin with L like leaf, lamb, lion, leopard etc. It is a great way to teach name of animals that start with the letter L, he will remember the names better.

He will also love coloring the cute little lamb with a bow in its neck, as in the picture and the maple leaf.

16. Animal Faced Alphabets:

This is a very cute animal faced alphabet page, where tiny little mice are peeping and smiling at your little kid. Your little one will be compelled to smile back at the little mice. He would like to stick this cute coloring page in his room after he is dine with coloring the letters m, n, o, p, q, r. Learning was never so much fun isn’t it!

17. Kids Coloring the Letters:

Your little one can identify with these two little kids who are painting the letters carefully. The letters act like a ladder for this little girl who is trying to color the letter A. You can tell him that like him these little children are also learning the letters.

18. Color As It Says:

Tell your little one to color the picture as instructed below to know what is hidden in the picture. He will find this coloring activity very rewarding because he will get to know what is picture is all about. There is a kind of suspense and a big mystery that needs to be solved. Appreciate him for unraveling the mystery once he completes coloring this picture. Pin it up in his room so he or she feels proud of the work completed on that day. Always add dates to the pages once completed. This will help you to know what you taught in the particular day.

19. Jumbled Letters:

As your child colors this picture ask him to point out at different letters and tell which one comes after what. It is a great way to test his alphabet knowledge and how much information he or she can grasp and remember.

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20. V for Vegetables:

This picture is a great way of introducing different kinds of vegetables to your child. Teach him the name of each vegetable and ask him to repeat the names. Also guide him when he colors the vegetables, make sure he or she fills in the right color so that he is aware which vegetable looks like what. You can also take him to the vegetable market next time and ask him to help you out with shopping. This will help him to know all the vegetables all the more better. You can also tell him that eating vegetables will make him or her strong and healthy, because most children are very fussy and particular about the food he or she eats.

21. M for Mouse:

You can tell how little mouse or mice loves to eat cheese. You can pick up Disney characters as well like Jerry, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as examples. However, make them aware that in reality mouse are not as friendly as it seems in cartoon and pictures, they are harmful and spread deadly diseases. It is best to stay away from a big mouse. Keep your home pest free always to ensure safety and good health.

Instruct your little one not to run after a mouse or try catching it because it might bite, like most rodents do!

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22. S for Snake:

This is a friendly and smiling snake peeping out from the letter S. However warn your little child that in reality snakes are far from friendly, they are dangerous and poisonous.

You can teach him how to raise an alarm if he happens to see a snake. The best way is to let the snake goes on its way unless it is not inside the home. The snake should be removed; even if it is venomous, it is not necessary you have to kills a snake every time you spot it. Actually people have such deep rooted fear about snakes that they kill it no sooner they spot it.

You can explain why these snakes leave their home and come near a human habitat. The main reason being that tree and jungles are being cut down in the name of development, so these poor snakes are losing their homes and intruding poultry farms where it is killing little chicks for food or intruding homes as unwelcomed guests. It is always better to raise alarm and leave the snake alone to go on its way, if a snake is provoked it will bite surely. To ensure safety of all at home stay away from the creature and teach your child not to poke snakes with sticks by mistake.

You can tell how little mouse or mice loves to eat cheese. You can pick up Disney characters as well like Jerry, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as examples. However, make them aware that in reality mouse are not as friendly as it seems in cartoon and pictures, they are harmful and spread deadly diseases. It is best to stay away from a big mouse. Keep your home pest free always to ensure safety and good health.

Instruct your little one not to run after a mouse or try catching it because it might bite, like most rodents do!

23. P for Pizza:

If your child has already tasted pizza, he will love coloring the picture even more! Familiarize him with other words that start with p like peas, peanut, pig, popcorn, prawns and pineapple. Ask him to repeat after you after he finishes coloring the page. You can also ask him to point at the objects on the coloring page and name them. After your child completes coloring the page stick it up in his room so that he remembers the letter. You can follow the similar teaching method for all the alphabets. It will make it easy to learn and memorize the alphabets. You can also draw many objects that begin with the letter in a page and give it to him. He will love coloring those objects and adding more words to his ever growing vocabulary.

24. T for Tortoise:

Your child will like coloring this cute little tortoise. Guide him so that he colors the Tortoise correctly. You can also tell him the difference between tortoise and turtle. For that you need to be ready with an answer.

Tortoise is a land dwelling animal while Turtle is a water dwelling animal. Both are reptiles belonging to the family of Testudines. The bodies of both the Tortoise and Turtle are shielded with a shell, which gives them protection. The upper part of the Turtle’s body is called Carapace and the lower part is known as Plastron. Both plastron and carapace are attached together by a bridge and can’t be detached, but the head and limbs are withdrawn from the rest of the body. Both Turtles and Tortoise are very reclusive in nature; they withdraw their heads and limbs when touched.

However, this tortoise in the picture looks very amiable and cute. You can show pictures of different types of tortoise and turtles in the internet, and help him to research more about tortoise and turtles. You can search about the Galapagos Islands, the home of giant tortoises. It is a fun way of teaching alphabets and different type of animals. Next time you go to the zoo don’t forget to show your kid what a real turtle looks like.

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25. R for Robot:

Your child might not know robot when he is small, but you can tell him what it means. Robot is an automatically operated machine that replaces human effort, though it might not look like a human for function in a human like manner. Also explain that all electrical equipment is not robots and it is not safe to play with electrical gadgets. You can purchase a robot toy to make the idea more clear.

Your little one will love this robot with the letter R embossed on it. You can also teach him the other words that start with the letter R. If his name starts with R he will take special care in coloring the letter.

Hope you will enjoy downloading these free printable alphabet coloring pages online. If you do come across more interesting coloring pages of alphabets do tell us about it in the section below. Happy coloring!

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