3 Amazing Benefits Of Arrowroot For Your Baby

arrowroot for babies

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If your baby has just been weaned from breast feeding, you may be looking for healthy alternatives for breast milk. Bored of feeding the same things to your baby? Well, we have an answer that is healthy and delicious.

The answer lies in opting for arrowroot for your babies. Yes, you heard it right!

What Is Arrowroot?

Arrowroot in its most consumable form is used as the arrowroot starch.

  • It is an extract from the roots of an arrowroot plant.
  • The scientific name of the plant is quite a tongue twister – Maranta arundinaceae.
  • The arrowroot starch is a fine powder that can be used to thicken the formula milk or any food that you would want to serve your baby.

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4 Reasons Why Is Arrowroot Good For Babies:

Arrowroot is considered as a nutritional food for babies. It can be the choicest thickening agent or the right food for your baby.

Here are the reasons:

Arrowroot is a rich source of the vitamins that fall under the B-complex group like thiamine, pyridoxine, riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid. These vitamins play a major role in the synthesis of fat, carbohydrate and proteins in the body of your baby.

  1. Arrowroot is a rich source of folates that will help in the cell division or the DNA synthesis of your baby.
  2. It is also a very affluent source of potassium that helps in regulating the heart rate of your baby.
  3. It can also supply moderate amount of minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc and other minerals that help in the overall functioning of the body and will aid healthy growth of your baby.
  4. It is free of gluten thereby reducing the risk of any form of allergy from it.
  5. It is very easily digested by babies and is apt for newly weaned babies.

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3 Benefits Of Arrowroot For Babies:

There are a number of benefits that your baby will experience if you feed him some arrowroot.

  1. Arrowroot porridge will help in keeping the stomach of your baby healthy as it maintains a healthy balance in the stomach and also aids in curing diarrhea.
  2. Arrowroot powder can also help cure any form of urinary infection in your baby.
  3. When applied directly to a sore in the mouth, a cut, a blemish, a rash or painful gums, it can prove to be a real soothing agent that can relieve your baby from the discomfort of pain or any form of burning sensation.

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3 Ways For How To Prepare Arrowroot For Babies:

Arrowroot can be fed to your baby in a number of ways. Some of the common ways for feeding arrowroot porridge for babies are mentioned below

  1. You can mix arrowroot powder with your baby’s formula milk or you can mix some amount of breast milk and make a smooth paste and feed your baby.
  2. Arrowroot porridge or jelly is also a nice way of feeding arrowroot to your baby.
  3. You can also mix the arrowroot powder with basic vegetable purees and make a smooth consistency of the puree. For instance, you can mix it with the purees made of beetroot, sweet potato, peas, carrot etc. For taste, you can add some salt and butter to the purees and watch your baby relish these wonderful and healthy purees.

So churn out some amazing dishes with the help of arrowroot starch and make eating time a happy time for your baby.

Do share any amazing recipes of arrowroot starch and make lives of other moms much easier by helping them introduce yummy dishes to their little ones.

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