25 Amazing Little Mermaid Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones

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Kids love cartoon and they totally get involved when they see them on television or in papers. Most little girls are obsessed with The Little Mermaid. If your princess is obsessed too then you have landed on right place! Here’s the Mermaid coloring pages for your kids:

Top 25 Little Mermaid Coloring Pages For Kids

This Disney Princess story is a favorite among little kids who dream about the pretty mermaids singing and dancing in the deep reaches of the ocean. So why not let your child color her own imagination? Print out these mermaid coloring sheets and let her imagination ride wild with crayons.

1. Ariel Lounging On Seabed:

This picture shows Ariel, the Little Mermaid, lounging on a seabed with a flower in her hand. The page calls for a number of colors for Ariel’s flaming red hair, her green tail and the flower can be colored bright too. Even the background water can be colored in dark blue for depth.

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2. Ariel Jumping Over Rocks:

This picture shows Ariel jumping over a bed of rock jutting out of the sea. Ariel poses majestically on the rock, with her flaming locks flutter, and the frothy wave makes great big splashes behind her. Even a castle is visible on one edge of the image. This image also makes way for lots of colors.

3. Ariel Playing With Friends:

This picture shows Ariel happily playing with her sea creature friends Flounder, the fish, and Sebastian, the lobster. Sebastian and Flounder are seen offering flowers to Ariel, who sits atop a rock on which seaweed and a starfish are attached.

4. Ariel With Underwater Foliage:

This is another pretty photo which shows Ariel posing with a mirror in one hand and the other hand is on a flower in her hair. She is floating above a giant clam which is filled with underwater plants and corals, which can be colored with a variety of hues.

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5. Ariel And Flounder Escape Glut The Shark:

In this image, Ariel and Flounder are being chased by Glut, the Shark as the brutish creature chews up the floorboards of a ship in order to catch them. There is a lot of action going on in this picture, so coloring it would be a delight for your child.

6. Ariel And Seahorses:

This is yet another really pretty picture of Ariel. She is captured sitting on a piece of rock with a carpet of moss and starfish, clam and a flower sticking on to it. Surrounding her are three very cute, little seahorses, eyeing her curiously. There are lots of bubbles frothing around and adds background component to the picture.

7. Little Mermaid Characters:

This image shows several Little Mermaid characters. The characters – Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, King Triton, Ursula, Eric and Scuttle – are isolated and not part of a common scene. This picture is bound to be very colorful, thanks to the motley bunch of characters.

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8. Ariel With Mermaid Friends:

This picture shows Ariel fluffing her hair as her friends peek in jealously in the mirror. The whole picture is of a mirror and reflections of Ariel and her three friends in it.

9. Ariel In Eric’s Arms:

The Little Mermaid story has a beautiful narration of Ariel and Eric as the transformation of Ariel from mermaid to human. This picture captures the whole essence of Ariel and Eric’s love as they look dreamily into each other’s eyes when Eric lifts her up in his arms.

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10. Ariel And Eric’s Wedding:

This picture shows Ariel, Eric, King Triton and Ariel’s friend rejoicing Ariel’s wedding. It gives a lot of opportunity to use lots of colors.

11. Ariel Finds A Treasure Chest:

In this picture, Ariel is seen opening a treasure chest while Flounder, with a pair of glasses on, is spinning above her. The treasure chest is quite ornate itself and is full of golden coins. There are a few passers-by fishes eyeing the pair furtively. There are some underwater vegetation and corals in the background as well, so overall this will make a very colorful page indeed.

12. Ariel And Friends Playing:

This is another fun picture of Ariel and her best friends, Flounder – The fish, and Sebastian – The lobster. Here too, you can see a lot of colorful vegetation in the background. There is even a starfish lying on a bed of rocks. The depth of water can be marked with a gradient of blue colors. The flower in Ariel’s hair can be given a pretty color.

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13. Ariel Putting A Crown:

This picture shows Ariel and an opened treasure chest. Ariel is seen putting a crown on her head that she seemed to have picked from the chest. The background is full of corals, green seaweeds and rocks. There are some clams and a starfish on the ground as well, which can be colored in cheerful hues.

14. Ariel And Friends:

The Little Mermaid Ariel is known for her close friendship with Flounder and Sebastian, and that is portrayed in this page. Ariel is holding Flounder close to her face so that their noses touch, as a sign of affection. Sebastian seems to be bringing a bunch of fruits hanging from leaves, the deep under the ocean version of berries perhaps, from above. There is not much in terms of background except for some rocks and seaweed in the top left corner.

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15. Ariel And Her Father:

This picture has King Triton – Ariel’s father- sitting on a big chair of rock. On either side of the rock, there are two short poles with a globe on top – all made of rock. This is probably is the high chair of the mighty King. There is a bunch of corals sprouting from the two poles of the chair. King Triton, whose figure looks imposing and huge (but not unwieldy) compared to Ariel, sits with the trident in his hand looking bemused. Ariel is seen sitting at the bottom with a flower in hand. The flat bed of rock on which she sits has a bunch of tiny flowers on it. There are some broad, flat leaves of vegetation sprouted around her. So this picture would definitely be a treat to color.

16. Ursula:

Ursula is part human, part octopus – or Cecelia in mythical terms. She is the sea witch who pretends to help merfolk, but actually looks after her own interests only. Here she is seen dropping a jumble of things like potion bottles, shrimps and snails into a large bubbling pot. She seems to be making some kind of potion with a demonic laugh and sinister expression on her face.

17. Ariel And Eric Dancing:

This is a beautiful picture, both in concept and in terms of art. Ariel and Eric are seen so much in love which can easily be spotted in their dream filled eyes. They seem to be dancing in a hall with marbled floor and tall columns wrapped in climbing branches and leaves. There is a festoon with rosettes and ribbons overhead. Ariel is dressed in a pretty grown with a black waist coat. She also has a bow on her head. Eric wears puffy shirt, trousers, cummerbund and calf length boots. This picture will be nice to fill in as well.

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18. Ariel At Dinner:

This picture sums up how Ariel is not used to dining like regular human beings. There is a grand feast spread out in front of her, but Ariel – pretty in an off-shoulder grown – is eyeing Eric and brushing her hair with the fork. Eric looks amused while another stately person with a pipe in his hand at the table shuts his eye disapprovingly. Sebastian is seen crawling out of one of the cloches.

19. Wrathful Ursula:

When King Triton was enraged at Ariel’s close contact with humans, he broke all the human artifacts and a statue of Eric that she had collected. Prompted by Ursula’s minions, Ariel accepted her deal which turned her into a human for three days to get a true love’s kiss from Eric – which will have made her transformation permanent. But in exchange, Ursula took Ariel’s voice. When Ursula saw that the two were becoming very close, she got enraged and wreaked havoc in their lives. In this picture, she looks vengeful at Eric and Ariel.

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20. Ariel Swimming With Her Friends:

This picture shows the three best friends – Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian – swimming happily in the depths of the ocean. Ariel is seen smiling, swimming with her hands spread out. Flounder leads the way with a cheerful smile, while Sebastian holds on to Flounders tail so that he doesn’t fall back.

21. Ariel has a Daughter:

After Ariel transforms into human she marries Prince Eric. They have a daughter named Melody. Ariel is the only Disney princess to become a mother to her own child. This makes the story of Little Mermaid a little different from other Disney Princess stories. There are many twists in the tales of Little Mermaid that makes the story of Little Mermaid very interesting.

This picture is a perfect family picture that reflects happiness. Whenyou had your child; you must have felt the same as Ariel feels now. All mothers and little children can connect with this picture. Coloring it will be real fun!

22. Ariel Celebrating her Birthday:

This coloring page can transform into a colorful birthday greeting card. In this picture, we see Ariel cutting a three-tiered beautifully decorated birthday cake as King Triton and Flounder looks upon.

Birthdays always become special when family and friends are around. So your little one can really connect with this picture. Your child’s imagination will make this picture really special and she can gift it to her best friend on her birthday.

23. Ariel Turns into Human:

The wicked Ursula was a part of King Triton’s kingdom until she was banished. She harbored a feeling of resentment against the king and planned to take revenge. She kept a close watch on King Triton’s daughter Ariel. She also came to know of Ariel’s secret desire to become a human.

Ursula hoodwinked Ariel by promising to transform her into human in exchange of her sweet voice. Ariel had to sacrifice her voice to fulfill her desire to become a human and unite with Prince Eric. She turned mute since her voice was taken away from her.

In this picture, we see Ariel in a human form wearing a dress and coming out of the sea. She is very excited to meet the Prince and marry him. If your child has watched the film and seen pictures of Ariel, she will need little guidance to color Ariel correctly. You can ask her to use glitters and multi colored stones to make Ariel look glamorous.

24. The Underwater Concert:

An underwater concert is taking place in the Merfolk Kingdom in the honor of the King Triton. The Octopus is a versatile musician and we see his playing the cymbals, the trumpet and the xylophone with his tentacles. Sebastian, the crab and King Triton’s butler is waving the baton to make sure that the rhythm is correct.

Music is a great form of entertainment and it makes the atmosphere really cheerful. Your child will learn about new musical instruments like xylophone, cymbals and trumpets. You can explain him the function of each instrument and the kind of music it makes. For instance, xylophone creates a soft tinkling music while cymbals add the foot tapping beat. Sebastian is an efficient concert ‘conductor’. So Merfolk is having a gala time!

Your child will enjoy coloring the octopus and the musical instruments and also Sebastian. His creativity will make this picture even brighter and beautiful. It can be a poster for a Disney themed room.

25. Ariel Saves Prince Eric:

Ariel was a rebel, she secretly desired to become a human and leave the underwater world. One day there is a storm in the sea and there is a shipwreck. On the ship there was a handsome prince. After the shipwreck, Ariel finds the prince lying unconscious on the shore. Ariel falls in love with the prince and nurses him back to health.

When the prince opens his eyes he also falls in love with Ariel. Later Ariel is transformed in to a human by Ursula in exchange of her voice. Ariel gets married to Prince Eric.

You and your little one can watch the Disney Film ‘Little Mermaid’ together. You can also read the story of Ariel to your little princess at bedtime. Though these coloring pages are more suitable for your little daughter, but your son can also enjoy coloring it. The coloring pages will nurture your child’s imagination and the story of Ariel is also full of surprises. These pages can become colorful poster for your child’s Disney themed room.

Isn’t this free printable little mermaid coloring pages lovely? These pretty pictures of mermaids to color will definitely keep your young princess busy, while you go about your daily chores. What are you waiting for? Print them today and share your joys with other parents in the comment box below.

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