10 Amazing Pigeon Baby Products For Your Little Ones

10 amazing pigeon baby products for your little ones

As a mother, you fall in love the moment you see your newborn for the first time. As a parent, you always want to protect your baby and give him the best of the world.

There is no way to be a perfect mother but a million ways to be a good one. One of the best ways of caring for your baby is to use the right kind of baby products that make your baby’s journey of growing a lot more comfortable and easy.

The brand ‘Pigeon’ offers one of the best baby products to choose from. The brand’s tagline ‘Only Love Nurtures Love’, aptly describes the quality of products it offers. These Pigeon products for babies are made after a lot of thought and care, just to make your experience joyful and precious.

Top 10 Pigeon Baby Products In India:

Here are the top 10 Pigeon baby products.

1. Pigeon Nursing Bottles:

pigeon nursing bottles

Pigeon brand baby products has carefully designed these nursing bottles.

  • A lot of research has gone on the sucking and swallowing behavior and tongue movement of babies.
  • These nursing bottles are widely used in hospitals and clinics the world over.
  • The air ventilation system of the nipple is also carefully designed.


2. Pigeon Teethers:

As your baby grows, she will put things in mouth. This is a part of growing up.

  • This is an important stage because it teaches your baby ways of controlling her or his biting.
  • Make this experience better by using Pigeon Teethers.
  • These are special because they aid your baby’s natural development of jaw.
  • It motivates your baby’s senses too.


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3. Pigeon Pacifiers:

pigeon pacifiers

Pigeon pacifiers are specially formulated.

  • These assist nasal breathing.
  • It also fits the contours of your baby’s lips properly, making it easier for your baby to suck.
  • The shape is also carefully designed that aid your baby when she starts weaning.


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4. Pigeon Straw Cups:

pigeon straw cups

The transition of sucking to drinking can be difficult at times. Pigeon makes this experience and transition better.

  • The special MagMag mugs form Pigeon aid your baby in learning how to drink.
  • Pigeon understand the difference in your baby’s mouth and tongue movements.
  • It offers 3 different changeable parts that can be changed with your baby’s every stage of development while learning to drink.


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5. Pigeon Baby Wipes:

pigeon baby wipes

These wipes from Pigeon are silky soft and avoid rashes while wiping.

  • The wipes are made from very high-quality woven fabric.
  • This prevents them from tearing easily while using.
  • They also moisturize your baby’s skin softly without leaving it dry.
  • You can also select from hand and mouth and scented wipes.


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6. Pigeon Nail Scissors:

pigeon nail scissors

Pigeon offers great health care products too for your baby.

  • These nail scissors help you take care of your baby in a secured manner.
  • Your baby’s nails grow really fast. It is important to trim them regularly to prevent your baby from scratching her face.


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7. Pigeon Nose Cleaner:

Your baby is tender and soft. Even her nostrils are fragile and delicate.

  • It is important to clean her mucous membrane.
  • Use this delicate yet effective nose cleaner to gently remove mucous from your baby’s nose.


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8. Pigeon Training Toothbrush Set:

pigeon training toothbrush set

Taking good care of your baby’s teeth is essential.

  • The care you take now will affect her permanent teeth too.
  • Pigeon offers a training toothbrush set for your baby.
  • You can start using these toothbrushes right from the time your baby turns 6 months up to a year.
  • Your baby’s gums and teeth are soft and gentle. These toothbrushes are especially designed to gently clean your baby’s gentle gums.


9. Pigeon Baby Detergents:

Pigeon also offers a range of baby detergents right from laundry for stains and baby detergent softener too.

  • Your baby’s clothes should be washed regularly to keep them germ-free. The detergent should not be too harsh to avoid irritating baby’s skin.
  • The range of baby detergents from Pigeon includes:
  • o Laundry Detergent
  • o Baby Laundry Pure
  • o Baby laundry More Clear
  • o Baby Laundry Baby Softer
  • Together these make for a complete package for your baby’s clothes’ care.


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10. Skin Care Products:

Pigeon offers a good range of skin care baby products to meet the requirement and care for the delicate and fragile skin of your baby.

  • You can choose anything from baby shampoo, baby oil, baby lotion, baby powder, baby foam moisturizer, baby soap and many more.
  • These products are ideal when it comes to keeping your baby clean and gentle.
  • Enjoy using these products that are especially formulated to care for your baby’s skin.


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Have you used any of these Pigeon baby care products before? Which one of the above is your favourite? If yes, tell us about your experience.

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