15 Amazing Powerpuff Girls Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones

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The Powerpuff Girls is an American cartoon series about the kindergarten girls with super powers. The story revolves around the adventures of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. Together, these three girls make up the Powerpuff girls.

Professor Utonium had created the Powerpuff girls by mistake by mixing Chemical X with some sugar and spice, in an attempt to create a perfect little girl. Whether or not they are perfect, we cannot say. But one thing is for sure, that these cute little girls are sure to win your child’s heart and imagination!

Top 15 Powerpuff Girls Coloring Pages

Here are 15 amazing free Powerpuff girls coloring pages that your kids will absolutely love:

1. The Trio:

Here is a coloring image of the Powerpuff Girls in action.

  • Together they save the city from the villains like Mojo Jojo, HIM, the princess, the gangrene gang and several others.
  • All these three girls have abnormally large eyes, stubby arms and legs, oval shaped heads and lack of nose, ears and fingers.
  • Blossom is the commander, Bubbles is the joy and happiness and Buttercup is the toughest fighter.

2. Blossom:

Blossom is the leader of the group and makes sure they work as a team.

  • Her unique power is freezing objects with her breath.
  • She is the most mature, outgoing and composed member of this group. She acts as a mother to both Bubbles and Buttercup.
  • Blossom’s signature color is red. She usually wears a red dress with a red bow on top of her head. Color her in her signature shade to make this image look lively.

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3. Bubbles:

Bubbles is the sweetest and softest Powerpuff girl.

  • Her personality ingredient is sugar and her signature color is blue.
  • She is kind and sweet, but is also capable of fighting the monsters just like the other two sisters.
  • Her unique power is to emit supersonic waves with her voice. She also has the ability of communicating with the animals.
  • Bubbles is a short, blond girl who wears her hair in two pigtails.
  • Here is an adorable picture of ever-smiling Bubbles. Her happy smile belies her innocence in this picture.

4. Buttercup:

Buttercup is the hotheaded tomboy of the group.

  • She is the only Powerpuff girl who is capable of defeating any villain in the Townsville.
  • She is extremely impulsive by nature and gets easily enraged.
  • She loves to get dirty, fight hard with villains and wasted no time in planning. She is the only girl without any superpower.
  • Buttercup’s personality ingredient is spice and her signature color is green. She has short, black hair with a triangular parted on her forehead. Fill in some color in this drawing sheet to mellow down the furious Buttercup.

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5. Mojo Jojo:

Once Professor Utonium’s lab assistant, Mojo Jojo is the main antagonist of this cartoon series.

  • He is seen plotting to destroy the Townsville and take over the world throughout the series, but ends up being beaten by the Powerpuff girls.
  • Mojo Jojo leads a civilian life despite indulging in several criminal activities.

6. Professor Utonium:

Professor Utonium is the supremely intelligent professor. He teaches quantum physics and micro-nuclear fusion at the Townsville Research Center.

  • Utonium is a compassionate man who loves to make a positive difference in the lives of his fellow citizens.
  • Professor Utonium is seen wearing a long white lab coat with pens in its pocket.
  • He has a rectangular head with carefully parted hairs.

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7. Mayor:

The Mayor is another important character in Townsville.

  • He is extremely protective of the city, but most of the time fails to govern it properly.
  • His main role is dailing the Powerpuff girls if trouble wreaks havoc over the town.
  • The mayor is old and short in stature. He has only a fringe of hair around his bald scalp and thick moustache. Here is a picture of this cute Mayor with his small, black top hat.

8. Princess Morbucks:

Princess Morbucks is the recurring antagonist in the Powerpuff Girls.

  • She is the daughter of King Morbucks and lives in an enormous manor on the outskirts of the Townsville.
  • As her name implies, Morbucks is very wealthy, but cannot buy one thing she wants, desperately, i.e., to be a Powerpuff girl.

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9. HIM:

HIM is the horribly vile villain of the Powerpuff series.

  • His mere name can strike fear into the hearts of men.
  • HIM is a red-skinned, devil-like creature with a confusing gender. He has large claws with black spiky hair, lime green eyes, curled beard and a hooked nose.
  • He wears a red jacket with pink color. Add a splash of color to this black and white picture to complete HIM’s look.

10. The Amoeba Boys:

The Amoeba Boys are the lowest life forms in the Townsville.They are the least malicious villains.

  • These organisms’ brains are too underdeveloped to devise a crime.
  • They are usually harmless, but their actions have put both the girls and town in danger.
  • The biggest crime they have committed is stealing every orange in the town.
  • These aspiring criminals have gangster affectation and nothing more to be regarded as serious villains worth fighting.

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11. Time to Party:

Powerpuff girls also deserve to have a gala time. They are always fighting the villains and saving all the Townsville’s people. Now that they have fought the villains and achieved victory, they are having a nice time celebrating it!

Join the party by coloring this picture! They are looking so stylish in their skirts, crop top and boots. They also have huge bows in their hair and are wearing some awesome hairstyles. They are dancing with a pompom in their two hands. After all, a party is incomplete without head banging music and some leg shaking.

The background has star shaped wall hanging. Your little girl will really enjoy coloring this picture and notice how much care she takes in coloring the hair and the dress of the Powerpuff girls. You can guide her how to use glitter colors to make the page look bright and make the party scenario even more hip and happening. This is an ideal poster for your daughter’s room!

12. Powerpuff girls at Play:

Powerpuff girls love to play in Children’s playground just like your little one. In this picture we see Blossom and Bubbles are having a great time on the swing and Jungle Gym!

Does your child enjoy riding a slide or he like to swing on the Jungle gym. If the answer is both then, your child will instantly connect with this picture. The Powerpuff girls might have superpowers and are mature enough to save the Townsville people from danger. But they are still children and really enjoy playing.

Your child will enjoy coloring this children’s park at Pokey Oaks.

13. Attacking the Monster:

Powerpuff Girls are ready for some power punch. These three sugary and spicy girls are capable of some serious action; they use their superpowers to destroy the monster. The monster looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex with sharp teeth, but is of gentle disposition, he looks really scared at the mere approach of Powerpuff girls. So you can be sure that victory belongs to Powerpuff girls.

14. Kitten Love:

This picture is really adorable and your child will be thrilled to color it. Here we see Bubbles cuddling a little kitten and showering lot of affection on her. The main ingredient of Bubbles is sugar and as her name suggests she is always full of positive energy and smiling.

You can teach your child to be kind to animals. Children usually love playing with kittens and puppies, and they will be excited to color this picture and the background full of stars and hearts.

Notice, how your little daughter colors this picture and you will be able to understand how her creative mind works. Different shades and glitters will add magic to this simple picture. You can cut out this picture and stick it on a cardboard. Then hang it on the wall after piercing two holes on the cardboard sheet and voila a cute wall hanging is ready!

15. Can Powerpuff Solve This?:

The villain Mojo Jojo is at mischief again; he is challenging the Powerpuff girls to solve this problem created by him and save the Townsville civilians.

The Powerpuff girls are looking worried and scared and are their wits end, but don’t worry they will succeed in overpowering Mojo Jojo and undo his wicked trick with intelligence and their super power.

Every child is unique and is born with talents; the talents are his super power. As a parent and teacher you have to teach your child to use the power inside him for the benefit of mankind that will make him a good human being. The values of social service can be inculcated in him through these Powerpuff coloring pages.

Have a great time with your child while she creates magic with colors; give her new ideas to create a brighter picture. You have to be like a child with your little one, so just get started with these coloring pages and have fun. More power to you and your little angel!

With these cute and power packed free Powerpuff girls’ printable coloring pages, we are sure your kids will spend some fun time deciding what look to give who.

Tell us which one is your kid’s favorite out of all these characters.

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