100 Babylonian Names For Girls And Boys, With Meanings

Known for its fine art and spectacular architecture, Babylonian has made a spot for itself in the hearts of many people. Such artsy people may want to find interesting Babylonian names for girls and boys to name the newborn. It is well known that the Babylonian empire was one of the most flourishing civilizations of the yesteryears. Located on the banks of the pristine river Euphrates, Babylon, a beautiful empire, is still appreciated and admired centuries later. The ruins of the Babylonian empire in Iraq and its mention in many other ancient scriptures speak about the illustrious past for itself. Dive into the past as you read this post to find some magnificent Babylonian names that reflect unique energy.

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Babylonian Names For Girls

1. Anatu

The name is derived from ‘Anat,’ the Semitic goddess of fertility and war and hunting. Anatu means an intuitive woman who is sensitive, passionate, and introspective.

2. Anunit

She was the goddess of the moon and battle.

3. Aralu

A nether-world that is expansive, but dark and gloomy.

4. Aruru

Aruru was the Goddess of creation. In Gilgamesh, the Babylonian epic poem, she created Gilgamesh’s rival, Enkidu using some clay.

5. Bau

Goddess of life and healing, she is the daughter of the dog star ‘Sirius’ and is often shown to be a lady with a dog head.

6. Belatsunat

It was the name of one of the early queens Babylonia.

7. Belili

She was the sister of Sumerian God of fertility, ‘Tammuz’ and also a companion to ‘Alala,’ a Hurrian deity.

8. Beltis

It means ‘a lady par excellence.’

9. Damkina

It is the name of the goddess of Earth. She was also the mother of Marduk, the tutelary God of Babylon.

10. Davke

It was the name for the female form of Earth.

11. Gaga

It is the name of a deity of Babylon.

12. Gula

It was the name of the goddess of healing and medicine in the Babylonian era. She was also known as Ninkarrak.

13. Ishtar

It was the name of the Sumerian goddess of war and fertility. Such had several temples, altars, and inscriptions in her name.

14. Kalumtum

Beautiful Babylonian name for girls

A name meaning ‘a young sheep’ is cute for a little girl.

15. Kishar

It refers to ‘the whole earth.’ As per Akkadian myth, Kishar was the companion of Anshar, a primordial god in Babylon.

16. Lilith

It was the name of a night-demon in Babylon. In Jewish mythology, she was known to be Adam’s first wife.

protip_icon Trivia
Lilith is believed to be created out of dust. She was Adam’s first wife and was expected to be obedient. When she didn’t obey Adam, she was banished from Eden.

17. Mot

It was the name of the God of the underworld who was worshipped by the people of Ugarit.

18. Mylitta

It is the name of a goddess of Babylon, who stood for love, fertility, and war.

19. Omarosa

A sweet name for a girl, which means ‘the sea.’

20. Sabitum

The name referred to a ‘sea goddess’ in Babylon.

21. Sarpanitum

It was the name of a companion of Marduk, the patron god.

22. Shala

According to Sumerian myths, Shala was their goddess of grain. She also stood for the emotion of compassion.

protip_icon Trivia
Shala also stands for “lady.” She was the consort of the Babylonian God of thunder, Adad, also known as Ramman.

23. Sybella

It is a variant of the name Sybil, which means ‘prophetess.’

24. Tashmitum

It is the name of a partner of Nabu, God of vegetation.

25. Tiamat

Name of a goddess means ‘chaos.’

26. Zirratbanit

It is the name of a partner of Marduk, the patron God of Babylon.

Babylonian Names For Boys

27. Adrahasis

It means a person of great intelligence or a sage.

28. Allamu

The Babylonian name means ‘the omniscient.’

29. Apsu

In Sumerian and Akkadian mythology, it refers to the fresh water from underground aquifers used in religious ceremonies.

30. Baal

Babylonian name meaning lord

The Semitic name means lord or master.

31. Balasi

It was the name of a Chaldean astronomer.

32. Bel

The name is derived from the name ‘baal’, which signifies ‘lord.’

33. Belshazzar

It was the name of the eldest son of King Nabonidus. He was also a regent in the absence of his father.

34. Berossus

It was the name of a Babylonian writer, astronomer, and priest of BelMarduk.

35. Cit

It was the name of the Sun god, worshipped by people of Kassites.

36. Dagan

Known as the ‘Earth god’, Dagan was believed to have discovered the plow.

37. Enmeduranki

It was the name of the seventh King of Sippar. ‘Enme’ means ‘chief of the powers,’ while ‘Duranki’ refers to ‘the meeting place of heaven and earth.’

38. Haldita

It was the name of the father of the rebel Arakhu. The name is derived from ‘Haldi,’ who was one of the deities of Urartian kingdom.

39. Hammurabi

It was the name of the sixth king of the Babylonian empire. He was known for issuing the ‘Code of Hammurabi.’

40. Harbishihu

It was the name of an ancient Babylonian king.

41. Ibilsin

It was the name of the King of Ur, the modern day Tall al-Muqayyar in Iraq.

42. Idadu

It was the name of the ancient King of Ridu.

43. Igigi

It refers to the ‘Gods of heaven.’ It is also believed that it was what the younger gods serving Annunaki (a group of deities) were called.

44. Ilu

For the Babylonians, Ilu means ‘god.’

45. Irshusin

It was the name of a Babylonian monarch.

46. Izdubar

Unique name for baby boys

The name means ‘mass of fire.’ It was also one of the early names of Gilgamesh.

47. Kingu

It refers to a demon belonging to the Sumerian civilization.

protip_icon Trivia
In Babylonian mythology, Kingu was the son of the gods, Abzu and Tiamat. His name means “unskilled laborer.” He was ultimately killed by Marduk.

48. Kinziru

It is the name of the Chaldean prince.

49. Kissare

It was the name of the first three gods of Mesopotamian era.

50. Laborosoarchod

It was the name of a king of Babylon.

51. Labashi-Marduk

The Akkadian name means ‘may I not come to shame.’ It was the name of a king of the Babylonian empire.

52. Lakhmu

Also known as Lahmu, it was the name of deity of zodiac and constellations of stars.

53. Makru

It is one of the names of the Babylonian deity, Marduk, the tutelary God of Babylon.

54. Marduk

He was the tutelary deity of Babylon.

protip_icon Did you know?
Marduk was later associated with other forms of worship, such as magic, vegetation, water, and judgment. His symbols are the snake dragon and the spade.

55. Merodach

It was one of the names of the deity Marduk. Merodach also means ‘easy success.’

56. Mulagunnuna

It was the name of an ancient Chaldean King.

57. Mummu

He was a Mesopotamian deity whose name meant ‘life-giving force.’

58. Muranu

According to Babylonian myth, Muranureferrs to a ‘little lion.’

59. Nabonahid

The name praises the god of wisdom as it means ‘Nebo is majestic.’

60. Nabonassar

It refers to Nabu, the god of literacy, as ‘the protector.’

61. Nabopalassar

He was the first king of the neo-Babylonian era.

62. Nabuchodrosser

It was the name of the son of King Nabonadius, who was the last king of neo-Babylonian period.

63. Naditabirus

It means a gift by ‘bel,’ meaning lord or master.

64. Namtar

It was the name of a demon in Babylonian myth. He was also believed to preside over diseases and illness.

65. Nanna

It is the name of the Mesopotamian God of the moon and wisdom. His symbol is the recumbent moon.

66. Nebo

It was the name of the ‘God of wisdom’ in Babylon. He is also believed to be a tutelary god of scribes and schools.

67. Nergal

In ancient Babylon, a ‘dunghill cock’ was called Nergal.

68. Ninib

Believed to be the ‘God of war’, he was also associated with the biblical figure, Nimrod known as the King of Mesopotamia.

69. Nurval

It was the name of an Babylonian king.

70. Nusku

The name is associated with the ‘God of fire and light,’ who was also the first child of Enlil the ‘God of wind.’

71. Otiartes

It refers to a Chaldaean King.

72. Pahas-bel

It was the name of the governor of the city of Amida in Mesopotamia, which currently Diyarbakır in Turkey.

73. Ramman

Also known as the ‘thunderer’, itis the name of the God of storm.

74. Riisvul

It was the name of the last king of the city of Apirak.

75. Rim-agu

Hewas one of the Babylonian kings.

76. Rimsin

It was the name of the last king of the city-state in Sumer of Mesopotamia.

77. Saga-saltiyas

It was the name of a Babylonian king.

78. Sar

It refers to a ‘King’ or ‘Lord.’

79. Sardanapalus

It was the name of the last 30 kings of Assyria and means ‘protector of the heart.’

80. Sargina

It was the name of a mythical king belonging to the Sumerian civilization.

81. Shamas

Ancient name meaning the sun

This Sumerian name means ‘the sun.’

protip_icon Did you know?
In Sumerian mythology, Shamas (the god of the sun), Sin (the god of the moon), and Ishtar (the god of Venus) formed the divine trinity.

82. Sibi

Also known as ‘Seven’, Sibi was a ‘warrior god’ of the Babylonian civilization.

83. Sige

The name, in Mesopotamian myth, means ‘the heaven.’

84. Tammuz

In Sumerian, it was the name of the ‘God of fertility and new life.’

85. Tamzi

It means the ‘sun of life.’

86. Tu

It was the name of the ‘God of death’ in the Babylonian civilization.

87. Ubaratutu

It refers to the one who worships the God Tutu.

88. Ulam-Khala

It was the name of the child of Gula, the ‘Goddess of healing.’

89. Ummiah-ziriti

It was the name of one of the kings of the Kassites, people who controlled Babylon for a brief period of time.

90. Ur

It was a city-state in Mesopotamia.

91. Uras

This name has several meanings. It was the name of the Earth goddess who was also a partner to Anu, the god of sky. It also means ‘heaven’ in Sumerian myth.

92. Urhammu

The Sumerian name means ‘rays of the sun.’

93. Urhamsi

It was the name of the boatman, who was also a friend of Izdubar.

94. Urukh

He was the servant of the Moon God, Acu.

95. Utultar

The ancient Babylonian name refers to ‘the light of the heavenly spark.’

96. Zabu

It was the name of the Monarch of Sippara.

97. Zaidu

Babylonian name for baby boys

It means a valiant hunter.

98. Zamama

It was the name of the warrior Sun God and the patron god of the city of Kish.

99. Zamana

It refers to a deity for whom King Hammurabi created the Ziggurrat, a pyramidal stepped temple, known as ‘the tower of the country.’

100. Zicu

In the Babylonian empire, Zicu means ‘heaven.’

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Were Babylonian names influenced by other cultures?

The Babylonian Empire was ruled by numerous rulers coming from different cultures. The region also saw an influx of traders and others who migrated to the area. Therefore, other cultures could have influenced the ancient Babylonian names.

2. Can I use a Babylonian name for my child today?

Yes. Babylonian names sound distinct, and parents can still opt for these rare names. This may make your child’s name unique, making it easier for others to recall it.

Our curated list must have helped you gain some knowledge of ancient Mesopotamia, which is known for possessing a rich historical background. Babylonian names for girls and boys are mostly named after gods, goddesses, and kings. Hence, we have put together some of the most exciting names to learn what fits your little one’s temperament. The suggestions provided can give you a plethora of ideas to name your child something special. So think and pick up the best name that suits your little one’s personality.

Infographic: Babylonian Names For Girls And Boys, With Meanings

The ancient city of Babylon is known for its Hanging Gardens and rich culture. In the following infographic, we have a list of names for your baby girl and boy inspired by the magnificent heritage of this ancient civilization. So, read on and make your choice.

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